101 Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages

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Wishing A Very Happy Birthday: When counting the most important events in our lives, we can’t skip birthdays. No one can deny that birthdays are unique; they are not only unique, they also come with abounding gratitude, fascinating wishes and sheer hope of the better days, which are ahead. Proceed to wishing a very happy birthday.

Words for wishing a very happy birthday to that special one are all you need to put a smile on that person’s face. Yes, gifts are essential on such a day, but write-ups for wishing a very happy birthday can penetrate through to the heart of that person. May this day, your birthday, be filled with blessings, laughter, happiness and the other good things of life.

Introducing, the handpicked list of messages you can use in wishing a very happy birthday.

Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages

Here are Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages.

1. I wish you a day that’s special, just the way you are — special. Happy Birthday.

2. You are one of the persons I classify as my friend, my faithful friend. And, you are always there when I need you. You do everything humanly possible to support me, and you encourage me regularly. Happy Birthday, my true friend.

3. Make sure the world is set ablaze with your outstanding dreams, then when that is done, use the fire to light your birthday candle. You are special. Happy Birthday.

4. The only thoughts I have today are thoughts of you. I’m glad to celebrate with you on this special day of yours. I wish you nothing but the best. If it’s not the best, you don’t deserve it. Happy Birthday.

5. How come you have all these candles for a small cake? Haha. Happy Birthday.

6. In one’s life, a birthday is the most beautiful and special day. Don’t fail to enjoy yours as much as you can. Happy Birthday.

7. I wish that nothing shall push you to dislike life. Also, I wish that you’ll never quit dreaming. May happiness always be observed around you. Not only today but every other day of your life. Happy Birthday.

8. I have searched for the perfect words to express the joy I feel inside, but I can’t find any. That’s because I can’t use just words to express how delighted I am to know that you’re celebrating another year of your life. There’s one wish I have for you: I wish that you remain healthy and happy always. Don’t let anything joke with your happiness. Happiness is yours; let them know. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

9. Your birthday indicates the passing of another year. We don’t dwell on counting the years, we focus on counting on you. Because we know very well that you would make use proud. I wish you a memorable birthday.

10. Being a year older shows that you are equally a year wiser. You have become wiser than we can ever imagine. It’s of no doubt that you are growing up to become that which you have always wished to become — the best. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Wish You Very Happy Birthday Wishes

Here are Wish You Very Happy Birthday Wishes. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

11. People think blowing out candles is meaningless, but I put it to them that it’s essential. Why? Because, it means that, on this earth, you have lived more years of joy unspeakable. And, not just that, it also shows that you have succeeded in making this world a place worth living in. Blow many more candles. Have a perfect birthday.

12. Birthday is celebrated ones in a year, that’s why I took my time to construct this message so that it can suit this day. Don’t let anybody speak less of you; you are beyond exceptional. Have an awesome day, and make sure you paint the town red. Forget what people may say, celebrate: it’s your day. Happy Birthday.

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13. Happy Birthday, winner. Wishing you more years of wonders. Years to come shall be beautiful. What’s wrong with your country? Don’t the president know that today — which is your birthday — is supposed to be a public holiday? The president isn’t doing his job well. This is what he should do because you are a special being, and you should be treated as such. Happy Birthday.

14. As you celebrate your birthday, may darkness never locate you. Therefore, you shall be, to the brim, filled with the warmth which the sunshine gives. Not just that, also the sounds of laughter, the feeling derived from love, happiness of smiles, and other good things of life. Happy Birthday.

15. One thing I hope for is that you have a splendid day. I also hope that the years that’s coming be filled with no other thing but love, awesome surprises. This day, you shall receive memories, which are long-lasting — memories that will be loved, by you, for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday.

16. Happy Birthday, dear. This day, don’t give in to anything or anybody that would try to change your mood. It’s not worth it; the only mood you are permitted to be in, right now, is a happy mood. Today is your day; enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Birthday, once again.

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17. Even as you never forget to celebrate your birthday, make sure don’t forget to celebrate staying happy as well every single day. Happy Birthday to you.

18. May this day nature set aside for you to celebrate your birthday be filled with enough evident happy hours. Also, may your life record lots of happy birthdays. 150 more to come is the least, right? Yes, it is. Happy Birthday, my good friend.

19. Don’t allow anything gets you sad. On this day, several years ago, you were brought into this world by your mother to stand as a blessing to thousands of people — people who stay around you, and people all over the world. I need to congratulate your mum; she brought a symbol of inspiration — whenever I see you, I get inspired to keep going. Happy Birthday.

20. You are an incredible person. Your birthday is special to me, but you are more special to me. That’s why I can’t miss your birthday for anything. You shall experience all the birthdays you need to help you make all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Messages

Here are Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Messages. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

21. If you watch closely, you will notice that today the sun is shining brighter than usual; do you know why? Because, the sun, too, is trying to wish you a sweet Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday.

22. Don’t keep the habit of thinking about the past; do away with it. Place your mind in the bright future. The future holds lots of goods things. I wish you the best. Happy Birthday!

23. Happy Birthday to someone I find charming. You know the person, right? Well, that person is you. I haven’t seen anybody who’s talented as you are. Keep being the best of you. Happy Birthday.

24. You have added a year to your life, and as I can see, you have not changed at all. Well, you don’t have to, because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy Birthday, friend.

TRENDING NOW – Wishing A Very Happy Birthday

25. If no one has told you this, I’ll help you begin your day with it: you are special. And, I want you to have a big smile on your face today because it’s your day. Don’t let anything or anybody distract you. They are only jealous that it’s not their day. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy Birthday, dear.

26. I pray that as you start on a clean slate, this year and beyond shall bring forth fruitful results. Be Happy. Happy Birthday.

27. A birthday doesn’t last for more than a day for everyone here on earth, so when it comes, make sure you spoil yourself on that day. Today is your day, and I expect that of you. Thanks. Happy Birthday.

28. You have been part of my life for years now, and I don’t think I can ever forget your birthday — it’s impossible. Yes, I can’t. I guess I have tattooed the date on my heart, so it would be hard to ignore. I wish you more significant achievements and blessings. Have fun. Happy Birthday, dear.

29. Don’t take today as other days, because it isn’t. It’s a special day, and special days such as this should be appropriately spent. Make it the best day of the year. God bless you. Happy Birthday, special.

30. Whenever I’m down, you always show up to make sure I have a smile on my face. I hope I’ll make you, in return, smile wildly on this remarkable day of yours. You’re awesome always. Happy Birthday, I love you.

Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person Messages

Here are Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person Messages. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

31. Is your cake in chocolate? Is it in vanilla? Marzipan? No flavour can meet up with your sweetness. That’s why I’ll always love you. Happy Birthday, dear.

32. Just get set, get set to have best surprises on your birthday. You deserve the best. If it’s not the best, you shouldn’t use it. I think I have one for you. Let me say it here. Or no, if I say it, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Happy Birthday.

33. Know this: age is a number, and nothing more. So, don’t get discouraged from spoiling yourself, because of your age. Go out and have fun, because you deserve it. You deserve it. Happy Birthday.

34. Happy Birthday to one of my closest and most real friends in this world. After a minute past midnight, I was already delighted, highly delighted, like it’s my birthday. The bond we share is one I can never joke with. I also can’t trade it for money. Have a swell time today. You are wonderful.

35. Anytime I need a shoulder to lean on, I run to my best friend, and I find peace. It’s your day today, and they want me to keep calm. I’m sorry I can’t stay calm, the day is that important to me. Also, know that whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, you can always count on me. Happy Birthday, my special friend.

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36. You have been present in days I get depressed, cry and end up being frustrated. And, I wouldn’t forget that in a hurry. I don’t know if I would be able to achieve anything tangible without you by my side. You are my blessing. This day is your special day; I want you to enjoy it to the last. Happy Birthday.

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37. Happy Birthday to the one I can call my best friend in front of anybody. You do what nobody else would do for me: you laugh at my jokes, and you cry with me whenever I’m doing with sickness or life circumstances. I love you loads. You’ll always have me by your side, whenever you need me.

38. From the beginning of the year, I have steadily looked forward to this day — your birthday. And, I have been preparing to shower you with lots of gifts. I mean enough gifts. Happy Birthday to you — my special friend. Wait for them.

39. May all the wishes you have come into its physical equivalent. Happy Birthday to you, a wonderful person and friend.

40. I think today is the perfect day to tell you how wonderful you are to me. Wishing you the best of things the world has to offer. Happy Birthday.

Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Quotes

Here are Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Quotes. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

41. Today is your birthday, don’t look at anybody’s face. Rejoice, dance, play, shake the place; it’s your day. Anybody who tries to stop you from doing any of that doesn’t love you. HAPPY birthday.

42. Sometimes, it’s on your birthday that you know your real friends. Most of the persons who act like they are friends tend to show themselves on your birthday. You know I wouldn’t act like those friends. I celebrate you today. Happy Birthday.

43. Knowing that you’re alive and completely healthy makes me very happy. You mean a lot to me that’s why I couldn’t afford to forget this day. It’s special to me, the same way it’s special to you. Happy Birthday.

44. I see you as a true friend. And, I know other people see you as such, too. Your type is scarce, I always thank God for bringing you to me. I pray for one thing, and that thing is: you find people you can call true friends, too, when I’m not around. Happy Birthday.

45. It’s your birthday, and it’s time to pop those bottles of champagne which have been sitting in your fridge for a long time. Eat enough laps of chicken; don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself. Spoil yourself. Happy Birthday.

46. Join me let’s make your day memorable. It’s really awesome to look back at how splendid your previous birthday was. Happy Birthday.

47. Without you, life is boring. I won’t enjoy life one bit without you. Happy Birthday to you.

48. The feeling attached to having a friend like you is really a rare feeling, and I wouldn’t want to lose that feeling for anything. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.

49. Every day of my whole life feels like it is a holiday because you are my friend. Happy Birthday, dear.

50. I am so sorry, I won’t be able to make it to your birthday, but just know it that my thoughts would be there with you. Have a swell time today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Very Special Birthday Wishes

Here are Very Special Birthday Wishes. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

51. Always live your life with smiles on your face and not tears. Best your age with your friends and don’t do that with years. Happy birthday to you.

52. I pray that every of your heart desires come true. Happy Birthday.

53. This, right here, is a wish for your happy birthday. May you find whatever you seek and everything you ask for. Happy Birthday.

54. May all the joy you shared to everyone around you come back to you a million fold. Happy Birthday.

55. Hold Tight! Your life is getting set to shoot into the stratosphere. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy Birthday and please don’t forget to put on your seatbelt.

56. Always remember that the best is yet to come. Happy Birthday.

57. After 365 days, your birthday is here again. That’s a very long time. Deal with pressure because the finest diamond was made under pressure. Happy Birthday.

58. For today, be happy. You were born to bring inspiration and blessings to all. Happy birthday.

59. Instead of counting the candles, look at the light they give. Instead of counting your years, count the life you live. Happy Birthday.

60. May you receive everlasting bliss and the greatest of joys. You, yourself, are a gift. You deserve the best of everything. Happy Birthday.

Very Simple Birthday Wishes

Here are Very Simple Birthday Wishes. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

61. On this day, I wish you and your family health, happiness and abundance. May last luck specially visit you today. Happy Birthday.

62. You’re older than you were yesterday, but do not worry, you are younger than you will be tomorrow. Happy Birthday.

63. Finally, you are just a step away from your big boy pants. Happy Birthday.

64. Happy Birthday to the person’s birthday I remember even without the help of a notification from Facebook.

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65. Happy Birthday to you. Just like me, you are funny, smart and fabulous. Wish you very very happy birthday, dear.

66. Three things happen as you get older. One, you lose your memory, and two? I can’t remember this one. Happy Birthday.

67. You remain young only once in life, but immaturity is there forever. Happy Birthday.

68. I thought I’d come to the party with a celebrity, but then, I thought of an even better option, M.E.

69. Happy Birthday to my evergreen and forever young partner in crime.

70. Another year older. Another year wiser. Happy Birthday.

Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Friend Messages

Here are Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Friend Messages. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

71. Tell the kids that attend your party to ask for your age. While they try to count until your age, steal a bite from their cake. Happy Birthday.

72. All of us wish you a day filled with a joyous year ahead and happiness. Happy Birthday.

73. I’m sending across to you smiles and good vibes for every second of this special day. Have a wonderful birthday.

74. May your birthday be that special day that you receive all your heart desires. Happy Birthday.

75. Hey! Hey! Catch that smile, it’s directly from me to you. Happy Birthday.

76. I’m coming to you with a beautiful flower — I’m coming to give that beautiful flower to a beautiful flower. Happy Birthday, darling.

77. Sending you series of birthday wishes all wrap in the love I have for you. Happy Birthday.

78. Guess what! Today’s your day, go out there and be the king of your day. Happy Birthday.

79. I hope this special and unique day of yours brings you fun, love and happiness. You deserve every of them. Happy Birthday.

80. Here’s to the loveliest and sweetest person I know. Happy Birthday.

A Very Very Happy Birthday Messages

Here are A Very Very Happy Birthday Messages. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

81. Whatever thing you lay your hands to do, wherever your feet may take, you’ll always be successful. Happy Birthday.

82. You’re so special and that’s why you really need to float with a lot of smile on your beautiful face. Happy Birthday.

83. With every passing year, may you continue to experience lots of improvement. Wishing you a happy birthday.

84. Wishing you a happy birthday and you don’t need to let everyone know that I’m your best friend, too. I’m sending love to you as well.

85. So much joy is in the air because today is your day. Happy Birthday. Here’s to a exciting, bright and healthy future.

86. Today’s the birthday of that special person who has never stopped spreading positivity and joy all around. May your life and birthday be as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday.

87. Your birthday comes just once every year, so make sure that you make a very good use of your birthday — do everything possible to make it a memorable one. Have a colorful birthday.

88. I have a feel that when you get older you’ll look really good. So, don’t let yourself feel bad about how you look right now. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

89. I have always wished to be an amazing friend just like you. But, until this day, I haven’t found a friend who beats your awesomeness. Happy Birthday.

90. You know everything about me and I as well know all about you. We are best friend, yada yada yada. Since we can easily know what the next person is thinking, I don’t need to compose a creative message. Happy Birthday, my good friend.

Warm Happy Birthday Messages

Here are Warm Happy Birthday Messages. Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages!

91. Wishing you the most amazing things on this big day of yours. Keep being a wonderful person. Happy Birthday.

92. May your birthday be filled with special moments to remember for a very long time. May your birthday be filled with lots of happy hours. Happy Birthday.

93. Wishing you an adventurous year and a memorable day. Happy Birthday.

94. Hope your birthday is as extraordinary as you are. Happy Birthday.

95. I don’t need a reason to hug you, but if there’s a reason, hugging you more than once is a norm. Happy Birthday.

96. I appreciate you so much for all the adorable memories we have shared. I hope to have more with you. Without you, the world would have been nothing but colorless to me. Happy Birthday.

97. May the dreams that mean everything to you stay coming into the physical equivalent this new year for you. Happy Birthday.

98. My dearest friend, may this day that’s so special to you — and to us, too — be filled with unforgettable, magical and beautiful moments. Happy Birthday.

99. Wishing you a happy birthday. Mum, no one one earth can come even an inch closer to your winning ways. Happy Birthday to my beloved mum.

100. Wishing you a happy birthday. Have you heard what the birdie said? Oh! You haven’t? It said it’s your birthday today. Happy Birthday, my dear.

101. May your birthday mark the beginning of everything good in your life. Happy Birthday.

You can use these Wishing A Very Happy Birthday Messages to get ideas to compose words in wishing a happy birthday to your loved one(s).

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