How to Clean a Gold Chain

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How To Clean A Gold Chain

How to Clean a Gold Chain

Sometimes it is not as obvious but gold chains can get dull from accumulated oils, lotions, powders, soaps, and other products build up over time. Additionally, depending on the karats, gold can oxidize creating some dullness. For this reason, proper care, maintenance, and cleaning are essential to keep your gold chains strong and sparkling for many years.

Hand cleaning gold chains


It is fairly simple to hand-clean your gold accessories with readily available household products, even gold plated chains

fromĀ Use warm water and mild and gentle dish soap. Gold chains are extremely easy to handle because there is no extra steps or care taken for gemstones and other jewels. Soak the chain in the warm water with few drops of dish soap. You can gently rub with your hands to remove any stains or with a soft toothbrush. Do not be tempted to use any harsh products like toothpaste and baking soda because they can be too abrasive to gold chains. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and ensure to pat dry with a soft cloth that will not leave any lint on your chain.

Machine cleaning gold chains

On some occasions, hand cleaning may not yield the desired results. There are numerous cleaning machines and chemicals that are sold in jewellery stores. Cleaners like ultrasonic, ionic, and steam based cleaners are easily available and can be bought alongside your gold chains on Even without combining a purchase, cleaners for your gold chains can be bought independently. Some cleaning liquids and chemicals can even be used without special machines for cleaning and the team from comes in quite handy in advising and guiding you on the usage of the same.

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Professional cleaning gold chains


There are just as many qualified jewellery cleaners as there are jewellery sellers and you can engage them of your gold chains to be cleaned. For best service especially for gold plated pieces, you can enquire from your seller to recommend cleaners. That way you do not leave the cleaning of your gold chains to chance. Having your jewellery professionally cleaned is relatively affordable considering that it is not something you do frequently. The results are stunning and lasting. Moreover, it makes it quite convenient for combining all your jewellery that requires cleaning and polishing and having them get cleaned in one session which increases the chances of a discounted price.

Polishing your gold chains

To maintain the lustre and shine of your gold chains, polishing is not optional. Before you can polish, you have to ensure that the piece is completely dry so that you do not risk braising it with the water as you polish. Additionally, using a straight motion rather than circular ones as you polish is better so that you do not create visible patterns on the gold. If you do not want to do this yourself, there are paid services for polishing your jewellery that you can utilize some even recommended. After polishing the storage of the gold chains is very crucial so that you do not end up with a scratched and tangled chain. Store in a fabric-lined jewel case and in a dry place to avoid tarnishing that is caused by moisture.

More than cleaning, how you maintain your gold chains plays a key role in how the cleaning experience will be. It is important to do micro cleanings of your pieces every time you have worn them to help maintain their lustre and shine. Do your research and ask for assistance on how to maintain and clean your gold chains.

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