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Sunday Captions For Facebook: For so many people, Sunday is seen as the best day of the week. If you’re in the category of people who take Sunday as their best day of the week, then it’s worth celebrating.

Do you place a high value on your Sunday, compared to other days?


Then, these Sunday Captions For Facebook are specially written for you.

With the Sunday Captions For Facebook, you can swiftly express yourself using the various captions you’re about to read below. Sunday is a day for worship and relaxation; sharing these Sunday Captions For Facebook can in its own way spread love to friends and loved ones.

Without further words, let’s move into what you can’t wait to read.

Sunday Captions For Facebook

Sunday is the day, in a week, that begins a week. Sending your friends and loved ones Sunday Captions For Facebook can help that to start the week on the right track.

1. Ah! Sunday? That’s the day of rest. And it’s something to be extremely thankful about.

2. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow’s a mystery. Today is Sunday.

3. Sunday, please go to Monday and say this word, retire.

4. WARNING: If you sleep during a Sunday night, you’ll wake up on Monday.

5. Begin this Sunday with an entirely clean heart. No worry, no tears, no fear and no doubt. I can’t thank God enough for his priceless miracles and gifts throughout the world.

6. Girl’s STATUS – Saturday: I’m so drunk right now. OMG! Sunday: John 3:16.

7. Dear Sunday, I just want to close my eyes, sleep in your arms and have fun.

8. There are three words people find as the worst words to hear. They are: “Tomorrow is Monday.” Sunday Captions For Facebook!

9. Sunday is the day I have a lot of plans but do none of them.

10. This is no complex transition than Sunday to Monday.

11. There are three words I love so much: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

12. It takes about 63,000 trees to make the newsprint for the average Sunday edition of the New York Times.

13. It’s Sunday already. Please, where’s the weekend remote so I can quickly make use of the rewind button.

14. It is Sunday night, obviously a day that ends the weekend. I do not want to retire to bed because by the time I wake up it’ll be Monday and the weekend is over.

15. A well-spent Sunday gives a week of content.

16. God isn’t like a Sunday plumber, he is available all the time.

17. Sunday is like my officially lazy day.

18. Fridays, I sleep late. Saturdays, I sleep late, too. Sunday: I sleep because I’m prepared to regret it by Monday morning.

19. To all the people who are single, don’t worry you’ll have your day. Palm Sunday is almost here.

20. Sunday. Good work. Good day. Typhoon haired snake.

Happy Sunday Caption On Facebook

It’s funny how people get scared to sleep on a Sunday night because they’ll wake up on a Monday morning. From these Happy Sunday Caption On Facebook, you can pick a suitable caption for that Sunday picture or…

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21. I spent up to a year in that town, one Sunday.

22. On Sunday, time flows in a strange way.

23. Sunday, the day one should speak the language of leisure.

24. Ah! Sunday, a day that comes with a big decision — whether to have your bath or not.

25. It was a Sunday morning and a few old people walked pass me like sad grey waves on their way to church service.

26. I go to church only on Sundays, and whenever I do, I get filled up just like I do to my car when it’s in need of gas station.

27. Maybe, Sunday should just be 48 hours instead of the usual 24 hours, so we can have a lot more time to prepare for Monday.

28. Sunday is that golden clasp that strongly binds together the week’s volume.

29. You know what happiness is? It’s having a very hot bath on a Sunday afternoon.

30. Sunday should be changed to spooning day.

31. I love being lazy and Sundays. Then, Monday comes and everything changes — things get crazy.

32. Sunday takes out the rust of the whole week.

33. Sunday’s goal is leaving my home as soon as possible.

34. Sunday is the day you realize the time you’ve spent procrastinating.

35. On Sunday, we fight boredom by exchanging the troubles of the week.

36. Wishing you a happy Sunday full of laughter.

37. If you think it’s hard to get up on a Sunday morning, try resurrecting from the dead.

38. I wish you more fun on Sunday. Have a great Sunday.

39. Free yourself of all prejudices and let yourself go on Sunday. Happy Sunday.

40. I feel so much of the love in my heart, I have joy like a river in my world. Just because of you, I’m fulfilled. Happy Sunday, baby.

41. Enjoy your Sunday! Have the courage to fulfil all your dreams and also have faith, too.

42. On a beautiful sunny day such as this, I wish you nothing else but the best of everything. Have a lovely Sunday.

43. The only brightest star I’ve seen in this world is you. On this happy Sunday, I wish you have the best day.

44. I just want to let you know that you’re always in my thoughts, this Sunday morning, always and forever. Happy Sunday.

45. Every single good thing in the world you deserve and even more for giving me the best love ever felt. I just cannot love you enough. Happy Sunday.

46. May the angels guide you, and may your prayers receive quick answers on this fantastic day of the Lord.

47. Let the atmosphere of today help you in conquering new heights. Happy Sunday.

48. Wake up, it’s Sunday. That means that happy and spontaneous meetings are guaranteed.

49. May the blessings of the Lord abide with you now and forevermore. Happy Sunday.

50. If your Sunday does not involve yoga pants and wine, you are doing it wrong.

Sunday Facebook Posts

We know how special Sundays are, right? It’s not a day that’s like other days in a week. For some people, Sunday is the very start of the week while others see Sunday as the end of a week (weekend). Anyhow you see a Sunday, it’s a day for relaxation — away from work, schooling and other activities. Sunday Captions For Facebook.

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Is there a better way to make someone’s Sunday an amazing one than surprising them with a little prayer or wish from you. Here, we’ll list Sunday Facebook Posts for you and you alone — posts you can use to make someone’s Sunday better.

51. May the peace and joy of the Lord dwell with everyone in your household — including you — now and forevermore. Amen.

52. Smile because it’s Sunday.

53. It is Sunday and look at me. I’m just here so busy doing nothing.

54. As the sun fades, steal a kiss. That’s one of the things I love about Sunday.

55. A girl and her bed on a Sunday is one of the examples of an endless love affair.

56. Sunday: sleep until you are hungry then eat until you’re sleepy.

57. My definition of Sunday is, just do nothing and chill.

58. Sunday is the day of rest. #LazyFact

59. Saturdays are a time for adventures while Sundays are specifically for cuddling.

60. Sunday is for pleasure, helping you to forget all pressure.

61. It’s Sunday. Make sure that today is so magical that yesterday gets so jealous.

62. Go wild for a while.

63. Give and accept laughter, happiness and pleasure because today’s Sunday.

64. There is always something to feel and learn each Sunday.

65. On Sunday, time flies in a completely strange way.

66. Forget the rest and make it best. Happy Sunday.

67. Life should just be paused on Sunday mornings.

68. May your Sunday be blessed with happiness, joy, love and peace.

69. I really need a day to be in-between Saturdays and Sundays.

70. It is a new day. I am alive. I am blessed. God is great. God is good. Have a blessed Sunday.

Sunday Caption With Friends

When the first day of the week, Sunday, sounds the same with “fun day,” it’s necessary that you make it the most enjoyed day of the week. Don’t think of going back to work on Monday; just enjoy your time — because the thought and the fear of going back to work on Monday can ruin the whole fun. Sunday Captions For Facebook!

Invite your friends and do your best to make the most out of it. You could use our Sunday Caption With Friends to help you achieve that, too.

71. Out with my Sunday Funday crew.

72. These losers really made my Sunday. I call these losers my friends.

73. We are Sunday people making it a funday.

74. Let nothing ever make us forget the best day in a week — Sunday Funday.

75. Sundays made for having a good time with the besties — like sipping roses with them and lots more.

76. We are refuelling for another wonderful week ahead.

77. Let us do that which we love doing and do a lot of it.

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78. It’s time you stopped stressing out. Find time to just chill out. It is finally a Sunday.

79. This is where all the fun stuff happens.

80. The day for another party has finally come. Let’s do it.

81. A pause button should be given to everyone on the first minute of Sunday.

82. We put on our cosy pants on Sunday.

83. We only party on days which end in “Y.”

84. We made several mistakes because we are trying something entirely new.

85. Sunday is your best day. You know within yourself that you had an amazing week. Time to recover and strategize on how to kill the next week.

86. Now I know why God had to rest on this day. I’m sure he greets his favourites on this day.

87. On Sundays, take it slow and give your soul the chance to meet up with your body.

88. My to-do list for Sunday: count my blessings, let go of the things I can’t control, listen to my heart and just breath. Happy Sunday.

89. Have the courage to start on a new path this Sunday and you’ll experience a miracle.

90. On Sundays, my coffee is recreational.

91. Red lips and wine sips.

92. The nightmare I have on Sunday is when I think about Monday.

93. It is Sunday so I’m 200% motivated to do absolutely nothing today.

94. Sunday checklist: do nothing and chill.

95. Can we go over again? I wasn’t ready for the weekend.

96. Five steps to a productive Sunday: wake up early; Get some fresh air; Set a schedule; Make time for yourself; Be goal-oriented.

97. Today is Sunday. Put a smile on someone’s face with a heartwarming message and as a reward, you’ll receive another Sunday in 7 days time. Happy Sunday.

98. It’s Sunday here. Let’s roll, baby.

99. Take the life in your hands and make this Sunday what it’s supposed to be.

100. You should put on sunshades because my Sunday pictures are so bright that they can get you blind.

101. This is your Sunday reminder that whatever this week throws at you, you have the ability to handle it.

102. Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wide air.

103. On Sunday morning, I am not nervous. I can’t wait to speak of what God wants me to do.

104. I’m just obsessed with Sunday roasted dinners. I think it is the best thing to be present in life.

105. Sunday is a fun day until you realize that the next day is Monday.

We all live in a busy world and a lot of persons hardly have free time to spend with their loved ones, friends and even themselves. So, it won’t be a bad idea to greet people and relate with them using these Sunday Captions For Facebook, Happy Sunday Caption On Facebook, Sunday Facebook Posts and Sunday Caption With Friends — in order to ease them of a little stress.

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