150+ Flirty Instagram Quotes And Caption

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Flirty Instagram Quotes: Many male folks have profound difficulty when it comes to practising the art of flirting with words. Some decided not to make the step of approaching their crush because of the fear of not being able to keep up with the flirty discussion.

Do you see yourself in the words said above? Then, these Flirty Instagram Quotes and Flirty Quotes For Instagram are specifically for you. Building confidence to approach your crush involves knowing the right words to say, and that’s what we have compiled for you — Flirty Instagram Quotes.

According to research, 30% of couples met on the internet — including dating apps. This doesn’t exclude the female folks. There are girls/women who crush over guys and find it hard to, in words, send the signal across.

This article was made to satisfy both parties. Follow us as we let you into the collection of Flirty Instagram Quotes.


Flirty Instagram Quotes

Here are working Flirty Instagram Quotes.
1. It’s really not my fault that I fell for you; it’s clear that you tripped me.

2. I am falling in like you know.

3. I am 50% single.

4. Come and live in my heart. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay any rent.

5. How long do you need to stay on earth before you return to heaven?

6. My heart is mine but I don’t know, it takes your side whenever I argue with it about you.

7. You’re the like of my like.

8. The sweetest kisses are always the stolen ones.

9. Let me make it simple and short, I LOVE YOU.

10. Every morning, I wake up with so much joy because I know that I’ll see you.

11. There’s so much I have to say but I can’t concentrate because of your eyes.

12. Giving up is always an option, but for me, it’s never a choice.

13. Do I know you from somewhere? You look so much like my next girlfriend.

14. God made mud. God made dirt. God made guys just so girls can flirt.

15. Is it that the sun just comes out or did you just smile at me?

16. I love the way you hurt me.

17. The kind of feeling you give me is what people write in novels.

18. I don’t know how to read lips. I can only do that when they are touching mine.

19. If I had a British accent, trust me, I’d never close my mouth.

20. This morning, I wake up on the wrong side of Facebook.

Flirty Quotes For Instagram For Girls

We have a list of Flirty Quotes For Instagram to show that part of you that can flirt. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

21. If you were a tear in my eyes, I’d never cry because I’m scared of losing you.

22. The day God created you was the day he decided to show off.

23. I have very high double standards.

24. Let’s flip a coin. Heads, you’re mine. Tails, I’m yours.

25. Girl, are you not tired? You have been running in my heart all day.

26. Girl: why are you following me? Boy: my mum said I should always follow my heart.

27. You’re my heartbeat.

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28. You know what happens to a fish when it gets out of the water, right? That’s how I am when I don’t see you.

29. Tell me, how exactly did God let you down from heaven?

30. The first thought I get when I wake up is you. You are the last thought I get before I go to bed. And when I sleep, I dream about you.

31. Is it my fault that I fell for you? I know it’s not.

32. You turn me into Wordsworth.

33. With me around, you’ll never search for a shoulder to lean on.

34. Hello, I am a thief. I am here to take your heart away.

35. Live in my heart and worry not about the rent fee.

36. Whenever you smile at me, the gloomiest days turn sunny.

37. It seems you are my oxygen because without you it’s difficult for me to breathe.

38. They said nothing lasts forever. My question is, “will you be my nothing?”

39. I’m not flirting. I am just super attracted to someone so attractive.

40. Till the day I can have you in my arms, I’ll continue to hold you tightly in my heart.

Flirty Instagram Captions For Guys

Usually, it’s guys that take the limelight for flirting. Do guys have to take all the fun? No! Here’s a list of Flirty Instagram Captions For Guys. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

41. Yes, I am thinking so much about you right now.

42. Come over, all your favourites are ready.

43. Let’s do some “we shouldn’t be doing this” things.

44. I am so in love with the way it feels when you sleep next to me.

45. I can’t stop falling in love with everything about you.

46. I promise to be by your side always. Maybe, under you or on top. The choice is all yours.

47. Excuse me, please I want to know, “why are you so sexy?”

48. It wasn’t just love at first sight, it’s also love at every sight.

49. Even Google map doesn’t know the path that leads to your heart. Do you mind telling me?

50. Kissing burns tons of calories. Ready to workout?

51. Any day I don’t talk to you, I count that day as incomplete.

52. I am aware of the fact that everything changes, but you’ll always be in my heart — that will never change.

53. You are in my 2 am thoughts.

54. I always wish I were you, cuddly buddy.

55. Too hot to handle.

56. You are just so hot. Each time I look at you, I get a tan.

57. Did you fall from the sky just to make sure I fall in love with you? Guess what! It worked.

58. How do you know if a guy is serious about you? He adds your name in a text.

59. It’s hard to find a guy that can take my breath away, but YOU? OMG!

60. Hey, handsome. How are you this cute?

Flirty Instagram Captions For Selfies

Here are captivating Flirty Instagram Captions For Selfies. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

61. FYI, I am putting on the smile you gave me.

62. I’m so much addicted to the feeling of your hands on mine.

63. If I were with you right now, what would we be doing?

64. I get the whole zoo whenever I see you, not just the butterflies.

65. I can’t stop replaying our first kiss.

65. If my menu doesn’t include you, it’s not a perfect menu.

66. Oh! I just left the shower.

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67. I think you’re a broom. You just swept me off my feet.

68. What to do? Pink or black? Care to help?

69. If I assure you that I’d answer “YES” to any question you ask, what would you question be?

70. I promise that you won’t regret missing your sleep if you come and see me tonight.

71. I just want to be the girl that your “ex” hates and your mum loves.

72. You are always my prince charming.

73. I’d love to be your damsel in distress.

74. I think something is wrong with my mind. Except for the thoughts of you, it has nothing in it.

75. The perfect moments, SOMETIMES,  are the ones you just can’t tell anyone about.

76. Whenever I think about you, can you feel me?

77. I always wish I were your homework, so every morning, you will concentrate on me.

78. I read a study that shows that kissing helps one to relieve stress. I am stressed right now, do you think you can help?

79. When you are near me, every part of my body tingles.

80. In a good way, you make me nervous.

Flirty Captions For Pictures Of Yourself

Let’s proceed with Flirty Captions For Pictures Of Yourself. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

81. You see how I smile, right? You’re the reason I smile like that.

82. If you like me, then you like me.

83. Admit it, I’m sure you missed me.

84. All of my heart is yours — and you can have my a*s, too.

85. If you are reading this, I love you.

86. Are you sitting, wondering what you’re missing in your life? It’s me.

87. Just speak of those words and I am yours.

88. Wooing you is the only reason I learnt how to flirt.

89. Even if I do not see you, I’d never lose sight of you.

90. If you are looking at this, it is really too late. You’re mine now.

91. Waiting is one thing I hate doing — I hate it so much. But, if it is waiting for you, I’ll gladly doing it without complaining.

92. If you are staring at me right now, there’s no point being embarrassed. It just shows that you are interested.

93. Do you know a place you can stay? My heart is wide open for you.

94. I’m here thinking about all the naughty stuff we can do when we’re finally together.

95. Look into my eyes, all you’ll see is paradise.

96. I badly need to kiss you right now.

97. I count whenever I think about you as my favourite part of the year.

98. If it’s hard for you to stop thinking of me, then maybe I really should be there.

99. I’m S.I.N.G.L.E: Sexy, Innocent, Naughty, Gorgeous, Lustful and Exciting.

100. Will you please hope to this hopeless romantic?

Cute Flirty Instagram Captions

Here are amazing Cute Flirty Instagram Captions. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

101. IDK, I’d marry me.

102. Do you have an idea about what’s on the menu? It’s me-n-u.

103. Am I taken? Yes, I’m taken for granted.

104. When it comes to flirting, I used to be very bad. Right now, I’m much much better at it.

105. If I ate a piece of candy for all the time you popped in my mind, I definitely would be fat.

106. God called, he told me that I am the answer to your prayers.

107. Oh no, my pants are falling for you.

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108. Swoon over me, I’ll catch you.

109. There’s just no way I can consume this scrumptious meal all by myself. Come let us eat together.

110. You are not the boss of me. That is, unless I am naked.

111. I have high standards and a dirty mind. Are you up for the challenge?

112. Follow your heart but do not be stupid.

113. How about you come over here? All your favourites are ready. Smoothies, burgers, fries and me.

114. My lips are the gun, my smile is the trigger, and my kisses are the bullets. Label me a killer.

115. Looking like a snack. Come and eat me.

116. I’m 100% single and I’m just for you.

117. Ready to eat me?

118. Would you love to have me as your desert?

119. So, there’s this boy…

120. Don’t worry, your computer isn’t frozen. You are just stunned by my beauty.

Flirty Status For Instagram

Here’s Flirty Status For Instagram. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

121. Cinderella by day. SINderella by night.

122. A bad boy who also is a good man is difficult to find. Where do you think I can find one?

123. Treat me like a princess.

124. Show me where the wild things are.

125. I am a gangster girl who darts around wildly but flirts nicely.

126. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You are really looking at an angel right now.

127. I’ll bring the guns, you provide the buns.

128. Take one peek and you’re mine.

129. You just need a high-five in the face with my lips.

130. Here’s my heart, take it — but don’t break it, okay?

131. Make every hair flip count, life is really short.

132. Who wants to practice kissing with me?

133. You are my rain and my sunshine. Basically, you make me wet and hot.

134. Look at the time, it is getting really late. Should you not be in bed?

135. Who wants to be jailed in my heart forever?

Best Flirty Captions For Instagram

Here are Best Flirty Captions For Instagram. Flirty Instagram Quotes!

136. I can be ashamed because I am hungry for another person.

137. Global warming made me hot.

138. If I told you right now that all these things I’m doing is me flirting with you, would you cooperate?

139. I truly and sincerely apologize for not being a part of your last. How about you and I spend the future together so I can make it all up to you.

140. The ideal body weight that I’m fighting so hard to achieve is your body on mine.

141. I promise I am not what you are used to.

142. You are cute, can I keep you?

143. Maybe, it’s an Instagram filter. Maybe, it’s something she’s born with.

144. Let me touch your shirt so I can check to know if it’s boyfriend material.

145. Oops! I forgot my cellphone number. Could I borrow yours?

146. Sometimes, you just have to be a beauty and a beast, too.

147. The social season is upon us.

148. I certainly know you.

149. You are my most cherished friend.

150. OMG! God took extra days to create you. Damn!

151. I am so single and so not available and also so uninterested.

Hope you enjoyed your read of the following flirty Instagram quotes and flirty quotes for Instagram? Well, we know you did. Now, you have a lot to say to confidently walk up to him/her.

Enjoy flirty Instagram quotes, flirty quotes for Instagram, flirty Instagram captions for guys, flirty Instagram captions for selfish, flirty captions for pictures of yourself, cute flirty Instagram captions, flirty status for Instagram and best flirty captions for Instagram.

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