51 Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

by Liilgenius
Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning: It’s another beautiful day, and yes, it’s the day of the LORD — a day set aside for refreshment and rest in his presence. Your loved ones would surely love some best wishes for Sunday morning; don’t hesitate to send them.

Yes, we know it that, on a Sunday morning, most people get up very early just to meet up with their duties in the church. And, aside from that, it’s good to be early to the presence of God. Therefore, you’d hit your target if you send the outlined best wishes for Sunday morning or Sunday morning prayer messages very early in the morning.

If you don’t know how exactly to start putting together such a message, we have handpicked several of them for your sending pleasure. All you have to do is to either copy and paste or pick ideas from them. You’d surely love them.

Without stretching further, let’s dive in. Ready?

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

Sunday marks the start of a brand new week, wish your loved ones and friends a blissful and fulfilling new week with these best wishes for Sunday Morning.

1. Blessed and prosperous morning to you. It’s a bright and beautiful day, and it’s a day set aside for the Lord. Get up, dress up, and join me in going to worship God. Happy Sunday morning, my friend.

2. Hey, it’s another Sunday. Go and dress up, my dear. So, we can go and have a wonderful time in his presence. Good morning, my great friend.

3. As you can see, the day is a beautiful one. And, it’s special, too — because we’re going to church to be refreshed in the presence of the Lord. Good morning, my good friend. Trust me, today would be a perfect day.

4. Welcome to this wonderful day, darling. It is by the special grace of the almighty God that we are still breathing. Don’t fail to go to church and give him praise today. Good morning, my dear. Have a good time in God’s presence.

5. Good morning, my special one. This is the day which the Lord has taken his time to make. We shall rejoice and be delightful in it. Have a wonderful time today.

6. Oh, such a happy day — a day of peace and rest. Welcome to this productive, fruitful, and beautiful day, my dear friend. May this day be sweet and blissful. Good morning, dear. Enjoy your day.

7. Good morning, my sweet friend. It’s the very first day of the week, and I pray it introduces you to divine favor and great fulfillment for you. Have a lovely day and incredible week ahead.

8. It is not enough to just be alive. To be healthy and alive is a special gift of God. Good morning, dear. Happy Sunday, keep enjoying the gift from God.

9. God is really a faithful God. He kept us alive to see other days of the week, and this day, too — the day of the Lord. Let’s go and give him thanks. Good morning, dear. Happy Sunday to you — YES, you.

10. Top of the morning to you, one of the most real. I just want to wish you a blissful and happy Sunday. Have a wonderful and great week ahead — don’t forget to be in the presence of God, to worship him.

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

11. In the presence of the almighty God, there’s nothing like sadness, and there’s nothing like a burden — all you find there is the fullness of Joy. Dearie, rise, dress up, so we can go and enjoy this fullness of Joy in Church. Good morning.

12. It’s another Sunday, and I’m so happy. Get up as we go in preparation for church service today. Good morning, my honey. Welcome to a week filled with blessings on blessings.

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13. Good morning, friend. Don’t show any bit of laziness, we have quite a lot to achieve today. We will sing, worship, dance, and feel God’s presence today because it’s the first day of the week — Sunday, the day set aside to praise God.

14. Wakey Wakey! Good morning, my beautiful friend. It’s a dawn of another bright and amazing day — Sunday. Let’s go and present every bit of us in his presence. Trust me, this week will be a great one. Happy Subway, my friend.

15. There’s service in Church today; wake up, my dear friend. In his presence, the Joy you get is unlimited — it’s not in any way limited. Let’s go and tap from such kind of Joy, the kind of Joy we can’t buy or find at any other place. It’s stress-free, let’s go and have a wonderful time with the almighty God. Good morning, dear.

16. Wine and dine, let’s go and fill ourselves with the word of God. In his presence, you get refreshed, let’s go and refresh ourselves. Good morning, my friend. Happy Sunday.

17. My dear, wake up, it’s Sunday. It’s a day for Church. We have to go and thank God for keeping us until this day. Happy Sunday and Good morning, my dear.

18. You are not aware of what happened while you are asleep, but God made sure that you open your eyes to a brand new day. That alone is enough to make you get up, prepare, and rush to church to thank this big God. Happy Sunday. Good morning.

19. Oh! What a happy day. It’s a warm and bright morning. I know you wouldn’t want to miss being in the presence of God today. I won’t, too. So, wake up, get up, and let’s go and enjoy ourselves with our God.

20. Good morning! Rise and go prepare for service today. This week will surely be a blessed and productive week, so it’s advisable that we start it with God.

Sunday Special Good Morning Sms

Sending quotes on Sunday holiday is an excellent way of letting your loved ones know that you care. Before they step out to Church, send them these Sunday Special Good Morning Sms.

21. As you can see, it’s the dawn of a brand new day — a special day. Wake up and begin your preparation for the church you attend. May the Lord bless you this week. Everything you do shall yield massive results. Happy Sunday; and YES! Good morning, too.

22. Good morning to you, my good friend. I am blessed to have a special one — you — in my life. Thanks for making my life the best. Because of you, I have every reason to live another day. Have an awesome and beautiful week. Happy Sunday.

23. As we begin a completely new week, may God shower his blessings on you for me. Good morning, my dear. Happy Sunday and have a delightful week ahead.

24. It’s undoubtedly a new day and the start of a fresh week. May every bit of things about you be renewed. Good morning, my bestie. Let’s go and shout hallelujah in God’s presence. Happy Sunday.

25. God has spared us, and he has allowed us to see another beautiful day. All we can say is thank you — because it’s only by his grace. Let’s go and give him thanks in Church today, that way we get refreshed for a new week. Good morning, pal. Have an amazing week.

26. It’s a fabulous morning, and YES! It’s the start of another week, a new week. Welcome to a new dawn, may this new week be one with an abundance of blessings just for you. Happy Sunday to you, my special friend.

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27. Ever since you came into my life, I have experienced Joy unspeakable. This our friendship is really a redefined one — I have never had such friendship before. I am happy to have you in my life. Happy Sunday, my dear. And, Good morning, too. Enjoy the rest of your day.

28. Good morning to my only best friend, the best friend in the world. It’s another Sunday, let’s catch lots of fun and have an awesome and amazing time in the presence of God. It’s going to be a fruitful week. Keep crushing it.

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

29. Remember, you are a worker in the church, and you need to be there as early as possible to put your equipment in place. Rise and head to Church. YES, NOW! Have a wonderful time in God’s presence. Happy Sunday, and Good morning, my good friend.

30. Wake up, my dear. It’s Sunday, the very day the Lord has made. You know we have to be glad and rejoice on this day, so the best place to do this is in Church. Let’s go to church now and praise our almighty father. Happy Sunday, dear.

31. Whenever I open my eyes to a new day, I thank and appreciate God for all of the gifts I have. And, you top the list, so I thank him for giving you to me, too. May God always make you have a smile on your face, because of the Joy your heart holds. Happy Sunday, my sweetheart. Have an awesome and blissful week ahead.

32. Every day, I’m very very sure that I’d have a great and interesting day because I have you in it. Thanks for always being there, I so much appreciate it. Happy new week, my awesome friend. Go and keep winning.

33. Good morning to the one I tag as the best friend in the whole world. Happy Sunday to you; as you go into a week such as this one, may all your dreams come true.

34. Good morning, my dear. I’m really overwhelmed by the level of love and care you show me. God bless you, my faithful friend. Have a blessed and thrilling Sunday. You are the best.

35. This new and beautiful morning, I don’t have many words to say, but the little I have to say is: I thank you for walking my path with me; I thank you for coming into my life. Happy Sunday, my dear.

36. Welcome to a fruitful and new week. This week is filled with nothing but favor and blessings. Get ready to enjoy all the goodies it has to offer. Good morning, my good friend. Have a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord. And, YES! Happy Sunday, too.

37. Every single morning, I pray that God sustains you — keeps you alive — because you make every part of my life beautiful. Happy Sunday, my honey. God bless you for me. Have a wonderful new week.

38. No matter what happens, I become confident whenever I look back and find you. It’s a brand new week, let’s rock it together — in the presence of the Lord. Happy Sunday, my dear friend. Don’t fail to have an amazing week ahead.

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39. Having someone who has your back in everything you do has a feeling that comes with it — and that’s one of the best feelings in the world. I celebrate you, my awesome friend. Good morning, welcome to the start of a beautiful week for you. God bless you abundantly.

40. Good morning to you. You’ve exceptionally influenced my life, and I wish to have you by my side forever. Welcome to this perfect week. Happy Sunday. Have an incredible and blessed time in the presence of the Lord.

Sunday Morning Prayer Message

You can pick one from here as a Sunday morning prayer message for that special one of yours. This could serve as quotes on Sunday holiday, too.

41. You assist me in whatever thing I do. You do all you can to squeeze out the best in me. I’m thrilled to have you in my life. Happy Sunday to you, my darling. May this week be a week of uncommon and divine favor; may this week also be a week of sufficient blessings. Good morning.

42. As you start a new week from this day, may this week bring you prosperity, success and great achievements. Your going out and coming in shall be blessed. Happy Sunday, and Good morning, my friend.

43. May whatever thing you put your hands to do be blessed by the almighty God. May all you desire to do prosper beyond your expectations. May you start today with all the blessings of the Lord. Good morning and Happy Sunday, my dear friend.

44. Miracles upon miracles shall locate you as you begin this day. May all men go into a competition just to win your favor. And, may they prefer you to others. May God be on your side whenever you fight those obstacles. Good morning and Happy Sunday, my special friend.

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

Best Wishes For Sunday Morning

45. Good morning, dear. As you work to bring your dreams into reality, I pray that God provides you with all you need to achieve that. Happy Sunday.

46. Wherever you step your feet today, the people around there shall respect you. Go and do exploits. Happy Sunday, my bestie.

47. Sadness shall never be your potion; all you shall know from this day is Joy Joy Joy Joy. Don’t worry about anything because it’s settled already. Happy Sunday.

48. May God provide all your needs to help you achieve your goals from this day. If it’s happening at the left, you shall be at the right; and if it’s happening at the right, you shall be at the left. You are blessed. Good morning and Happy Sunday.

49. Happy Sunday, my beautiful friend. Do you know that dreams do come true? Yes, they do. So, don’t let your dreams scare you. Just dream and watch them come into reality one by one. That should tell you that this week would be a highly productive week for you. Stay blessed. Good morning.

50. Your effort towards making a difference shall never be in vain. May you never lack money. May you go through this week with prosperity and happiness, too. Happy Sunday.

51. I know very well that health is wealth. If you have sound health, you are likely to make enough wealth; so I pray that, as you enter this new week, may you have divine health that will lead you into your wealth. Amen. Happy Sunday. Make sure you attend church service. And, Good morning, too.

Let them know that you have them in your heart all the time by sending them these Best Wishes For Sunday Morning, Sunday Morning Prayer Message, Sunday Special Good Morning Sms and quotes on Sunday holiday.

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