101 Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her

by Liilgenius
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Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her: Do you want to go beyond the “Goodnight, dear!” message, and send something exceptional – sweet romantic goodnight messages for her?

Do you desire to make her smile, even while she’s going to bed?

These sweet romantic goodnight messages for her are what you need. Few words from them can make a difference. It doesn’t matter whether you are around her or not, all that’s important is: perfectly expressing your profound love for her using the right words. But, the question remains, “how many can type the right words?” Not much, right? Feel free to get your “Copy and Paste” skills ready, to copy and paste the sweet romantic goodnight messages for her which will be stated in this article.

It’s no doubt that nights can be far above being short — in other words, it can be so long — but you can make it worthwhile for her by sending her those sweet romantic goodnight messages for her. And, the good news is: you do not have to look any further for it, because right in the article we have several of them, which you can pick from; you can also selfishly pack all of them.

Again, another night is approaching, get set to put the first smile on her face with that message. You know, as we stated earlier, some words speak of someone’s true feelings about someone else. Need such words? You are at the right place.

Without wasting much of your time, let us further proceed into what we have for you – Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her.

Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her

Here are Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her.

1. May you have cute and lovely dreams, dreams which are sweet just like your tender kiss. Goodnight, special.

2. I can’t explain my love for you. Or should I say my love for you is similar to how the roses love rain? Maybe, that can define it to an extent. My love for you is unique. Have an excellent night rest, my darling.

3. May the temperature of your blanket be nothing else but warm; may your pillow have enough softness. I want your mind to contain the thoughts of the great of love I have for you. Good night, baby girl.

4. Go ahead and count what you can count — your blessings, the stars; but, don’t forget to count on me to love you forever. YES! Forever. Because, that’s what I’ll always do. Good night, beautiful.

5. Enjoy the exciting memories your day gave as you close those beautiful eyelids of yours. Resist all negative thoughts and memories; it doesn’t add up. Instead, it takes out peace from your night rest. Have a sweet night rest, darling.

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6. As tomorrow comes as a clean slate, may you encounter new achievements, new heights; soar higher than you ever expect. Sleep tight and go into the productive day which awaits you. Good night, sweetheart.

7. Don’t be scared while you sleep; angels like you are guiding you. Those angels are making sure that nothing comes in the way of you enjoying your night. And yes, I love you so dear. Enjoy your night to the fullest.

8. I am alive hoping for the day that the dream I have — dream: waking up next to you — will come to reality. I look forward to that day, even though I can’t wait. Have a lovely night, my Love. Until then.

9. Let me tell you, sleep is the gift the night gives. Sleep helps you recharge your soul. Have a wonderful time receiving the gift and renewing your soul. I can’t love you less. Good night, my darling.

10. My prayer for you is that the lullabies of the wings of a hundred angels guide you, protect you, make you comfortable and sustain you as you go to sleep. Have a great night, my sunshine.

Loving Good Night Messages For Her

Here are Loving Good Night Messages For Her. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

11. I wish I were close to you tonight; I know I wouldn’t fail to make sure I cuddle you tightly, absorb your beauty, and make you feel sweet love. Baby, have the best night ever.

12. I pray that as you go to bed, God’s hands hold you in his care without letting you go. You know you are beautiful, right? Yes, you are. Have a lovely night — though, the beauty of the night can’t be compared to how beautiful you are. I love you.

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13. We all know that the stars appear throughout the night. And, you are a shining star. May you shine as you sleep this night. Sleep with the mindset that the moon will walk you into the land of sweet dreams — good night, special.

14. One of my biggest hopes is that your life with me, and just me, gets so wonderful — wonderful to the extent that when you are up, awake, you begin to wonder if you are dreaming; and when you start dreaming, you start to wonder if really you are awake. Happy night rest, love of my life.

15. Goodnight, the love of my life. I hope you enjoy your sleep very well and be in the best dreams while you sleep. The love I have for you knows no bounds, and I can’t wait for the morning to come so that I can see you again.

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16. Hey, sugar pie. I want to use this medium to make you know that I can’t concentrate; you have taken over my thoughts. Have a pleasant night rest. You are the love of my life.

17. I find it very difficult to live my life without your presence. I wish I can be close to you in a twinkle of an eye. Good night. I’m sending kisses and hugs.

18. Good night, my sweetheart. I pray that all your dreams, I mean all of it, come into reality. May the dream you have tonight be about only the view of beautiful things. Don’t forget; I love you so so much. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

19. Even the word “wonderful” can’t describe the time I had with you tonight. I have not seen anyone as beautiful as you are, I’m sure even though I search every corner of the world, I still won’t find anybody. And yes, I so much love every bit of our conversation over dinner. Have sweet dreams. Good night, my queen.

20. I sincerely apologize that I wasn’t able to be with you today, I had to work till late in the night. I wish I had met with you this night. All I desire right now is that you sleep well. Have the best dreams. Good night.

Long Sweet Good Night Message For Her

Here are Long Sweet Good Night Message For Her. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

21. When I say you are number 1 in the list of beautiful girls on earth, trust me, I’m not just saying it, I mean it. You’re the most beautiful. I feel fortunate to have you in my world. Good night, my heart.

22. Having you around tonight made my night, I can’t stop thinking about you. I hope you have a perfect night with exciting dreams — good night, special.

23. If I say I didn’t enjoy our date this night, I’m seriously telling lies. Now, I can’t wait to have you around again. I’m already missing you. Well, I know we’ll meet again. As you go to bed, have a peaceful night rest. I love you. YES, I do. Good night, dear.

24. People who I express myself — feel comfortable — with, are very few. And, you are not just one of them; you are the significant person I feel comfortable with. I think we have quite a lot in common. Thanks a bunch for tonight. Good night, darling.

25. Words can’t explain how much I miss sleeping close to you and as well as rising by your side. I so much miss that. I can’t wait to have that happen over and over again. Good night, my Love.

26. One of my dreams is finding a woman who’s just like you, and it came to pass. I hope the dreams you have are as beautiful and incredible as mine. I love you excessively. Sleep tight, my sweetheart.

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27. Your love makes my world brightened. Whenever I spend the night having the image of your smile, my night tends to be complete and smooth. So, Good night, pearl.

28. I don’t know I find myself being jealous of the moon. Wanna know why? Well, it’s because it looks at your sleeping face all the time. I wish I can take the place of the moon. But, don’t worry, I still love you, and I’ll do anything for you. Good night, my princess.

29. I have my face filled with smiles when I spend time thinking about you. The love you have for me has taken over my thinking. I can’t think straight anymore. I only hope you have a lovely night rest. Good night.

30. It’s no doubt that the day is approaching its end, and the moon is about to shine its light; I want you to be always aware that the love I have for you is continually renewing. Good night, my favourite.

Good Night Love Message For Her 2021

Here are Good Night Love Message For Her 2021. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

31. I am always looking forward to that day, when I will be able to call you mine. Seriously, I can’t wait for that very day. I can’t imagine a life without someone like you; I need you in my life. Before you go to bed, know this: you are beautiful. Good night, my found treasure.

32. A lot of persons have made use of the door of my life: some came in to teach lessons, some came in to hurt me, some came in with good intentions; but, amongst all, you are the only one who has put a genuine smile on my Face. I cherish you. Have a sweet and lovely night rest. Goodnight.

33. If I am to make a wish, my wish would be that you remain happy forever. Yes, I don’t regret making that wish. If I have just one wish to make, that’d still be my wish. Good night, sweet.

34. As you go to bed, don’t forget to cover yourself with a blanket, so you don’t feel cold. Have a warm night. I care so much about you, I really do. Enjoy your night to the fullest. Good night, queen.

35. Any night I don’t think of you, I tag it as an incomplete night. In other words, I can’t even afford to go a night without thinking about you. I know I’ll sleep well with the thought of you. Shine alongside the stars as you sleep tonight. I love you, dear. Expect my message in the morning. Good night, Love.

36. Love is one of the numerous blessings humanity has. Unfortunately, not everyone is opportune to have someone love him. The happiness I feel because I am among those who are loved by someone is unexplainable. I adore you, my girl. Have a sweet and pleasant night rest, LOVE.

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37. It’s possible for the world to show you its back, but trust me when I say this, even though the world turns its back to you, I will always be here to support you. If the world says No to you, it’ll still be YES from my end. Always know this: I love you. Good night, my companion. I don’t know how my world would have been without your presence in it. I love you.

38. Lots of love I have for you, but whenever I think of loving you, even more, I experience this unexplainable joy. Whenever it gets to the night, I love you more. Good night, darling.

39. I have overheard a lot of persons say that love is fake, and it isn’t real; I was trying to digest them before I met you. Being with you tells me that Love, true love, still exists. I can’t love you less, my sparkling star. Good night.

40. Baby, I am always here to make sure that your night is smooth. If you discover that you can’t sleep, give me a call. I’ll talk to you until you can sleep. Go to bed now; I’m watching you. Yes, now. Good night, sweet princess.

Good Night Message That Will Melt Her Heart

Here are Good Night Message That Will Melt Her Heart. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

41. We hear that there’s life immediately after that, if that’s true, I hope to be your package, even after death has taken us to the other realm. I wish I had about three lives; one life is too short of showing you my love for you. Good night, baby.

42. Having the knowledge that you are mine alone, gives me joy, which is unexplainable. But, what gives me everlasting pleasure is having the knowledge that you will be by me, like my own, forever. I love you for that. Good night, darling.

43. Before you go to bed, I just want you to know that I’m always thinking about you. Good night, dearest.

44. i wish I was next to you so I could watch you go to bed every day. Good night, beautiful.

45. I think I must dream about you this night. That’s what my night would be about. Good night, darling.

46. I wish you were right by my side right now, so I could kiss you good night before you go to bed. Good night, dear.

47. You’re the love of my life. My life has meaning because of your presence in it. I’m so lucky to have you. A big good night to you, my everything.

48. I am almost falling asleep; I’d like to dream about the life we’d live together. Good night.

49. You know you’re in love when you just can’t fall asleep because you’re thinking of that someone. To me, having you just like a dream. I can’t wait to wake up and see you tomorrow. Good night, damsel.

50. Yes, I know that love is patient — but as for me, I’m not patient to see. Good night, dear.

Good Night Wish To Girlfriend

Here are Good Night Wish To Girlfriend. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

51. I can’t sleep without wishing you good night. Good night, my happiness.

52. I’m just about to dive right into my bed, I wish I could kiss and hug you good night. Good night, baby.

53. As I stare through the window, the stars look so stunning. I wish I had you close to me, so we could gaze at the stars together. Good night, the special thing that has ever happened to me.

54. After spending an amazing day with you, another thing to do is dream about you tonight. Good night, my love.

55. I don’t think I can stop thinking about you. Can you just come here right now? Well, until I can see you again, just have a wonderful night rest. Good night, dear.

56. Good night, dear. See you in dreamland.

57. You’re so addictive. Even though you leave me this minute, I’m already missing you. Good night, my queen.

58. You’re such a wonderful and amazing person. I die to become part of you. Good night to you, honey.

59. Holding you in my arms is the last wish I’ll have before I go to bed. Good night.

60. You’ll never lose your special place in my heart. Sweet dreams, darling.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Her To Make Her Smile

Here are Sweet Good Night Messages For Her To Make Her Smile. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

61. My days aren’t complete until I wish you good night, my darling. I love you so much.

62. Whenever I think about you, I picture my future being so bright with you. Good night, dearest.

63. Just like it is for every other day, the sun rises and sets. The love I have for you has no boundaries and limit; it’s genuine. It’s got no time to start and stop. One thing which I know is that I can never stop loving you, my queen. Good night.

64. Consider me as the cool night breeze that gives you a sweet night rest. Good night, honey.

65. Every night, I wait for the long night to turn into day as quickly as possible — just so I can meet you again. You’re too far away, all I need right now is to give you a romantic kiss. Good night.

66. The person reading this text is the last person I thought of before going to bed. My girl, I miss you a lot. Good night, my damsel.

67. Imagine seeing the sun set together. I can’t wait to be with you so we can do that and many other things. I love you and good night.

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68. When I’m asleep, I think about nothing else but you and our lovely time together. Have lovely and sweet dreams like me. Good night.

69. At night, I always feel so lonely without you by my side. I think about you every second of every day and I miss you so much. I don’t think I can breathe without you. Good night, my sweet girl.

70. On this adorable night, cuddling with you would be everything. I love you. Sweet dreams and good night.

Romantic Love Good Night Message For Her

Here are fascinating Romantic Love Good Night Message For Her. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

71. Wish I could come now and honor you with a good night kiss. Good night, dearest.

72. Do you know that cuddling removes depression, strengthens the immune system and lowers anxiety. Good night, darling.

73. The message I send you every night — which you receive — is an open invitation to my dreams. Good night, baby. See you there.

74. I wish you sweet dreams. I wish you a restful and lovely night rest. Good night, cupcake.

75. This night, I want to be your pillow. I also want to be your pillow on other nights. Make sure you have sweet dreams tonight. Good night.

76. I really don’t want a moonlight. I have one and that one is you. Good night, my love. Have sweet dreams.

77. Face the nightmares with all your strength; never back away from them. This is the only way one can overcome them. Have a good night.

78. You’re my everything. Good night, my queen.

79. The only thing that’s giving me breathe to still be alive in this world are the thoughts of you about how much love I have for you. I also spend time thinking about what I’ll do without you.

80. I will love you until the sun rises from the west and sets in the east. Good night, the love of my life.

Sweet Good Night Text For Her

Here are Sweet Good Night Text For Her. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

81. From dusk to dawn, I’ll love you. I’ll love you limitlessly. Good night, beautiful. Have a wonderful night rest.

82. It’s your innocence that keeps me awake all night, while you’re asleep. I just keep staring at you. You seem out of this world and magical. I love you so much.

83. You’re the apple of my eyes. Good night, dear.

84. The person I call my girlfriend isn’t from this world. She’s an angel and the love I have for her can’t be measured. Good night.

85. I always look at many of your pictures before sleeping. If I don’t look at your beautiful face, my nights end up being miserable and full of nightmares. Good night, mine.

86. Good night to the girl that has made my daily dreams so beautiful that I won’t want to wake up.

87. Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I felt there was something very important I was supposed to do but I forgot to do. I thought through it for several times until I figured that I have to wish a special person in my life a splendid good night. Good night, dear.

88. Go on the bed. Turn off the lights. And close your eyes. Now, give your whole self to the dream because I’ll be there. Good night, baby.

89. Good night to the God-sent angel who’s the reason why I always have a smile on my face. Good night to the one who magically uses a kiss to wipe all my worries. I love you, baby.

90. While you sleep, I’ll be the one to protect you all night because I’ll put you in my warm embrace. I love you so much; make sure you have a peaceful night rest.

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her

Here are Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her. Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her!

91. I just cannot sleep without wishing you a good night. Good night and have the best of dreams of me.

92. It doesn’t matter the distance between us at any time, you’ll always have a special spot in my heart. Good night, love.

93. Every day I spend with you is, by me, regarded as my best day. I can’t wait for the morning so I can come and meet you. Good night, sweetie.

94. This beautiful day that I spent with you has finally come to an end; I hope for a more beautiful day tomorrow. Have a night rest as beautiful as you are. Good night, dear.

95. Good night, have lovely and sweet dreams.

96. I miss you so much, dear. Please, gently close your eyes and meet me in my dreams. Good night, darling.

97. You deserve a good night kiss, specially from me to you. Good night, sweetheart.

98. If I don’t hear your voice before going to bed, my night ends up being empty and full of nightmares. Good night, babe.

99. Whenever I see the light the moon gives, I think about you, and I want you to get out here and see the moon with me. We are not close to each other, but still, I can always feel the love we share. Good night, sweet.

100. I know it’s really not right but I still think that the moon and the sun rise to see the two of us together. Good night, my love.

101. You’re one in a million. You’re the love of my life and I don’t think I can sleep if I don’t wish you a happy new year sorry good night. Good night, special.

With these Sweet Romantic Goodnight Messages For Her, you’re certain of putting a smile on her face and reassuring her of the love you both share.

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