51 Happy International Children’s Day Wishes 2019

by Liilgenius
Happy International Children's Day Wishes

Happy International Children’s Day Wishes: One of the most remarkable days on the calendar is the Children’s Day. The reason is, no matter how old you have grown, you were once a child. So, you could also join in the celebration of children. Most persons wish they didn’t outgrow the stage of childhood, because that’s a time you experience the best of fun and best moments.

To add to the preceding paragraph, you can’t match this childhood period with any other period in your life. YES! Childhood is the foundation; if you don’t spend it well, if you don’t spend it doing remarkable things — you are likely to end up not enjoying it.

The messages below are happy international children’s day wishes, which you can send to the children around you, post on various social media platforms — such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Share either of the happy international children’s day wishes listed below, or you could even share all; after all, they were made just for you.

Without further ado, let’s delve into outlining those messages — Happy International Children’s Day Wishes.

Happy International Children’s Day Wishes

1. The planet earth shows its innocence through children’s smile. A sweet and warm wish for everyone one of your children on this outstanding day. Happy Children’s Day.

2. In any and everyone’s life, the sweetest period, not one of the sweetest, is their childhood. To all the kids present in the world, I wish them a happy Children’s Day. Go through this day with lots of fun.

3. Don’t let anything take away the Joy of this day from you. Be joyful, be happy, be kind; it’s your day. Don’t allow anyone to spoil it for you. Happy Children’s Day to you.

4. If anyone says that children are the flowers that come from heaven, I don’t doubt that. Join hands, let’s come together and make this world a peaceful, safe, and excellent place for our kids. Happy Children’s Day.

5. Have you seen the smile on a child’s face before? If you haven’t, go and check it out. It’s the most precious thing, among other things in this world. Happy Children’s Day to each and every child on earth. You are more than special to us.

6. Children hold, with them, the hopes for that brighter tomorrow — which we seek. And, children carry the dreams of our happy future. Wishing a perfect and beautiful day for all the children around the globe. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy International Children's Day Wishes

7. May the innocence that is seen in their smiles and their hearts’ purity never fade. Wishing a splendid children’s day to all the kids in this world.

8. The love God has for every child is unexplainable, that’s precisely why he created all of them with perfection — yes, with perfection. No doubt, children are blessings sent from above, heaven. Happy Children’s Day.

9. Money can’t buy the kind of happiness you get in your childhood. I wish all the children in the world profound happiness. Nothing shall take away your happiness. Happy Children’s Day.

10. The smile of a child alone can melt anger, pain, sadness, and all negative feelings. May reasons for that smile never be taken away from the children here on earth.

Happy Children’s Day Quotes From Teachers

Are you a teacher? Don’t fail to encourage and put a smile on the face of your students by sending them these happy children’s day quotes from teachers.

11. Every child that comes into this world is a miracle, and each of those children has a special way of making this world a beautiful place for every one of us. Happy Children’s Day to every child present on earth.

12. Your children need your time more than they need those gifts which you give to them. Make sure you don’t fail to let them know how special they are — and, how special they are to you, too. Happy Children’s Day.

13. Don’t only focus on teaching your children how to be productive, also teach them how to be a good and kind human being. A warm wish to every kid on this special day. Happy Children’s Day.

14. Yes, we are your teachers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to learn from you. Especially how you laugh with the whole of your heart. Happy Children’s Day.

15. On this day — a special day — kept aside for the children, let’s come together to celebrate the purity and innocence of our children. Let’s make them feel precious in each and every way we can. Happy Children’s Day.

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16. Children are precious gifts from God, and gifts should be treated with care, love, and happiness. Happy Children’s Day.

17. If you are sad, just look into a child’s face when he/she is playing. It would lift your spirit, try it, and thank me later. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy International Children's Day Wishes

18. Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Do you think everything has been invented? Wait for a child tomorrow. They would surprise you, that’s why we do all we can to assist them. Happy Children’s Day.

19. Though it’s not easy to be a teacher, one thing that makes us enjoy teaching is the company of these children. You can’t get such a company with an adult. As they mark this day, I wish them all the best. Happy Children’s Day.

20. I have been a child, too, so I know what it’s like to learn while growing up. That’s the reason why we have patience in teaching these children. You children are the best and would be celebrated tomorrow. Happy Children’s Day. I love you.

Children’s Day Quotes Messages

Here are the Children’s Day Quotes Messages:

21. There are a lot of things you can learn from children. And, one of them is PATIENCE — really a great virtue of these children. Happy Children’s Day.

22. Know this: every child is an artist — yes, every child. The problem is: can we remain an artist until we are grown up? Happy Children’s Day.

23. Hugs can go a long way in doing a large amount of good — the hugs you get from children.

24. Every child that comes to this world arrives with a message — God is not discouraged of the existence of man.

25. The new child born into this world is a brand new thought of God. And, that child is an ever fresh, and great possibility. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy International Children's Day Wishes

26. Every child you see is a gift gotten directly from nature. Don’t deprive them of their today, give it to them. Also, provide them with time to have fun, to play — and create a way for their bright future. Happy Children’s Day.

27. Do you want to know what childhood is about? Well, it’s about complete playfulness and innocence. It’s also about freedom and Joy. Happy Children’s Day.

28. There are two gifts you should give to your children: one is edible roots, and the other is wings, too. Happy Children’s Day.

29. We are used to worrying about what a child will turn out to be tomorrow, and that makes us forget that the child is someone now, today. Happy Children’s Day.

30. Children are the best and incredible creation of God. They give out Joy at every time and season. Happy Children’s Day.

Quotes For Children’s Day In English

Here are the Quotes For Children’s Day In English:

31. Do you remember when we were little? That time we always wished and wanted that we grow up any time soon, now we have grown up, we have come to realize that it’s better being a child. Happy Children’s Day.

32. We are tomorrow, and we are the light of the world. We are always the hope for the brighter future that awaits us all. The children you see are symbols of potential and promise. Happy Children’s Day.

33. When I was little, there’s one crazy thing I always do: I always close the fridge slowly just to notice when the light goes off. Haha! It was really a nice feeling experiencing that. Happy Children’s Day.

34. Every child is different — a different flower. And, when they all come together, they make a wonderful and beautiful garden. Happy Children’s Day.

35. My best experience as a child was falling asleep on the couch and waking up right on top of the bed. And, I would be like: “Wow! So, I really can teleport… I thought it’s done in cartoons alone. Happy Children’s Day.


36. When we become old and draw close to the death day, it’s only the memories of our childhood that we can remember without hassle, without trying to remember. Happy Children’s Day.

37. No word on the English Dictionary can describe how special children are to us. Let’s hang out, let’s spend this day with much fun and merry. Happy Children’s Day.

38. Children’s Day is a time set aside for just fun because the life of children is of an immense extent about the fun and play. And, the best part is, it’s for everyone — we all were once children. May the laughter and love never cease on the face of every child. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy International Children's Day Wishes

39. The meaning of childhood is unlimited fun. Yes, endless fun. The meaning of childhood is lots of care and love. Childhood comes with the Joy of growing up. Happy Children’s Day.

40. Remember when you would cry and wait for someone to say “Sorry” to you? Lol! Such a wonderful feeling. Happy Children’s Day.

41. As a child, when you need something, you have the freedom to cry at the top of your voice, just because you need to get that thing without delay. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy International Children’s Day Wishes To The Little Ones

Here are Happy International Children’s Day Wishes To The Little Ones:

42. Dear Children! A smile from you adorable face can display heaven here on earth. Just a twinkle from your beautiful eyes can keep us still for ages. Happy Children’s Day. God bless you.

43. May all children around the world grow up to be the change their country needs. May all children around the world grow up to be the best among the best. More inventions shall come from the children — get ready for them. Happy Children’s Day.

44. A man created the fridge, Television, Remote, Fan and other electronics, right? The children of today are capable of manufacturing something even better. Happy Children’s Day.

45. Don’t stop screaming, laughing, and playing — no one would ever stop you from doing those. Those are part of your childhood, and they will always be with you. Happy Children’s Day.

46. Make sure you treat your kid(s) like a sweetheart, darling for the next five years, then scold them for the next five years — because without scolding them, you can’t instill good conduct and character in them. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy International Children’s Day Wishes From Parents

Here are the Happy International Children’s Day Wishes To The Little Ones:

47. All the work you see us do is to make sure that the world is a better place for you. We would be satisfied when we know that you don’t lack anything, you go through this world seeing it as a beautiful place. You are our everything. Happy Children’s Day to you.

Happy International Children's Day Wishes

48. Nothing else will make us happier than watching you grow up to be someone far better than we are. We ascribe all the good and great wishes to you today. Happy Children’s Day.

49. We are more than proud to have you as our child. You can push all our pains away with just a little smile from your handsome/beautiful face. Happy Children’s Day.

50. Merely seeing you close to us makes our hearts become filled with lots of Joy. And, it also relieves us from stress and the challenges of this world. Happy Children’s Day.

51. What we find pleasure doing is bringing a smile to your face. And, making sure that we create moments which you won’t forget in the future. Happy Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s Day!

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