70+ New Day New Month Quotes

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New Day New Month Quotes

New Day, New Month Quotes: A new month may involve lots of struggles or recognition for hard work. Nevertheless, it depends on how the world perceives a fresh start. Here are some New Day New Month Quotes, new month new beginning quotes, happy new month messages, and happy new month wishes to remind you that there is always another chance awaiting you with open arms when the new month comes.

These quotes can be used for happy new month wishes, and other positive and encouraging messages and quotes related to happy new month. Let’s dive right into it.

New Day, New Month Quotes

1. Every new day, week and month is a new opportunity to do things better and exceptionally. Make the best out of this one. Happy new month.

2. Start the new month with a word of prayer and watch God open doors to success miraculously in your life. Happy new month.

3. As the new month begins with joy, so shall every other day in this month give you an unending reason to rejoice.

4. In this new month, may all the puzzles of life fall into place, and may you find answers and solutions to all that trouble in your heart. Happy New month.

5. Hey friend, welcome to your month of extraordinary favour, peace, and exceptional breakthroughs. Happy new month.

6. New months come with new packages; peace, love, excellence, grace, and fulfillment. Here’s what this month has for you and your family.

7. Blood is thicker than water, and so is the love of a family stronger than any other. Happy new month, blood. I love you.

8. A family was once just two people’s dreams, then it grows into an uncountable number. I pray this month that the very few goals you’ve set may all be achieved. Happy new month.

9. May this month bring you and your family a bountiful harvest of good things. Happy new month.

10. My prayer is that the new year shower you with every good thing you desire.

New Day, New Month Quotes In English

11. Happy new month, fam. The heavens took note of your prayers, and this new month is an open door. Go and excel in all that you do.

12. You’re worth more than a thousand strangers. I’m glad to have met you. Happy new month.

13. Beyond blood ties, you’ve been an amazing friend. Remember always that I love you and will continue to pray for you.

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14. Families are invaluable treasures. Today, I simply want to let you know that you’re invaluable – family.

15. Hey, you’ve been amazing since birth. This is no time to stop yet. Go do exploits, Happy new month.

16. I might not know what you made out of last night, but I’m rest assured that today will open doors to your extraordinary experiences.

17. Hey, happy new month. Don’t forget to do your best.

18. You shall step into the new month as a magnet attracting all forms of positivity. Happy new month.

19. Money can buy a house, not a home. Friends and acquaintances could be made, but family is a divine gift.

20. Hey, welcome to a new month. Keep marching forward. Happy new month.

Best New Day New Month Quotes

21. Friends might disappear, but family goes nowhere. Thanks for always being here. I promise to be there when you need me. Happy new month.

22. This month, it is not just the things you plan for that will happen. Even your least wish will be fulfilled.

23. If you had a broken past, be rest assured that God is fixing it this month.

24. Wishes might never come through, but as the skies remain blue, the Lord Almighty will be with you. Happy new month.

25. One of the greatest privileges I’ve had is not just to live under the same roof with you but to be born of the same womb like you. Happy new month.

26. Hey, dad, you’ve been a great man, father and a good mentor. I have no regrets living and learning from you. Happy new month.

27. In this new month, all that you need to live a good and fruitful life is given you already.

28. The greatest weakness of families is ill-health, but that will never be your portion because you’re favoured of the Lord. Happy new month.

29. Grow in strength and smiles. Have a happy month.

30. For better or worse, for love and trust. Yes, I do. I’ll always do, baby. Happy new month.

Amazing New Day New Month Quotes

31. Good things don’t come easy, easy things are not always good. Ensure you make the right choices in this new month. Have a beautiful one.

32. If men were stones, you’re certainly a rare gem. Happy new month.

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33. May glad tidings never cease to knock on your door in this new month.

34. First, I wish you health, then wealth, and all that you need to live a happy family life.

35. New months are like new moons. It’s a fair chance to start afresh and do better.

36. I pray this month is filled with countless surprises and the many good things you desire.

37. May each day of the week be as colourful as the rainbow. And the four weeks bring you good news from North, West, East and South. A happy new month to you.

38. I’m wishing you a love filled month, spiced with happiness and laughter.

39. Good things don’t come easy, just know I love you even when I am busy. Happy new month.

41. God be praised for how far you’ve come and may he grant you grace for how far you’ll go. Happy new month.

42. Start the new month fantasising the many good things you desire and watch every one of them come to you. Happy new month.

43. I am glad to have you as family because if relationships came with tags, I won’t have been able to afford you. Happy new month.

44. Wealth isn’t just money; it is relationships with good-minded persons like you. Happy new month.

45. Let every other thing be broken, but not a broken home. A whole home can fix anything broken under the earth.

46. A peaceful home is what nectar is to a butterfly. I am the butterfly, thanks for the peaceful home we share. Happy new month, love.

47. It’s a new month. Go do new things and break new limits.

48. Happy new month. Always remember, you’re blessed and highly favoured.

49. New months are for new moves; go do you. Happy new month.

50. Everything you lay your hands on is blessed, and where ever your feet thread is protected. Happy new month.

New Month New Day Quotes

51. Hey, fright not, in this new month, you’re divinely protected.

52. All your needs are provided; you shall lack nothing, not even your least wishes. Happy new month.

53. As the new month unravels itself, be ready to receive as much as your mind can conceive.

54. This new month shall give you tremendous reasons to smile and opportunities to shine. Have a great one.

55. In this new month, I pray may your family never has a reason to shed a tear.

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56. Every morning comes with the sweet whispers of joy, and so does every new month.

57. Always remember to start each day with a smile and be hopeful that every week will be fine. This new month is definitely thine.

58. If anything ever existed as luck, then it is yours in this new month. Just go out prepared.

59. Happy New Month. May testimonies abound in your heart, and your lips sing countless songs of endless praises.

60. Remember to start each day of this new month with optimism. If you’re going to hear any good news, it will definitely be yours.

Cute New Day New Month Quotes

61. Many might be called, but you’re chosen because you’re highly favoured. Happy new month.

62. May this new month’s start open doors of good health and wealth to you. Happy new month.

63. Your family and all that concerns you will have no reason to fail in this new month.

64. Hey friend, every new month is a chance for a new move. Launch out doggedly. This is your month of goodwill and fortune.

65. May God protect and preserve all that belongs and all that is connected to you in this new month.

66. In this new month, you’ll make the best out of all your acquaintances with God and men.

67. This is your month of extraordinary grace and exceptional favour. Happy new month.

68. I pray that you’ll remain on the top and be untouchable to all in this new month.

69. Your love is what makes the family a perfect union. Happy new month, and God bless you.

70. May you have no reason to shed a tear in this new month.

71. This is from me to you, my special one, I pray that you find peace and joy in all that you do in this new month.

72. This is the start of another new month filled with the very good things of this life. Happy new month.

73. Love, peace, Joy, and favor shall breeze around you all through this new month.

74. Twenty-four new hours, seven new days, four new weeks; a new month for you will bring everything new and unique to you.

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