45+ A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love

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A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love

A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love: Goodbye is always the hardest to say, especially to a loved one. Still, circumstances beyond our control can push us to say such words.

Leaving without a word can be more hurting than imagined, leaving the lover to assume they were not worthy, were a joke, did something bad, or worst. If you can not stand watching them cry out their eyes and look so miserable, here is A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love you can use to comfort them.

A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love

Here are A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love.

1. Didn’t you even notice that I don’t call you anymore? Didn’t you even notice that I don’t pick up your calls? I couldn’t bring myself to tell you in person, so I gave all those signs. I no longer want this to linger in my heart, so I’m saying goodbye to you. Hoping you find someone better than me.

2. This is me saying goodbye. I never wanted this or dreamt of it, but I want to be honest. I owe you this much, at least, to tell you all of my truth. We have tried to make this work, and we sure gave it all we had, but I just can’t stay.

3. You are my favorite person in the world. I love you boundlessly, but I should let you go and move on with life. All of nature seems not to disagree with pure love, and I don’t want to hurt you any further. So let’s say goodbye and wish each other the best.

4. Our love is like Romeo and Juliet’s love. So passionate and all, but I want to see you grow old. I’d love to fight for you with everything I’ve got, and I know you are willing to die for this love. Death will be regretful, not in your arms in old age but apart. Let’s allow time to tell, and hopefully heal, one thing is sure I’ll forever still love you. Till then, goodbye.

5. This is hard for me to say, but I’d say it anyway. I’ve out of love with you. I know you gave your all, I did too; I tried, but it wasn’t all of my love, and you deserve all. Goodbye, my love. You will forever have a special place in my heart.

6. I am not breaking up with you, I am only saying goodbye. The doctors said I have 3 months left, and I want to be in your arms every second till my last breath, but I keep thinking of you. Those seconds will be the scariest moments of your life, always thinking if it’s now or later. I wish to have you get used to not seeing me so that you don’t cry the hardest when I’m gone. Goodbye, my love.

7. I, too, couldn’t believe that I was gonna say these words to you. Heaven knows I love you boundlessly, and I can’t bear being in the arms of another that’s not you. This will hurt for eternity, so I better just say it now and start getting used to the pain. It’s goodbye, my love. Thank you for the many lovely memories.

8. By the time you are done reading this I sure would have left town, or crossed the borders. Lately, I’ve been depressed, and it’s because I can’t find myself, and I’m no longer enjoying the life you have for me. I love you, but our worlds don’t match. I’m dying daily trying to cope with your world, and I don’t want you to be frustrated trying to fix me. Don’t look for me, look for another chance to love and be loved. Goodbye.

9. The sparkle of love in my heart is gone. I thought I could enjoy being in love with a celebrity, but my love is selfish and wouldn’t want to share. I also can’t stop your dreams because it will hurt not seeing you happy so I’m saying goodbye. I pray you find a celebrity love too.

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10. You are a good man with a golden heart. Selfless and humble, just as I love it. You deserve more than I’m giving you, that’s why I’m saying goodbye like this. Love will find you, darling. Just live long.

Best A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love

11. I know you did me well; that’s why I’m going now before you become too attached to me. I can’t stand you, that’s why I’m sending a text. Don’t text back and don’t come to the house; I’m not there anymore. Goodbye, dear. Wishing you the best.

12. I thought I was the only one, I convinced myself that you love me alone, but I can’t ignore the messages and cards you keep receiving. You didn’t even notice that I moved my things out of the house, so I guess you’ve fallen out of love with me. Before I drown in worry, this is a text to say goodbye.

13. I came by the house, and I was told you went for your football training. I became sadder, because I promised to watch and cheer for you, but that’s not gonna happen anymore. Dad was transferred to the city, and he’s taking everyone with him. It’s good news for my dad but bad for us. I won’t get to see you again, and it hurts to say goodbye like this. I love you, but what can I do?

14. I got a call to return to work, and I couldn’t call to tell you because you don’t take calls at your workplace either. When you return, I’ll be gone. I regret not getting to hug and kiss you. Goodbye, my love, till I return.

15. I admit that I’m a coward when it comes to you, especially when I have to say things like this. I can no longer bear the weight of your love, so I’m saying goodbye. I love you regardless but not to be together.

16. I’m going to miss you and probably get sick too. I couldn’t stay to hug you goodbye because I could not bear to let go. You will always be in my heart, and my heart will beat for you only. Goodbye, my love, till summertime.

17. I love you so much that’s why I’m letting go. It will be terrible to keep you when your heart no longer wants mine. Don’t worry yourself about me. I’d sure find love although I’ll miss your love. It’s a goodbye, dear.

18. It’s hard enough to see you with someone else. I love to have you to myself alone, and if it’s not me then this is me saying goodbye.

19. I have all the reasons in the world why I’m saying goodbye, but none of those reasons is for the fact that you ever hurt me. Sorry for breaking your heart.

20. Sorry for breaking your heart; I am sure you deserve better. I no longer feel this attraction anymore, but I am certain that you own a special place in my heart.

A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love In English

21. I miss your company, but I can only settle for less. If seeing you in the arms of another is a wound that would never heal, then there is no need giving myself time for healing. I miss not being your love but living well, this is my final goodbye message.

22. Don’t text back because it will hurt you more that I would never reply. I just wanted to tell you that it was really cold not having you with me and that I tried my best to stay one more hour for your return. My life has a beautiful ending because your love never left me. I am not scared of closing my eyes because I already lived my dreams, you are my dream, you are my favorite dream. I will be sleeping for a really long time, and I’m sure I’d get a good night kiss on my bed when you return. I love you, and this goodbye is a beautiful goodbye.

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23. We made it! It was “till death do us part,” and we conquered all those obstacles. We loved it till the very end. You’d see this message by morning, but don’t cry for so long. You looked so beautiful in those red transparent nightgowns. I couldn’t wake you up, and watch you tearing down and panicking. So I texted you a proper goodbye message. While I die silently in my most favorite place, right in your arms. I love you.

24. This is hard for me to take, but death is inevitable, and it has taken my most treasured love. I write to wish you well and happiness. I love you regardless, and I will always care and help out anytime. Goodbye, my favorite.

25. I still wonder why you did me wrong. Why didn’t I read the signs, I should have read between the lines, but I really trusted you with my heart. It’s hard to say this, but I have to say this. Goodbye.

26. We were in this together, so I thought, but you don’t seem to take this burden of love as I do, so I’m saying goodbye to have my peace of mind.

27. Fortunately, in my lifetime, I fell in love with you, one memory that I will cherish forever, but some things don’t last in love, so it’s a goodbye, dear. I wish we will both see in the future and still smile about this.

28. I saw it in your eyes that you have fallen out of love with me, but you still stayed loyal to me while you killed the desire to be with another. I can’t watch you go through that, so I’m letting you go. It’s a goodbye message, dear. My joy is to see the one I Iove happy, and if your happiness lies with another please go and be happy.

29. I’d make it as short as possible. We both know this isn’t working. We sure gave it our best, but things seem different these days. Let’s not hurt ourselves any further and just say goodbye. I’ll still smile at our memories, I promise.

30. I say it anyways. I love you, but my desire to spend forever with you has changed. I don’t wish to lead you on, so goodbye.

Cute A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love

31. I don’t want to torture you with silence. I saw your many missed calls and messages I didn’t reply to. This is all of my honesty. I don’t feel this attraction anymore, and it’s not because you are a bad person. I guess I just didn’t love you enough. Goodbye.

32. The hurt is becoming unbearable, not seeing you is the biggest pain, and I can’t wait forever to be in your arms, so I’m saying goodbye.

33. I’m dying slowly every day I see you and lie to your face. Love is beautiful, and you deserve the most beautiful and honest kind of love. I’m sorry I don’t think I can give that to you, forgive me and accept my goodbye.

34. Maybe we were just too young to make all those promises of forever together. Here we are now, and all that’s left of us is the routine of meeting up every Saturday night. It’s hard, but it’s best we say goodbye with these good memories than strive to keep being in love.

35. I love you, and that’s not a lie at all. The only lie is that I no longer desire to be with you forever, but I still want to see you every now and then till we are both old. Goodbye, my love.

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36. You didn’t have to pretend this long, it’s obvious that we miss took our closeness for love, and promised forever, but we can end everything and still keep our promises of forever. As long as I’ll be seeing you, and have the chance to be there for you in hard times, what other way of showing love if not to be there for each other. Goodbye, my chubby prince. You will also be my favorite person.

37. I’m super grateful for the love and memories that I will cherish forever. Unfortunately, we weren’t meant to be together, but if fate permits us another chance, it’s you I’ll be choosing. Do make sure to send me pictures and letters. I love you plenty, my favorite person, but sadly this is goodbye.

38. I do not want to say much, so I don’t wet my phone with so many tears. I appreciate that you came up plain and didn’t lie at all. It’s hard to let go because I’ve loved you more than I’ve ever loved before, but I guess proofing my love would be to let you go and be happy. So here is my goodbye message.

39. I don’t want to see you around anymore, I might end up kidnapping you because it’s hard not to be in your arms. So my goodbye message is to set you free and not see you again, I’m moving out, and it’s best I don’t tell you where I’d be going to, to avoid expecting your visit. Goodbye.

40. I’ll try not to cry for long, but I’m sure gonna miss you boundlessly. This is my biggest hurt, but goodbye is what’s gonna prove that I only want you to be happy, so goodbye.

Heartwarming A Goodbye Message To Someone You Love

41. What else didn’t I do? I called, texted, visited, and even emailed you but still couldn’t reach you. I hate this pain, but here I am again sending a text to tell you that I’m finally letting go. Goodbye.

42. I finally understand why my parents parted ways. It’s obvious that they love each other, but beyond love there are circumstances that one does not have the courage to fight. I’m only glad this goodbye is not after marriage. I wouldn’t know how to explain to our kids why mom and dad are separating. Goodbye.

43. It’s alright to be sad, but don’t cry for long. I want to see your face on social media as beautiful as always. You’re such a nice person, only that I need too much of everything, and you did your best to please me. I can’t stand seeing you become a shadow of yourself because you love me, so I’m taking the bold step of saying goodbye.

44. I’m setting you free so that you can have the chance to be loved by someone who will love you for who you are. I’m making you do a lot of things that are against your will, and you don’t deserve it. Don’t cry for long, baby girl. Goodbye.

45. My nights have been teary for months now. I can’t even tell what I do in the daytime. All I think about is you. My love, I know no one is going to reply to this message, but I’m sending it regardless. If you were to be alive now, I know the last thing you would want is for me not to be sad, so I’m finally saying goodbye.

46. Nothing can take you away from my heart, that’s for sure, but things don’t seem rosy. So it’s best to say goodbye with a smiling face than in tears. Goodbye, my love.

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