51 A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

by Liilgenius

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You: There’s no set pattern on how to write a paragraph for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s about how it flows from your heart — how you follow your heart to compose a paragraph expressing love. You may suck at writing a paragraph expressing love, but she might end up loving it.

So, to help you compose something emotional and romantic, I have outlined for you several a paragraph on how much I love you. Do you have an idea of creating those lovely write-ups? Check mine, there must be one to go smoothly with that idea of yours.

Women love it when guys show how much they love them using words; same with the men, too — though they may not show it. Don’t you know that a man smiles after reading a romantic message? YES, he does.

I know how much these messages will serve as a bonding agent to cement every space in your relationship. Back in the days, what was used to send love messages across was letters; but today, the level of modernization has skyrocketed, compared to when the use of letters was in vogue.

Without further words, join me as I list the set of a paragraph on how much I love you. Have you thought about searching for this, “how to write a paragraph for your girlfriend” on the internet? Here we go.

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

1. Heaven which we haven’t seen know how much love I have for you, but it’s so saddening and painful that you don’t. You’re the best — there’s no one who wouldn’t want to make you a companion. I love you.

2. Whenever I need advice, you are always there to make sure that you advise me properly on what to do. I respect you. Anytime I face challenges, tough times, and troubles — you are always around to stand by me. I love you.

3. You give me comfort, and a shoulder to always lean on. Your every action makes me love you even more. I’ve realized that staying with a person like you will be the greatest and most amazing gift, which one can ever wish for. I love you.

4. I just hope you see how I so much appreciate, love, value, and respect you. You are that human, who I see as a special and unique human. Now, I have come to believe in what true love entails; I know this for sure, that there won’t be anyone like you ever again. I love you.

5. You are an incredible personality, and I won’t fail to add that you’re so special. I love the love you shower on me, and I appreciate the affection of yours. If I have to pick who I can fall in love with again — or in the next life — it’ll still be you. I love you.

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6. Sweetheart, please don’t forget this: I love you and I always will. In my life right now, you are the best. No matter how much we fight, I won’t stop sending you these three words, “I love you.” I appreciate the day you stepped your first foot into my life. I love you.

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A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

7. Every breath that keeps me alive is completely for you. Every single day, I have this special feeling — a feeling that tells me, “can you actually live without him/her?” I know people will be like I am loving for the first time; well, I don’t care because my love for you is on another dimension.

8. Every night I stay all by myself, wishing that you can be close to me again. I wish I could hold your hands again. I miss every part of you. I can’t wait to see you again, I love you with everything inside me.

9. Every night I fall asleep, I go back to bed to dreams where you are always next to me. I can’t, with words, describe the loneliness and depression I feel within me when I wake up to realize that I’m actually cuddling a pillow instead of you, my BOSS.

10. All I can do, I mean everything, to make sure that our love lasts forever. Because we are meant to be with each other forever. I love you.

11. In this world, there are billions of people who dwell in it, but the only face I want to see is that of yours. It seems and feels out of this world that I have discovered the most lovely and amazing person, out of the billions of people existing. I have this feeling, I just feel you’re the only individual, person that I could go extra miles just to cherish and love. I love you.

12. Check the keyboard of your phone, and you’d see that U and I are placed side by side to each other. What does that tell you? Baby, we are meant for each other. I love you, and I will always love you.

13. Whenever I harbor the thought of you, I feel like I am the one the world can use to explain the true meaning of addiction. I can’t live a minute without thinking of you — I can’t. I wish every moment of my life can be spent with you, and just you. I want to know everything about you; I want to be your confidant. I just want to be by your side for the rest of my life. I love you.

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14. I feel like I’m the luckiest and most fortunate person in the world today. I feel so happy that I came across a wonderful and awesome person to love. You are my dream come true, and I’ll cherish you forever.

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

15. I love how I get peace of mind immediately you come around me. Even though I’m sad or angry, your presence does the magic. And, I can’t lose you; if I do, where else will go to experience such. I love you, my darling.

16. From Sunday to Saturday every week, I’ll cherish and love you so much — words can’t express how much I’ll love you. I love you, sweetheart.

17. I love you very very much — from dawn to dusk and from dusk until dawn. If only you know how much you mean to me, you’d know that I can’t afford to lose you. Baby, I won’t stop loving you.

18. Through the thin and thick of life, you’ve always been there for me. You have always been around. The love I have for you is beyond the stars.

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19. Even when the world rejects me; even when the world turns her back on me — I know very well that one person won’t reject me, I know that one person won’t turn his/her back on me. YES, you are that person. I love you so much.

20. The love I have for you will never become stale, and it’ll always remain fresh — fresh for life. I love you.

21. With time, we know very well that the flowers will wither away. But, I want you to know that with time, my love for you will never fade, instead, it’ll only increase — blossom. I love you in a way I can’t even explain.

22. You are really and indeed my one and only adorable cheerleader. My love for you is more than love itself.

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23. You always have a unique way of encouraging and inspiring me to be a better person — someone better than who I was yesterday. I’m glad to have you as mine, and I love you so much.

24. I don’t mind learning stunts and tricks just to, with them, make sure that your face is always brightened up. There’s nothing I won’t do to see you happy. Baby, I love you very much.

25. Guess what! Just try. Guess! Well, I’m just pulling your legs; I just wanted you to know that I love you so much.

26. I live and breathe for you and just you. Your love is the air I inhale. I cherish you every day.

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

27. I don’t think I’ll ever afford to leave me, because the kind of love you shower on me. I haven’t experienced such love before. I love you.

28. If you can tough my heart right now, you’d see the manner at which my heart is beating for you. Baby, I’ll love you forever.

29. I know you are aware of the fact that my love for you can’t be explained using words alone. You know that, right? If you don’t know, you know that now. I love you, my darling.

30. I could catch a grenade just to prove my love for you. You know I can do anything for you. I love you more than you yourself can imagine.

31. Take this as a reminder: I will love you until the end of time. My love, you are so special to me.

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32. I vow always to adore, respect, honor, cherish, and love you with everything of me — including my breath.

33. Just for you, I don’t mind going the extra mile or perform the unimaginable, just to make sure I always bring a smile to your face. I love you, my everything.

34. My sweetheart, from now until we can breathe no more, I will love and cherish every bit of you.

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

35. A day without having a conversation with you isn’t a complete day. I love you so much, my queen/king.

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36. You are always around my thoughts — ALWAYS. When I’m not asleep, you are present in my mind; when I’m sleeping, you are present in my dreams. I love you, handsome.

37. With every strength and breath, I will always love you. If there comes an afterlife, I’ll still love you in the afterlife. You are my everything, and I love you so much. I cherish you, honey.

38. I have got every bit of you, 24 hours in a day and for the whole seven weeks, we have in a week. I love you directly to the moon and back.

39. The coolest and sweetest thing which has happened to me is no other thing but you. I love you more than how I love myself.

40. Regardless of what happens today, or what today brings, I want you to know this: I love you more than you can imagine.

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41. Amidst all the odds I’m facing, you are always the surest thing in my whole life. I love you, beautiful/handsome.

42. You can ask me anything because nothing would be too complicated for me to do for you. When I can jump in front of a train for you, what else would be incapable of doing for you? Just let me know. I love you.

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

43. I love you today far better than how I loved you yesterday, and I know my love for you tomorrow will be better than what it is now. I love you.

44. Every time I’m with you, I just can’t help it — I fall in love with you over and over and over and over again. Baby, I can’t love you less, and you know it. I’ll love you until I heart beats no more.

45. Darling, you are my heartbeat, and you know that if the beat of the heart stops, death comes. Baby, if you leave me, I won’t be able to survive it. Trust me, I won’t do anything to hurt you. I love you.

46. You and the love you show me are what keeps me going and happy. My love for you is far beyond the stars.

47. Your beauty takes away my breath, but I get revived because you are my heartbeat. I love you, dearly.

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48. I hope the day was sweet as your voice and genuine love for me. I love you so much, my all.

49. Every time I find myself with you, everything feels perfect and great. I’m glad to have you around me; I’m so happy to have you as mine. You are the best.

A Paragraph On How Much I Love You

50. Whether you are far away from me, or close to me — you are everything that matters to me. I love you.

51. Whenever you hug me, I feel entirely secure in your arms. I miss every single thing about you.

If you are among the people, who asked this question, “how to write a paragraph for your girlfriend?” You are one of the reasons I compiled the above paragraphs expressing love. Don’t go a single day without sending A Paragraph On How Much I Love You.

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