41 Nasty Text To Send To Your Crush

by Liilgenius

Nasty Text To Send To Your Crush: Sometimes, spicing up the conversation doesn’t hurt. Your crush may give the vibes that they want to engage in such conversation. The Nasty Text To Send To Your Crush below will make it easy for you to take advantage of that opportunity.

Nasty Text To Send To Your Crush

1. This picture just reminds me of you.

2. You know sushi, right? I’m so craving that right now. I could have you if sushi ain’t available. All hot snacks.

3. If I tell you to cover right now — like if I pick up my phone and type “come over” — what will be your response?

4. Do you miss me yet? Tell me. Tell me. I want to know.

5. I have told you about my wish list before. But, I haven’t told you what I have as number one. It’s you. I thought today’s the right day to tell you that.

6. Me. You. Dinner. At 7. Let’s go already.

7. I have so much on my to-do list to accomplish today — but the thoughts of you keep distracting me and I can barely take you out of my head.

8. I want to know what you’re passionate about. Tell me. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just tell me that particular thing you do passionately.

9. It’s really chilly out. I need you to come warm me up.

10. I had water splash on my clothes — and immediately the water started dripping, I just remembered you.

11. Can I put my two babies in your mouth? They are craving to be in your mouth already.

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12. How does it feel when someone kisses your neck & ensure you feel the wetness?

13. Just worked out now. I’m ready to go into the bathroom and shower. Would you want to join me? Maybe, after that we could just do a thing or two.

14. Did you watch the Bad Vegan Doc?

15. My cat misses you so much. If it could talk, it’ll definitely ask me why I haven’t brought you to her. Can you come and feel my cat? You know what I’m talking about.

16. So, what’s that place you’re taking me tonight? Come and tell me. Oh! You’d say it’s a secret. I can’t wait to see.

17. I mean, how can anyone resist this face of mine? No! I don’t think anybody can. When I look in the mirror, even me can’t resist it.

18. Some friends and I are grabbing drinks later. After that, can I grab something else? Something soft and scrumptious.

19. Wanna skip that class you need to go for and hang out with me instead?

20. I’m all ears now. Tell me a little secret. Something you haven’t told anyone. Let me start: “I have a crush on you.”

21. You know you miss me so much — even though you can’t say it or admit it. I know it and I can feel it.

22. Since my friends saw you, they’ve not stop speaking of how cute you are. I already started wishing you were mine — having all of that package to me. I want.

23. If only you know how much I’ve been smiling all day. And it’s because of no one else but you.

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24. I want to know when I’d be able to see you. Please, I can’t wait any longer.

25. I can’t sleep. Even with your body covered with clothes, I still think what of you without them. How se*xy you’d look without those clothes on? Is that something we can do anytime soon? I’m sorry for requesting that.

26. Let’s stop the back and forth and the texting about what we’re going to do when we meet and meet already. Do you know the things I want to do to you when we see? Should I spill the beans?

27. The song that’s playing right now just reminds me of you. I want you to play this song when we’re at it. Yes, at it. What do you think?

28. Can you at least try and guess what I’m imagining? Are you sure you want me to tell you the things I’m currently imagining?

29. I bet you. You thought I was gon’ share this pizza with you. Well, I will. As long as you will give me “you” to eat — then I don’t mind giving you this one.

30. In my dream last night, you made a special appearance. I thought it was reality. I wanted to use that time to do all I have always wanted to do to you.

31. How was your day? Hope you had an amazing day? As for me, I’m just returning home after a super long day. Now I imagining you were here to lie on me for some cuddles.

32. Can you get out of my head? I’m busy right now. It’s difficult to concentrate when you won’t get out of my head.

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33. It’s so hard to stop thinking about you. I have tried and tried and tried and tried. It’s just not working. I don’t know.

34. How about we move this conversation to IRL?

35. I want to taste your tongue in my mouth. I want to lick and k*iss your lips until I take out all the lip gloss. I want to grab you and hold you so close to me while I… Should I continue?

36. I want to hug you from behind. I want to feel that as*s while you feel my…

37. I can’t wait to experience you. Everything that comes with you. Everything. From your head to your toes. Has another licked your toes before?

38. I went out to get an ice cream and I almost gave it out to someone else. Each time I take it with my tongue, I just think “it could be you.”

39. My shoulders want to feel your legs. They have no idea what your legs feel like. Can you please do them that favour?

40. Do you like it fast or slow? Do you like it very deep? Whichever way you like it, I’ve got you.

41. Whaaaaaaaaat! How does just one person look this se*xy? What’s the code? What exactly is the secret? You need to tell me already.

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