50 Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

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Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend: There’s nobody who doesn’t deserve to be loved — it doesn’t matter the nature of the person. Showing someone Love makes that person happy, and it also gives the person a reason to live another day. We all do need Love — not just emotionally, but physically, too.

Even as you desire to be loved, it’s essential that you, in return, show genuine Love to someone else. Though, to some, it seems cumbersome to issue out Love, because they lack the right words to express Love. Not just that, a lot of persons find transforming emotions into words a herculean task.

You can relate, right? Well, we knew you would be able to relate to that.

In the paragraphs below are cute love paragraphs to send to your boyfriend. This article is centered on providing these cute love paragraphs to send to your boyfriend for her. Your boyfriend deserves to be happy, you know. Don’t think he won’t appreciate these messages — he would. The same way messages such as these make you blush, that’s how it would make him smile.

Without further words, let’s proceed into outlining the cute love paragraphs to send to your boyfriend. These messages were special put together for him — for him alone.

Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

1. I want to let you know that I think of you every day and every night. You are always on my mind — I mean every second and minute of the day. The only person I want is you. My heart has chosen and picked you. I love you, my everything.

2. Baby, you are my everything, and with you, I stand. Never will I forget all the lovely moment we have shared. My heart belongs to you, not just now but forever. Nothing, I repeat nothing can ever change that. My Love for you can’t be measured. I love you.

3. Right now, what I have in my mind is breakfast, but seriously nothing else seems to be enough, good enough. Getting a cup of coffee isn’t a problem, I could get it — but it wouldn’t make me warm the way you do whenever you hold me in your arms. I could make out a pillow from pancakes, and they would match the softness of your lips. And, I could get for myself a crepe which has whip cream filled in it, powdered sugar and strawberries — and it still wouldn’t match your sweetness. I love you, my dear.

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4. The light that your handsome face creates mesmerizes the inner part of my heart. It comforts me, and such comfort suits the temper of a lady like me — I forgot to add: “sweet” to the lady. I know very well that you, too, can’t resist my charm, but I want you to know that I may die without having you by my side. I love you loads.

5. Over five years ago, we started our relationship — you became my boyfriend, and I became your girlfriend. These past few years, up to this time, has been the sweetest and best years of my life — starting from the very minute you agree to date me. We have gone through challenges together; we have grown with each other. You have turned me into the person I am today. I love you, big head.

Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

6. Make sure you eat a big and healthy meal this morning for us both. You surely will require lots of energy to carry out the activities of the day. No matter what life throws at you, just know it that the future is brighter. And, I’ll always be with you, no matter how hard it gets. I love you, my king.

7. Hey, dear! Guess what! Well, I know you are not good with guessing. I received a call today, and it was from heaven. They call to inform me that an angel was declared missing in heaven. I’m sorry, I didn’t tell them the truth. I had to tell them that I haven’t seen an angel. I couldn’t bear knowing that you’ve been taken back to heaven. I love you, sweetheart.

8. I desire to spend every second of my life with no other person but you. Being with a man like you gives me great Joy, a type of Joy I really can’t explain. I am so happy to have you as a husband, what more could I have really asked for? I don’t think there’s anything more. I want you to know that I won’t stop saying these words to you: I LOVE YOU.

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9. The best thing ever is knowing that I can spend the rest of my life with you. Whenever I think of that, I smile. You are my happiness. Even a million dollars can’t be compared to you, because I’d never agreed to take a million dollars in exchange for you. I so much love you. I love you with all of me.

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10. Do you know what? Well, I’ll tell you. The best part of seeing another day isn’t getting up to take coffee, instead, it’s remembering that I am your girlfriend. What else in this world can match such thought? Let me see! I don’t think any other thing can. I love you forever.

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend About How Much You Love Him

Here are Cute Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend About How Much You Love Him. Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend!

11. I know I mention these three words, I love you, every time, but I want you to know that those three words are not enough to express how much Love I have for you. In my life, I have never fallen in Love with anyone the way I love you. YES, I haven’t. You’re that thing I have ever always wanted and needed. You are my everything. I love you.

12. Right now, I wish I could hold you tightly close to me because I miss your presence. I can’t wait to be in your arms again. You taught me how to love. I have seen the acts done by other guys, but you seem different. If I lose you, I don’t know what will become of me. I love you.

13. The Love I have for you is so so much. You are my world. I really don’t know what I would have achieved without you. You are the most amazing man I have ever met, you do everything within your reach to make sure that I am taken care of. And, you also go the extra mile sometimes. Tell me why I won’t love you, I see no reason. My Love for you increases daily. I love you, my sweetness.

14. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend, because you have all I need, and even more. With the whole of my heart and my entire soul, I love you so much. Forever, you alone are my Pooh Bear. YES!

15. I still can’t believe you chose me. I thought I’ll never have a caring guy like you, that changed when you entered my life. To be frank, I can’t wait to wake up right next to you for the rest of my life. I love you, my boy.

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16. Anytime we are together, there’s this feeling I have: I feel like I’m invincible. It’s like every part of me has no weight that I can float in the clouds with the fear of coming down. And, yes! I love this, and I never want it to end.

Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

17. We can’t separate whenever we fight because of how deep we have come in this Love we share. Fighting in a marriage is like a normal thing, but it’s a virtue to hold patience with each other. I wish you were here with me, I would have started another kissing class with you. My baby, I love you.

18. This life, this world is filled with awesome and beautiful things such as flowers, rubies, and diamonds but no matter how awesome and beautiful they are, your awesomeness outshines them all. You are the Joy good has given to me. Seeing you alone makes me happy; I can’t afford to lose you. I love you with all of me.

19. Even imaginations of a million people can’t figure out the kind of Love I have for you. My Love for you is beyond imagination. You are the whole world to me. I love you without limits.

20. You are so special to me, the world most coveted treasure isn’t even as special as you are. Baby, I can’t hide it anymore, I’m deeply in Love with you. Though “I love you” can’t tell how much I love you, but I’ll use it.

Cute Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend After An Argument

Here are Cute Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend After An Argument. Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend!

21. Since the second you came into my life, I haven’t recovered from the astonishment, knowing that someone like you still exists in this world. I really can’t understand why your thoughts are all over my head, and also in my heart. Thank God for bringing you to me.

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22. You are my Love. See, I have fallen deeply in Love with you. I can’t come out of this anymore, and it’s for life. My Love, you know those days we play around, laugh with each other, and gossip together — I miss them all. You are the best, the BEST.

23. Every day that passes, I love you even more — more than how I used to love you. No matter the situation or circumstances, it’s still the same, no difference. Is it comfort? I can’t find it without you. So tell me, what really can stop me from loving you? I say Nothing! You still remain the most handsome man I have ever seen and met. Even the people I see on the TV isn’t a match for you. I love you.

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24. I am ready to say this a million times, but I know that it won’t be enough — this: I LOVE YOU. Your Love is really amazing. It is above perfect, it’s massively significant. Yes, I may have seen Love before, but this very one is quite different. Thank you very much for being my partner.

Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

25. You are a guy that knows when I’m down, you know when I’m disturbed, you know when I’m sad, you know when things are not going well with me — and you always have the remedy. Baby, I am so happy I met you. I have all my life searched for a man like you, and God gave me the best.

26. Till this time, I can’t believe that there was a time in my life when I didn’t have you, I can’t believe that there were mornings in my life that I woke up but not next to you, I can’t believe that there were evenings when I didn’t give you a goodnight kiss. You have become a huge part of me — just like the organs of the body are attached to the body, that’s how I’m attached to you. I love you.

27. Before now, I don’t know what it was like to experience sheer happiness and Love, but that changed ever since you came into my life. I love how silly you can get, and also your eyes full of charm. Before I crossed your part, I searched for someone to always laugh with. Then, you came along. That shows that dreams really do come true. My prayers were wholly answered.

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28. Looking into your eyes melt my heart. Staying in your arms is the best place to be in the world. I don’t care about other places in this world when I’m in your arms. Your company is everything. I wish our legs can be joined together so that we won’t leave each other’s side, but I know without that I’d do all it takes to make us stay with each other forever. I love you, the king of my heart.

29. I wish you can hear the lovely song my heart sings because you are close to me. So, have it — my heart — because it belongs to no other person but you. Make sure you take good care of it because that’s what I’ll use to love you forever.

30. Spending every second, minute, and moment of my life with someone like you is the most remarkable thing I have experienced in my whole life. Whenever I sit with you, this life becomes more interesting to live in. But, a second spent away from you is hell. Just the thoughts of you that comforts me at such times. I love you.

Nice Paragraphs To Send To Your Bf

Here are Nice Paragraphs To Send To Your Bf. Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend!

31. Darling, I see as a safe thing to do, to say you’re the reason I’m still alive. It is also very safe for me to say that I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. After every single thing we’ve been through, and trust me, I’m ready to ride until forever with you.

32. You’re the only one that lights up my life; you shine in every dark corner and you keep me safe. I want you to know that I’m nothing without you. Until the end of time, I’ll love you unconditionally. If I’m given the chance to make one wish, I’d would be that we never be apart forever.

33. In the morning, the first thing I think about is you; you’re the last thing I think about before I retire to bed at night. When you found me, I knew it that fortune has shone on me. Whatever happens, I’ll always be by your side.

34. I had always thought that love only exists in movies and songs — like it’s a fairytale. I never believed that a day will come when I’d find happiness in somebody. I have been blessed with the best man in the world.

35. I’ve fallen deeply in love for you. You and I are meant to be. I’ll always hold you tight without the intention of letting you. I mean I’ll never let you go, regardless of what might happen.

36. My love, you’re my everything. Never will I forget the times we’ve spent together and all the things we’ve done. You have my heart, and nothing in this world can change that; NOTHING. I promise, I’ll be with you forever.

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37. I love you so much and you know how much I’ll never stop loving you. Every day of my life, you’re the one who makes me happy. Whenever I’m sad about anything, you’re the one who I need to bring happiness to me. I love you so much.

38. Well, in case you don’t know: you mean the world to me. At this point in my life, I can’t imagine life without you. Everything you say puts a smile on my face. You’re my everything.

39. When you came into my life, you made me the happiest woman on earth. All the care and love you I will shower you, and whenever you need me I will be there for you. The luckiest thing that has happened to me is having you around me. I’ll always handle you like a baby and treat you like the king you are.

40. For the other days of my life, I’ll love you like no other. My heart will beat for you until the end of days. Every day, I prepare myself to be the best for you. With the whole of my mind, body and heart, I love every single thing about you. You make me feel like I’m on top of the world.

Cute Paragraphs To Send To Him

Here are Cute Paragraphs To Send To Him. Cute Love Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend!

41. I want you to know that you mean so much to me. Seeing you with me every day reminds me that love truly exists because throughout my life, I haven’t loved this hard before. I love you, my prince.

42. I miss you so much that I get jealous whenever I see someone around you. I miss you a little too often, a little too much and every day. I know that I have so much love for you because of how much I miss you. I still wonder if you really miss me the same way I miss you.

43. Tonight, I’m drowning in the beauty of your love. Every now and then, I set my eyes on something that reminds me of you and I miss you even more. A room might be filled with people, but if it doesn’t have you in it, it’s empty to me. I love you.

44. The love I have for you is far stronger and bigger than what you think. I know that you’re with me because each time my heart beats, it serves — to me — as a reminder that you’re still in there. You have shown me how amazing and wonderful it is to love and be loved. The way you care for me, I can’t explain.

45. I always want to be found around you — all the time — because without you, I’d be lost. I have always known how lucky I am to have you in my life. I’m so much in love with you and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep you. I want to be in your arms forever, because I always find bliss there.

46. With you in my life, every morning is a great morning. I’m happy to have you — a joy that I’m greeted with, every day. Show me that person who wouldn’t be happy to wake up to your beautiful face every single day; nobody, right? Yes, nobody. You’re a man who can make me smile with just a word, who can soothe me with a simple hug and who can make me forget everything else. I love you so dearly.

47. Sometimes, I see it as an untrue thing. Sometimes, I think it’s just a fairytale. I just can’t imagine that I’m yours and you’re mine. I can’t thank you enough for making this union work. Thank you so much, and I love you.

48. The love I have for you is way more than love. It’s a complete addiction. When you’re gone, I look at photos and I read past messages to feel your presence. Every day begins another page of our beautiful story. We both have the pen in our hands, let’s write something beautiful.

49. You’re way more than my boyfriend. You’re my best friend and soulmate. When I need you the most, you’re always there for me. Whenever I need you, you always come through for me, like I can always count on you.

50. Before I knew you, my life was empty — but loving you brought hope into my life. It gave me a concrete reason to keep living and I will keep loving you. It’ll happen every now and until forever. I love you very much.

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