Doubting Whether CompTIA Network+ Certification Is Worth Your Time and Effort? See This!

by Liilgenius

There’s no gainsaying the fact that the process involved in applying for and earning a typical IT certification can be quite stressful and consuming. This is even more so when it involves such a well-respected and highly sought certification as the CompTIA Network+. As such, you might be forced to ask if attaining this concerned qualification is really worth every effort it takes. But, let’s face it, is it really that significant? This article will answer just that!

What Is Network+?

Simply, the Network+ is an intermediate-level certification that is designed to validate you as a knowledgeable and skilled specialist as regards wired and wireless networking. However, to earn this designation, you will need to pass a required exam encoded as N10-007, which is meant to involve 90 performance-based, drag & drop, and multiple-choice questions to be successfully answered within 90 minutes. Aside from this, you should note that you are to pay $338 as an enrollment fee and be prepared to attain a passing score of at best 720 out of 900. Moreover, you should also understand that you’re advised to meet the recommended regulations, which are the CompTIA A+ qualification and at least 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience. Finally, to take this official test and consequently earn the concerned CompTIA certificate, you can simply head on to any nearest Pearson VUE testing center around you, or you can go for the online testing mode.

Is This Network+ Certification Worth the Stress?

If that inquiry has been lingering in your mind, well then, it’s understandable. However, to answer that question cleanly, the simple response is a resounding ‘yes’ because earning this qualification is like hitting a goldmine, and this is proven in the paragraphs below:

  • CompTIA Network+ is globally recognized
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Yes, one major selling point that you can always bank on regarding the Network+ designation is the fact it is widely known across the world. What this simply means is that recruiters will never doubt your ability, once they see that you have the concerned certificate under your belt. Now would you want to miss out on that?

  • You get the chance of working with top companies

It is a pure reality that attaining the CompTIA Network+ qualification will earn you the rare opportunity of getting employed by many big names in the tech world! Imagine yourself working with such companies as Apple, Ricoh, Dell, HP, Verizon, and the like — riveting, isn’t it? You’re probably wondering why this is so. Well, it’s simply because such companies need specialists in the concerned field — and you can be the needed one.

  • Impressive jobs and salary rates await you

As a Network+ certified IT specialist, you can get such impressive job roles as a Computer Technician, Network Field Technician, Help Desk Technician, System Engineer, IT Consultant, Network Support Specialist, Network Field Engineer, Network Analyst, and so on. Moreover, as per, the given qualification can bring you an average salary of $68k per year — and it can even be more. An IT consultant, for instance, is capable of earning an average of $79,748 per annum as mentioned by the same salary provider. How sweet is that!

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No doubt, based on what has been discussed above, you must have realized how tremendously you can lose out, should you decide to forfeit applying for the CompTIA Network+ certification. For this reason, opt for its related N10-007 exam, pass it with flying colors, and see such an awesome designation adorn your CV and make it noteworthy. So, now, you know what to do!

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