40 Romantic Apology Message To Her

by Liilgenius
Romantic Apology Message To Her

Romantic Apology Message To Her: Erring is human, and being in love doesn’t stop ‘hurting’ of any kind. Both when it’s intentional or unintentional. Even in the most romantic relationship, quarrels and disagreements are bound to happen once in a while.

At such a time when you need to make things up with your lover, these “Romantic Apology Messages To Her” is a great tool to employ.

Romantic Apology Message To Her

1. I am deeply sorry, love. I wish there was a better way to express how sorry I am. My heart is aching because you’re not smiling. I’m so sorry.

2. My love, forgive me. I agree that I have hurt you, perhaps beyond repair, but I can’t let go of your thoughts in my heart. I love you.

3. Every night, you are the last thing I think about till I travel to the world of unconsciousness. In the morning, as I gain my consciousness, you are the first in my heart. Forgive me, my love.

4. I have no excuse for hurting you. I feel so hurt that you’re feeling this way. My love, I am sorry. I want you smiling at me again. Please forgive me.

5. I got it wrong this time and never meant it to be so. My love pardon my mistakes, forgive my errors. I can’t continue living without you in my life.

6. It is hard to express myself with words at this moment, because I’m feeling so sick I can’t even bring words together to say how sorry I am. Please, babe pick up my calls.

7. With the way things turned out, I have just realized that I have taken this relationship for granted. Now I realize how much it means to me. I can’t stop thinking about you, you are part of my life and I truly can’t lose you. Forgive me please.

8. Darling, I am broken, and I can’t believe I caused you pain. I may never be able to make it up to you, but can you just allow me to try? Please accept my apology. I am sorry.

9. I am constantly and deeply ashamed of what I have done. I hope that you will let me show you how I have changed. I am sorry, my love.

10. I am sorry. I wish you will know how deeply I mean those three words. They are all I can bring together to show that I’m broken. You mean so much to me. I can’t afford to lose you to anyone else.

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Romantic Apology Message To Her In English

11. My eyes hasn’t stop dropping tears uncontrollably, my handkerchief is always soaked with tears of regret. I hate myself for the words I said; I hate myself even more that it was to the one I love the most. Forgive me, babe. I’m so sorry.

12. Turning back the hands of the clock is what I wish for the most now. I wish to erase the ugly happenings; I wish I bit my tongue rather than letting those words come out. Forgive me, my love. I’m sorry for my wrong.

13. Each day without you, I sink a little deeper into a pit of despair. The pain of losing you overpowers me. I need the strength that your forgiveness offers.

14. Babe, I vowed never to lay hands on a woman, and I thought that was the only way to really hurt a woman. Today, I have realized words leave more scars than beating. Seeing how speechless and sad you were at my words made me the worst person on earth. Please forgive me, babe. I am sorry; I deeply regret everything.

15. This silence is killing me, babe. I can’t focus, I can’t sleep, I can’t even feel myself. I said the worst things to you, and I deeply regret everything. Please take my calls, please just let me see you again. I love you so much, and I can’t afford losing you.

16. I wish I would be perfect all my life, but I realize that I am still human, prone to committing mistakes. Please forgive my errors. I can’t continue to bear life without you.

17. Dear, I’m sorry that I got things off the handle. I over-reacted unnecessarily, and I realize that the journey is too far to go without you and the path too scary to walk without you. Please forgive me.

18. I keep staring at my phone, hoping I will hear from you. I keep reminiscing on the precious moments we have spent together. I want you back, my love. You mean the world to me. Please forgive me.

19. You have no idea of how guilty I feel after my misconduct. Nothing can heal my pain now until you find a place to forgive me in your heart. I am deeply sorry; please accept my apology.

20. You are the most precious treasure I ever had, and I can’t stand to see you cry, especially because of me. Honey, please forgive me, and let me see you again. I love you.

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Cute Romantic Apology Message To Her

21. The realization of what I have done cuts deeply into my soul and stabs my heart. I cannot justify my actions, but I regret them every moment and beg you to give me another chance.

22. I promise that this mistake has taught me how to be a better person. Please give me the chance to show you.

23. Your precious heart has been broken by the arrows of anger I hurled into it. I pray that I will be allowed to make amends and heal it, for you are a precious treasure.

24. This is one of the many reasons I don’t take your love for me for granted. I am just a flawed person, and my temper is terrible. I tried not to lose it, but I did, I’m ashamed of myself, and I pray you forgive me.

25. Babe, I can bear anything, a slap on the face, a quarrel, or even a distance relationship, but I can not bear having your love drifting away from me. Please forgive me, babe. It will never happen again.

26. You have always been my better half. I’m only complete when I’m by your side. I am sorry for letting you down.

27. I must have called a million times since last night, and I still will have my hopes high with my next call that you will pick up. I can’t do anything else than cry and pray that you hear me out. I am sorry, my love. I am really sorry.

28. Please don’t feel like I am not the same guy that you fell in love with because that will make two of us. I, too, can’t get over the fact that I actually hurt you. You mean the world to me and I am so sorry about everything.

29. I am soaked to the skin as I remember our love and realize the magnitude of what I’ve done. I can’t see the possibility if my happiness without you. I am sorry baby, please forgive me.

30. Please forgive me. I have been trying to get myself together, but knowing that you won’t want to see me, talk to me, or even hear me out makes me feel like life is going to end soon. Please, I love you.

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Romantic Apology Message To Her To Make Her Forgive You

31. If I could be perfect, babe, I definitely will do anything and pay any price to be just perfect for you, because you my babe deserve the world. Please give me another chance to correct my wrong and be the love of your life.

32. The pang of sorrow and the emptiness I feel without you overwhelms me. Please accept my deepest apology for hurting you. I love you babe, just you.

33. I survived three years in the states because you loved me. I took the pain, the lonely nights, the dying wishes to see you and be in your arms. I survived everything, but knowing now that the love that kept me is leaving even when I am a street close to it is killing me. Please, babe I’m sorry, forgive me.

34. I’ve been slapping myself for the way I shouted at you in public. I am sorry baby, forgive me. I would bit my tongue rather than raise my voice on you again.

35. I must confess I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions. I just wanted to act tough and be the boss. I didn’t know that my silence treatment was breaking your heart apart. Please love, forgive me.

36. Babe, I’m sorry. I can’t explain everything over a text, but I want you to know that I’m sorry. I’ve been waiting outside your house all day to see you. Please forgive me, and hear me out.

37. You didn’t take my calls all night, and this morning the sky decided to join me cry you a river, to show you how broken my heart is for hurting you. Look out your window and see me outside the rain kneeling; I’m going nowhere if I don’t get your forgiveness.

38. Sweetheart, please don’t discard this message as you did to my calls. I am sorry for everything, and I am willing to do anything to get you to love me. Forgive me, please.

39. I can’t do anything knowing I hurt the love of my life. Baby, please forgive me.

40. I am twice as hurt as the hurt that I’ve cost you. I am deeply sorry for making you cry. Please forgive me, I beg of you.

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