70+ Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes

by Liilgenius
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Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes: If you’re pursuing to get the word “YES” from that girl you love so much, then it’s essential that you frequently send her Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes. One of the things in a relationship that can’t be overemphasized is the efficiency of words — not just mere words but sweet and cute words.

The ear, till this day, stands as one of the pathways to the heart of the girl you love. The words you feed her ears with shouldn’t be anything short of Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes. Messages such as these ones, when sent regularly, bring joy and smiles to her face. One amazing thing about these Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes is, you can pick ideas from these messages to compose yours or you can copy and PASTE. Imagine putting them in a card and sending it across to her.

Having said the above words, let’s dive into the article itself — Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes.


Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes

Here are the sweet and Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes.

1. I’m sure God had the intention to show off when he started creating someone like you. Your beauty is not of this world. I love you so much.

2. Do you know that I had a wish upon a shooting star? That wish is you. I remember when finding true love was my biggest wish; today, you’ve brought my wish into reality. Now, I truly believe that wishes can come true. I love you so dearly.

3. Every minute and hour, every single day of my life — my heart beats for you and just you.

4. You will find me each time you look into my eyes. But, when you look straight into my heart, you’ll see yourself there.

5. Sometimes I set my eyes on you and end up wondering how someone like me ended up with someone as adorable and beautiful as you.

Cute Ways To Say Yes To Being A Girlfriend

6. When I was listening to songs on the radio, I heard an artiste singing about his perfect lady and all I could think about at the moment was you.

7. You’re my treasure. You’re the most precious thing I’ve ever known.

8. Life without you isn’t worth giving a try. When you’re with me, I feel complete and happy.

9. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet. And so are you.

10. Every time I stare into your pretty face and gaze into your beautiful eyes, I fall more and more in love with you. It feels like I’m in heaven knowing that we’re together.

Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Want You

Here are things to say to a girl to make her want you. Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes!

11. Laughing with you, talking with you and generally, being with you is something I always enjoy doing.

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12. I will never stop making you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world. My main objective, always, is to make you feel great about yourself and to make you smile.

13. When I remember that it’s you I want to spend all my life with, I miss you even more — because I can’t wait for the rest of my life to come.

14. You are so much more than beautiful. You are magnificent, charming and gorgeous.

15. Did it hurt when God sent you to hell without your wings? I’m sure it did. You’re an angel in my life.

Best Words To Tell A Girl

16. I have gone to the ocean to add one of my tears. When you’re able to find that tear in the ocean, that’s when I’ll stop loving you.

17. When you walk into the room, you make my soul sing.

18. Before you came into my life, I’d always heard people talk about having butterflies in their stomachs. I experienced it the moment I saw you and every single day I think about the fact that you’re mine.

19. This night, go out of your house and set your eyes on the sky. You’ll definitely see stars you won’t be able to count. Every one of those stars stands for the reason why I have so much love for you.

20. You are just the better part of me. I would be lost without you in my life. You so much complete me and right now, I couldn’t wish for a better life partner.

Quotes That Will Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Here are Quotes That Will Make A Girl Fall In Love With You. Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes!

21. Everything you do multiplies my joy, adds to my happiness and subtracts from my sadness.

22. I don’t even want to, for a second, think about what life will be without you.

23. If I’m asked to spell out something that’s my favourite, I’d spell no other thing but “Y-O-U.”

24. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I say “Good job, Sweet GOD.”

25. Thinking of you every time of the day is like my medication for my illness — the illness of missing you.

26. When I say that you’re the only one I have my eyes on, please believe me. I have my eyes on no one else, whether dead or alive. Trust me with your whole heart; I’ll do everything possible to make sure that you never have a reason to cry bitterly.

27. Your father had to take all the stars from the sky and place them in your eyes. Your father must be a really crafty thief.

28. If people say that there’s no one who’s perfect, my love, I think I’ll start to call you “no one,” because you’re perfect to me.

29. I am a better person whenever I am with you. I am simply half of this person who you make me be.

30. The thought I had for you today You’re always in the special part of my mind, and there’s no day that I don’t wonder about your safety and well-being. I hope you’re doing great.

Words To Make Her Feel Special

Here are Words To Make Her Feel Special. Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes!

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31. What attracted me is your beauty but what made me admire you is the person you are and all the joy you have brought into my life.

32. I’d conquer the world with just one hand if you’re holding the there.

33. I don’t think there’s a reason why I love you. I adore you so much for the beautiful, wonderful and amazing person you are. I adore everything about you as well.

34. You can be gone for just a second but I’d miss you like you have been gone for weeks.

35. To me, my best part of opening my eyes in the morning is seeing your very beautiful face next to me.

36. I was about to say something but after I looked at you, I forgot everything I wanted to say.

37. You’re not just someone I regard as my lover — you’re my best friend, you’re the one who I know I can always trust and who at every time supports me, the one I can, any time of the day, count on, the love of my whole life. You are my one and only. You’re everything to me.

38. I cherish you so much that it hurts so bad when you’re not around me. When you’re close to me, words can’t express my happiness.

39. Do you know why I strongly believe in God? Because he handed over to me the greatest miracle — he brought me you.

40. Any time we have a fight and you want to resolve the issue, just kiss me.

Words To Make Her Trust You

Here are Words To Make Her Trust You. Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes!

41. I don’t even want to harbour the thoughts of what life would be without you in it.

42. The moment I took the bold move to kiss you, I handed over everything to you. I gave you my heart, my body and soul. I promise that as long as I still breathe, I’ll never love you less.

43. The day we crossed path, I found the piece of me I did not know was missing. I fancy everything about you. I love you so much.

44. Just tell me when you’ll be changed to meet with me again, and I’ll finally have to anticipate for something. You know how it feels to have something to live for, right?

45. You’re the reason I can comfortably say that I have the best days. When you’re not with me, words can’t explain how much I miss you.

46. The way you dress always blows me off my feet. Like, you know the exact amazing thing to put on.

47. I sometimes think of you when you are away and I smile away to myself. People think I am nuts.

48. The only thing that’s harder than trying to impress you is staring at you without smiling.

49. I don’t mind staying awake all my life, as long as I’ll be the first person to kiss you every morning and see you smile.

50. I enjoy every moment I spend with you, even if the moment is where I’d just have to watch you sleep. I love you so much, dear.

51. My mornings are bright because you’re always present in them. Without you, I don’t think anything will be right. You’re my sunshine. I love you much.

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52. Wakey wakey! I must say I haven’t seen anybody who looks as beautiful as you are while they’re asleep.

53. I can sit right by your side and watch you sleep every single day of my life. You’re the true definition of “LOVELY.”

54. My days are always lovely because they start and end with you. You’re my everything and I’ll always treat you as my queen.

55. Good morning! Baby, you just made my day even before it started.

56. I heard love is just a risky game. Well, I don’t care taking the risk if it’s going to be with you. I know it’d worth the risk.

57. Falling in love with you was never something I planned for, but I’m delighted that it happened. Because I would be a fool to not fall in love with you. I love you to the moon and back.

58. I requested for a damsel and what did I get? Something even more than a damsel — you. I love you so much.

59. You’re the proof that dreams really come true. I wished for someone just like you and you came through.

60. Nothing brings joy to my heart more than putting a smile on your beautiful face every day. I adore you forever.

Sweet Romantic Words

Here are Sweet Romantic Words. These can serve as one of the ways on how to make a woman fall madly in love with you.  Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes!

61. The best and biggest achievement would be nothing else but seeing you happy and smile wholeheartedly each and every day. I love you so much, beautiful.

62. My top priorities are your peace, happiness and joy because I have never been sad with you. I can’t stop loving you, my dear.

63. I’d walk more than a thousand miles just to put a smile on your adorable face. I love you beyond the stars.

64. Each time I hear your lovely voice or see your cute and beautiful face, I over and over and over again fall in love with you.

65. Explaining how much love I have and how much you mean to me, I’d be trying to explain something similar to explaining how water found its way into the coconut.

66. Without you in my life, I would be so lost — the same way a ship would be lost in the sea if it’s without a captain.

67. Now, I have all the reasons to love my life. Wanna know why? It gave me you, dear. I love you every day of my life.

68. English never gave us the right words to describe certain things. Like, words can’t help me to explain how much I love you.

69. I just cannot explain it. Each time you are around me, my heart skips a beat — you do that in an amazing way. I love you always.

70. A phone call from you alone can completely change my mood from sad/bad to awesome. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

71. There’s no day that goes by that I don’t think about you. The thoughts of you brighten up my day. I love you, my always.

With these Romantic Words To Tell A Girl To Say Yes, you’re to a large extent sure of getting a YES from that one you love.

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