55 Heart Touching I Love You Messages

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Heart Touching I Love You Messages: Do you know that Love is a feeling that can’t match with any other? YES, it’s a special feeling. What love brings is special. It’s no doubt that sending gifts to that loved one is an excellent way to show your love, but have you tried messages – heart touching I love you messages?

The very first thing most girls go to after they wake up in the morning is to pick up their phones and check the latest. So, engaging them with heart touching I love you messages, after they wake up, isn’t a bad idea at all. Yes, it’s romantic to send her, it’s romantic to send him, the heart touching I love you messages at night, before she or he sleeps, and in the morning, before he or she starts his/her day — but, how about you send him/her these messages during the day, won’t it be awesome? Yes, it would.

Heart touching I love you messages can help you resolve differences. Just send these messages regularly. In this article, we listed these messages to help you use your power of Choice — the power of choice to choose, among the messages, the ones suitable for the purpose(s) you have in mind.

Still there? Let’s Proceed.

Heart Touching I Love You Messages

Here are Heart Touching I Love You Messages.

1. The feeling of loving you is something I tag as beautiful, so beautiful. And, I won’t cease to love you to the moon and back. You know, it’s inevitable that a mum would always have a genuine love for her child; that’s same with me, I will always love you, dear. I love you so much.

2. The love you have for me has touched my heart, and I know you won’t stop loving me, just the way the sun won’t stop giving light. I don’t see the shape my world would have taken if you hadn’t shown up in my life. Your love has transformed my life. That’s the reason why I won’t stop loving you. I love you, my princess.

3. I can’t help myself; Loving you is like taking overdose of a particular drug. The word I think I should use to describe your love is “beautiful.” And, that love of yours can be found inside my heart. The sky always showcases its brightness, and my heart goes into the state of excitement — all because of your love. I also love you, too. I can’t trade you for anything in this world, because if I get to lose you, I don’t think I can ever find someone like you. Once again, I love you.

4. I have discovered that my world hasn’t experienced gloom ever since you started loving me. Ever since you became a part of my life, everything completely changed. You make sure my heart stays warm, you keep my mood brightened. And as a result of all these, I love you so much. Words can’t describe how much I love you, but I want you to know that I do. I love you once again.

5. I always feel a fire in my soul, the day I decided to check, I discovered that you are that fire in my soul. All the exciting and loving things you do to make sure that I am happy gives me a reason to want to live for another day. You have me from this point to the end of time. Because, if it’s not you, I’m sorry, I can’t choose anybody else. I love you, darling. You are the light that brightens my world. I see things working out for me the moment you came into my life, and I can’t afford to lose you. Once again, I love you.

6. As the sun dominates the day, I mean the sun owns the day to perform — to shine; that’s the same way you own my whole heart to love. In this life, I have had for myself quite a lot of friends, but none of them has shown to deserve being more than just a friend to me, but you. I can’t cease to love you for anything; even though a gun is pointed straight to my head to deny that fact before you, I won’t hesitate to say I love you continuously before them.

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7. Take up the keyboard of your computer, or check the keyboard in your Android phone, you will discover that U and I are placed close to each other — side by side. That’s precisely the way the alphabet should be displayed because we are meant to be close to each other. And, know this: my love for you will never cease. In capital letters, I say, “I LOVE YOU.”

8. The sky gets dark doesn’t mean, at some point, the sun ceases to exist. I am not close to you now doesn’t mean I don’t wish the best for you. Here’s one thing I want you to know: I promise always to love you, care for you, and make sure you are satisfied. I love you, my queen.

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9. Get ready. I will send something over to you — sweet love. This something will come to you in the morning, afternoon and also at night. I can’t explain my love for you, and I won’t rest until I make your dreams of having the best life a reality. You own my love, my dear. Keep shinning; I love you.

10. I promise to always be close to you, by your side, as your guardian angel. The guardian angel that makes sure you don’t get sad by making you smile all the time, even when you are not in a good mood. I promise to be that one who cares so much about you that he forgets to care about himself. Please, allow me to be the man to love you so hard that other men will get to know that their love isn’t enough for you. The love I have for you is forever. No circumstance can come in its way. I love you dearly.

I Love You Heart Touching Quotes

Here are fascinating I Love You Heart Touching Quotes. Heart Touching I Love You Messages!

11. I don’t give a crap about what people may think of the love I have for you. Note this: I will care for you until forever, as long as we still breathe in air. If we are privileged to get to anything beyond forever, I’ll always love you there. I love you specially.

12. I love you. Those three words are my favorite words in the dictionary, because of you. I have searched and searched and searched, to get another set of three words that can beat this one, but up till this day, I haven’t been able to find even one. With the one someone found out for us, I want you to know that whenever I say them, I mean it to the last. I will always love you, don’t forget that.

13. If I want to start typing on the thing I love about you, a month won’t be enough to achieve that, 10,000 words won’t be enough to accomplish that. I love a lot of things about you, my love. I love your lips, your fingers, your hair, your breath, your voice, your eyes — they are just numerous. Whenever you are around, I feel special, because of how special you are to me. Anything I love becomes special to me. I love you, my heartbeat. I can’t imagine living in this cruel world without you beside me.

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14. Whenever you kiss me, I have one wish, and that wish is: my lips don’t leave yours. Whenever you set your eyes on me, I wish you don’t stop looking at me, because I love it so much. Baby, I love you. I haven’t loved anyone like this before. I am glad to be yours.

15. You are so perfect just the way you are. Other people may find faults in you, but I have looked carefully, and I can’t seem to find any error. You are perfect. Don’t listen to them, listen to me, because I love and cherish you. And, it’s going to be that way until the end of time. I love you, darling. You are my sweetness.

16. There are days I feel down, but immediately I think about you, I see my spirit gets lifted. Baby, sometimes I want to ask you, “are you really of this world?” No, I don’t think you are. Some things about you are out of this world; is it your hair? Is it your smile? …your skin? What exactly? They are too unique and different from that of others. You are the best. And, I love that about you.

17. I think when God was creating you, he used more unusual ingredients. I think I can call that secret formula. Because, since my existence on earth, I haven’t found anybody like you. Seriously, I haven’t. I can’t afford to lose you, so I’ll do everything possible to care, love and adore you, my sweetheart. Take care of your sweet self; I love you.

18. Ever since you came into my life, you took a spot in it that no other person has reached. But, how did you do that? Wow! You alone have the keys to my heart. I’m delighted because you know how to do it differently. I love you for that. Even for a million dollars, I won’t trade my love for you. YES, I won’t.

19. For me, it doesn’t matter the distance, the thing is, you are always in my heart. I don’t mean most times, I mean forever. No matter the actions of people, they can’t come in the way of what you are to me. They just can’t. You have a special place in my mind, my heart, my life, my world. I love you dearly.

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20. I don’t see you as just my lover; you are also my best friend. That’s why I get comfortable disclosing my secrets to you because that’s what best friends do — share things without fear. I have never been with someone like you. My God, you are too special. You are the most lovely individual I have ever been with. I love you so much. And trust me, I won’t rest until I make you mine completely. I love you very much. God bless you.

Heart Touching I Love You Quotes

Here are interesting Heart Touching I Love You Quotes. Heart Touching I Love You Messages!

21. God doesn’t do things anyhow; he takes his time to do it rightly. God sent you to me, and I know you are one of his best plans for you. You are his perfect work. So, who am I to reject it? I haven’t stayed much with you, but the little I know you, it shows me how sweet you are. I love you the way you are. Anybody who doesn’t shouldn’t be close to you, because you don’t need them in your life.

22. Thanks for tracing your way into my life, my heart. Your presence in my life has made a lot of difference in me. I don’t know how I’ll cope when I go a little bit far from you. Will I survive it? Well, I know that your love will be with me. I won’t stop saying these three words to you — I love you.

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23. Whenever I look into your incredible pair of eyes, I don’t only see them as a pair of eyes. I also get fascinated because I see myself looking at the most beautiful creature on earth. One thing I desire is my entire life be spent with you right beside me. I never want to lose sight of you. The love I have for you will last forever and ever. Yes, beauty may eventually fade, but my promise of loving you forever won’t be broken. I have a little fear though, the fear is, if I lose you, would I find someone who’s just like you? At the same time, I know I won’t lose you. I love you, my diamond.

24. I won’t be lying if I say that you are one of the beautiful stars usually found in the sky. But, you haven’t been in your spot, the sky has been jealous of me for having for myself a sweet and unique star. The love my heart holds for you will never fade, don’t worry.

25. I am for you and just you. Nobody else has me. I promise you; I’ll be better for you. I also promise that I’ll always care, I’ll love you as I still breathe on earth. You are nothing but the best. You know how people get excited whenever they get the privilege to take a picture with a celebrity, right? I feel more than that for having you in my life. I love you so dearly, my sugar.

26. You came into my life and now my life is a lovely place to live in. All you say and do make me feel so special. I love you.

27. The more you move away from me, the closer my heart attaches to yours. I may not utter a word but my fragile heart will always say it aloud that you’re my dearest.

28. Love is just like a sunshine. It showers a glittering glow to the face of its beholder — and also a warm feeling at every part of the body.

29. Though it’s true that you’re not here with me right now, but I can feel always feel your presence holding and cuddling me. I love you so dearly.

30. The love I have for you shall never die. As long as I still breathe, I’ll increasingly love you. I love you.

I Love U Heart Touching Quotes

Here are I Love U Heart Touching Quotes. Heart Touching I Love You Messages!

31. Loving you is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life, and never will I regret that decision. I love you, honey.

32. I have never loved anyone else the way I love you. Also, I can’t love any other person; if it isn’t you, it isn’t you. I thank God every day for bringing you to me. I love you, love.

33. The complete meaning of you is romance + care + love + support. I haven’t seen someone I can compare you to. I love you, baby.

34. I love seeing you smile all the time; your affectionate talk and cool smile drive me crazy and make me think about nobody else but you every minute of every day. My sweetheart, I love you.

35. Every when you stay far away from me, I still see you in my dreams every single night. I will always think about you, dear. I know you were meant for me from the first moment we met.

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36. You’re a typical example of sincere love because I’ve found that in you. Every fake love has been taken out from my heart because of you. It’s no more news that I’m crazy about you, darling.

37. People say love comes with sacrifice and pain. I rather love you and make experiencing pain and making sacrifices my every day routine than not love you. I love you, baby.

38. There are times I’d sit down and wonder, “how did I even meet you?” Amongst other, you’re the one who changes my world.

39. Loving you is just like breathing. How can I stop? I really do not know. I love you so much.

40. It’s so difficult to find someone who will be with you all through the storms of life — together with the ups. I feel really blessed to have you in my life, because I know that your love for me will never fade.

Heart Touching I Love You Messages For Her/Him

Here are Heart Touching I Love You Messages For Her / Him. Heart Touching I Love You Messages!

41. The more I spend time close to you, the more I fall deeply in love with you every single day of my life. You have a very tender and gentle heart that I promise to take care of throughout my life. I love you.

42. Thank you so much for always being there for me. I have not met anymore who could love with such kind of intensity. You are the best and perfect love in the world. I can’t help but love you deeply.

43. You have made me to come into the realization that love is the best feeling that any man on earth can experience. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you.

44. I cannot imagine surviving the difficult and hard times of my life without your support and love. I love you.

45. It seems to me like treasures every moment I spend with you. I’ll present you with these treasures all the days of my life.

46. I don’t need the world to know me. All I want are your warm kisses and hugs. Don’t stop loving me like this. You’re the best.

47. If there is anything in this life that I would not want to change, it’s the chance of meeting you and falling deeply in love with you. I love you so much — so much that I can’t even explain it.

48. Your smile is my sunrise. Your kiss is my sunset. Thanks a bunch for being the most wonderful companion and friend and for making my every day beautiful. I love you so much.

49. I promise to be a guardian angel to you, the one that puts a smile on your face when you are sad and moody. The one that cares so much about you. The one that will not stop loving you until the very end. I love you.

50. The shortest word I know about is I, the sweetest word I’ve heard about is LOVE, and the only person for me is YOU. That’s because I love you.

51. If you’re a prize, trust me, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to take you home. If you’re a medal, I’ll do everything possible and even impossible just to earn you. If you are a flower, there’s no morning I won’t water you. I love you so much.

52. Your smile brings joy to my heart and smile to my face. You make me so happy that you are the only thing — the only person — I think about every second of the day. I love you, sweetie pie.

53. Believe me when I tell you that love is more than a word I can spell. I cannot discard it because of how real it is. Everyone wishes for it because it’s so real. And I can’t get enough of it because it’s so special. I love you.

54. Your kisses make me shiver and your hugs give me weak knees. Missing you gives me fever and thinking about you makes me speechless all the time. You seem to not be good for my health but that’s alright. I can take all of the sweetness. I will still give you a hug, kiss you and miss you. I love you.

55. If loving you and cherishing you is a wrong act, then I don’t want to ever be right in my life. I love you far beyond the stars.

Building a healthy relationship involves sending messages such as Heart Touching I Love You Messages from time to time, in order to send your partner the message that you still love him/her.

Enjoy I Love You Heart Touching Quotes, Heart Touching I Love You Quotes, I Love U Heart Touching Quotes, Heart Touching I Love You Messages For Her Him and Heart Touching I Love You Messages.

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