101 Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

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Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages: Being in love is one of the most ecstatic feelings which anyone can have, and that fact is indisputable. Do you need the most romantic heart touching love messages for him? Do you want the best love touching messages for her?

Then, you are in the right place, because we have compiled everything you need to ensure that your lover has a smile on his or her face. With Love, Life is nothing but fun fun fun. It’s like a dream come true when you end up with that one who means the whole world to you — everything seems magical.

And, words can help you express what you feel about that person. That’s why we, Sweetest Messages, have packaged the most awesome romantic heart romantic love messages to him or her without hassle.

Have you because of this statement “I need a good love message for my husband” gone in search for love messages? We have got you covered in that, too.

Without further words, let’s proceed.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages For Lovers

1. Loving has brought me a beautiful feeling, which I really can’t explain. And, I will never observe a stop, because my love for you is to the moon, and back, too. You know how a mum would love her child, right? That’s how I’ll always love you.

2. Your kind of love has touched the deepest part of my heart, and it has been heart touching — I won’t lie. Usually, the sun sets, right? But, your love has always been like a sunrise which doesn’t set. I love you.

3. Now, my world is molded; it wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t come into my life. I can’t stop myself from loving you. I love you so much.

4. The love you show me is beautiful, and it — your love — has penetrated the deepest part of my heart. I see the bright sky, and my heart holds sheer excitement. All this is because I have embraced your love. I love you.

5. Before you came into my life, my world has experienced gloom and glee, but ever since you came, my life has never experienced those — gloom and glee. Whenever I’m moody, you brighten my mood; you just know how to warm my heart. I love you, dear.

Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry

6. I feel the fire in my soul, and that fire is YOU. The beautiful things — all of it — which you do for me makes me want to stay alive for another day. Baby, you have me for yourself for the rest of your life. So, for me, it’s either I have you, or I leave this world a single person. I love you, darling.

7. The sun owns the day because it shines during that time; you own my heart because you perfectly know how to love me. I desire to have the best relationship ever with you. One of my best prayers is, “we stay together until the stars cease to shine.” You know the stars wouldn’t cease to shine. I love you.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

8. You know that day we met, right? I’m sure you can remember, because of the funny encounter. That day has remained the most remarkable and memorable day of my life. I have had numerous friends, but none has meant even a fragment of what you mean to me. I love you, honey.

9. Take up your phone, and look at your keyboard, you would notice that U and I are placed side by side. What does that tell you? Well, it indicates that our love will never cease as long as you remain with me. After all, that’s how the alphabet should be.

10. I will not forget to continuously send you lovely and sweet love — in the morning, afternoon, and at night, too. I love you. I will do everything I can do, and I’ll also go extra miles, just to make sure that you achieve all the dreams of yours. I love you.

Heart Touching Love Promise Quotes

11. I may not promise to stick by your forever; I may not carry the world and hand it over to you; I may not have the resources to write your lovely name in the sky; I may not be matched with what you really define as the perfect lover — but, I promise you this: I will never cease to love you, and I will always remain true to you as we journey through life. I love you.

12. I know you must have heard about guardian angels in movies; I promise to be your angel, your guardian angel precisely — the one that makes sure that you get a smile on your face whenever you feel down, whenever you are moody.

13. Baby, I promise to care about you more than I care about myself. Let me be that one to love you until the world comes to an end. I love you.

14. I will not care much about how people see the love I have for you. I will not care much about what people think about the love I have for you. In fact, I don’t care about any of that. As long as we breathe, I’ll always care for you. You deserve anything good.

15. Yes, we may have our relationship as a chaotic, impulsive and challenging one — but I promise to never forget about the romantic part of our love life. I love you, my love.

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16. If I want to send all the things which I love about you, my life earnings won’t be enough to afford the data to attempt such. I love everything about you — your smile, your eyes, your voice… Name them. I love YOU.

Sweet And Romantic Love Message

17. Whenever you kiss me, I just wish that my lips stick to yours forever. Whenever you set your eyes on me, I wish you will continuously do that, I mean every second of the day — because I can’t quantify how much I love you. I love you, darling.

18. The whole of you is incredibly awesome. Nothing in this world can make me regret falling in love with you, because I do it over and over and over again, like every day. I love you.

19. You have a special, particular spot in my heart, and that spot can never be filled by anyone else. That’s why I can’t afford to lose you because if that spot is left empty, my heart will fail. You alone have the key to my heart, and I’m excited because no one else can do it the way you do it — love me. You are my King (Queen).

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20. As the bond between us began to get stronger, I knew it that further moments would be everything. And, I’m still sharing lovely moments with you. I love you, my prince (princess).

21. Even when you go far away from me, you always remain in my heart — mind. No matter the actions of people, nothing and nobody can erase what you mean to me. I love you.

Romantic Heart Touching Messages For Him

Here is the best collection of romantic heart touching messages for him, which you can send to him — in a unique way — to make him feel loved.

22. It brings Joy to my heart anytime I think of the fact that you are mine alone. All the Love I need from a human being in this world is complete in you. I’ll never trade you for anything. I love you dearly.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages


23. I can boast about you all day, and I don’t care what that will make people say. I enjoy doing that, because I know I can’t find anyone who’s just like you — I don’t think that person exists. You show me lots of love that I feel like I don’t make any effort to love you, too. I love you, best.

24. Wanna know the true definition of full bliss? It’s loving you. Ever since I started loving you, I have experienced a turn around in my life. Baby, how do you even do that? You are the best. You mean the world to me, no man has ever meant to me even an ounce of what you mean to me. I love you.

25. My favorite and most safe place is right in your arms. The love I have for you is not just higher than my roof, it’s also higher than the highest sky scrapper. If your love is one of the sports available, I will never risk losing it. Tell me, can I ever stop loving you? Baby, I don’t think I can. I love you, my special one.

Love SMS For Him From The Heart

26. People count their greatest gain as the money, cars, and houses they have — but for me, the addition of your special love to my life is my greatest gain. It can’t be position, but if I could make it possible, I’d make sure that we both become one being. I love you and don’t even think I’ll apologize for that. No apology.

27. Even the roads which you pass through can never stand as a hindrance from my loving you. I’ll tightly hold you closer to myself — in a way I haven’t held anyone before. The love I have for you is so strange, I just can’t have control over it. I love you, my prince.

28. You know those diamonds in the sky, right? Well, the light from those diamonds can’t be compared to the brightness that my love for you produces. No matter the amount of darkness, my love for you will still remain. Darkness can’t even attempt to take my love for you. I love you so much.

29. As it is, I don’t think I’ll be able to find someone just as perfect as you are — perfect for me. Even in the next life, I still doubt it. I’m cautious in my actions, so I’ll never lose you. Of all the fantastic, awesome and incredible things which earth has to give out, I would always prefer you. I love you.

30. Stand by the side of the latest Ferrari and ask me to choose, I’d still choose you. After all, can Ferrari buy you? No! I know that with you, I can get a Ferrari for myself. I love you.

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31. If your love for me is written in a script — in other words, if your love for me is scripted — then nonfiction can never be preferable. You alone hold the key which gives you access to my heart, and all, too. I don’t only love your eyes and your smiles, I also love everything about you. I love you, my baby girl.

Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

32. These letters you’re reading right now stands as a witness that I’d would love you that you will ask yourself, “where has he been all these while?” I love you so much.

33. Thank you so much for being created; if you hadn’t been created, I wouldn’t have agreed to come to this world, because you are my world. I look at both of us whenever we are together, and the only thing I see is GOOD. I LOVE YOU.

34. At least, I have seen moving clouds — not once, not twice; and I discovered that the moving clouds are not as fascinating as you are. Please, believe me whenever I say this: you’re the best thing which has ever happened to me. I love you.

35. Everything I write about you is completely true. Don’t think I can to write anything fake. Your beautiful features are priceless. As your features are so beautiful, I can’t wait to spend my whole night. I love you, Baby.

36. You satisfy my heart, and you always hold me closer to yourself — closer than how close I am with my family. I have the conviction that my life is the best with you in it. Please, don’t leave me. I promise not to do anything to warrant that. I love you very much, my dear.

Romantic Messages For Him

37. Ever since I was young, I prayed to God to me someone like you, and he gave the exact thing I have been looking for. Having you around always gives me hope that my days can get better and better and better… I love you madly.

38. I really can’t make a list of the things I’ve decided to do for you, in order to display my love for you. I’ve tried it before, I consumed ten dozens of pen — writing material — and that was how she got a client.

39. Every day I wake up to a sight of you, I feel like I’m already in heaven. Now, it’s clear. With you is my dwelling place. I love you.

40. All the beautiful things, which are available on earth, have you as their mentor — someone who they look up to. I love you.

41. When you have me as a topic on your lips, I feel like the most important individual on planet earth. When you tell me “I love you,” I lose complete control of myself. I love you, too.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages For Her

Put a smile on her face, and make her know how much you love her using these romantic heart touching love messages for her. Here you go:

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42. You are the only special person my heart belongs to, and it doesn’t desire any other thing but you. It’s because of you I smile, and my happiness is because of you. I love you loads.

43. An empty can is a good thing to define how empty I was. But, after I met you — after you filled me up with your Love — I became a new person. I love you, my queen.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

44. I have always dreamt of having an angel in my life. I thought dreams don’t come true until I woke up to your beautiful face. I have come to realize that reality is very much beautiful than the dream I had. I feel lucky to have you. I love you, pretty damsel.

45. Yes, I know that I may not be your first kiss, first love or first date — know this: I just desire to be your everything. I can’t imagine my life without loving you. I love you, darling.

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46. Every moment of my whole life, you make me feel alive. Every Joy I feel is just because of your presence in my life. And, you are the reason behind the constant smile I have on my face. I love you deeply.

Deep Love Message For My Queen

47. Every time my eye closes, I imagine and dream about both of us being merry and happy together, with each other, in the house of our choice. Stay with me until the world comes to an end. I love you, cutie.

48. I feel so lucky and unfortunate to have you for me alone. You can into my world, and light it up with your brightness. Your presence is something I value more than anything else. I love you.

49. I always want to hold your hands, because by holding your hands, I acquire the strength to conquer all the problems which I face in my life. Stay with me forever. I love you, my woman.

50. You know those childish giggles you do make, right? They melt my heart every time they come to my hearing. Don’t stop laughing like that, huh? Continue. I love it, and I love you.

51. I fell for the gleam of your eyes. I will never do anything that will make tears come out of those beautiful eyes. I promise to make your stay happy every day. I love you.

Sweet Romantic Love Message For My Love

52. One of my promises to you is: I will make sure that I protect you from all the negativity present in this world. You only promise to stick by me always. I can’t love you less.

53. Can you finish counting the stars in the sky? No, right? That’s the same way you can’t finish counting my love for you. My heart is filled with so much love for you, to the extent that it now overflows. I love you, my dearest treasure.

54. In case you don’t know my greatest fantasies; well, they are the ones that begin with you, and also end with you. I always have you in my mind. I love you, princess.

55. Here’s how I love you — I love you deeply, madly, crazily and truly. Nothing in the world can stop my love for you. I love you.

56. God knows you’re the best match for me, that’s the reason why he brought you to me. Isn’t that a sign that we are meant for each other. I love you every day.

Heart Touching Message For Her To Fall In Love

57. Anytime I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think about is you. You have taken a huge part of my mind, but I don’t regret it. The thought of you gives me Joy and makes me look forward to the better days ahead.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

58. You are the queen of my heart. A lot of people have tried, but they couldn’t wear the crown to become the queen of my heart. I will always play the role of being your king. Thanks for loving me. I love you forever.

59. I live my life every day, hoping that one day I would wake up with you right beside me. There’s nothing that can successfully me happier than a day that begins with you, and wraps up with you, too. I love you, my angel.

60. The most thing I crave for is your love. I crave for it every second of my life. You are the reason my heart beats, and my mind runs because of the thought of you. Baby, don’t ever leave me, because I may stop to exist.

61. Inside my heart has a special spot — and that spot is for nobody else but you. If you stop to occupy that spot, I don’t know if my heart will continue to function. Sending you a very huge box filled you enough love. I love you, my sweetheart.

Sweet Heart Touching Love Messages For Husband

And, yes! It is romantic to send your husband a sweet romantic love text message from these sweet heart touching love messages for husband.

62. Even in your imperfections, you are still perfect in my sight. Even at the times when you are annoying, you are still lovely and amazing. I love you, my all.

63. I find all the peace I need when I hide under your arms. Any time you touch me, I feel comfort. What I want is nothing more than you, and nothing less than you, too.

64. I have all the reasons to love you because you have given them to me. Baby, I love you for all you are, and everything you aren’t.

65. I have strength and power because I have you in my life. You ensure that you make me hopeful, whenever I have no hope left. I have looked for treasures all my life, I discovered I had found it when I found you. I love you.

Heart Melting Message For Husband

66. For the whole things you have blessed me with, I promise you this: all of me — my life, my world, and my love — will always be for no other person but you.

67. You have used your love, which is unconditional, to capture my soul. How do you even do that? Because it happened like magic. I will always make you feel enough love, because that’s what you do, too.

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68. My prayer to God is that I don’t get separated from you because of a silly argument. I am ready to love you forever in this journey we have chosen to embark on together. I love you so much.

69. Please, keep me warm in your arms, because your arms are the safest place I want to be in the world. Honey, I love you.

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70. One of my greatest fear had been getting married to the wrong man, but you came to tell me that perfect men still exist — well, you are perfect in my sight.

Short Heart Touching Love Messages For Husband

71. I love how you pamper me, dear. I love it more when you play with my hair. OMG! That feeling is out of this world.

72. It’s the choice of the almighty that you become my soulmate, and I’m so grateful to the almighty for the perfect match. Like I don’t think anyone can understand me the way you do. I love you.

73. I don’t think I would have been able to survive the hardship of life if you were not my husband — you have shown me so much support and love. Keep holding my hands forever. I will always love you; nothing, I repeat, nothing can stop me from loving you.

74. God has blessed me with someone like you, I can never afford to let you go. I love you.

75. Because you are a part of me, everything seems really perfect — everything has fallen in place. I so much Love you for making my life more than a piece of heaven.

Most Touching Love Messages For Him

76. I progress in life, because of your presence. You have shown me love and care. And, you have given me peace, too. Even in my next life, I will still choose to get married to you. I love you, my perfect husband.

77. Such a lovely husband like you doesn’t come from this world — earth — they come directly from heaven. You are obviously the perfect husband ever. I love you.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

78. Before I got married to you, I saw it as a fairy tale. And, BOOM! It came true. My world turned around after you came into it. All the thanks go to you. I love you, my husband.

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79. In times of lack, you have been there. In times of weakness, you have been there. In times of sickness, you have been there. You have taken a perfect spot in my heart, and no one can take that place. I love you.

80. You remember when I was pregnant, right? How you cooked, played with me, massaged me, and stay with me. You made me feel like a princess. And, that’s how you still make me feel — till now. I love you deeply.

81. You know: no human can survive without air; that’s the same way I can’t survive without you. My Love for you increases daily, and I’ll love you until I breathe no more.

Sweet Heart Touching Love Messages For Wife

Romantic heart touching love messages for wife: You don’t have to wait for a perfect time before you can express the love you have for your wife. For all you men, take this secret: a woman doesn’t so much want things such as flowers, diamond and expensive. All she desires is your sincere and true love. Here are sweet heart touching love messages for wife; pick and send to her, or you can use it as an idea to compose yours.

82. I had a dream that you were just mine, then I woke up to the realization that it’s not a dream — you are mine already. I love you, my sweet wife.

83. You are the only one who fills all the emptiness of my heart. I’m so grateful that I have you in my life. I love you dearly.

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84. You have come and transformed my imperfections into perfections, using the touch of your love. Love you always, my dearest wife.

85. Your heart is filled with our love and affection. You are always caring. I am so lucky to have you as my lovely wife.

Heart Touching Message For Wife

86. Every time I feel troubled, I ease my soul by thinking of your love. That is what your love does in my life. I love you, sweetheart.

87. You are my gist mate, my gossip mate. I don’t like it, they should hit their head on the wall, and if they want such, they should go and find a wife for themselves. I’m so sure they wouldn’t find anybody like you. I love you.

88. I prefer to spend one lifetime with just you, than face all the negativities of the world alone. I love you, my dearly.

89. Whenever I look at you, I tried to figure out what exactly I did to get such an amazing gift from God. You have been a blessing to me. And, I won’t stop loving you.

90. With you around, I can be at my silliest and never get bothered about being judged. Why? Because you alone are my better half. I love you.

Romantic Love Message To Melt Her Heart

91. The first day I set my eyes on you, I wanted to have you to myself forever. And today, I have happy to have you as my wife. Make sure you have a great day. I love you every day.

92. No matter how many years we have spent in marriage, there are just two moments when I will love to have you close to me — Now and Forever! Love you, my darling.

93. I see you as a special gift from heaven. Your smile does something I love so much — it warms my heart. Whenever you are around me, I feel whole. I love you, today and forever.

94. Here’s my permanent relationship status — I’m no longer single, I’m officially taken forever by the most beautiful woman on earth. Love Ya!

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages


95. How exactly do you do this? You made my heart melt, and you also fill it with love. I get extra addiction to you, any time you gaze at me. I love you so much.

Love Words To Melt Her Heart

96. I love looking directly into your eyes because those eyes are so charming. They calm me down like magic was done on me.

97. You are the answer to my prayers. You are my fulfilled wish. You are my realized dream. I love you, my pretty wife.

98. Everything I see you do is my source of Joy. I don’t think I can cease to be happy whenever I’m with you. Thanks for being there for me. I love you, my princess.

99. All the days I spend with you are the days, which are worth living. I can’t really remember what it feels like to be alone. I love you, my dear wife.

100. Darling wife, I think the only right thing which I have done since I was born is: Loving You. I love you so much.

101. Before I had you in my life, I never knew what it’s like to look at someone and smile without reason. I love you.

Hope you enjoyed the Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages? We are sure you did. We spiced it up to suit your taste. Put a smile on the face of your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, and husband.

Happy Reading.

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