70 Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy

by Liilgenius
Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy

Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy: It’s of no doubt that you’ll love to have some sweet texts to make her happy, which you can use. Can anyone deny the fact that relationship doesn’t work if these things — happiness, commitment, and trust — are missing? NO!

Most times, we think happiness is gotten when we are privileged to be around the most beautiful things of life, things such as fine houses, cars, flowers, etc. But, on the contrary, there are things we sweep under the carpet that are paramount for her happiness.

When you send sweet texts to make her smile — you would be surprised at the positive impact the messages made in her, if you hid somewhere and observed her. This practice is what a lot of persons put zero effort into. Why? Because they feel it’s minor, and it doesn’t count.

Moreover, sending messages such as sweet texts to make her happy, is one of the pillars that hold you two together. Don’t ignore that.

Have you thought about making her smile with your words, but after composing you feel it’s not worth it?

Do you have the idea to write sweet words for her, but you don’t know how to put it into words?

This article is for you. In this article, you’ll see texts — which you can pick ideas from, copy and paste into your lover’s inbox. Note that, another essence for sending these sweet texts to make her happy is to remind her of the significance of her presence in your life. Don’t you know that when you tell a woman how important they are to you, it makes her smile?

Well, now you have known. Let’s move into the crux of this article – sweet texts to make her happy.

Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy

Here are Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy.

1. I hear people talk about destiny. Ever since you came into my life, I discovered that you are my destiny. I want you to know that it wasn’t a thing of choice to make you my friend, it wasn’t coincidental that I fell in love with you. But, making you the woman — my life — I will spend the rest of my life with, was the greatest of my achievements.

2. I call you my happiness, I call you the desire of my heart, and I call you my everlasting flame, the only woman that causes my heart to beat faster. The love of my life, the queen of my life, whenever I think, I must have you in my thoughts. I can’t think without thinking about you. I love you so much, my Angel.

3. There’s no limit to the love I have for you, and it’s more than sufficient. You are the one that gives me sheer joy, the joy that I haven’t experienced in my life before. And, we are meant for eternity. I have this feeling of fulfilment whenever my mind harbours thoughts of you. I have lots of love for you, my darling. Words can’t explain it.

4. Hello, Baby Girl! Hope you’re doing just fine? I know you have eaten because you don’t joke with food. I’m texting to let you know that someone somewhere loves you so much, and until the end of time, he will continue to Love you. I can see you right now. Do you want me to tell you three things that confirm this? You’re pressing your phone, you’re reading these words, and you’re smiling with that beautiful face of yours. I love you, my princess.

5. There’s a significant risk involved in Love — it’s either you sheepishly get drown in it, or it sinks you. Anyhow it turns out; you would always be in my life. But, for me, I don’t care, I am immensely drowning in the love my heart holds for you, and I don’t want to be saved. I’m comfortable with being drowned. Thank you for showering your love on me.

6. Seeing you engrossed in happiness and comfort is my greatest achievement. The spell behind your magical smile has trapped me into loving you even more. Also, I have the full courage to dwell here on earth, because of you. One thing I always want to do is to always be there for you, and be with you, my sunshine.

7. Baby, with you, I experience moments of weakness and moments of strength. I experience moments of strength the more because you are my strength. Every day I spend with you close to me, I count that day a fabulous and beautiful day. I want to make sure that I check up on my darling, little cupcake. Yes, that’s what you are. Always know it that, I Love you.

8. The way the sunrise sparkles, that’s precisely the same way your eyes do. Whenever you take a breath, all the fishes available in the rain gets frozen. You are my security — security is cherished so much. After I met you, I discovered that my life changed. Right now, my life with you is the best thing in my life. You are my everything, honey.

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9. Do you remember that night I told you that I saw a star falling from the sky? I made a wish that same night, and that same night I found you. So, believe me, when I say that if you make a wish, it will surely come true, just the way you came into my life, as a wish I made some time ago. Enjoy the rest of your day, my baby.

10. If I have to walk ten thousand miles, to prove to you that I love you so much, and I desire your presence in my life — I wouldn’t even hesitate to do it. I would do anything for you, even the ones within my reach. You’ve stolen my heart, but I don’t care as long as I have yours. Continue excelling, my love.

Sweet Love Message To Make Her Happy

Here are Sweet Love Message To Make Her Happy. Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy!

11. I know you are at work right now, and you don’t need disturbance, but I can’t help but check up on you to know how my baby is doing. Hope you’re doing great? Hope you have eaten? I am alright now. I hadn’t been alright since I couldn’t send this message. Always take care of yourself for me, my sugar plum.

12. I have this belief that even though I start a world tour to look for a girl who’s as beautiful and lovely as you, I won’t be successful. Baby, you’re too perfect for me, I don’t think I can find anyone like you. I can’t afford to lose you, and that’s why I will do anything possible to make sure that I don’t lose you. I’ll do everything possible to make you happy. I promise to always be there for you. Even though the world looks down on you, always know this: there’s someone who believes in you — ME.

13. I won’t be happy if any other takes the place of your happiness as my primary priority. I want you to know that every weakness you display is my strength. All I want is that you become the queen of my heart and my heart alone. I love you, my special one.

14. If anything makes me pick you to oversleep, know it that you are freaking special to me. I don’t mind spending the whole of my night thinking about you. And, even if I eventually go to bed, I’ll desire to dream about you. You are so special to me, my love.

15. If they say loving you is the biggest crime, I don’t mind being a criminal. Your love has transformed my life into what it is today. I so much appreciate you, my love, for making me the only one you love. I love you dearly, too.

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16. Many people approached me and asked, “have you gone crazy?” They ask me that question because they see how much I love a girl like you. But, I don’t mind, you are just perfect to me. I don’t mind staying entirely crazy for you. I don’t care. My entire life hasn’t been the same ever since you came into it. My love for you knows no bounds.

17. I never want to see tears in your eyes, and I’ll make sure nothing will make me use the word “goodbye” to you. I won’t do anything to treat you bad. Without hesitation, I would do anything possible, even if it means getting burnt in a flame of fire, to see that you are happy and not sad. My love will always be with you. Your Joy will be my joy, and your pain will be my pain. I love you.

18. Nothing in this world will be able to change my love for you, NOTHING. I don’t mind if you instruct me to inform everybody in the world about our love. As long as I exist in this world, my love is for you alone. Stay safe, my honey.

19. Can you ever describe how water tastes? I’m sure it’s impossible to do such. That’s the same with my love for you. I really can’t explain it. There’s something I have done, and I’ll always thank myself for doing such — that thing is: falling love with you. You are the key to my heart.

20. After I saw you, every progress I observed to know you more, I discovered an evident difference in my life. As I know you, even more, the happiness in me grows. Thank you for allowing me to know about these much things about you. I cherish you to the last, my sweetheart. Make sure you have a beautiful day. I love you.

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Love Sms To Make Her Happy

Below are Love Sms To Make Her Happy. Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy!

21. Baby, I want you to know this, I know I haven’t told you this before: I have always had this desire of being with just you. The feeling I have to see that I have you now is quite more than what the luckiest person in the world feels. I’m sure you are one of the angels sent from heaven, I don’t have to confirm from you, because I know that’s the way it is. I love you, sweetie pie.

22. If you had the opportunity to wish for one thing, what exactly would you wish for? Make that wish, and it will come true, I assure you. As for me, my biggest dream, desire is to be close to you every day. Whenever I harbour the thought about the fact that I can’t be with you every time, I get sad. But, the thought of you comforts me. I cherish you, sweetie.

23. The words written in the biggest dictionary can’t describe how I feel on my inside when I set my eyes on your dazzling beauty daily. Your love gives me a feeling of fulfilment. And, it’s all I have as my biggest asset right now, so I will protect for it till death. I promise you, my love. I love you very much.

24. Anytime I check my phone and discover that it’s a text from you, I get a smile on my face. Even though the message is just a word, it still would make my day. There’s one thing I want you to know, and that thing is: I love you. I love you with the whole of my heart.

25. I can’t compare going to bed beside you to any other thing in this world, because it’s one thing I enjoy doing. And, when I wake up to that glowing and beautiful face of yours, I see my day made. You are priceless, and you are the best. I’m glad I found you before any other could find you. I love you, baby girl.

26. Embarking on a long trip without taking you along is like constructing a worse day for me. I can’t get anything done without you. I just can’t. Right now, I feel this vacuum in me, and I know only you can occupy that vacuum in me. You are the angel sent from above to guide my life. I love you, sweetheart.

27. I promise you this: I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, and I wouldn’t go as far as breaking your heart. Trust me on this one; I won’t. I will always struggle to any extent to make sure the smile on your face never goes away. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that your heart is mine, and my heart belongs to just you. So, if I hurt you, it’s clear that I’m hurting myself, and I can’t afford to do such. I love you, special.

28. Hitherto before the day I met you, I had always thought that love doesn’t exist, but ever since you showed up in my life, I have seen the true meaning of love. You are God sent — you came to me from heaven, right? I’m sure. You are my happiness, and you are the joy I have. I adore you every day.

29. I really wish I were your mirror, so every morning, I could easily look at you. I love you so much.

30. You’re a beauty to admire and someone to long for. I can’t believe how hot you are. You’re the best.

Sweet Words To Make Her Happy And Smile

Here are Sweet Words To Make Her Happy And Smile. Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy!

31. You were so amazing last night. I can’t imagine how real life will turn out to be, not just what it would be in my dreams. I love you.

32. Do you believe in love at first sight or I should go back and walk past you again?

33. During the day, I think of having you by my side and at night, I dream about no other person but you.

34. You have really changed my life and words cannot, in any way, explain this. I love you with every bit of me.

35. No matter how long it’d be, I’ll wait for you if you want me to. That’s to show you the level of my love for you. I love you.

36. Until the day I met you, my life was not in shape. Since I met you, my life has fallen in place. I’ll not do anything to lose you, ever. I love you.

37. My heart melts every single time I think about you. All the things you’ve done to me are things no one else has done. I love you.

38. You’re my beautiful queen. I hope you’ll allow me to always be your king. And, also know that my love for you will never cease. I love you.

39. Life with you is just enjoyable and memorable. Life would be a meaningless journey without you in it. I love you so much, babe.

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40. Being with you is so sweet. I can never have enough of you; the more I want more of you, the more I want more of you. You’re much better every day.

Love Message For My Girlfriend To Make Her Happy

Here are Love Message For My Girlfriend To Make Her Happy. Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy!

41. Let me tell you this secret: my heart beats for you alone. I will love you forever.

42. Baby, tell me: how do you manage to always look so beautiful every year? I’d also love to always look handsome for you.

43. I am drowning in your love, but I like it like that. I wish you could see through me, so you can check my soul to see how much love I have for you.

44. My day begins and ends with thoughts of you. You’re my all, my one and only beauty.

45. It’s a huge blessing to have you as my love. You’re the joy and happiness in my heart. I love you so much.

46. The best gift I’ve ever had in my life is loving you. I love you, sweetheart.

47. The love we share is like a romantic story that has no end. I can never stop loving you, darling.

48. You’re my future. You can’t imagine how much I adore you and I’m glad I’ve always made the right decision. I love you.

49. You’re my everlasting happiness and love. I’ll be everything to you. I love you so deeply.

50. You’re the desire of my heart. You’re my happiness — the one who makes every moment of my life memorable. I love you.

Love Message For My Woman To Make Her Happy

Here are Love Message For My Woman To Make Her Happy. Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy!

51. My love, I really care about you in so many ways — ways that I can’t explain. I love you.

52. To some, you’re nobody. But, to me, you’re everything in the world. I adore and cherish you so much.

53. When I could not find my way, I found you. You’re the reason I’m so happy. I love you.

54. Every time I set my eyes on you, I can’t resist the temptation of thinking about you. You always look beautiful.

55. The way you capture every bit of my heart is unexplainable. You’re such an amazing girl.

56. With you in my life, I feel so complete and fulfilled. Thanks for being in my life.

57. Whenever I see your perfect smile, I love you even more.

58. The love I’ve got for you is eternal, it can never fade. You’re the everlasting flame in my heart, I can’t stop smiling for you. I love you.

59. You can’t imagine what you did to me last night. Dreaming about you was the best part of my night.

60. No matter the number of hours I spend with you, the moment I leave you, I just begin to miss you like I haven’t seen you for a long time. I cannot get enough of you. I love you, dear.

Sweet Romantic Words To Make Her Happy

Here are Sweet Romantic Words To Make Her Happy. Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy!

61. Whenever I remember how lucky I am to have you in my life, I just begin to smile.

62. My love, all I need right now is to see a smile on your face. You are my whole world and never will I forsake you. I love you.

63. The way you look at me makes me to love you more. Your smile, your eyes — so beautiful.

64. You’re the love of my life. You’re the one I’ve waited for all my life. I love you deeply.

65. You’re my endless love. You’re just the one I want to spend my forever with. I cannot stop thinking about you. I love you.

66. The thing we share is so deep, baby. You’re my heart desires and happiness. I can’t stop loving you.

67. You’re everything I’ve dreamt of all my life. You’re my imagination. In real life, you’re my reality. I love you.

68. Seeing you happy and comfortable is all I want in life. A smile on your face exerts in me the courage to work harder, just for you. I love you so much.

69. Darling, you’re my inspiration, my strength — my everything. You’re my true love and my dreams. I love you so much.

70. You are the one who has stolen my heart, but I don’t want it back. I want you to keep it safe for me. I have picked you, out of billions of girls in the world, to be my one and only love. I’ll never leave you.

With these Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy, you’re sure of putting a wide smile on the face of your girlfriend, that girl who means a lot to you.

Enjoy Sweet Love Message To Make Her Happy, Love Sms To Make Her Happy, Sweet Words To Make Her Happy And Smile, Love Message For My Girlfriend To Make Her Happy, Sweet Romantic Words To Make Her Happy, Love Message For My Woman To Make Her Happy and Sweet Texts To Make Her Happy.

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