I Am Sorry Messages: 115+ Cute Quotes About Saying Sorry

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Quotes About Saying Sorry: people easily annoy their LOVER, but when it’s time to apologize, they tend to end up using the wrong words. As we know — or if you don’t know, know it that — “Words are powerful.” If words can lead someone to anger, it – Quotes About Saying Sorry – can also help in pushing that special one of yours, your girlfriend or boyfriend, to forgive you.

And, doing it the right way won’t only make her/him forgive you, it’ll also put a smile on her/his face. Nothing makes a girl/guy love you more than you creating a smile on her face. Don’t allow ego to come in the way of doing what’s right. Anytime you make her angry, miss her/his birthday, forget to call her/him, stay without chatting with her/him, and whatnot — don’t neglect to send quotes about saying sorry.

In this article, we have handpicked from the warehouse of messagesquotes about saying sorry. Here they are:

Let’s start with Quotes About Saying Sorry For Your Girlfriend, then we move to Quotes About Saying Sorry For Your Boyfriend.

Quotes About Saying Sorry For Your Girlfriend

Here are Quotes About Saying Sorry For Your Girlfriend. 

1. I know somehow my lies may have appeared as the dark clouds, but know this: your forgiveness will be, to me, the silver lining. From the depth of my heart, I say: I am so sorry.

2. I have this terrible feeling from the inside. I feel this way because I made you cry. I’m writing to tell you: I’m sorry. I won’t skip doing what it takes to make you happy always.

3. It didn’t occur to me that my action would make you feel this way, and knowing that it did hurts me a lot. I want you to know that I feel sorry for my action. Please, find a place in your heart to forgive me. I am sorry.

4. My love for you has no end, whatever thing that concerns you concerns me, too. I’m sorry for going as far as invading your privacy. Trust me. I will become that better person for you.

5. My sweetheart, I admit that I made a wrong move, I admit that I was wrong in the words I use, and I admit that I acted like a complete fool — what I desire now is that you forgive me. I’m so sorry.

6. Right now, I’m ready to do anything which would take my life — to show how much I love you. Your eyes are so beautiful that sometimes I get lost looking into them. Please, I’m so sorry. Seriously, I can’t bear to see you act this way towards me, because of what I’ve done. I want you to forgive me; I know you can.

7. This night, the breeze that comes from the sea will touch your soft lips and caress your hair. Listen carefully, and you’ll hear it whisper to you these words: forgive me.

8. People we don’t want to lose are people we offend the most. But, when we offend them, it feels like a part of our heart is taken away. Forgive me, please. Forgive me, baby.

9. This feeling is killing me, I can’t continue to remain in this state, I know I have done you wrong, but please, forgive me. I promise you one thing: it won’t repeat itself.

10. I know I might not be the best man living on earth, but I don’t think anyone can take your place as the best woman on this planet — earth. Yes, I admit I was wrong, and I am sorry about that.

Sorry Message For Girlfriend After Fight

Here are Sorry Message For Girlfriend After Fight. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

11. My heart is filled with tears without you, and it’s crying out. My world is present without colors, and I think it’s black and white. Please, bring back the colors. I promise not to do that to you again. I am sorry.

12. The attitude you had towards me was something I took for granted. And, that’s a mistake that pains me every day I remember that you haven’t forgiven me. Trust me when I say, “I am sorry.” It won’t repeat itself.

13. Baby, I don’t want to be at any other place. The only place I want to be is with you, and I know you have to forgive me before you it can be that way. I can’t wait to be with you again. So I say, please forgive me.

14. It’s after I hurt you, I discovered that you mean a lot to me. It’s after I offended you that I realized how much I love you. Baby, I am so sorry. Nothing can quench my love for you.

15. Until this minute, I haven’t grasped the reason why I would go ahead to hurt you. It still surprises me. With the entirety of my heart, I genuinely say, “I am sorry.” Please, accept my apologies.

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16. Every tweet and post I’ll make on Twitter and Pinterest would be about you. I will do whatever it takes to prove you, my love. Please, I’m deeply sorry. Forgive me.

17. If I were a superhuman who could wipe people’s memory, I’d be glad, because I’d be able to erase the memories of all the wrongs I’ve done to you. Since I am not a superhuman and I can’t perform such, I promise you this: from henceforth, the kind of memories I’ll make for you are happy memories. I am sorry for those terrible things I’ve done to you.

18. As long as you don’t say to me: I’m no longer offended — I’ll continue to pester you for your forgiveness. And, I’ll do that with lots of pampering. You know how it used to be, right? Baby, I’ve missed you. I won’t stop saying: I am sorry.

19. Whatever thing that ends up happening, remember that I am that one who will always be present in your tough and happy moments. I love you so much. Please, forgive me.

20. Baby, there’s something I have for you. It’s a promise. The promise is: from this moment henceforth, this relationship won’t record tears, insults, and lies of any sort. I love you – my love for you is from the depth of my heart; I mean every word of that promise. Let’s remain with each other forever.

Sorry Love Quotes For Her

Here are Sorry Love Quotes For Her. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

21. This very moment, I can tell that you are angry with me. I want you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you. If you allow me, I can do whatever it takes to make sure that I make amends. I am ready. And, I am sorry. I love you, my queen.

22. Without you, I can’t be a king. That’s because you are my queen. This is the reason why I don’t want to lose you. Please, forgive me. I will make sure I do all it takes to treat you better this time. I love you, my queen. The kingdom — the US — needs you.

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23. My love, I know my action has caused a pause in this relationship we cherish so much. I am a hundred percent ready to start from the beginning, and I’m prepared to be better. Please, give me a chance. Our love is sizzling hot, and it burns even brighter than how it used to burn.

24. Take a look at the sun; it shines towards you, right? It’s sending my apologies to you in a unique way because you are special to me. Please, do not take offence. I am sorry, love.

25. Sweetheart, even the times you are angry, you look pretty. I love you, my love. Please, forgive me. I promise you a better me.

26. I just cannot believe what I fool I was to treat you how I did. Everyday, I hope that you find a place in your heart to forgive me. Give me another chance to shower you with love and respect, just the way you deserve it.

27. You deserve a man who will go as far as putting your need in front, and your feelings, too. I know I haven’t been such man in the past and for that, I am very sorry.

28. No matter how many times you find it hard to forgive me, I won’t stop letting you know how much I’m sorry. The love I have for you cannot be easily forgotten.

29. I’ve learned to accept every mistake I make, but when my mistakes hurt the most important person in my life, I cannot be at peace with myself. Baby, please forgive me. I love you.

30. Being with you until this day has been the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I really don’t want this beautiful thing we share to end like this. Please, forgive me for my sheer stupidity.

Sorry Message To Your Girlfriend

Here are Sorry Message To Your Girlfriend. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

31. When I first met you, we promised each other that we won’t do anything that will lead to our separation. Yet, my actions have done that. I know it’s not easy for you to forgive me at this point. I’m sorry!

32. I heard people say that everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why I’m hearing, pleading that you give me a second chance. I know there’s nothing right in what I did but please let’s not end this beautiful bond. I still love you and I promise not to repeat this ever again.

33. I cannot believe how I ended up breaking the heart of someone that loves me so much. I am a great fool for not being more careful with my actions and words. I regret every bit of what I’ve done. Please, forgive me. I so much love you.

34. My version of living hell is staying away from you. I just can’t stand your absence no more. Please, return to me. I need your forgiveness very much right now. I am sorry.

35. I never intended to hurt you this way. I’m truly and terribly sorry; please, forgive me. You’re the sun of my life. Without you, I’d be scared of the dark. I love you, honey.

36. No matter how small or big a lie is, it does not stop it from being a lie. I’m so ashamed of what I’ve done and I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness — but please, I want you to give me a second chance. Forgive me, please. I’m sorry and I love you so much.

37. I might want to try to distract myself from experiencing the effect of your absence, but no matter how hard I try, I still cannot handle your absence. My world is very empty without you. Please, forgive me and come back to my hands. I love you.

38. You and I used to say that we loved the serenity. But, when it involves your voice, then it’s unbearable. Please, forgive me. I love you so much.

39. Ever since you left me, I have not been able to take proper care of myself. I’m in dire need of your presence to function in life. I know I’ve done something really wrong, that’s why I need you to forgive me. I love you.

40. Sweetheart, I have changed this time. I’m so sorry for failing as a boyfriend in the past. Please, forgive me.

Sweet Apology Message For Her

Here are Sweet Apology Message For Her. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

41. I have messed up. I had the kind of relationship I had always wanted and I messed it up for a pipedream. Right now, I have come back to my sense and I promise that I won’t hurt you again. Please, forgive me.

42. The biggest mistake of my life is leaving you. I miss every single thing about you. Is there any way you can just find it in your tender heart to forgive me and accept me back?

43. You’ve helped me to become better than who I was. Honestly, I’m still try so hard to become better for you. I am so sorry that I’ve hurt you. I humbly request that you forgive me.

44. I’m so frustrated right now. I don’t know how else to show you how sorry I am. Baby, let’s not throw those amazing memories away. I’m sorry and my love for you is everlasting.

45. Just as you have always said to me: nobody in the world can be perfect. Each one of us has our different flaws. This mistake I’ve made has disappointed you so much; I know. That’s why I’m asking for your forgiveness. I love you so much.

46. Pardon me for my bad attitude and reaction yesterday. I know I made you feel hurt and ashamed. I am sorry.

47. I see yesterday as the saddest moment for me as I still can’t believe that we ended yesterday with a fight. I am sorry for whatever is the cause. I promise that from this day henceforth I’ll change and become the best for you.

48. You’re my priceless darling. I am sorry for not listening to your words and taking the other way. I have realized my huge mistake. I love you always.

49. I miss the moments that we cry together, laugh together and tap our backs together. But, I went ahead to hurt you and cause you this much pain. Please, don’t put away the happy moments we have shared. I’m asking for your forgiveness.

50. I hurt you, but it doesn’t mean I have lost my unconditional love for you. I also suffer from intense pain. I’m so sorry, my love. Please, forgive me.

Cute Quotes To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend


Many feel words can’t penetrate through to the heart of guys, but that’s a lie. People, the females, panic when their boyfriend gets mad at them, because of their action. Don’t just type and make things worse; make sure you are typing the right words to that effect — making him know you’re sorry. These cute quotes to say sorry to your boyfriend would go a long way in helping you compose something powerful. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

51. From the second we started dating, you have carried out whatever thing I tell you to do. As the last favour, please find a place in your heart to forgive me, so I can start doing all the things you have ever wanted me to do. I am sorry, my king.

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52. My temper is that of a hot temper; no matter how hot my temper is, it still doesn’t meet up with how hot you are. Please, forgive me.

53. I won’t do it again. What I’m trying to say is: I won’t check your emails, Facebook chats, and texts present on your phone. I know that got you angry. I did that because I was so jealous, and I also was so possessive. You know there’s no way I can afford losing you. When I have the most handsome boyfriend in the world, how do you expect me to live in this world without being jealous? I love you. And, I am sorry, once again.

54. I know the outburst of my angry got to you. I am so sorry about that. From this moment, I won’t perform any action without thinking of how far we have gone in our relationship. I am so so sorry.

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55. If the tears in my eyes are invincible to you, please see the pain I have in my heart. Accept my apology, and forgive me, please. Please. I beg you.

56. Since you are a man who’s gentle, sexy, handsome and hot — I know that forgiving me won’t be a problem for you. I am really sorry.

57. Baby, I am so sorry. If you accept my apology, we can switch from being angry to being naughty — just as we used to be. You know, right? Please, I miss those days. Forgive me, please.

58. I am sorry I doubted it when you told me that you didn’t cheat on me. The problem is, you are one handsome and sweet guy that every girl would want to be with. I have looked around for your kind, but I can’t find it. This is why I get so possessive; I promise that I won’t be like that again.

59. One thing I crave for is to see the beautiful smile on your lovely face. Another thing I crave for is to be in your warms arm, and I call that place, my favourite home. I know that act of mine was utterly wrong. But, please know that I can’t live without you. Forgive me; it’s taking too long. Do you want me to cry? I’m sorry.

60. I am screaming out my apology amid my family, neighbours, friends by publishing the word, “Sorry” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social Media I belong to. So you know that I’m serious about my apology.

Im Sorry Quotes For Him From The Heart

Here are Im Sorry Quotes For Him From The Heart. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

61. I sincerely apologize for acting weird towards you the other day. Trust me, that wasn’t me. I don’t act like that. Please, put the blame on my mood swings and hormonal changes for irritating you and forgive me. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. I am sorry.

62. My fickle kind of mind may have pushed me into telling you lies, but my heart and soul would love you forever. That’s a commitment. I am sorry.

63. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. Please, forgive me. Baby, I hold tears in my eyes as I type this. And, I know you don’t like seeing me cry. Please, forgive me. I have made a big mistake; allow me to make it up any way you want me to. I am so sorry.

64. Ever since I did that, I haven’t been myself. I haven’t been able to eat. I regret every bit of that. Please, forgive me.

65. You have always pushed me into eating regularly, but ever since I did that to you, I haven’t been able to eat. Please, help me get out of this state. Forgive me, I won’t attempt such again. I am sorry, my love.

66. I know that you desire to break up with me. Also, I know you are fed up of me. But, I will not give up until you — my sweetheart — see. I know you don’t want us together anymore. I’m aware that all the love you have for me has poured to the floor. But, I will not give up until I have taken everything back to how it used to be. I AM SORRY.

67. I have had lots of tears in my eyes. In other words, I have cried more than thrice. Baby, please accept my apology.

68. Before I request for your forgiveness, what I desire right now is your hug. Not only your hug, I desire that you place your pretty hand on my heart, so you would be able to feel how my heart beats for you, and just you. All you would hear is: I am sorry. You would hear that on every beat.

69. Even in my dreams, I mean those wildest dreams, I can’t imagine myself breaking up with you, my heartbeat. I know you have made up your mind, but I ask for a chance to set the puzzle right again. Please. Please, forgive me. I promise to be your confidant and lover. My love, please.

70. Baby, you know our relationship is perfect, and a relationship is nothing with forgiveness. Please, accept my apologies, I’m going through pains. I am so sorry.

I Am Sorry Quotes For Boyfriend

Here are I Am Sorry Quotes For Boyfriend. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

71. I can remember very well, you have promised me that you would do anything for me. Baby, I need one thing from you right now, that is your forgiveness. Please, accept my apology. I’m losing it. I am sorry.

72. I made a huge mistake, but it’s not like I meant to make such a mistake. Know this: I didn’t mean to. Right now, I love you. I love you. Please, I am so sorry.

73. I wish my heart can speak out, so you would hear it directly how sorry I am right now. Baby, please. I know I have done something wrong, but this delay is killing me. You’re the best boyfriend, and I won’t be able to live without you in my life. Forgive me. I’m so sorry.

74. My actions hurt you very well, this I know. And, it’s coming back to hurt me by you not being able to forgive, on time, me for putting up with those actions. Does that show we are even? Baby, please.

75. I know I haven’t been that girlfriend you have ever wanted, but I promise to keep trying to make sure I make you choose me every day. I’m so sorry, my heart code. Forgive me.

76. This action of mine seems to be an act that nobody would be able to tolerate. You did without laying a finger on me, that makes me love you even more. Please, I want you to forgive me. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t concentrate, I can’t interact. I’m afraid I may run mad if you leave me like this. Please, forgive me. Please. I’m so sorry.

77. Being your girlfriend is an achievement for me. It’s just like having a winner in a marathon race. I feel so happy to be yours. This is why I don’t joke with you; this is why I can’t bear hurting you. I have done something wrong; please forgive me. I love you to the moon, and also back from the moon.

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78. Sweetheart, I am aware that my words hurt you so much. I am so sorry.

79. I feel so stupid to have said something of that sort to you. I’m sorry, my everything.

80. Hurting is just the last I want to do. It wasn’t my intention. I’m sorry, love.

Sorry For Hurting You Quotes For Him

Here are Sorry For Hurting You Quotes For Him. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

81. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have you back. Please, I want you to accept my heartfelt apology and accept me back. I’m very sorry.

82. If it’s my power to undo the things I’ve said and done, I won’t hesitate to do that. I am sorry that I have messed up; I promise it won’t happen again. Forgive me.

83. My heart, my life feels completely empty without you in it. I’m so sorry for everything.

84. I’m really sorry for being rude to you. I swear that this will never happen again. Please, accept my profound apology.

85. I know I should have listened to you when I should have. From now, I will listen to your every word. Please, come back.

86. Darling, I know there are times I don’t stay around you when you need me the most. I’ll do all I can to always be with you. Forgive me.

87. Lately, I have been away from you and it’s killing me to my bones. I’m sorry, darling.

88. My love, you’re the reason for every smile I have on my face — my happiness. I didn’t mean to hurt you at all. I’m deeply sorry.

89. It was so childish of me not to understand. Now, I can and I’m so ashamed of my wrongs. Can you allow me make it up to you? I’m sorry, dear.

90. Darling, I know how angry you are with me right now, but please don’t ignore me. I’m so sorry and I want you to know that I miss you.

Sorry Message To Him

Here are Sorry Message To Him. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

91. I’m sorry, so sorry that I’m the major reason for your unhappiness. Please, give me another chance to restore your happiness.

92. Sometimes, I make silly mistakes that really hurt you, and I’m genuinely sorry for my behavior. Please, I want you to forgive me, dear.

93. I’ll give anything just to have you beside me again. I don’t know what came upon me that I had to break up with you. Please, forgive me.

94. You always belong in my arms. Please, forgive me, dear.

95. In every relationship, there’s always ups and downs. But, we have to hold tight to each other regardless of what we encounter. I’m sorry.

96. Without you, I need you to know that I’m nothing. I miss our moments. I miss your touch. And I miss you so much. Please, forgive me. I am sorry.

97. It’s completely meaningless to remain angry with a silly thing. Our relationship is much purer and stronger. I’m so sorry.

98. Baby, I can’t bear to see you upset. Seeing you upset makes me upset, too. I’m sorry and I love you so much.

99. To err is human. I’m not an alien. Please, forgive me.

100. A love like ours is very hard to find. Please, forgive me if I hurt you. Please.

Short Sorry Message For Boyfriend

Here are Short Sorry Message For Boyfriend. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

101. I know that you’re angry with me. That has made me really sad. Please, accept my apology and make this work again. I love you as always.

102. I didn’t think that what I did will upset you this much. Forgive me for my poor behaviour.

103. You’ll always be the love of my life. I am sorry if I failed to make you feel that way. Please, forgive me. I promise I’ll be better this time.

104. I do think you’re perfect in every single way. I’m so sorry if I insulted you. It will never happen again. I promise you.

105. Have I treated you badly? Yes, I know I did and I want to make amends. Can you let me do that, please? I won’t stop saying the three words “I am sorry.”

106. Please, don’t allow this little misunderstanding to ruin this beautiful relationship we have built over the years. Please, accept my apology.

107. I cherish the love we share and I miss your soft kiss. Sorry that I said those words to you; I really didn’t mean them. I’m sorry.

108. Baby, it’s done and I can’t turn the hand of time to change this. I can apologize and I won’t stop apologizing. Please, forgive me and let the love we share grow. I love you and I want you to forgive me.

109. Our love has grown through several years of intense understanding. Please, understand how sorry I am for all the mistakes I have made in this relationship.

110. I long to, again, feel your tender body against mine. I long to feel your lips on mine, too. Please, accept my apology and start loving me again. Please.

Sorry For Everything Quotes For Him

Here are Sorry For Everything Quotes For Him. Quotes About Saying Sorry!

111. You’re the star of my night and the sun in my sky. I want it to always be that way. Forgive me for my wrongdoings. .

112. I love you. I love you. I love you. Forgive me if I don’t say you to you how I’m supposed to. I have changed. Forgive me, please.

113. There’s one thing I want more than any other things right now: it’s to make everything right. How can I not see your face for a whole day? Baby, please return to me. I promise to not do that anymore. Forgive me.

114. It’s clear that our paths are intertwined and the only word to define our separation is IMPOSSIBLE — it’s impossible for use to separate from each other. So, I beg you. Please, forgive me so we can start our relationship on a clean slate.

115. Our love story can’t be over yet. Let’s begin our next chapter with you accepting my apology. Sorry I said those words to you.

116. You make me really happy. And it’s so insane that I somehow manage to mess everything up. I’ll continue to learn so I can become better for you. I’m not perfect but I’ll try to be perfect for you. I love you and I’m very sorry.

117. In my entire life, I’ve never felt this bad. I love you and I will never do anything for the purpose of hurting you. I will do anything to get you to forgive me. Baby, please don’t be mad at me. I love you.

Some wrongs cut deep into the heart of your partner, hence delay in accepting your apology — but you can warm the heart of your lover by sending him/her these Quotes About Saying Sorry to let them know how sorry you are.

Enjoy Sorry Message For Girlfriend After Fight, Sorry Love Quotes For Her, Sorry Message To Your Girlfriend, Sweet Apology Message For Her, Im Sorry Quotes For Him From The Heart, I Am Sorry Quotes For Boyfriend, Sorry For Hurting You Quotes For Him, Sorry Message To Him, Short Sorry Message For Boyfriend, Sorry For Everything Quotes For Him and Quotes About Saying Sorry.

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