101 Happy Friday Messages

by Liilgenius
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Happy Friday Messages: Among the several days in a week, Fridays are extra special — mostly because they begin the weekend. For dad, it’s an off day; mum would be making delicious foods. Most grown people can say, “this is what Fridays was about when I was a kid.” Going to school wasn’t a necessity and there was no restriction attached to doing whatever they wanted.

Now you’ve grown, it’s still the same and you can still testify of how amazing Fridays are, as they begin the weekend. The weekdays bring the struggles and horrors of life, so the Fridays are there to introduce a temporary relief to those horrors and struggles. Spending Fridays, leaving no fun uncovered, can help you get the circumstances of life erased out of your memory.

In addition, Fridays can be spent with loved ones, friends and family during the day, or maybe in the evening. In this article, we have outlined amazing Happy Friday Messages, suitable for sending your friends, family and loved ones. So, with this Happy Friday Messages, you don’t have to rack your brain trying to come up with something — you can either take hints from them or copy and paste them into that special person’s inbox.

Let’s get started.

Happy Friday Messages

Here are fascinating Happy Friday Messages.

1. Fridays are just so awesome that every other day in the week should be made a Friday. Wishing you a day filled with happiness and cheers with your family.

2. It feels really good to be alive to see another Friday in life. I know you cherish the day as much as I do. Happy Friday and make sure you have a great time.

3. Only me can tell how much you wait for the weekdays to pass so you can have lots of fun on Friday. Well, here’s another Friday. Enjoy it as much as you can.

4. The night of Fridays are so awesome. Friday is the day we begin to anticipate right from Monday, and guess what! It’s here again. Happy Friday, my dear.

5. Are you sure you are ready to experience the biggest fun of the week? Another Friday has just arrived and it’s on us to make it a very big one. Happy Friday.

6. A good Friday can definitely help you to forget the long and cold week you needed to survive for the last seven days. I just hope this Friday will be a good Friday for you. Happy Friday.

7. No work, no struggle. It’s the beginning of a lot of drinks, fun and parties. Every weekend, this is the full package of what Friday offers us. Are you ready to enjoy the fun on Fridays again? Happy Friday.

8. Put aside the thought of tomorrow may bring to you. It’s Friday today, don’t allow yourself to worry about other days. A big Happy Friday to you.

9. I hope this Friday ends up being the longest Friday for both of us. You and I know how much we dislike any other day in a week. Happy Friday.

10. Except Friday, other days in a week is just a nightmare. It’s a day when our dreams come true. Welcome to another Friday in our lives.

11. Hey, it’s Friday again. Don’t do anything I really wouldn’t do this weekend.

12. I’m so delight that it’s Friday, I could open my windows wide and sing to the whole world. Happy Friday.

13. Thursday, please move away so Friday can find its way to me. Thank you. Happy Friday.

14. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for Friday.

15. Trust me when I say that I haven’t been this excited about Fridays, since last Friday. Make sure you have a fun-filled Friday. Happy Friday.

Friday Positive Messages For Family

Here are the best of Friday Positive Messages. Happy Friday Messages!

16. Friday is a huge blessing because it’s a day that allows me to spend time with the most beautiful and handsome people in the world — my family. Happy Friday.

17. Days tagged as special days should be spent with amazing and special people in our lives. That’s why I love being with you every Friday of the week. Happy Friday.

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18. Good foods and good times with good people. That’s exactly how I describe my Fridays. I love all of you so much and I love Fridays. Happy Friday.

19. I don’t want anything out of the ordinary on Fridays. I want to be with you guys and share happiness every minute of my Fridays. Happy Friday.

20. Nothing makes me so happy than spending a Friday with my sweet family. I’m definitely coming home to spend time with you for another fun-filled Friday. Happy Friday.

21. For meeting up with family, Friday evenings are actually the best — that’s why I’m here to spend quality time with you. Happy Friday.

22. None of you knows how much I’ve missed hanging out with you. It’s of great joy that today is another Friday. Let’s go out and have fun. Happy Friday.

23. I know it’s been a stressful but productive week — but guess what! We can go out and have fun without bothering about working the next day. Happy Friday.

24. I wish everyday was Friday so I can have all the time in the world to have fun with my family. Since, it isn’t, let’s make sure we have all the fun today. Happy Friday.

25. Friday is the real deal. Mondays are for hard work and the money. Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the expectation that Friday gives. Happy Friday to you.

26. Whenever it’s Friday, I always think about freedom. I hope you enjoy every second of your three days of freedom as much as I’m going to enjoy mine. Happy Friday.

27. No matter how tough the week is, I always have a smile on my face when it’s a Friday. Please, smile. The best day of the week that we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Happy Friday to you.

28. Finally, the hustle and bustle of the week are over. Let’s relax and make sure we enjoy our youth. It’s only once we appear young, you know. Happy Friday.

29. I know you love days such as this when your alarm goes on break. Go out there and catch a lot of fun — you have just three days to do that. Happy Friday.

30. Today begins the weekend; have some rest to make up for the stress experienced during the weekdays. Happy Friday.

Funny Happy Friday Messages

Here are really Funny Happy Friday Messages. Happy Friday Messages!

31. Friday, is that really you? I just can’t believe how long it took you to return.

32. Who in the world cares about Thursday happy hour when Friday is here already?

33. How did you figured that Friday is my second favourite F-word?

34. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Friday and realizing that it is actually a Wednesday.

35. Friday the 13th is the only bad Friday, but I still would take that day before any Monday.

36. Do you want to know why I like Fridays? It’s because most times I can’t bear the attitude of my coworkers, so Fridays are always the last days I’ll see them.

37. Do you know a word that rhymes with Friday? It’s WINE.

38. Have you wondered if Friday were a person? It would always be the center of attention.

39. Who knew that Friday is not a good excuse to start drinking at 8AM? Haha! My boss knew, evidently.

40. Oh! Mr Friday. Where the freaking hell were you on Wednesday when I needed you so much?

Happy Friday Messages For Facebook

Here are Happy Friday Messages For Facebook.

41. At work, I always give 100%: 13% on Monday, 22% on Tuesday, 26% on Wednesday, 35% on Thursday and 4% on Friday.

42. Friday, I’ve looked around trying to see other days, but trust me, I can’t find any day that’s compared to you.

43. We are just kids acting as professionals, patiently waiting for the weekend to come.

44. Friday is just like a bra. You have done your job all through the other days, it’s time to take it off. Do you need a hand?

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45. TGIF! Thank God I’m free? Or is it “Thank God I’m fabulous?” Oh! I get. It’s Thank God It’s Friday. YEAH!

46. Can you give me an F to the R to the I to the D to the A to the Y? Oh my God! I’m so glad that it’s Friday.

47. I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday, too. I’m in love with only Friday and not even Thursday.

48. The working week is over. The slavery is done. Friday night is here: it’s gonna be a weekend of fun all through.

49. A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is, as well, where a train stops. I have a workstation on my desk and Friday is when it stops.

50. Hello, weekend. I have really missed you. Can you please dwell with us a little longer? The last time you can, you didn’t stay for long.

Friday Greetings And Blessings

Here are Friday Greetings And Blessings. Happy Friday Messages!

51. Today, if you have a problem, don’t say “I have a problem” — rather say, “problem, I have God.” May God bless you as you enjoy the weekend.


52. I ask God to guide you, bless you, give you peace, keep you safe and give you joy all the time. Amen! Happy Sunday.

53. As the dawn ushers in a beautiful sunrise, may God’s blessings of love be showered upon you. May his blessings lead you to the right path at all times. Happy Friday.

54. You may have no idea where life road may lead you, just keep moving. God is definitely walking with you. Happy Friday.

55. In all your dreams, in all your plans, in everything you wish to happen, allow Jesus to guide you. God bless you and have a peaceful Friday.

56. May God bless you. May goodness surround you. May angels protect you. May sadness forget you on this day. Happy Friday.

57. Don’t work too hard to give yourself the best of everything, instead, make huge efforts in giving God the best of you. Happy Friday and God bless you.

58. God wants you to do your best so he can handle the rest. May God handle the rest in your life. Happy Friday.

59. Sunrise does a lot in making our mornings beautiful, but the word of God strengthens us and make our lives way more meaningful. Happy Friday.

60. Even during this weekend, may your every move be blessed. Amen. Happy Friday.

Friday Wishes and Blessings

Here are Friday Wishes and Blessings. Happy Friday Messages!

61. This Friday, may God visit you with an eleventh hour miracle. May you go into the weekend fruitful in Jesus’ name.

62. May you go home with beautiful harvest, this Friday. And, may you also go home with a heart filled with thanksgiving.

63. This past week, may the labour of your hands be blessed. This Friday shall be a beautiful one for you. Amen!

64. May productivity be your portion this Friday. May you go into the weekend rejoicing.

65. May your mouth be filled with praises because of the wonderful thing that God has done for you this week. Amen.

66. May the Lord’s name be praised; he has seen you throughout the weekdays.

67. As you look forward to the weekend, may you have a blessed Friday.

68. May the Lord keep and bless you. May his face shine upon you. May he grant you a weekend filled with thanksgiving and fill your life with favour.

69. We are thankful for a beautiful week and hopeful for a lovely weekend. Happy Friday.

70. May all the labour of the week culminate in rich blessings this Friday. Happy Friday.

Friday Morning Message

Here are amazing Friday Morning Message.

71. Do you want some great news? Well, today’s Friday and a wonderful weekend is almost here. Good morning.

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72. Good morning! Let this adventure named “Friday” be joyful and exciting.

73. Friday is the day when someone greets you “good morning” and you respond, obvious.

74. Waking up and remembering that today’s Friday comes with a really amazing feeling. Good morning.

75. Good morning, Friday. Thanks for coming to our rescue — putting an end to this annoying and stressful week.

76. It’s another time in this week when you have the freedom to create unforgettable memories — it’s Friday. Wake up and go have fun. Good morning.

77. May your coffee be strong and hot and your Friday be short at work. Good morning!

78. May this Friday ease all the stress you experienced in last week. Happy Friday.

79. May every of your expectations that hasn’t been met, come into the physical equivalent today. Amen. Happy Friday.

80. May God bless you with the resources to enjoy the weekend with lots of fun. Happy Sunday.

Funny Friday Messages

Here are Funny Friday Messages.

81. I’m glad it’s Friday. I am so happy, I feel like flying.

82. Food, fun and Friday have a connection. If you’re as intelligent as I am, you must have seen it.

83. A good Friday is a recipe. It’ll make you forget all the troubles of the past week.

84. When it comes to Friday, I think there’s a partial treatment somewhere because Fridays don’t last as much as other days.
Good Friday Message To My Love

85. Every other day is just like Fridays without fun.

86. If my boss were aware of how productive I am on Fridays, he would not want me here either.

87. Keep calm and smile, it’s Friday.

88. Your boss isn’t here, laugh like it’s a Friday. He’s also catching fun somewhere else.

89. Every Friday afternoon feels like heaven to me.

90. Hey you! Were you born on a Friday? Because you look incredibly fine.

Good Friday Message To My Love

Here are Good Friday Message To My Love.

91. Oh! You have no idea how much I’ve missed hanging out with you. Thank God it’s Friday. Let’s let off some steam. Happy Friday to you.

92. This week has been really stressful but productive. Happy Friday. I hope to see you anytime soon.

93. When it’s Friday, I’m always happy because I have more time to think about you. I hope you enjoy these three days of freedom. Happy Friday, my love.

94. Nothing else can explain the awesome feeling of Friday, and spending with you completes its awesomeness. I hope to see you this evening. Happy Friday, dear.

95. I so much love days like this when my alarm goes on break. In the works, it’s the first day of the wonderful weekend. I love you and make sure you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday.

96. Fridays always come with the feeling of fun and freedom. The world will be a dull place with it. Happy Friday, dear

97. My love, I wish you an exciting and eventful weekend. Happy Friday to you.

98. Count your blessings and be so grateful to see another end of a stressful but great week. Work a little. Play a little. Happy Friday.

99. Fridays are just enjoyed with something fun, light and chilled. Provide both and we will all be over. Happy Friday.

100. I hope you have something planned for the weekend, because right now, I’m about to crash them. Don’t bother thanking me. What are friends for. Happy Friday.

101. Don’t let anyone stop you from having a wonderful weekend, my love. Never forget that I love you so much. Happy Friday.

These Happy Friday Messages are outlined just for you, so as you celebrate the start of the weekend, you can also extend the JOY in words.

Go and start sending your loved ones, friends and family.

Enjoy Happy Friday Messages, Friday positive messages, funny happy Friday messages, happy Friday messages for Facebook, Friday greetings and blessings, Friday wishes and blessings, Friday morning message, funny Friday messages and good Friday message to my love.

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