70 Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages

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Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages: The night tells you that it’s time to go to bed. Knowing fully well that your loved one might end his/her day being stressed out, and also in a bad mood, we recommend sweet romantic good night messages, which you can send to him or her to relieve him or her of that state. You can’t imagine what sweet romantic good night messages do to your loved ones.

Put a smile on her face, create a smile on his face — depending on what sex you are. Do you want to compose such sweet romantic good night messages, but you don’t have the required idea to do so?

Do you want to copy and paste?

Here are the Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages just for you. Words are mighty, so instead of using them for irrelevance, take them up as a tool to make someone smile.

Without further words, let’s move into the crux of this write-up – Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages. Ready? Well, your readiness is evident.

Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages

Here are Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages.

1. How dark the night is, isn’t a threat to me; as long as I can feel your kiss, I am okay. I can’t feel scared. Good night, my sunshine.

2. I have come to notice that my nights are much longer than my day. I know very well that it’s because you are not close to me. But, it’s okay. I have a smile on my face whenever I wake up because I dream about you all through the night. Good night, my queen.

3. Even though I have the worse nightmare tonight, I don’t mind — as long as you be the first person I see in the morning, as long as you are the one who would wake me up in the morning. Good night, pearl.

4. I can’t deny the fact that the guy, who’s the most handsome in the city, deserves a kiss — a good night kiss. Not a kiss from just any person, but a kiss from the girl, who’s the most beautiful, in the city. So, right here is a good night kiss for no other person but you. Good night, my king.

5. There’s one wish I have. Do you want to know it? Well, it is that the moon will, not sometimes, always be in its fullest and bright, too. And, you will always be in a relaxed state and right. Anytime you stretch forth your hand to switch off the light, remember that someone out there is wishing a princess — you — Goodnight. Good night, Hun.

6. I wish you a beautiful night, make sure you have sweet dreams of all good things in life — good things such as wealth, health, love, peace, achievements, etc. That’s because they’ll surely come to reality soon. Have an excellent night rest, my backbone. Good night, Big Man.

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7. I don’t care how far you may be, even though it bothers me sometimes — I want you to know that you have a special place in my thoughts. Good night.

8. Every day I see you and spend time with you, I wish time would freeze so that we can spend that moment for a longer time. Those days are the perfect days of my life. Right now, I really can’t wait for the morning to come. Good night, my baby.

9. As I lie down here and try so hard to fall asleep, I am carefully counting the stars I can see. But, I don’t think I’m enjoying what I’m doing, because it seems dull to me. Wanna know why it looks dull to me? That’s because you are the brightest star in my life. I can’t afford to lose you. Nothing can make me do that. Good night.

10. I wish you the sweetest night, the thoughts of you give me sleepless night. You are the only guy that I love. Good night.

Sweet Good Night Text For My Love

Here are Sweet Good Night Text For My Love. Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages!

11. If you don’t know that I have rules, I think it’s high time you knew that. My first rule is that you dream about me every time; the second rule is that you know that the first rule is the only rule. I want you to enjoy your night. Have a splendid night rest. Good night.

12. Why can’t I be a magician and be your soft pillow? So, at the end of every passing day, you would see me and hug me tightly. Even though we fight, it’s going to be that routine. Good night, darling.

13. Wishing you good night is somewhat pointless because I know very well that you can’t achieve having a good night without me. And, that’s the same way I can’t achieve that without you. But, I know the thoughts of me will make you sleep well. Without you, I have an incomplete life. Have an excellent night rest, my baby. I love you so so much. Kisses.

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13. I want us to have a sweet night rest because tomorrow will be a day closer to us achieving our dreams of being joined forever. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Having babies together, going out together, achieving goals together; I really can’t wait. But, for now, have a pleasant night rest. Good night.

14. Have a good night. Make sure you sleep tight. Have a beautiful dream tonight; it wouldn’t be bad if you think about me. Always know that I love you, and I’ll always love you. Good night, big head.

15. Good night to you, the love of my life. My everything, good night to you.

16. Good night. I can’t wait to see you in the morning. I love you so much.

17. Anytime you see a message from me that says “Good night,” don’t bother to wish me back, because I’ll spend the whole night awake, thinking about you. I love you. Good night, dear.

18. It’s amazing how the stars decorate the sky, and the night’s ambience is no doubt captivating. But, all that doesn’t in any way meet up with how I feel whenever I have you around me. Good night, handsome. You are the best thing that has happened to me.

19. If you feel warm tonight, don’t think it’s because of the blanket you used to cover yourself; if from the warmth of my hugs — good night, special.

20. I wish this text I’m writing to you can have a leg, hand and a face, so when it gets to you, it’ll hug you tightly for me. And, also give you a long kiss for me, to show how deeply I mean these words. Good night, my love. No one will ever take your place in my heart. You are my world.

Sweet Good Night Quotes For My Love

Here are Sweet Good Night Quotes For My Love. Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages!

21. I have searched around me, and till this day, I still can’t find anyone like you. I know even if I explore around the world, I always wouldn’t find anyone like you. Now I have you. I won’t give you out for anything. Trust me, I won’t take you for granted. I won’t cheat on you. I’ll be faithful to you. Yes, dear. I will. Good night, my honey.

22. I say a big Good night to the guy who makes my days memorable. I don’t know how I would have been if I hadn’t had you in my life. Sweet dreams to the best guy in the world, a guy who makes me laugh harder than expected. Kisses to the guy who makes my life so easy. You are loved; I love you. Good night, my teddy bear.

23. I don’t know I have this jealous for sleep, and I think it’s because it controls you whenever you go to bed at night. I wish the name I had were ‘sleep’; at least you wouldn’t fail to come to me every night. I miss you, my love. Good night, sweetheart.

24. I feel the presence of goosebumps in every area of my body whenever I think about your smile. I feel blessed to know that you are just mine, and I don’t have to share you with anyone else. Good night, my cupcake.

25. The more uncomplicated feelings I know about is Love. The only dream I have every night is a dream about you. I really can’t wait to have you around again. I love you special. Good night, Love.

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26. Every single day my love increases. I mean, the one of today can’t be compared to the one of yesterday. You are a diamond to me, a precious stone. I have found you, and I won’t let you go. No, I won’t. Good night, my shining star. I love you.

27. Now, today is quickly coming to an end. It’s a dream come true to have someone like you always around to have every day of my life become so great. Thank you for doing that, my love. But, how do you even do that? Don’t bother answering that. May a lot of angels from heaven guard you as you go to bed tonight. Good night, the only woman in my life.

28. As you feel the breeze blow, I hope for one thing. I hope that it blows away your worries. As the skies get dark, I hope they cover your weaknesses that they don’t have a space to show again. And, as the star shines, I hope it takes away any darkness in your life. I love you, sweetheart. Don’t forget to receive my kisses before you go to bed tonight. Good night, dear.

29. Now, I must wait until tomorrow comes to see you again. Well, I’ll be asleep, too. I wish there were no night, at least I would have been able to spend the whole time with you. But, there must be night, so my baby can rest after the day’s stress. Have a sweet night rest, my world. Good night.

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30. Kisses from me to you. I know this kind of kisses may not be compared to the real ones, but I still send them to tell you that in all circumstances, I still love you. I love you, darling. Good night.

Romantic Good Night Message For My Love

Here are Romantic Good Night Message For My Love. Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages!

31. Right now, I’m just steadily looking at the pictures which we took together. I’m doing this, so I can be able to go to bed. Good night, sweetie.

32. Let me tell you, if you like to give it your best to have the best dreams, I still want you to know that your dreams can’t be even close to how sweet mine will be. You know why? Because I’ll be dreaming about the most handsome and sexy boy in this world — YOU. Good night, my Prince.

33. I’m sad because saying goodnight makes me miss you even more. But, I don’t have any choice. I have to say it. I will miss you. As I type this, I wish you would sleep close to me tonight. Tomorrow should come speedily so I can be with you again. Nothing in this world can describe my love for you; it’s what only me feels. Good night, my baby.

34. Anytime I say Goodnight. I desire you to be a perfect boy when it’s dark — at night. So, don’t allow your mind to think of any other person aside from me. Have a peaceful night rest, my boy.

35. Good night to you, dear. I hope all the dreams you have this night appear beautiful, just the way you are. Good night once again, my dear.

36. Good night, sweetie. Don’t forget to dream about me all night, because that’s the same thing I’ll do. I love you, my sunshine.

37. It isn’t possible to explain in words how exactly I feel whenever you are not close to me. The moment I had a sight of you, it was the light from the sun was pointed to my entire life. The level of loneliness which I feel is something I find so challenging to deal with, I don’t know how I can cope. All that can come to my thought is having you in my arms, cuddling you tightly again and again. I love you, darling. Don’t forget, and you are my world.

38. I am dizzy, I want to fall asleep earlier, so I would see you sooner. Good night, dear.

39. May all the dreams you have been as gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful as you are. Life shall go smoothly with you. You shall have no reason to have tears in those perfect eyes of yours. Whenever you feel there’s no one for you, know that I’ll always be here to care for you, look after you, and hold you close to myself. Good night, my pretty damsel. God bless you.

40. Forever is not enough time for this love we share. Rest your beautiful head; we continue tomorrow. Good night, dearest.

Good Night Love Message For Someone Special

Here are Good Night Love Message For Someone Special. Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages!

41. Walking thousands of miles will not in any way heal my heart of constantly missing you. Good night, my sweetheart.

42. I thought of your sweet kisses that are sweeter than the coolest air at night. It makes me miss you badly. Good night, darling.

43. I will patiently wait for that day that’d bring my dream of waking up close to you a reality. Until then, good night, my love.

44. I really don’t want to miss a night at the place I call my home, because whenever I’m at home, I spend my night in your arms. Good night, the love of my life.

45. Instead of sending you this good night message, I just want to be in your warm embrace. Good night, sweetheart.

46. The days I spend around you are just the best days of my life. Looking forward to seeing the morning so I can see your beautiful face again. I love you and good night, beautiful.

47. At last, the night has come and it’s the time of the day I miss you even more. I’m asking God to give you the sweetest dreams tonight. Sleep tight, my everything.

48. A hard day is waiting for you tomorrow, so make sure that you have a good night rest. I’m always by your side, even if I’m not present physically, but the thoughts I have are always of you. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.

49. In sleep, we’re separated. Baby, I promise that all the dreams I have will be of you until the next time I see you again. Good night, my one and only.

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50. The fantasy of you always abides with me whenever sleep separates us. Even in the darkest times, the darkest nights, the light of your affection leads me to the morning. Good night, dear.

Best Romantic Good Night Message For Her

Here are Best Romantic Good Night Message For Her. Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages!

51. I wonder how well you rest in sleep, and what kind of dream do you have? I wish I could see them as you venture into mine. Good night, my lovely angel.

52. The most adorable thing in the world is your eyes when they look at me. Instead of watching stars scattered in the sky, I’d prefer to always look into your eyes. Good night, baby.

53. Good night, my everything. Have charming dreams. May the sleep revive and restore you. May tomorrow be splendid and radiant, and may it bring us closer and closer.

54. I believe that in the future, things will work out for us. I believe I’ll, one day, be able to kiss you good night before going to bed — and be the first to greet you every morning. I wish you have an amazing night rest.

55. Every moment I spend with you is loaded with wonder and delight. Every working hour I spend around you pushes me to do more and move forward in life; thanks a bunch for that. I wish we could be with each other in reality, not just in my dreams. Good night, darling.

56. Just having you as a companion gives you lots of fun every single day. I long, so much, for the day I’ll at last hold you in my arms and kiss you good night before going to sleep. Good night, cutie.

57. I can’t bear being apart from you, even though it’s for just an hour. It makes me sad to stay away from you. I long for the day that will stay our union for life. For now, I just want you to have a wonderful night rest. Good night, dearest.

58. I simply know very well that you’re the one for me. From the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed, I always think about you. Right now, I just want you to have the best nights so far. You are someone I will always cherish. Good night, my sweetness.

59. Every minute the clock counts, I need you to know that I get more infatuated with you. As I send out this message, I’m once more falling in love with you. Sleep tight, honey bunny.

60. The last person I consider while retiring to the bed is you. Have a wonderful night rest, dear.

Sweet Good Night Words For Him

Here are Sweet Good Night Words For Him. Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages!

61. I don’t care how dark it may be, I never feel scared in any way, as long as you give me a kiss. Good night, dear.

62. I do not mind having the most crazy and scary nightmares, as long as no one else but you wakes me up in the morning. Good night, dear.

63. If you feel a little lost, a little bored, a little sad, a little sick, do you want to know what’s wrong with you? It’s simple. You’re are suggesting from something I call Vitamin ME. I love you so much and have a peaceful night rest.

64. I have gone to bed happy. I have gone to bed sad. And I have also gone to bed mad — but when I go to bed with thoughts of you, that’s when I know for sure that I have gone to bed glad. Good night, honey.

65. The night may be dark. The moon may not rise. And the star may hide. But don’t worry, I will always be here to hold you tight in my arm. Sweet dreams and good night to you, my angel.

66. I wish I could do more than just sending you a good night text. Well, since I’ve got no choice, I want you to have the best of rest this night and wake up to another beautiful day. Have a peaceful night, dear.

67. Dreams are just like stars. You may not be able to touch them, but trust me if you patiently follow them, they will lead you to your destiny. You are my dream, my love. Good night.

68. As the day gets dark, turning into night — keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, all the amazing times are yours to keep. Good night, best.

69. Hey, dear. I just dropped by to say hello. Hope you had an amazing day? Good night.

70. Every night, I get delighted coming back home because home is simply being in your arms. Good night, my everything.

After a stressful day, sending Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages to your partner will go a long way in helping him or her to get relieved of the stress.

Enjoy Sweet Good Night Text For My Love, Sweet Good Night Quotes For My Love, Romantic Good Night Message For My Love, Good Night Love Message For Someone Special, Best Romantic Good Night Message For Her, Sweet Good Night Words For Him and Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages.

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