51 Best Birthday Status For Father

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Best Birthday Status For Father dad birthday wishes status best birthday quotes for Papa lines on Papa birthday

Best Birthday Status For Father: Do you have a strict dad? Make him proud of having you by sending these best birthday status for father. One of the desires of a lot of people is to watch their parents grow old to celebrate with them on every achievement.

So, as your parents grow old, especially your dad, it’s essential that you try to compose lines on Papa birthday.

Do you find it a herculean task doing such? We have put together lines on Papa birthday, best birthday quotes for Papa and dad birthday wishes status.

You can use these words to let your father know how much you appreciate his presence, incomparable love, struggles, and all his endeavors just to make sure that you become something relevant in life. He deserves even more.

In addition, no matter how strict your dad is, there’s a spot in his heart that loves you passionately. Now it’s a special day in his life, your words can tell him how much you love him, too. That’s why you need the best words to help you achieve such, so if you’re finding it challenging to write something depicting love, we have got you covered.

Is it someone you see as a father?

Well, let’s proceed.

Best Birthday Status For Father

1. No one else but you have always told me that there’s nothing I can’t achieve if I put my mind to it. You’d always say to me, “nothing is impossible; impossible is nothing.” Those words have so much influenced my life positively. Happy Birthday, daddy.

2. All of my wish for you is that we spend more and more time with each other. So, I can have lots of bonding time with you. And, I also wish that you always have a smile on your face. Happy Birthday, dad.

3. Happy Birthday to you, Dad. Trust me, I don’t know what I would have become without having a dad like you in my life. I love you so much, dad. You have helped me placed my foot on the right path. Happy birthday once again, dad.

4. One thing I love about you is, you know the things I like as well as the things I don’t like. You know me very well — even better than the way I love myself. Happy Birthday, my big daddy.

5. Daddy, on this day — your birthday — I want us to travel somewhere that’s very far from here. I want us to travel together so that we can have some parent and child time. I miss being around you, daddy. Happy Birthday to you.

6. Dear Dad, I just want you to know that, to me, you are an inspiration, a teacher and also, a friend to us all. Happy Birthday, my Daddy.

7. Dear Dad, thank you for showing us that the world is a great place to be. I know I’m going to need lots of tips from you as I face the struggles of life. Thanks for those tips in advance. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Best Birthday Status For Father

8. I’m lucky that God gave me the best gift — the best father in the whole wide world. A father who loves me unconditionally with every bit of his heart. Best birthday to you, my lovely dad.

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9. Laughter and love, too, are the two most amazing and beautiful thing which you have given to me. I love you so much, Dad. Have a wonderful birthday.

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10. Happy Birthday, Papa. Loving wishes to a dad I tag as the best and most amazing dad in the world. I love you.

Dad Birthday Wishes Status

11. Dear sweet Dad, I really thank you for always being around for me. I also thank you so much for giving us the chance to make certain decisions for ourselves. I’m really delighted to have a dad like you. Happy Birthday, dad.

12. Best birthday to the most amazing and outstanding dad in the world. You are hotter than those candles shining on your cake. I love you, Daddy.

13. Dad, you are so special to me. You’re the most amazing dad in the whole of this planet — Earth. The happiest birthday to the best dad in the world.

14. Dad, the love you have showered on me has helped to stay secure, safe, and warm. Thank you for everything, my perfect dad. Happy Birthday.

15. It’s really a thing that delights me whenever I think of the fact that you are my dad. You have always supported me. I love you so much. Happy Birthday.

16. You are just the best dad in the world. I have stayed in the houses of a few of my friends, and I don’t think their fathers be compared to you one bit. Even in my next life, I’ll choose to have you as a father. I love you. Happy Birthday, Dad.

17. Dear Dad, I hope you know the extent of how much you mean to me. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I can’t love you less. Happy Birthday, dear father.

Best Birthday Status For Father dad birthday wishes status best birthday quotes for Papa lines on Papa birthday

18. Daddy, I appreciate you for the guardians and support which you’ve given me all these past years. You have always supported my talents. I don’t think I’d be able to achieve all I have achieved today without you around. Happy Birthday, dad.

19. Dad, I hope you have the best feeling on this special day of you. I want to see you smile more often. You have always stood as motivation and inspiration. I can also boldly say that you have been my strength. Happy Birthday, Sir.

20. Papa The Papa, you smile and laugh always make me happy. You know whenever I’m down, and you do everything to make sure that I’m fine. I really appreciate that. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Best Birthday Quotes For Papa

21. Though quite a lot of people say that I took after you like I got my good looks from you. But, I still think and feel that you look far better than I look. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

22. It makes me have this proud feeling to have you as a father. I love you so much, and may you have lots and lots of birthday to come. Happy Birthday, my best father.

23. I can’t compare you with any other person, because you’re distinctively the best. Even when you get strict with me, you are still the best. You have thought me how to go beyond my fears. I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

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24. Dad, I wish this for you: may all the dreams of yours come true. Thank you for making me a big part of your dreams. Happy Birthday.

25. Dad, thanks for being that best friend I’ve never had. I always thank God for giving me a father, such as you. You are simply the best. Happy Birthday.

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26. I couldn’t just wait to send my wishes to you at 00:01 today because you deserve it. I wanted to be the first to send wishes to you, and I’m happy that I made it. Happy Birthday, my Daddy.

27. Have the best Birthday, daddy. I wish you the best of the best.

28. Thank you, my lovely daddy, for teaching me how to deal squarely with big things, and also, thanks for teaching me how to get away with the smallest stuff. I love you.

Best Birthday Status For Father dad birthday wishes status best birthday quotes for Papa lines on Papa birthday

Best Birthday Status For Father

29. To the dearest dad in the world, you’re truly the best father. I want you to know that the love I have for you can’t be compared to any other. Happy Birthday, big daddy.

30. Dad, I can’t wait to taste your cake. I love it when you are around me. I remember those days we play around the house with each other, days when you’ll flog me, and still come back to carry me while I cry. I love you, daddy. Happy Birthday.

Lines On Papa Birthday

31. Happy Birthday to the only man who has always pushed me into dreaming big and working hard towards achieving all the goals I’ve ever set for myself. I love you, dad.

32. Dear Dad, you showed us the small ways with which you could increase joy and happiness in our lives. I appreciate you for that. Have a great birthday. May you live for many more years for you. I love you.

33. Daddy, you have always been the best, the best man to me. And no man in this world would be able to replace that. Happy Birthday, daddy.

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34. Thank you, dad. You have always treated me as the most special child who has ever lived on Earth. Thanks for always being there for me — when I needed you the most, too. This next year of your life will be the best so far, and it’ll bring you Joy, happiness, peace and all good things in life which you’ve always wished for. Happy Birthday.

35. Thank you, Papa. I’m so so grateful to have someone like you as my dad. Thank you for everything, I mean everything. I love you loads.

36. Daddy, I just want you to know that you’re the most amazing and great father and that has ended up making me the proudest son/daughter. Thanks for everything, Dad. Happy Birthday to you.

37. Dear Dad, I know I’m not the perfect child, and I may not become that perfect child. But, I see you as the perfect father just for me. Happy Birthday, the best daddy. I love you.

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38. Happy Birthday to the dad I tag as the most amazing dad on this planet — Earth.

39. Dad, you have been close to me from my childhood until this day. You really are one of the most important and lovely people in my life and thank you for being a motivation and an inspiration. I love you. Happy Birthday, sweet Daddy.

40. Dad, you look so handsome — just like you’re still a youth. Please, remain like this for us. We need you to get younger as each year passes by. I love you, daddy. Happy Birthday.

Best Birthday Status For Father dad birthday wishes status best birthday quotes for Papa lines on Papa birthday

Best Birthday Status For Father

41. I have told myself that I’ll sing for you on your birthday every year. I’m patiently waiting for you to get back; I have a melodious song just for you. Happy birthday, daddy.

42. I don’t think I’ll ever find a gift that would be able to measure up to the love which you have given to me. Happy Birthday to you, and thanks a bunch for your unconditional love towards me.

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43. Dad, right now, I know I’m on my way to becoming the best because I’ve followed all your words which have thought me never to give up in life, and even more. Thank you, my best daddy. And, Happy Birthday to you.

44. Birthday dreams and wishes have been reserved for a special person like you, daddy. Be filled with joy because it’s your special day. Happy Birthday.

45. Dad, yes, you may be old right now, but my love for you has never ceased one bit. And, to me, you still love very handsome. You are still the best dad in the world. Happy Birthday, daddy.

46. Thanks for always doing everything possible to ensure that you treat me like a princess/Prince. Happy Birthday, my love. And, may you have many many more years to celebrate a day like this. I love you.

47. Dad, your birthday is far better than the birthday of mine could ever be. YES. Happy Birthday to you. I can’t thank God enough for giving me such a father.

Best Birthday Status For Father dad birthday wishes status best birthday quotes for Papa lines on Papa birthday

48. I know that I may not have been that tough child of yours, but I know very well that you have been tougher, dad. Stay that way, and always know that I love you. Happy Birthday to you.

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49. Daddy, no matter my height today — you know I’m taller than you — I’ll never stop looking up to you. I love you more than words can explain, and may you have a celebration filled with nothing but love, happiness, joy, and peace. I love you, dad. Happy Birthday.

50. Through thin and thick, you have always stood by me. That’s why my love for you increases on a daily basis. I promise I’ll always be here or there for you. I love you so much. Happy Birthday.

51. Happy Birthday to the strongest dad in the world. You shall live long for us. I love you, dad. Happy Birthday to you.

Your dad will love to receive these messages on his special day, so don’t fail to send him these messages — lines on papa birthday, Dad Birthday Wishes Status, Dad Birthday Wishes Status and Best Birthday Status For Father.

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