130 Good Afternoon Messages, Quotes And Wishes

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Good Afternoon Messages

Good Afternoon Messages: Yeah, many of us are so used to arranging sweet messages in the morning and also at night that we forget that it’s essential to send out good afternoon messages to our loved ones as well. The afternoon is the time when most persons are attending to duties in their workplace, and the stress attached to such can’t be overemphasized.

Are you asking yourself, “how exactly can I compose good afternoon messages to suit my lover?”

“I have tried composing other ones, but I don’t even know what to write as one that can fit as one of the lovely good morning messages…”

Are those your words? Then, you’re at the right place, because we’re about to disclose the best of good afternoon messages. What you have to do is either you copy and paste these messages, or you take hints from them to compose perfect good afternoon messages.

Good Afternoon Messages

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages. Good Afternoon Messages!

1. With the deep blue sky placed over my head and the relaxing wind which I feel, the only thing that I’m missing right now is nothing but the company of you. I wish you a perfect afternoon.

2. The bright and colorful afternoon sun, at all times, reminds me of how much you brighten up my life with all the joy and happiness. I wish you quite a lot this afternoon. Have a good time.

3. The gentle wind that blows in the afternoon feels like a cute hug from you. You’re in each of my thoughts this fantastic afternoon. I hope you’re enjoying your time?

4. Wishing you a fabulously good afternoon to the most beautiful and wonderful soul which I’ve ever met. I hope you’re having an excellent time relaxing and enjoying the full beauty of this time.

5. At this time of the day, nature looks more beautiful and quieter. You do not want to miss the real beauty of this time. I wish you a perfect afternoon.

6. The afternoon is here to indicate to you that half of the work you have to do today is over, and you’re in the next half to go. Be brisk, and don’t stop enjoying your works. Have a happy noon.

7. Mornings are for beginning a new work, the afternoons are for remembering, and the evenings? They are for refreshing. The nights? They are relaxing. So, only remember people who are remembering you. Have a wonderful noon.

8. The afternoon is that time in the day when you can fulfill that big dream of yours. There’s nothing you can’t do, grab the golden opportunity. Have the best afternoon.

9. If you feel sleepy and tired, feel free to use a nap. It will go a long way in making you feel energized — it’ll also make you feel better to wrap the day up. Have a great afternoon.

10. Good and sweet things to be remembered. Friendly persons to be remembered. For all these, the afternoon is the best time. Good noon.

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Good Afternoon Quotes

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Quotes. Good Afternoon Messages!

11. Noontime – it is the time to have a little break, the time to breathe the warmth of the sun, which is beautifully shining up in between the clouds. Good afternoon!

12. We really should contemplate many more sunsets next to the people who we want as many of them to look just like beautiful paintings which nature gives us to observe, reflect, and relax. Good afternoon!

13. There’s a time set to remember sweet people in your life. And that time is the afternoon; I know I’ll surely be first on your list of those loving people. Good afternoon, my people.

14. Everything my wishes entail will always and forever be with you. Morning wish ensures that you feel fresh. Afternoon wish accompanies you. Evening wish is there to refresh you. Night wish to comfort you with the best of sleep. Good afternoon, dear.

15. You’re the cure which I need to take three times every day — in the morning, in the afternoon and at nights, too. I’m missing you so much right now. Good afternoon.

16. Thinking of you is one of my hobbies — I mean it’s my most favorite hobby which I love doing every afternoon. Your love is everything I desire in life. Good afternoon.

Good Afternoon Messages

Good Afternoon Messages

17. You’re every single bit of special to me, just like how special a relaxing evening is after a toiling noon. Thinking of you — my special one — in this special time of the day.

18. My biggest prayer to God is that he keeps me very close to you so we can enjoy these amazing and beautiful afternoons together forever. I wish you a pleasant time this afternoon.

19. Every day I wake up in the morning, I want you when I go to retire to bed at night, and I want you anytime I relax under the sun in the afternoon. Good afternoon, dear.

20. I just wish the sun could obey me for at least a second to stop its scorching effect on my angel. I’m so sorry it’ll be hot here. Don’t worry, the evening will come very soon. I love you.

Good Afternoon Quotes For Him

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Quotes For Him. Good Afternoon Messages!

21. I’ve tasted things which are so sweet, heard words that are really soothing to the soul, but comparing the joy which they both bring, I will rather choose to see a pretty smile from your cheeks. You’re sweet. I love you.

22. With you by my side, every day is my blissful and lucky day. I’m so fortunate being your love. Good afternoon, my dearest.

23. The love you show to me is sweeter than all I read in romantic novels and fulfilling way more than I see in those epic films. I could not have been the person I am today without you. Good afternoon, honey. I love you.

24. No matter the time, no matter what I’m doing, no matter what is wrong and what is right. You never leave my mind. Good morning.

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25. Things are changing every single day. I see everything around me turning for my favor. And the very last time I checked, it is courtesy of your love. 1001 kisses from me to you. I love you deeply, and I wish you a wonderful noon.

26. You’re sometimes the greatest weakness that I have, and you’re sometimes my greatest strength. I don’t have lots of words to say, but let you make sure that you make my day. Good afternoon.

27. The afternoon comes, so you sit and remember that lovely person that your heart beats for. You’re the one I live for, and trust me when I say that I can also die for you. Missing you, my sweetheart. Good afternoon.

28. My love, I hope you’re doing great at work today? Well, I know it’s a yes. I believe in you always. Have the best afternoon today. I love you.

29. Every day you live the house to focus on your goals and pursuits, and I’m sure you go through stress in the afternoon. My words for you is that all your heart desires come into reality. Good afternoon.

30. You’re the best thing that has happened to me, and I’ll never exchange you for anything. I love you, dear. Good afternoon.

Good Afternoon Quotes For Her

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Quotes For Her. Good Afternoon Messages!

31. My whole afternoon isn’t complete without telling you how much I’m in love with you, my darling. Good afternoon. Please, make sure you have a pleasant day ahead.

32. It is a beautiful and amazing midday, but it can be more than beautiful if I get to hear your cute voice today. Good afternoon, my pretty damsel.

33. The beautiful rays seen in the afternoon sun strongly remind me of that beautiful face of yours. Good afternoon, my sweetheart. Have a pleasant day.

34. From your unique and beautiful face, I can at every minute see how special you really are and your sweet love for me. Good afternoon, my cupcake.

35. Every moment of the day, I crave nothing else but you and your sweet love. I wish you’re here with me. Good afternoon, darling.

36. Just inside a short paragraph, I want to use a few words to tell you that I love you so much. Good afternoon, sweetie pie.

Good Afternoon Messages

Good Afternoon Messages

37. My one and only, I want to say thanks for bringing happiness and joy into my life. Good afternoon, my dearest.

38. You are no doubt a rare gem. Finding you is my biggest achievement, till this day. I love you, dear. Good afternoon.

39. I am saying thanks for the joy and peace unspeakable which you’ve brought into my life. Good afternoon, my love.

40. Lovely greetings to the best woman in the world and the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life — you. Good afternoon, my woman.

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Good Afternoon Wishes

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Wishes. Good Afternoon Messages!

41. Let go of every sadness you hold in your heart and light up every part of your world with the brightness of this afternoon. I wish you a good afternoon.

42. It doesn’t matter how life has pushed you, just take a deep breathe and begin life afresh this beautiful afternoon.

43. You’re a blessed and wonderful soul if you’re alive to experience this bright afternoon. Draw your inspiration from this colorful afternoon and make your life a wonderful one.

44. This beautiful afternoon is like a reward for you after you’ve gone through a restless day. Expose yourself to the refreshing afternoon wind and let it fill you with happiness, dream, hope, and determination. Good afternoon.

45. I was really enjoying this afternoon when I thought of you, I know you’d be sleeping at a time like this. How did I even know you? Good afternoon though, you’re still my friend.

46. As you experience the stress of the day at this time, I wish you success in your endeavors. Good afternoon.

47. This afternoon is the perfect time you’ve been waiting for — the perfect time to fulfill that dream of yours. I wish you all the best. Good afternoon.

48. Whenever I have you around me in an afternoon such as this, I have the best of moments. I won’t stop being your friend. Good afternoon.

49. I wish you success, growth, peace, joy, happiness, and all the good things in life. Enjoy the rest of your day. Good afternoon.

50. Anytime you feel down, discouraged, sad, or humiliated, remember why you started pushing in the first place. I believe in you, and all I wish for you is success. Good afternoon!

Good Afternoon Messages For Him

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages For Him. Good Afternoon Messages!

51. My love, I just want to use this time to say good afternoon, I know that you’re tired already, but I know that a cool afternoon message can do the magic. Good afternoon, my prince.

52. I want to be the only one you love, the joy, and the happiness of my life. May you find love, peace, harmony, and success in every one of your endeavors in life. Good afternoon, dear.

53. I cannot go back home without making sure that I reach out to you. This afternoon may be scorching, but it means more than a lot to me to say good afternoon.

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54. It’s refreshing to say thank you for all the things you’ve done in my life. I’ll love you to the very end. Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

55. Your presence in my life has brought success, growth, and all I have ever desired. I love you. Good afternoon, my love.

56. No matter the hotness of the weather, the love I have for you will never melt away. Good afternoon, sweetie.

57. I’m really very happy about having someone like you in my life — it’s the best feeling ever. Good afternoon.

Good Afternoon Messages

Good Afternoon Messages

58. Thanks, my dearest love. I enjoyed my time with you yesterday; I hope to see you again. Good afternoon, darling.

59. When you need a smiling face amid a scorching sun, I’ll always be there for you. I’ll always be there for you, no matter the risk. Good afternoon.

60. May you find nothing but endless peace in this world. I love you, and I wish you a wonderful noon.

Good Afternoon Messages For Her

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages For Her. Good Afternoon Messages!

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61. Your presence in my life is exceptional, that I can’t let you go no matter the challenges of life. I love you, my beautiful princess. Good afternoon.

62. Yes, the moment appears hot, but my heart will never forget you no matter how hot it gets. Good afternoon, dear.

63. If the world comes to understand the level of love I have for you, she’ll celebrate us until we can breathe no more. I love you, dear. Good afternoon.

64. Being in love with the right lady is the best thing that can happen to a man. Baby, I’ve found you, and I’m always grateful to God for directing my path to yours. I love you. Good afternoon, darling.

65. I feel the perfect way to make you smile is by sending you this sweet good afternoon message. I just hope you’re smiling right now. Always know that I love you.

66. With you in my life, I’m always happy. I’m sure you fully understand what it takes for a man to be in love with a woman. I love you, honey. Good afternoon.

67. Every afternoon brings another opportunity for me to love you even better. I miss you so much. Good afternoon, dear.

68. To the very one I love, I love you right from alpha to Omega. Good afternoon, you’re the queen of my heart.

69. Thank God for this life I’m involved in, it brought me close to someone special, and being with you is priceless. Good afternoon, my flower. I love you.

70. You’re my life; you’re someone I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Good afternoon, dear. I love you.

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Good Afternoon Wishes For Him

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Wishes For Him. Good Afternoon Messages!

71. Starting from that very day we met and up to this moment, whenever I think of you, I experience joy from within me. I want you to know that I’m delighted to have you in my life. Good afternoon, my charming prince.

72. Staring at the beautiful and amazing shining sun brings to my memory the beauty of our love despite the tough times we’ve faced together. I love you, tenderly. Good afternoon, my everything.

73. Hello, love. I hope you are having an awesome time? If not, just pick up your phone and call me — I’ll be there to make sure that your afternoon is fabulous. Good afternoon, dear.

74. Your love makes my heart beat faster. Whenever I’m with you, I get goosebumps. I cherish you forever. Good afternoon, baby.

75. I wish you are with me right now, but I can’t change the fact that you’re far away from me. I miss your presence, my love. Good afternoon, my darling. Have a blissful afternoon.

76. If you do not know or you have forgotten, I want to remind you that you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Good afternoon, beautiful.

Good Afternoon Messages

Good Afternoon Messages

77. Being with you, the atmosphere feels lovely and awesome, and I enjoyed every bit of the moments I spend with you. Good afternoon, handsome.

78. Hello, sweetheart. I wish you nothing but a pleasant afternoon, and I cannot wait to meet you this evening. Good afternoon, my dearest. Do have the best experiences this afternoon.

79. With every of my affection for you, I wish you an afternoon, which is as perfect and beautiful as your smile. Good afternoon, my baby. I love you.

80. You’re the happiness and joy of my life. I am honored and glad to have you in my life. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

Good Afternoon Wishes For Her

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Wishes For Her. Good Afternoon Messages!

81. I pray you experience unexpected success. May you have a smile on your face at the end of today. Good afternoon, dear.

82. I wish you nothing but the best life this afternoon. May everything you focus on be achievable this day. Good afternoon, my lady.

83. It leaves me with lots of joy when I look at you because I love you with everything about me. Good afternoon, damsel.

84. It’ll be a complete shame not to pray for that one I claim to love. God shall always protect you. I love you. Good afternoon, love.

85. The complete success which you’ve always needed shall you encounter. You’re my everything. Good afternoon. I love you.

86. Is there any other thing that will make me happy — other than being in love with you? I don’t think. You’re extra lovely, special, and wonderful. Good afternoon, dear.

87. I love it that it’s only you my heart accepts. May God bless you in all you do. Good afternoon, dearest.

88. I want to be the man that has putting a smile on your face as a reason why he’s living. I love you, sweetheart. Good afternoon.

89. My heart knows no other woman; you’re the only person my heart knows. It’s so saturated with the love you always show me. Good afternoon, my heartbeat.

90. I wish you more and more and more success in this life. May you never know sadness. I love you. Good afternoon, my cuppy cake.

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Good Afternoon Messages For Husband

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages For Husband. Good Afternoon Messages!

91. My dearest husband, I miss you so much. I can’t wait to see you again. I love you, sweetheart. Leaving you can kill me. Good afternoon, dear.

92. Morning, afternoon, and evening, I always have your thought on my mind. I cannot spend even a split second without thinking about you. Good afternoon, hubby.

93. To the most handsome and sweet husband in the world, I wish you the most colorful moment in the world. How I wish I had you close to me now, I would spend this afternoon in the best place in the world — arms. Good afternoon, my everything.

94. I feel like seeing myself being wrapped in your arms every microsecond of this life just so that I can feel the whole aura of the passion that emanates from your heart. Good afternoon.

95. I wish you a very remarkable and wonderful time, a sweet moment of break, which brings enough energy to do the rest of the work for the day. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

96. It’s my pleasure to meet a cute, wonderful, and mind-blowing prince like you. Honestly, I will not tell even a lie — since that day I saw on you; my life has never remained the same. Good afternoon, dear.

97. If I can describe how much you mean to me, I’ll have done that directly on the platter of gold, so that you may see that I’m serious whenever I say that you mean the whole world to me. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

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98. It’s really not my wish to be afar from you, but the distance seems to most times play its role, and it hurts me. I’m really sad that you’re not here with me. Good afternoon, best.

Good Afternoon Messages

Good Afternoon Messages

99. I’ll always love the afternoon because it brings us closer like never before. I hope you had a wonderful morning period? Good afternoon, sweetie pie.

100. I wish you a moment full of diamond happiness and golden joy. I wish you an afternoon filled with only the ocean of compassion and passion. Good afternoon, dearest.

Good Afternoon Messages For Wife

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages For Wife. Good Afternoon Messages!

101. Being with you has always been one of my biggest dreams, and it perfectly came to pass. I’ll always love you until the day I leave this world. Good afternoon, my wifey.

102. I hope you don’t let any stop you from having fun this afternoon, so you can return home and rest on my chest at night? I just want to wish you a good afternoon. I love you.

103. I’m glad you belong to me. I’m always proud of being the one you chose as your husband. I wish you a very amazing afternoon.

104. The one who I cherish and love with all my heart, I wish you the most intriguing and incredible moments in this special time of the day. Good afternoon!

105. You alone are my angel. You’re the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen on earth. I want you to know this: you’re my star, keep shining. Good afternoon, my dear.

106. May the light the sun produces be yours now and for the rest of your beautiful life. I beseech the Lord Almighty to keep on raising your status until the world comes to an end. Good afternoon, honey.

107. You’re my best companion. Among all the people I’ve met, you’re the kindest. Thanks for being my wife. I love you. Good afternoon.


108. You know I can’t get tired of telling you how special you are to me. I’ll love you till the kingdom comes. Good afternoon.

109. I believe you’re going through stress at your workplace now, just take much water and rest your head whenever you have the chance. I love you. Good afternoon, my world.

110. I’m always ready to hug and kiss you. I’m always willing to tightly hold you more than you can imagine. I can do all these because I’m addicted to you. Good afternoon, my pretty angel.

Good Afternoon Messages For Boyfriend

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages For Boyfriend. Good Afternoon Messages!

111. This afternoon is the best time with tender sunlight, which suits the soul like sweet chocolate. I wish you a delightful afternoon.

112. I desire to always be right by your side so that I can lay my head on your chest to listen to the songs which your heart sings for me. Good afternoon, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

113. I just wish you’re here with me to hug me tightly and kiss me, too. I’m always willing to place my hand around your neck to feel the impact of the love you have for me. Good afternoon.

114. Seeing you from afar alone melts my heart to a large extent. This happens because I cherish every single thing about you. I hope you enjoyed the powerful smile I projected to you? It’s the sign of brightness. Good afternoon, my darling. I love you.

115. I wish I can meet you any moment from now, but distance won’t make it work — it always hinders me from seeing the one I love and looking into her eyes to tell her how I love her. Good afternoon, prince.

116. Please, relax this afternoon, so you’ll be relieved of the morning stress. Good afternoon, my sunlight.

117. You’re just like an angel of peace because, since the day I met you, I’ve never found even an iota of reason to be sad. Good afternoon, my everything.

118. A sincere and genuinely boyfriend like you is really hard to find. Now that you’re mine, I’ll do everything within my reach to ensure that you’re mine forever. Good afternoon, my king.

119. Since the day I saw you, my heart has become very much attached to your presence that I cannot do without it. Good afternoon, my love.

120. I’ve given my whole heart to you, filled with undying and boundless passion. I wish you the best of luck this afternoon.

Good Afternoon Messages For Girlfriend

Here are the best of Good Afternoon Messages For Girlfriend. Good Afternoon Messages!

121. Your love is my biggest strength because with it, I’m always at my best. It has become the reason why I always have a smile on my face. Good afternoon, my lady.

122. Good afternoon to the most beautiful and adorable pearl I’ve ever set my eyes upon. I hope you enjoyed your morning? I know you did.

123. You mean more than the world to me, that’s why I’m so concerned with the hope of bringing happiness and joy to your heart every second of your life. Good afternoon.

124. There’s no other lady who can get my heart mesmerized precisely as you did. I’m so lucky that you belong to no one else but me. Good evening, my angel.

125. May the fresh breeze, which this cool noon brings, reach you to bring a special convoy of relaxation and comfort to your heart. Good afternoon, darling.

126. May you find endless comfort this afternoon as you’re about to end for the day. I just want to wish you a beautiful afternoon.

127. I hope you experienced lots of Joy this morning? I’m praying very hard that I become a sensitive part of your life. I love you, dear. Good afternoon.

128. I wish you the best experience this afternoon. Have fun. I love you, my everything.

129. I’m so pleased to say a big fantastic and good afternoon to the most beautiful angel of my life. You’re my joy, and I love you so much.

130. Whenever I look into your beautiful eyes, I feel unending joy roaming around every area of my heart, I feel like a king in his palace. Good afternoon, my angel.
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