40 A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

by Liilgenius
A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend: Have you ever seen anyone boldly saying that men don’t appreciate text messages — love text messages precisely? Don’t believe that. It’s a false statement. If you have been thinking about using text to put a smile on his face regularly, you are at the right place — because we have compiled several sweet paragraphs from which you can choose the one you love, to be a sweet paragraph to send to your boyfriend.

Do you know one thing done by text messages? Here it is: love text messages help you to melt the heart of your boyfriend; they make him — your boyfriend — know that he’s always on your mind. Get ready to copy and paste. Just copy, locate her inbox, then paste. It’s that simple!

The messages could also serve as a complete idea to those who desire to create something unique and emotional. Falling in love comes with an exceptional feeling, and to always spark up the fire behind the love, you need to ensure that you keep him abreast with how important his presence is, how your life has changed ever since he came into your life, and the likes.

Without further ado, let’s dive into revealing these messages.

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

1. Whenever I feel the touch of the natural air — yes, the air — it makes me reflect on your lips, your beautiful face and everything about you.

2. Something I can’t forget is the fragrance of your body that has the honey well as its source of fragrance. I love you from the deepest part – the deep deep part – of my large heart.

3. My love for you is entirely natural. Nothing in this world can make me stop loving you. And, I also don’t have the power to stop loving you.

4. You belong to no other person but for me until the end of time, and I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it. If my love were present as a flood, it’d drown everyone alive on earth. I love you.

5. Ever since the day you left, I’m very much stranded with passion. I wish I were close to you right now to hug and kiss you as many times I want to. You can’t imagine how much I love putting my head on your chest — the feeling is special.

6. Every day that passes by, my love for you grows stronger. Right now, I can’t imagine not loving you. I know I won’t be lying if I say that loving you gives life. You are the best, Baby.

7. You are the one who makes my heart beat — in other words, you are my heartbeat. You give me the true joy which keeps me alive and makes me want to live another day. I love you, darling.

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8. I have searched for a boyfriend with the qualities you possess, but I must say, there’s none like you: you are just too different. Even though when you are not singing, the tone of your voice alone is a sweet and beautiful song — that’s the reason why I always want to hear your voice. I cherish you.

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

9. I really don’t like to shed tears, because those tears I shed is you. The reason is: I don’t want to lose you. I must say this: I love you. Yes, I love you.

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10. Spending every bit and moment of my life with a guy like you is everything — the best thing I’ve experienced since my existence on earth. When I am with you, this life seems and becomes a lot more enjoyable to live in. I don’t want ever to be apart from you. I love you.

11. The thought of you makes my heart to beat faster than normal — more quickly than the speed of light, too. I love you, the most handsome boyfriend ever.

12. Even though we fight, I can’t leave you because of how deep my love for you has become. To fight in a relationship is a normal thing, but as they say, “patience is the virtue,” possess this virtue. I wish I were close to you right now, the wetness of my tongue would have been seen in every area of your lips. I love you, darling.

13. You are the thing I’d been dreaming about, now you’re that dream come true. You are my world. Just like every good thing in this world is to me, that’s the same way you are to me. I love you.

14. Without you in my life, I will be no me. YES, I’m serious about this. You show me so much care, you make me feel so special, and there’s no other man who can take your place in my life. Much love, Baby.15. I love you so much. You’re the most handsome man who has entered my life. There’s one special thing about you which I cherish so much — that special thing is: you make me feel unique and good about myself.

16. Among all the treasures that have come into my life, you are the most interesting of them all. Your love has a special spot in my heart, and my heart would love you forever. I love you, the one who brings joy to my heart.

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17. If anybody meets me and ask me, “what good thing has ever happened to you?” I’ll boldly say, “It’s you.” You’re the best thing that has happened to a person like me. I love you.

18. You are my sunshine, the one who has brought light to my world. Ever since you came to my life, everything has begun to work out. I’ll never do anything to hurt you. I love you.

19. If I don’t let you know this, then I’m not doing myself any good — this: you mean the whole world to me. I wish you all the best things you can imagine.

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

20. The whole of my heart longs for your love. Through hard times and good times, we’ve been fighting whatever battle together. No matter what comes up, I’ll always be there for you. Loving you has become natural for me. I love you, my sweetheart.

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21. There’s no feeling that can be compared to what I feel when we look at the moon with each other. And, that makes me love you even more. I am a hundred percent — even more than a hundred percent — interested in a sweetheart like you. YES, I love you, too. You’re my river of passion and love, swimming in you is something I’ll love to do all the days of my life. I love you.

22. There’s this virtue I love to see men with — being strong and hardworking: you do have these virtues, and that’s why my love for you will never cease. In this big world, I’ve chosen just two things, and they are: to stay with you and to grow old with no other person but you. I love you.

23. One thing which amazes me so much is your patience. Despite all the downs and ups life bring, you still have a reason to love me even more. I dreamed about having a boyfriend like you, and BOOM! You came into my life. I love you.

24. You are a dream come true. You are such a romantic man. You tolerate, you love, you care, you forgive, you… I couldn’t go on and on and on. Baby, you are the best, and I love you.

25. How I wish you are aware of how much love I have for you. Do you understand how your presence in my life has changed my entire life? Have you realized that? If you haven’t, now you know. You are the best guy who has ever had an impact on my heart; my heart would love you forever. I love you.

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26. Ever since I’ve been with you, I have never regretted any moment, even when we quarrel — romantic quarrels, LOL! I thought I’ll find another reason to love, I had already lost hope of loving again, but that changed when you came into my life. I love you.

27. I never believed that I’d be happy again, I never believed that anybody could make me happy again, but since you came into my life, I’ve known the real definition of happiness. Baby, you’re my everything. I love you so much.

28. Whenever you see a smile on my beautiful face, just know that you are the reason why I smile. Indeed, I am a fortunate woman to have met a sweet and wonderful guy like you. I will love you this minute, tomorrow and until the world comes to an end.

29. I have rejected lots of requests, I have snubbed lots of messages just because I’ve found the best — YOU. You know it’s not easy to find the best. Every other guy is a loser because your company is something I’m satisfied with. I’ve never in my life experienced a relationship which is as sweet, romantic, and lovely as the one that I’m in with you. I love you, darling.

30. You are the inspiration I’ve found. I can’t imagine how exactly this life will look like without you with me, without you by my side. If life turns to be something so empty, I won’t bother because I have you as mine. You make my world complete, so I know I wouldn’t feel life’s emptiness with you around. I want the two of us to be in love forever.

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

31. One perfect and sweet thing about becoming old together is that we can sit down and recall those moments we argue over very little things. Afterward, we smile and create happiness in our hearts again. I love you so much. I’ll never cheat on you; I promise.

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32. Today, I want to use this minute to appreciate you for your unconditional and endless love which you have shown me. I must appreciate you for teaching me those words of wisdom. Having an intelligent boyfriend like you is everything. I love you.

33. Before we met, I didn’t have a focus on any goal. I was without plans, but after you came into my life, you taught me skills, you taught me how to be a better version of myself. And, I’m always glad to be your only teammate. I love you, darling.

34. I wish you have an idea of how much I love you. Well, I’m glad because heaven knows how much I’m in love with you. You are sent directly from heaven. You are the best man, the only man who can make me smile amid pains and tears. I love you.

35. I haven’t found anybody who can be an excellent company to be aside you. You are never boring, and you are the most exciting lover in the world. I cannot easily erase the thought of you in my head, because, among all guys, you are the kindest. I must say this to you: even the smallest part of my heart can’t stop thinking about a great person like you. I love you.

36. You are the only man who holds the key to my heart. Before now, I haven’t been able to let any man have access to my heart, but I don’t know how I gave you access. Well, I think I know you are just different.

37. You taught me how to love the right way; you also taught me how to be passionate about whatever thing I believe in. I have come to realize the living with you would be a blessing for life. I love you.

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38. How I wish you are aware of how much I cherish you, how much I adore you. You are a prince to my world. And, I’ll respect and love you forever.

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend

39. If I have to do just one thing while on earth, that thing would be: being with you forever. Your company is exceptional, I must tell you. You are more than special, and this is one of the reasons I fell for you. You are a jewel — a handsome one. You are worthy of being loved until the end of time. I love you.

40. If there’s another world after this one, I’d look for you, and fall in love with you over again; then, we’ll be with each other, aiming at forever again. I love you, my handsome prince.

Though you can send all; but check, maybe there’s just one you can pick as A Sweet Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend. It’ll fan the fire in the love your boyfriend has for you.

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