61 Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

by Liilgenius

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry: Men, sometimes, experience hard times trying to express their feelings in words. YES, they do experience such. If you think words can’t make her cry, then you should try to wipe out that thinking; when you message conveys lots of love for them, they are likely to have tears in their eyes.

Are you among those men who find it difficult to express their feelings in words?

Have you tried to compose, but after going through what you’ve composed, you discovered that it doesn’t really fit?

You are the reason I’ve put together these set of sweetest things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry. Girls — women — love it when they are constantly sent romantic messages; so don’t get tired. Do it repeatedly — it makes her love you in an unexplainable manner.

Without further words, join me as I state these sweetest things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry. They can also give you ideas to add a touch of uniqueness to what you’re already putting together.

Let’s go.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

1. Right now, I’m exhausted. I spent every minute of the night looking directly at the stars, matching each of the stars with a special reason why I love you this much. Before I could finish such an act, I ran out of stars.

2. Life without the one my heart beats for is a broken pencil — it isn’t worth living, pointless. You are the one my heart beats for; you are the one I love.

3. If you tightly hold one of my hands, I’ll be able to conquer the world completely.

4. What if I say God is a show-off? Well, I know that won’t be wrong because I can see what he did — he brought you into my life just to make other women jealous.

5. I can’t hand over the world to you. YES, I know you deserve it. But, know this: I promise to give you my whole world — all of me.

Love Quotes To Make Her Cry

6. If you give me a chance, I’ll never leave you. I’ll hold you until death.

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7. Do you want to know why I can’t stop telling you how much I love you? I always desire to make sure that the last thought, which you have in your mind, is filled with nothing but happiness and lots of love.

8. You must be a dictionary with billions of pages because you have brought meaning to my life. Your presence has added meaning to my life.

9. Baby, you are a big thief. YES, that’s precisely what you are. You stole my heart from me, and you didn’t stop there, you hanged it right in front of me — so I won’t forget the reasons why I love you so much.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

10. We can use mocha latte to describe our love because our love is just like that. I can use coffee to describe how hot you are. You are sweet like the sweetest substance — sugar. I love you.

Emotional Words To Make Her Cry

11. I want to have you for the rest of my life, not a few days. You’re the desire that brings joy to my heart.

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12. Every day I wake up to a brand new day, I fall in love with you again. You mean the world to me.

13. They’ve always told me to pursue whatever dream I have. They’ve always told me never to give up on a dream. They have said this to me since my days in school. This is why I’ll never attempt to give up on my dream princess — you.

14. I don’t care being burnt in the fires of hell with you than experiencing happiness in heaven without you. I prefer to be with you — regardless of the condition.

15. Our love is very very strong; the world will still talk about it, and feel it even when we’ve left this planet earth.

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16. I was on my way to purchase a flower for you, and then I came to the realization that you’re far more beautiful than flowers — roses, etc. I know I wouldn’t find anyone as beautiful as you.

Nice Things To Say To Make Someone Cry

17. I visited the hospital, and the doctor had to take an x-ray of my heart. While he was at it, he nearly fainted. He asked me with a scared face, “what happened to your heart?” I said, “doctor, don’t worry, my heart is safe.” I said that because I have given my heart to you. That’s why the doctor couldn’t find it.

18. I wish life had a pause button because if it had, I would make sure I get stuck in time with you — pausing and replaying all the perfect moments we have spent with each other.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

19. I would be content with the life I have if I stop breathing today. I will always know this: you’ve made me the happiest — not one of the happiest — man ever.

20. Whenever people ask me this question, “what’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?” It’s always easy to answer that because I always tell them that you have made my life a complete one.

Messages For Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

21. I never could visualize myself being old, until I thought of spending the rest of my life with a damsel, you.

22. I never believed in that word, soulmates. I began the believe it’s actually real after I met you. We are a match made in the best destination, which is heaven. And, you are my beautiful angel.

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23. Right now, I’m becoming so mad. I have always heard people talk about having butterflies in their stomach, but I never thought I’ll ever experience it. Your presence in my life has made me feel how having butterflies in one’s stomach feels like.

24. The sweetness of ice cream can’t be compared to the sweetness of your smile — your smile is everything. Your smile is also entirely brighter than those stars you see in the sky.

25. Yes, hamsters run in wheels for 24 hours, but I am happy and proud to say that I run after you.

Quotes To Make Her Smile And Cry

26. Every time you smile towards me, my heart skips a beat.

27. Your kisses are my biggest addiction. Whenever I need a cure, I go after a hug from you — it’s my cure.

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28. Who needs to become a photographer to be able to picture the both of us together for life? I don’t really need to be a photographer, because every day of my life, I pray for us to be together, so it creates a picture in my head.

29. If you attentively listen to my heart, you’ll be trying hard to find yourself.

30. Wait! Tell me, are you really religious? You alone have been the answers to every one of my prayers.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

31. Will you be angry — mad — if I shower my love on another girl as much as I shower it on you in 10 years? I got you. I was just thinking about the level of love I’ll have for our little girl.

Things To Make Your Girlfriend Cry Happy Tears

32. If anybody told me that I’d become an organ donor, I’d really not believe. But, here am I, I’ve already given someone my heart — I’ve already given you my heart.

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33. I used to close my eyes and have a view of just darkness, but right now, whenever I close my eyes, I see the bright light which your love brings.

34. I’m sure you, every day, eat Lucky charms for breakfast because you are incredibly and magically delicious.

35. You can’t consume any more cupcakes. If you become any sweeter, you’ll burst into nothing but little bits of sugar.

Touching Love Messages To Make Her Cry

36. Baby, do your parents bake? I think they do, because you are so sweet, just like the sweetness of a pie.

37. My love, sit down and at least keep those legs at one place — so they can rest. You have been running through every corner of my mind all day.

38. I couldn’t take the thought of you out my mind last night. I just want to let you know how much joy you have brought to my life.

39. Even at times when I feel sad, even in my worse days — I still smile because of the thoughts of you. Whenever I think of you, I cannot help but smile.

40. Who knew that love lasts forever? Every day I find myself with you, I seem to find a way — a new way — to love you more and better.

Romantic Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

41. I think I need to undergo surgery, a knee surgery precisely. Every moment I spend with you, I fall for you freshly, all over again.

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42. I know very well that I am just a person, and you have met quite a lot of persons before. But you are the whole world to me. This is no single person like you in the whole of planet earth.

43. Where’s my phone? I have to call the cops. I’m beginning to think it’s illegal to be as beautiful as you are.

44. Have you seen magnets before? You know how they attract each other, right? That’s exactly what my heart feels whenever I’m with you. Words can’t help me to explain the attraction I’m feeling.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

45. Every time you burst into laughter, the whole room seems to lighten and brighten up and smile, too.

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Tears Of Love Messages

46. In case you don’t know, rainbows are ought to have a treasure at the end of them. So, I patiently followed one, and that’s the day I met you. I love you.

47. How exactly do you look this beautiful all the time? I know it’s supernatural because all other girls in the world don’t have even half of your beauty.

48. Do you know how to read one’s mind, because you act like you do know how to? Every time I’m not having a good day, or I seem to be down without happiness, you always know the right words to say to turn the frown on my face upside down.

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49. Sadness doesn’t exist whenever I have you close to me. I think your smile can serve as a cure to people who are hungry. And, whoever is suffering from depression should just see you laugh — that’ll cause the difference. You’re the best, dear.

50. Every time we had to say this word, “Goodnight,” to each other, I die a little bit inside of me. It’s like I desire to shrink myself and stay with you until the end of time.

Words To Make Her Fall In Love And Cry

51. I’ve never experienced a love, which is as strong as the one you have for me. Your love has a special way of delighting me at every single chance it gets.

52. In this world of over a billion people, you are the only human I know I can count on. You don’t fail to come around whenever I need you most, and when you’re not with me, you are always at a special spot in my heart.

53. My best friend met me and asked me this question, “can you describe her in one word?” I said YES, and I was about the mention the word “LOVE,” when I said “LIFE.” This made me realize that my heart was doing all the talking for me.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

54. It feels like I suffer from a heart attack whenever I’m with you. My heart skips a beat whenever I feel the softness of your touch.

55. I’m glad I met you. My soul has been searching for you all my life.

Paragraphs To Send To Your GF To Make Her Cry

56. You understand everything about me; you understand me before I even speak of any word. That makes me love you even more.

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57. Look at my life now, it’s gone on a rollercoaster — finally becoming a perfect one. All this started ever since I met you.

58. As long as I’m close to you, as long as I see you every day — you’ll always have a bed to lie on, me.

59. I’m going to look for a stopwatch and set it, to see if I can ever stop missing my baby — you.

Sweetest Things To Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Cry

60. I am the most fortunate man in the world to have you in my life.

61. I become breathless and speechless every time you step into the room.

And, yes! Here are the sweetest things to say to your girlfriend to make her cry I told you about. I am sure you enjoyed every bit of it.

Don’t forget to share — remember sharing is caring.

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