Here’s Why Making Her Laugh On A First Date Is A Great Idea (Must READ)

by Liilgenius
Here's Why Making Her Laugh On A First Date Is A Great Idea

Here’s Why Making Her Laugh On A First Date Is A Great Idea: Choose the one who knows how to make you laugh

Probably you have already heard from many various sources that to conquer a girl, you just need to make her laugh. Even famous pickup masters say so. Well, we generally never recommend our readers to listen to those people, but they are right here. Your sense of humor is a very powerful tool that can help you to conquer girls. I even asked one of my female friends what she thinks about this.

Here is what she answered:” I always pay attention to the sense of humor of my potential dating partner. This is rule number two for me. I almost put this rule first, because, in my opinion, this is one of the most important things in a relationship. But still, I value adequacy way more. Surely, other qualities are important too. But they may change during life. But with the case of the sense of humor. You either have it or not.”

Clearly, she is not the only one who pays attention to the sense of humor of her potential dating partners. After all, she is right about the fact that your sense of humor will remain with you even when everything else is gone. Let’s imagine an old couple who already have grandchildren. Probably, they have already lost their natural beauty and handsomeness. They don’t have the energy for their hobbies, but they are still together. What is this? A habit? Nope, they would never have this habit if they didn’t have an emotional connection. In turn, two people will never have an emotional connection if they don’t share the same jokes. Thus, they share the same sense of humor.

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It is clear that a sense of humor is a deeply individual thing, and for some people, we seem to be funnier than others. So if you meet a person who knows how to make you laugh like no other, marry him or her. The same works for cases when he or she always laughs from your jokes. Humor is a very important part of our lives. After all, via humor, we sometimes express things that we can’t say in any other way. Also, our humor clearly reflects our personalities. This is why so often we become friends or romantic partners with those who understand our jokes and share our sense of humor.

When I was talking about marrying people who share your sense of humor, I exaggerated a little bit. It is obvious that before deciding to marry someone, you need to analyze many different factors. So, as you have guessed, if you both likeĀ funny online dating memes, it doesn’t mean that you will be a very good couple. However, it may mean that you may try to become one and see what happens. Usually, the same sense of humor serves as a trigger for people. This trigger activates a chain reaction of learning more about each other. Therefore, we can call sharing the same jokes to be the first step on your way to potential friendship or a relationship.

Also, you need to pay attention to the diversity of your jokes. You see, if you only laugh at memes and other people, then you may not develop any serious emotional connections. This is because, normally, humor in this or that form covers all aspects of human lives. For example, on your first date, you can deal with awkwardness via the help of a good joke. Or you may ease tension during an argument. Another great example is when people by laughing at themselves let their partners know that they understand their flaws ad will try to deal with them.

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So, if you are planning to have a first date with a beautiful girl, make sure to check whether your senses of humor match. Don’t fear to make jokes on your first date. After all, jokes are the best indicators of your possible perspective with this or that girl. But make sure that your jokes are appropriate and truly funny. I this case, you will know that if she doesn’t laugh from your jokes, there is nothing wrong with you, and she is not the one whom you need.

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