41 Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

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Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You: It’s not easy to keep quarrels at arm’s length in a relationship, that’s why you have to be in the know of things to say to get your girlfriend to forgive you. That way, you don’t allow her to stay pissed off for long.

There are quite a lot, a whole lot of ways to apologize to your lover — ways which would make her know that you love her regardless. As said earlier, arguments and quarrels in a relationship are things you can’t completely avoid, in fact, you can’t avoid it. So, it’s essential that you know the right words to make your girlfriend forgive you. It makes the love you both share get refreshed.

Have you tried composing a text message to express how sorry you are to your girlfriend?

Have you gotten it wrong while at it?

We have put together these messages for you — specifically for the purpose of making her forgive you, and love you even more. You can’t wait to read those messages, right? Well, here they are.

Without further words, let’s delve into the crux of this write-up. Ready?

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

1. I really want to see you this minute. I want to hug you right now; I also want to look into those beautiful eyes of yours. Please, forget all the quarrels and things I’ve done that offended you, and let us be with each other until the end of time.

2. When people indulge in a quarrel, they tend to make them think about their feelings. It makes them understand that life can get difficult without the ones they love. Without you, I just can’t be happy — it’s always sadness I experience. I wish we never quarreled in the first place. Baby, I’m sorry.

3. Please, forgive me for sounding and being so rude to you. Sorry for causing you pain. Please, find a place in your heart to forgive me.

4. Before you take the step of leaving for good, please have a rethink. It’s better to forgive and be happy, rather than otherwise.

5. My love, please forgive me. I promise you that I would let myself do such a thing to you ever again. I know you’ll be mad at me for writing to you, but I can’t just help myself but write these words. I’ll not stop saying these words: I love you and miss you very much.

Sweet Words To Make Her Forgive You

6. I will do anything, and I mean anything at all — anything you want me to do. Come back to me anytime soon, I can’t live happily without you. Come back, please. I’m begging you with every bit of me. I can’t lose you, and I don’t want to lose our love.

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7. I know I have caused lots of trouble, please forgive me for all of it. To be frank with you, I kiss your pictures every night — every single night — before I retire to bed. I wish you can give me a second chance. I love you as I always have.

8. Baby, before you get angry before you pick offense, please take out time and think again. It’s better to put up a smile and forgive than slam the door in the face of happiness.

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9. Please, I’ve learned from my mistake. I won’t make this kind of mistake next time. I beg you, forgive me. I promise to forgive you when you make mistakes, too. I can’t wait to have you back, my pretty damsel.

10. Baby, see! Right now, my heart is heavy. And, I really need you to hear me out. I am silently looking at the view from the window. Excuse me for the foolish and stupid words. Excuse me for my actions. Please, do not be mad at me; I am so sorry.

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

Message To Make Her Forgive You

11. My heart doesn’t want to believe the fact that you are far away from me. The pain I feel inside cannot be measured by any instrument for measurement. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me.

12. I want to kneel before you like I’m standing. I really want to apologize — so you know how sorry I am. Today, I have come to realize that I don’t think I can live any longer without forgiveness and love. I need you to forgive me, so I can have a reason to live for another day.

13. After we quarreled, I just hate myself. Because I never wanted anything to make us quarrel. Please, let’s meet and talk with each other like grown-ups. I don’t want to lose you.

14. Our stupid and unreasonable pride can kill this love we share. Only tenderness and kindness can bring us together again — can reconcile us. Let’s show tenderness and kindness to each other, please. Forgive me, I’ll always love you.

15. My darling, are you not yet tired of being offended? I’m really sorry. Forgive me for causing these pains. I’m sorry; I’m so sorry. I want to live in complete peace with you, and just you. Please, forgive me.

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16. Darling, I’m so sorry for the way I treated you. I really don’t know what came into my head. If you would forgive me, I promise to be the better me. I promise to treat you like the angel that you are. Please, give me a chance. That’s all I need.

Sorry Paragraph For Her

17. It can’t continue this way; as the popular saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve gotten until it’s gone” — I now see what that saying means. Baby, I miss you. Please, the more you extend this, the more my heart bleeds. I’ll not be able to bear it if you leave me.

18. I so much regret having that misunderstanding with you. If you can forgive me and leave that in the past, I’ll appreciate it.

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

19. I don’t know what I was thinking, I don’t know what pushed me into saying those words to you. Baby, I don’t know. I still want us in the relationship; I can’t bear to lose you. Please, stay with me.

20. Darling, I beg you; please, forgive me, I was only trying to be protective, and maybe I was jealous, too. I didn’t mean to do such, I know I overreacted. Please, say something to me. Your silence is breaking my heart. Baby, please.

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Forgiveness Quotes For Girlfriend

21. Honey, your beauty is incomparable — your lips, your eyes, your hair, and everything about you. This is why whenever I see other guys around you, I get jealous. I really can’t control my jealousy. I promise to control it from henceforth. I can’t wait to have you forgive me.

22. I am eager to hold you tight in my arms. You mean the world to me; you own my heart, and I wouldn’t want to trade that for anything. Please, don’t let this make us stay apart. I’m sorry.

23. The three words “I am sorry” might not be strong enough to tell you how sorry I am, but now I can’t find any other set of words to show you how sorry I am, know that whenever I use those three words, I mean it. My everything, I can’t afford to lose you.

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24. I know that I did something that’s very very wrong. I pray to God to touch your heart — so you can forgive me. I apologize for how I have been behaving towards you. I’m sorry.

25. I can’t wait to have you come back into my arms. I really can’t wait. I can’t wait to have you look into my eyes and hug me, too. I want to feel you again. I miss you, sweetheart.

I Apologize Paragraph For Her

26. Baby, I’m so sorry. I was listening to my friends; I shouldn’t have allowed their words to tamper with my sense of reasoning. I’m so so sorry. Please, accept my apology.

27. People say that men don’t cry, but right now, I have tears in my eyes. I can’t control the tears, it keeps dropping down from my cheek. My love, my down on my knees — forgive me.

28. I fully admit that I’m the one at fault, and I want to do whatever it takes to correct my wrongs — to correct my mistakes. I love you. I can’t wait for everything to be how it used to be.

29. I will never take you off my mind, no matter how far you go from me. I will always have you in my mind. Please, forgive me for the bad I’ve done. Please.

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

30. I won’t rest until you have forgiven me. No matter how hard it may seem, I’ll continue to apologize. I know somewhere in your heart wants to forgive me, but you’re holding it back. Baby, you’re punishing me, and this one hurts a lot. Though I know I have punished you with my actions. I’m sorry.

Asking Forgiveness To Your Girlfriend Messages

31. I love you so much, to the extent that I may not lose my life if I lose you. Life can be tagged as a book, where every single day is a new and different page — completely different from the previous ones. Each of us has the number of pages that we would love to squeeze and throw into the trash can, but it isn’t allowed. Instead, we can pick a pen and begin to write a new chapter for ourselves. Baby, this can be possible if you let me.

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32. I know it that when we, in our actions or words, hurt the person we love the most — we are likely to find it challenging to get the right words to correct the mistake. This is why I’m apologizing specifically for my wrong actions. Forgive me.

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33. Give me a chance, a chance to show you that I didn’t mean to hurt you. Give me a chance to explain to you how much I hate to see you cry. I am not supposed to do that to you, but now it’s done, I want to assure you that it won’t happen again. I promise you. Please.

34. You have always loved me; you have always cared for me; you have always supported me — and look at what I have done. Do I want to pay you back with this wrong act? Baby, I feel so bad, and I’m angry with myself right now. I beg for your forgiveness.

35. I am not supposed to use those words on you; you have told me not to use them, but I keep using them whenever I am angry. I feel bad right now, and if you don’t forgive me, I don’t think I’ll be able to heal from this state for life. Forgive me.

Paragraphs For Her When She’s Mad At You

36. I didn’t mean to slap you. I know that’s the height of it, I don’t know what I was thinking. It happened so fast. I can’t justify my actions though, I know I have done something 100% wrong. Please, because of the love we share, find a place in your large and lovely heart to forgive me.

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

Things To Say To Get Your Girlfriend To Forgive You

37. I will keep apologizing to you every single day. I feel so bad because I am the cause of your sadness. I feel guilty for making you go through pains. I know my actions hurt you really bad. Your delay in forgiving me is killing me. Please, let us start afresh — let’s forget about the old things. Please!

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38. I’m so happy to have the most adorable and sweet girl as my girlfriend. It’s only a fool that would want to let someone like you go. I am very much aware that I have done you wrong, but I still value our relationship. Please, find a place – a special place – in your heart to forgive me, so my heart can be at peace.

39. Baby, if you can’t accept my apology, then at least allow me to have the last dance with you. So, you will be able to feel the pain my heart holds.

40. I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry. You know I still love you, right? I promise I won’t do it again. I can’t live without you, my world.

41. There are 24 hours in a day, but without you, it seems like there are over 100 hours in a day. Without you, my life has no meaning. Without you, my life is boring. Without you, there’s no color in my world. You are my everything. I’m so sorry for the pain which I’ve caused you because of my actions and words. Forgive me.

It’s not easy to get a girl to forgive you after you have hurt her with your actions. But, if you continuously send these things to say to get your girlfriend to forgive you, she’ll have a reason why she should forgive you without hesitation.

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