101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Lover

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101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover: For some persons, it’s really not easy to be romantic through messages. The fear of having their message rejected by their lover makes them stay miles away from attempting to compose words by themselves.

You don’t need to wait until any special day — such as birthday, anniversary, or what have you — before you send any of these 101 romantic love messages for your lover. Considering the preceding paragraph, we have arranged up to 101 romantic love messages for your sending pleasure. It is important that you do whatever it takes to better your relationship.

One of the things done by sending love messages is: you make your partner feel special. And, you have no idea about the smile you put on the face of your partner, lover, whenever you send messages such as the messages outlined below — 101 romantic love messages for your partner.

So, this is the stage where we start listing those messages. We provide you with messages that would surely make your heart, and that of your lover melt in love’s true deep feelings.

Let’s quickly move into the crux of the article — 101 romantic love messages for your partner. Ready? Let’s go.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

1. If only you could mirror yourself through my two eyes, you would definitely know how much I cherish and love you. You hold a unique place in my heart, which is really special. I will love you till the end.

2. I really do not need a million reasons to feel special. All I need is your presence in this world — that’s all I need. You are the sunshine, which has brought light to my life. I love you.

3. One of my utmost wishes is: I wish to be everything, I mean everything, that makes a smile on your face. I also wish to be everything that brings happiness to your heart. I want to love you in a unique way; I want to love you as no one else has loved you.

4. The moment I first saw on you, that was when I fell in love. The love I have for you will never fade away; that love will remain true forever. I love you for everything about you.

5. No scale in this world can measure my love for you — yes! No scale can. The depth of the ocean can’t be compared with how deep my love is for you. I love you, sweetheart.

6. My love for you isn’t about me, because it has absolutely nothing to do with me. It’s specifically about the way you are — your beauty, your attitude, etc. And, it’s also about the joy you put in the hearts of everyone found around you.

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7. Every morning of my life, I see a new reason to love you and to appreciate you for everything, I mean all, you have brought into my life. You’re the only one who holds the key to my heart. I love you.

8. The only thing I’m afraid to lose in this world is you. I am in love with you, to the extent that I don’t think I’ll survive it if you leave me. I love you, dearly.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

9. Every time I look at a beautiful/handsome person like you, I just begin to smile and think, “I certainly could not have performed anything better.” You are perfect just the way you look, just the way you are. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise; I love you.

10. Before I met you, I have been continually dreaming of you. I started dreaming of you even before you were born into this world. And, I’m glad that I have finally made you mine. I love you.

11. Anytime I have the chance to make a wish, my wish would always be: being with you for the rest of my life. I know this wish will come into reality because you are always live at a special place in my heart. I love you.

12. My love for you is way more than the stars you see in the night. Despite the fight we have every day, it won’t stop me from loving you. In every sight of you, my love for you increases. I love you.

13. Check the keyboard of your computer, and you’d see that U and I are placed side by side to each other. YES, that’s how the alphabet should be because we are meant for each other. And, trust me, my love for you will never cease. I love you.

14. If I were in your eyes, acting as a teardrop, I would make sure I roll down to your lips. But, if you were a tear in your beautiful eyes, I would never shed tears — I would never cry — because I’d be afraid of losing you. I love you.

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15. You can get to the end of counting the stars in the sky, but you can’t finish counting the love which my heart holds for you. My heart is filled with lots of love — infinite love — for you. I’ll never stop loving you.

16. My biggest and greatest fantasies are the ones that begin with you, and end with no other person but you. You are always at a special spot in my mind. I love you, madly.

17. You are the king/queen of my heart. Whenever I follow your command, my heart finds enough pleasure. You are the only one I love.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

18. I live my life every day hoping that one day I’d be able to wake up beside you. Nothing can bring joy to my life than a day that starts with you and ends with the presence of a queen — YOU. I love you.

19. Every moment of my life, I crave for the love of a person like you. You are the one that makes my heart beat because it beats for you. And, my mind is active because of the regular thoughts of you. I love you.

20. There’s a chamber inside my heart that’s made for only you. Believe me, no other person can occupy such a place in my heart. A box filled with sweet love is what I’m sending across to you. I love you, my sweetheart.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Boyfriend

Let’s continue the 101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Partner with messages for Boyfriend.

21. It takes a stroke of enormous luck to have someone such as you as a boyfriend in my life. I feel so blessed every moment and every day for giving you to me because you are a gift. I will love you till I can breathe no more, no matter the struggles that may come along the way. I love you, dear.

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22. The more time I spend with someone like you — yes! You — the more I freshly fall in love with you on a daily basis. You have a very beautiful and gentle heart, and I promise you that I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life. I love you.

23. Whenever you smile, you fill my heart with a kind of joy I can’t just explain. I see as a privilege for anyone to love you — and I feel blessed to be that one who you allowed to love you. I feel lucky at every moment. I love you.

24. People say no one can see love, because it can only be felt; but I want you to know that they’re wrong. I have seen it countless times. I have seen true love, and I saw it in your eyes — true love for me. And, amongst other beautiful things, that’s the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen.

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25. I was living without hope; I was lost. But, amid that state, I was praying for someone to come into my life as a savior. God heard my cry and answered all my prayer by sending you to me. Now, I owe you every bit of me forever. Madly loving you is the best thing I can do very well.

26. Thanks for being with me when the world was against me. Before you came to my life, I have never known someone who could love me this much. Yes, seriously! For me, on this planet earth, you are the best lover. I can’t help but love you, intensively.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

27. My heart created a special place in it the moment I crossed your path. This place will always be reserved for you. I love you so much, darling.

28. I always go on my knees to speak to God — letting him know how much I don’t want ever to get separated from you, even at times when we argue. I want our togetherness to last forever. I love you.

29. Hold me tightly in your warm arms; as for me, in-between your arms is the warmest and safest place in the world. I love you every day.

30. Each time you look into my two eyes, you melt my fragile heart, and make me, all over again, fall in love. I love being loved by a special person such as you.

31. A boyfriend like you is everything a girl would ever need. Whenever I see girls search for that one which is right for them, I shake my head in pity, because I know that they can’t find anyone like you — your type is no longer available. Baby, I feel lucky to have you in my life.

32. Meeting you was the best and most remarkable thing that I’ve ever encountered. I feel lucky to have found you. I love you, baby.

33. The lovely smile you put up whenever I get pissed off makes me stay pissed off for a very short while. I love you more than anyother thing in this world.

34. I love it when you pamper me, especially when you pick my hair and play with it — that makes me go crazier for you even more. Stay with me forever; I love you.

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35. God has picked you to be my soulmate. No else can really understand me the way you do. I love you so much.

36. You have made me come to realize that love is the best feeling — not one of the best feelings — which anyone can feel. Thank you for being the best thing in my life. I love you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

37. How would I have survived all the struggles of life without your support and love? Tell me. How? I do not think I would’ve been able to survive such. Don’t let go of me, keep holding my hands tightly. I love you.

38. You make me feel secure, and with you, I feel safe. That’s precisely why I can’t afford to lose you. And again, you are so handsome; you type of handsomeness is just so rare. I’ll stay with you forever. I love you right from the bottom of my heart.

39. God has blessed me with a person such as you — you are a precious gem. I’ll never do anything to break your heart. I love you.

40. All I want is your lips and your warm hugs. I don’t care about the world. With you, I have everything. I love you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend

Let’s continue the 101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Partner with Messages For Girlfriend.

41. My heart belongs to no other person but you. And, it doesn’t need or want any other thing or person. You are the reason I smile; you are the reason I stay happy. I love you.

42. My world was nothing less of being meaningless. My world was filled with darkness and emptiness. But, immediately I met you, my world began to have its meaning. You brought light and the feeling of fulfillment to me. You make it feel like the sky over me has lightened up by more than a thousand stars. I love you.

43. I have always dreamt of having an angel in my life — an angel who I can shower lots of love upon. Then, I woke up and found you. I have come to realize that reality is more beautiful than dreams. I feel so lucky to have you. I love you.

44. It’s really not easy to find someone who will stick with you through the ups and downs of life. I feel so blessed to have a beautiful damsel like you in my life because I’m sure that no matter what life brings, you will never cease to shower your love on me. I love you, darling.

45. Know this: no one can measure love — you can only feel it. You have painted my life in heavenly colors. I don’t desire to have anything else, as long as your love stays with me. I love you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

46. Even if the star refuses to shine, and the moon fails to give light to the world, I know I have no reason to fear. I have nothing to fear because of the presence of my guardian angel who’s present to look after me, take care of me, and love me till the end. I love you.

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47. You are the only one who makes me feel alive. Every moment, you make me want to live another day. You alone are the reason behind every smile found on my face; you are the reason behind the joy I have in my heart. I love you so profoundly.

48. Every time I close my eyes, I dream about the two of us being happy and merry with each other in the house we’ve always wanted to live in. Please, don’t leave me, stay with me to the end. I love you.

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49. I feel so fortunate to have a pretty and beautiful sweetheart like you in my life — because you have come to brighten up my life with your glow. I value your presence so much. I love you.

50. By tightly holding your hands, I acquire the strength to conquer all the problems I face in my life. Stay with me, please.

51. Those childish giggles you make melts my heart — they melt my heart whenever you do them. Don’t stop laughing like that, please. I love you.

52. Baby, I don’t care what they have to say about you, I love you just the way you are. Nobody and nothing would stop me from loving you. I love you so much.

53. The gleam which comes from your eyes, is exactly what I fell for. I will never do anything to let tears come out of those beautiful eyes of yours. If tears have to come out, it would be tears of joy. I promise you this: I’ll always keep you happy. Your happiness is my joy. I love you as always.

54. I promise always to protect you from the negativities of this world. You only have to promise to be with me forever. I love you.

55. Your beautiful smile, your sweet and soft lips, your lovely eyes, and your whole being just hypnotize me with the type of feelings I adore. I love you.

56. We all know it that no man can live without air; that’s the same way I can’t live without you. Yes, I can’t live without you. I will love you until I can breathe no more.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

57. You are my heartbeat, and if the heart stops to beat, it’s the death of a person. Please, do not leave me, because if you do, I may not have my heart beat again. I’ll cease to live. Stay with me forever. I love you.

58. I’ll always be grateful and thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful and adorable gift — YOU. You are not just my lover, girlfriend, you are the only best friend I have. I know you are the only person I can always count on. I love you.

59. I want you to know this: you didn’t whisper into my ears, but you whispered into my heart. You didn’t kiss my lips, it’s my soul you kissed. I will never stop loving you.

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60. I promise to be around you as your guardian angel. I would never let anything happen to you. I’ll always be around to make sure that you smile when you seem moody. I pledge to care for you more than I care for myself. Until the end of time, I’ll always love you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Wife

Let’s continue the 101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Partner with messages for Wife.

61. Before I found you, I felt that love isn’t for me — I felt like I have nothing to do with love. And, this is the same thing other people have felt; this is the same thing shown on TV. But, I always asked myself, “how come I haven’t felt it?” It went this way until I found you. You’ve made me realize what true love feels like. I’m glad I found true love in you. I love you.

62. You are my biggest inspiration, and you are also my greatest comfort. You are the only reason why my life is beautiful. You are the reason why my dreams are very colorful. I love you.

63. An amazing wife like you doesn’t come from this planet — earth. A wife like you comes directly from heaven. I haven’t found any woman who’s as perfect as you are. I love you.

64. Before I got married to you, I saw marrying you like a tale, a fairy tale precisely. And, I’m still living my life in fantasy. All thanks and credits go to you. I love you so much.

65. Every man desires a man such as you. You are the fairy that appears in one’s dream and never goes away even after the dream is over. I can’t afford to lose you. I love you so much.

66. Some people get sweeter even as they age, but some other people becomes even stronger as times goes by. The first is very true for you, while the second one is entirely true for me. I love you.

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67. If there’s one thing which I wouldn’t want to change in life, it’s the chance of meeting with you and, over again, falling in love with you. I love you always.

68. You have taken my heart away, and I know it’s going to be safe with you. As we have started the journey towards forever, i promise to love you, care for you, and adore you forever. I love you.

101 romantic love messages for Lover

101 romantic love messages for Lover

69. I cherish you very much. I can’t give you out for even a billion dollars. Yes, I won’t do such. You are worth more than that, and I know that being with you can bring me such amount. You are my everything, and I’ll love you.

70. Thanks, sweetheart. Thanks for loving me. You are always there for me — times when I’m down, times when I feel moody, times when I get depressed. I love you so much. And, the only place I always want to be, is with you.

71. I have never had this feeling in my life before. You have taught me how to love. You inspire me to reach for the deepest part of my heart to love you — to love you with all intimacy and passion, which is in me. I love you.

72. A day without seeing your face is just like a whole year in military detention. 24 hours without hearing the sound of your sweet and lovely voice is so frustrating because my heart would start beating abnormally for every second. My love for you is unexplainable.

73. You are the snuggle pad of my life; you are my drop of joy; you are my sweetest blessing, and you are my sunshine that brings light to my world. I don’t know if I would be able to achieve anything without you. I love you.

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74. If you were in the form of cheese, I’d choose to be a mouse, so I can freely nibble you bit by bit. If you were in the form of milk, I’d prefer to be a cat so I can enjoy drinking you sip by sip. But, if you were in the form of a mouse, I’d still choose to be a cat so I’ll have the ability to devour you piece by piece. I love you.

75. If there exists anything such as infinity in this world we live in, then I know where exactly I can find it. It lives in the form of undying love between you and me. So much love for you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

76. If you were a price, I wouldn’t fail to do whatever it takes, just to take you home. I wouldn’t have loved live to this extent without you. Having you as my lover is everything. I love you.

77. My love for you is so real. The love I have for you makes me want to do unusual things just to prove it. I love you so much.

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78. I want you to be fully aware of the fact that despite the quarrels and fights we have, my love for you still increases every day. There’s a new dimension to the love every day. I love you.

79. Have I told you this before? This: your foods is so spicy and delicious. Since I was a bachelor, I haven’t tasted such foods as the ones you cook. Baby, you are my everything. I love you.

80. I know the three words, “I love you,” won’t be enough to tell you how much I love you, so I need you – my baby – to know that I mean it whenever I say those three words. I love you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Husband

Let’s continue the 101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Partner with messages for Husband.

81. Even with all the imperfections you display, you are still perfect to me. You are always amazing, even at the moments you are annoying. I love you for all you have been to me.

82. Whenever I hide in your arms, I find lots of peace. Whenever you touch me, I feel comfort. All I want is you, and nothing else. I love you.

83. You have given me the full package of all good reasons to love, but to be frank with you, I love you for everything you are right now. And, I also love you for everything — everything you are not. I love you today, tomorrow and every single day.

84. You are my power and my strength. You give me lots of hope, even when I have no hope left. I have looked for a treasure as a husband, and God gave you to me. I love you.

85. For everything which you have brought to my life, including even for the blessings you have brought to my life, the only thing I can do is to promise you that my love, my life, and my world will always be for a handsome being — YOU. YES, I promise.

86. You used your unconditional love to capture my soul — you did it like you used magic. WOW! I wish to do everything within my reach just to make you feel lots of love — same with how you’ve made me feel. I love you.

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87. Baby, you alone are the center of my life. Everything, you see me do, is for you and I. I desire the best future for us. All because I love you.

88. You have inspired me to strive towards being the better version of me, and I’m so grateful for that. Life without you won’t be a perfect one, but life with you is everything. I love you.

89. If I find you in heaven, I’d still locate you and be your soulmate again. That’s because we are meant for each other forever. There’s not a second when you are not there to lift my spirit anytime I’m down. I love you so much.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

90. Our love is a special one. And, in the whole of the world, I don’t think there’s a love that can be compared to that of ours. With you, I feel like I have the whole world. I love you every single day, and I always will.

91. You know that ecstatic feeling you feel within you when you hit the jackpot, right? That’s the same way I feel whenever I look at you. I feel like I’ve been awarded a million dollars. Baby, you can’t imagine how much I love you. I love you so much.

92. You have always supported me in anything I do. Tell me, why wouldn’t I love you? I see no reason why I shouldn’t. I love you.

93. No matter how hard it gets, I’ll always stick with you. I know you’re meant for me, and I’m meant for you. I love you.

94. You are the best man I’ve ever met. You’re supportive, you’re protective, you’re always there. You are even more than I imagined. I love you, my sweetest husband.

95. When you walked into my life, I kept all my past behind me. I so much love this love which I just found — this love makes me feel like a baby. I adore you, my sugar.

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96. I can’t bear to stay a day without telling you how much I love you. I love you. You are the man I’ll always treasure. May everything you do be fruitful. I love you.

97. You are so fragile and precious to me; that’s why I’ll do everything to protect you. I’ll do everything, leaving nothing behind, to make sure that you remain mine for life. I love you.

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

101 Romantic Love Messages For Lover

98. The doctor took a full x-ray of my heart, and he fainted immediately. After he was revived, he, with a scared face, asked me, “what happened,” and I told him not to worry that my heart is safe with you. That is precisely why the heart was missing.

99. From the very moment I had a sight of you, I fell deeply in love with you. If I don’t love you, please what’s my gain? No, tell me! There’s no gain. I love you.

100. If I come to realize that something I said made you smile, I won’t stop talking until forever. So, your face can constantly have a smile on it; and even a grin. I love you.

101. I must be the luckiest woman the world has, to have a husband as perfect as you. Despite your imperfections, you are still perfect to me. I do not care what the world says about you; I don’t care about your past; I just love you, and I’ll always love you.

Here are 101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Lover — Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, and Husband. We handpicked them suitable for your sharing pleasure. So, don’t hesitate to comment on how you like the messages.

And, make sure you share these 101 Romantic Love Messages For Your Lover.

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