100+ WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl

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WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl

WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl: In a home, one of the things that showers profound joy is the arrival of a baby. It’s said that babies are families’ most adorable part. Whether it’s a boy child or girl child, bringing a baby to the world is a great accomplishment.

The overwhelming excitement that follows the birth of a baby is so strong that you’d want to announce it on your social media platform(s). If you intend to announce it on WhatsApp, we have prepared a collection of WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl — where you can pick ideas to compose yours or you can easily copy and paste on your WhatsApp status.

It’s a big news.

We say a big congratulations to you for the arrival of your baby. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the girl child — constructing WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl for your “posting on WhatsApp status” pleasure.


Let’s get on with it.

WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl

Here are amazing WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl.

1. We can’t express our happiness to finally share the good news of a pretty girl who was born today.

2. On this auspicious day, we are happy to announce our little bag of happiness’ arrival.

3. We are beyond thrilled. We are blessed with a bouncing baby girl.

4. I will love you forever. I will like you for always. As long as I breathe in air, you will be, my baby.

5. Finally, a sweet little angel is here with us. We’re so happy and just proud of this blessing. Thanking God for everything.

New Born Baby Girl WhatsApp Status

6. She has finally escaped from the womb. She’s very much wanted for stealing the hearts of her parents. Meet [the parents’ name].

7. Twinkle twinkle tiny light. Little eyes that shine so bright. You’re a precious baby that has come from heaven above, fill our hearts with lots of love.

8. Babe, may you be really fearless, brave and strong. But also be forgiving, gentle and kind. Be the best of the best.

9. You’re a miracle from above. I and the family are delighted to have you.

10. From the very day I heard you were on your way, I have loved you. You embraced my heart and you stole my breath. Our life together just took a great start. You are a huge part of me, my lovely little one.

Blessed With Baby Girl WhatsApp Status

11. We wished to have a star — and seeing you is an indication that our dream came through. She’s finally here to greet you.

12. A new baby comes with new blessings, wonders and a dream of possibilities.

13. In life, there’s a time when our dreams do come through. Guess what! Our dream has come through: she’s here.

14. Do you know what the amazing thing about babies is? They’re like little bundles of hope. Like the future in a basket.

15. The little bunny is here. Doesn’t she look adorable? Yes, she does.

Girl Baby Birth Announcement Messages In WhatsApp

16. Hey, wonderful little angel. You’re as welcome as the flowers in the month of May.

17. Welcome to this beautiful world, my sweet baby girl. It’s a place full of wonders and delights.

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18. It’s time for sleepless nights, dirty diapers and endless love. Welcome [baby name].

19. Welcome into our world, my cute angel. It’s somewhat colder out here, but your beauty can’t be compared to that of the stars.

20. Finally, the wait is over. We are thrilled to welcome [baby name].

21. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to planet earth. Come freely. Come safely. Shower us with all the happiness you bring.

WhatsApp Cute Status For Baby Girl

22. Our hearts are filled with “welcome.” Since I was born, my hands have held a lot of things; the best so far is you.

23. You’re welcome to a world of bullshit, my love. You’ve arrived. Now, just use your smile to make it so good.

24. My life is just an open book. You are welcome to put into writing the happiest part of it.

25. I am so happy today. Little champ, welcome to the world. I just can’t wait to sit and watch you grow — and spoil you with plenty of kisses and hugs.

26. You’re the best thing that has happened to us. We know you’d do great things.

27. The first breathe you took in, took ours away.

WhatsApp Baby Girl Status In English

28. Little star, do you know how lovely you are?

29. I so much believe in love at first sight. You know, I’m a mum..

30. Blown from God’s hand, babies are bits of stardust.

31. I wonder if you will grow to understand how much of me belongs to you.

32. When I look at you, I have no words to express how I feel.

33. There’s a place in my heart I never knew was empty, you feel it.

34. Fairy tales do come true. We had you, look at us.

35. Welcome to the world, our blessing. So thrilled that you are here.

Girl Baby Born Status For WhatsApp

36. Very soon, you won’t be little anymore. So, let me love you a little more.

37. You’re the most adorable flower in my garden of life.

38. Those little feet of yours make the perfect and biggest footprint in my heart.

39. The snuggle is real. Our family’s cuddliest member is here; meet her.

40. A new child to love. A new cheek to kiss. As we announce the birth of our beloved daughter, our hearts are brimming.

41. May you always know that you’re exactly what we wished for, prayed for, wanted and longed for. I love you.

New Born Baby Girl Welcome Status

42. Ten little fingers. Ten perfect toes. Fill our hearts with just love that overflows.

43. From the moment we could have you in our arms, you in a beautiful way snuggled your way into our hearts.

44. When you see me watching the moon, don’t try to talk to me.

45. The little homemade princess has finally arrived.

46. Ribbons, giggles, curls and bows. From head to toe, our baby girl is so cute and adorable.

47. You’re the most beautiful gift from the Lord. It is a baby girl for us. We introduce to you the princess of our heart. Make sure she stays in your thoughts.

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48. With her innocence, she came and stole our hearts. Now, the only thing that matters to us is providing everything single thing she needs.

49. A lot of miracles happen on a daily basis in life. Just like our newest family member, a pretty baby girl. Our home is now a piece of heaven, just because of her presence.

50. Wrapped in a tiny bundle, she’s everything that’s perfect.

WhatsApp Caption For Baby Girl Newborn

51. The little angel is here. Everyone is present to cheer. She’s the best combination of warrior and princess.

52. A cradle full of best wishes for your newborn baby.

53. Our amazing and beautiful little princess is undoubtedly a sight to behold. She’s just a perfect reason to forget the discomfort, fevers, sleepless nights…

54. A beautiful little girl to adore and play with, to spoil a little and shower so much love. Who really could ask for more?

55. This girl has shown us that our wishes have been granted. A pretty baby girl is God’s way of saying that it’s ladies first. Sorry, hubby. We cannot wait to hear her say “dada” and “mama.”

56. As the mother, so is the daughter.

57. There’s this particular girl that has stolen my heart. This girl calls me daddy.

58. One of the best gifts this world has to give is a daughter. We are glad to welcome you.

59. Very soon, she’ll be able to stand very well on her own and I will always stand behind her — whenever she needs me.

60. The love shared between a father and a daughter lasts forever.

Whats App Status For New Born Baby Girl

61. A father holds the hands of his daughter for just a short while, but he holds her tender heart forever.

62. Behind every great daughter, there’s a loving and amazing dad.

63. No one can love a girl more than her father.

64. There is no feeling better than making you girl kids laugh.

65. The dictionary doesn’t contain words that can help to explain the love that a mother and a daughter shares.

66. The love of a mother and a daughter can never “NEVER” be separated.

67. Determination, toughness, commitment, sacrifice, courage, guts, talent and heart — are what little girls are made of.

68. If I really have a monument in this world, it’s my daughter.

69. Daughters are born to bring out the better part of their father.

70. And she showed so much love to a little girl, much more than she loved herself.

Welcome To The World Princess Quotes WhatsApp Status

71. A baby girl is a miracle that just doesn’t stop being miraculous.

72. A baby girl will beautifully dance her way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, scattering kisses and gold dust in your path.

73. A little girl is spice and sugar and everything awesome — especially when she is taking a nap.

74. Let her sleep because when she wakes, she’ll definitely move mountains.

75. One of the greatest treasures in my life is my baby girl. If I can give her the world, I won’t hesitate to do that.

76. I pray that I live forever so I can watch you grow and see the great woman you’ll grow to become.

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77. There’s this thing about kids that’s just soothing. They are so cute and awesome in a way that can’t be explained.

78. I wonder how it really is that when you’re a kid, you just want to go as far as learning everything.

79. Children are a blessing directly from heavens and for me, you’re one of the most pretty ones.

80. She came into the world last night and with joy in my heart, I want to announce this good news to the world. Finally, I can call myself a dad. I am so happy about this news. Isn’t she adorable?

WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl Niece

81. So, finally I can call myself a mother? I am so excited about this. The delivery was so smooth. So smooth and I’m grateful to God about that. Welcome [baby’s name].

82. You’re the best person to have ever come into my life. I will forever be grateful to you. I will.

83. Baby are a link between man and angels. Looking from how she looks, can you say otherwise? Though she looks little, but I can tell you that she’s fierce.

84. A baby daughter is always a Mommy’s world and Daddy’s girl.

85. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I realize that just like you, I should be thirsty for learning, for knowledge. You’re my darling.

86. My love, you have a lot of potentials waiting to be explored today.

87. The best gift this world has to give is a daughter.

88. I and my husband are very delighted to announce to you that we have an addition to the family. A girl.

89. A bouncing baby girl that weighs 7.5 lbs. Thanking God for her safe arrival.

90. To God be all the glory. My wife just got delivered of a bouncing baby girl.

Best WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl

91. Loving this period of my life. It’s a beautiful girl.

92. Our amazing baby girl has finally arrived. For the journey ahead, we’re so excited. I can’t wait to spoil her.

93. The milestone of my wife and I has been achieved. It’s a girl.

94. I lack the right words to explain the joy I feel right now: I’m finally a dad to a beautiful girl. Having a girl makes us even more complete.

95. Being the parents of a girl makes our world complete.

96. Our love, our baby — we’ll cherish you forever. She’s the most adorable and pretty girl to have in life.

97. Our baby girl is here. Shell always be loved by her papa and mama.

98. Introducing our firstborn who came into the world at 3PM.

99. Hello, world. We’re blessed with a pretty baby girl who we named after my lovely mother.

100. I just can’t wait to see all parenthood has in store for me. Thanks to our firstborn — our newborn baby girl.

101. The arrival of our baby girl makes everything seems so perfect.

102. Scream it from the rooftop, it’s a baby girl. Hurray!

With the WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl listed above, you can compose a status that depicts how delightful you are to have a newborn baby girl. It’s a thing of profound joy. WhatsApp Status For My Newborn Baby Girl In Hindi.


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