60 Dirty Text Messages For Your Crush

by Liilgenius
Dirty Text Messages For Your Crush

Dirty Text Messages For Your Crush: For those who have a special someone on their mind, sending the right message can ignite sparks of attraction and create an opportunity for a deeper connection.

However, crafting the perfect text messages for your crush can be a thrilling yet challenging endeavor. The delicate balance between being playful, witty, and respectful requires finesse.

Let’s delve into giving you the Dirty Text Messages For Your Crush.

Dirty Text Messages For Your Crush

1. Last night, I had a really naughty dream about you.

2. Anytime I imagine you on top of me, I see a 100% sexy person. That’s because you are.

3. These days, all I have in my head are dirty thoughts. What do you think I should do? If you don’t mind, will you help me?

4. I have been looking at the top of my ceiling, but it’s so uninteresting. Guess what I want to be looking at on top of me! YOU.

5. Can you try and guess the color of underwear I have on right now?

6. Are you ready to play a game? Yes or Yes. Let’s play: I want you to guess the underwear you think I’m wearing now. If you’re correct, I’ll kiss you. If you are not, I will sp*nk you hard.

7. I wish you are lying next to me this minute. Can you come over?

8. I don’t think I can bare the thought of someone else touching you. It should be just me doing that. It should be my right.

9. I am ready to share every piece of me with you. Would you like to have a taste?

10. In my life right now, there’s something missing: having you in between my legs.

Freaky Messages to Send to Your Crush

11. I enjoy it whenever I lick every part of you in my dreams. I don’t know if we can make that a reality. Do you think we can?

12. Imagine standing in front of a mirror and making out with me.

13. We really should go on a trip — just you and I. While we are there, we should be in bed every second of the day.

14. Each time you bite my lips, I can’t explain how much it turns me on.

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15. Looking back, I don’t think a day has passed without me being in the mood to have you next to me.

16. Every single inch of you makes me want to do sinful things. I know there are many inches I will gladly sin for.

17. Do you know something you’d look best in, aside your beautiful skin & dress? Kisses from me.

18. I only have one thing going through my head these days. It’s this question: “when next will I be seeing you shirtless again?”

19. I spent seconds that turned into minutes that turned into almost an hour thinking about all the things I want to do to you the next time we have a date night.

20. Good morning, honey. Yesterday night, I had a dream about you. And thinking about what I dream about last night gets me excited. Do you want to know what it was, or you want to guess?

Saucy And Flirty Texts To Send To Your Crush

21. Hey, I want to give you an idea: if you’re not doing anything right now — have just me in your thoughts and touch yourself.

22. What do you think would look better on me? A bralette or a bikini?

23. You are so good at getting me crazy. Now, I can’t hold or bear it any longer. I need you here right now.

24. When we first started, all I thought was that this would last for the first time we met and that’s it. But, right now, I’m so addicted to you.

25. I have a whole lot of things planned out for the next time we’ll be out for a dinner date. Some of those things include whipped cream and strawberries.

26. I want every part of me to feel the wetn*ss of your mouth.

27. I have long nails and sharp teeth. My plans? I have plans to leave my marks on you. You know what that means — but will you let me?

28. There’s this fun game I want us to play. If I lose, you touch me. If you lose, I touch you.

29. The animal that’s inside me is dying to dev*ur your body. All I need right now is your permission.

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30. Have you got any plans for today? How about a quickie?

Flirty Texts That Will Drive Your Crush Crazy

31. Do you want me to tell you what I can’t stop thinking about — what I can’t stop fantasizing about?

32. Can you remember the day we sneaked into that restroom and spend over an hour there? I want that again.

33. Are you up for one night of great pleasure and glorious pain?

34. I checked the internet in search of new positions that would be interesting for us to try. Would you like us to give some of them a try tonight?

35. It’s difficult for me to concentrate at work because of how much I still think about the wild time we had last night.

36. I had a nice time with you in my dreams last night. I can’t stop thinking about the things we did to each other. I want to experience every bit of those things tonight.

37. What would you want me to wear for our date tomorrow? See-through bra or a Lacy underwear underneath.

38. Can you do me this little favour? It’s either you take yourself out of my head or put on some clothes and stay.

39. What if you tie me up and create the remaining rules? I’m down to follow through with anything you have in mind.

40. I’m planning a sleepover. This is how it’ll go: you have every part of me at night to eat — and in the morning, I’ll make you breakfast.

Hot Dirty Flirty Text Messages To Heat Things Up

41. If I’m to put on only two items of clothing this night, what’d you want those clothes to be?

42. Recently, I found a steamy website on the internet, and there are a couple of things I discovered on it that I can’t wait to try with you. What if we both check out that website while on our natural attire tonight?

43. I want you to rip my clothes, feel me up and make me do everything you like.

44. Your birthday is near and I’m thinking that, for your birthday, we bring in someone else to the bedroom — a third person. Does that hot to you?

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45. I will make dinner tonight — just for you. And do you want to know what for dessert? Me.

46. I am just seeing those new pictures you posted. I couldn’t keep out the inappropriate thoughts I began to have it in my head.

47. I really love it when no one is around. I enjoy moving around the house stark n*ked. Do you want to see?

48. Just in case you have forgotten, you are sizzling hot and there’s no time I’m not in the mood for you.

49. I would love to rub your shoulders and even more. I promise that after that you’ll feel a lot better.

50. How much skin to do you want me to show to make you desire to grab me at those right places?

Best Dirty Text Messages For Your Crush

51. I can see how juicy your lips look. I know to have your lips pressed against mine to know the flavor.

52. Amongst all the available love languages, my favorite one is physical touch — and I can break down into bits the reason why we should be engrossed in that.

53. If I can grant only three wishes, and you can make them when we’re together tonight — what will you ask for?

54. I wish you are aware of how good you smell. You smell really good. I’m not even going to lie. Right now, I have just one wish: to dev*our you.

55. Although it’s been a super long time since we last saw each other, I still have in my head a clear picture of your angles and curves.

56. I wish we could go offline and chat in my bedroom.

57. Why do I always have you in my R-rated thoughts? All the time. Why?

58. My sixth sense doesn’t lie: it’s telling me that you’re thinking naughty things about me. I know it’s true. I don’t have to ask.

59. I don’t know why I feel so thirsty anytime I see your picture. Do you think I’m ill?

60. Chocolate sauce or whipped cream? You pick. I lick.

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