Caption For Facebook Ideas: 360+ Caption For Facebook

by Liilgenius
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Caption For Facebook: A lot of people spend minutes and even hours, staring at the text field for a caption for Facebook without any idea of a suitable and fitting caption for Facebook.

Are you among those who write and clear and write and erase, just to find the perfect caption?

Are you someone who isn’t good at composing captions?

Have you stopped putting up new Facebook profile pictures because you are scared of not having the right caption for Facebook profile picture — caption for Fb?

If your answer is YES to either of those above questions, or you just need caption for Facebook to be different from others — you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll outline several caption for Facebook that’ll get you covered whenever you want to write a caption for Facebook profile picture or…

Without further words, let’s get on with the crux of this article — caption for Facebook.

Caption For Facebook

Here are fascinating Caption for Facebook that’ll get you confused on which to PICK.

1. Adding you to take your place in my friends’ list does not mean I like you. I did that just to increase my friends’ list.

2. Facebook really needs to introduce a “no one cares” button.

3. It’s only on Facebook that one looks sane talking to a wall.

4. Hi, there. I joined Facebook. Happy now?

5. I am not entirely useless. At least, I can be used as a bad example.

6. I say whatever I want to say, and do that which I want to do.

7. They can trigger me. But, trust me, they will never — and ever — figure me out.

8. You know it is real when you are the person you think you are.

9. I know what you are doing this minute. You’re busy reading my wall, right?

10. My circle is tiny because I am fully into quality and never quantity.

11. Stop advertising your activities on Facebook; not everybody wants to see a smile on your face.

12. You do not have to like me. I am not a Facebook status.

13. When I die, my gravestone is going to have a “like” button.

14. There is no limit on how far I’d go, no boundaries, no lengths.

15. I’m searching for the right way I can use to do the wrong things.

16. Express in just three emojis: how do you feel today?

17. You’re a limited edition. Like me, just different.

18. Tell me three things you have learned this YEAR. Go! Leave a comment below.

19. Of course, I speak to myself. Sometimes, I need to have the opinion of an expert.

20. I am just 1 in 7 billion.

Caption For Fb

Here are fantastic Caption For Fb. Caption For Facebook!

21. It’s better to experience an “Oops” than a “what if.”

22. If you owned the time message, where would you go?

23. Say yes. Take risks. Live life on your own terms.

24. Do I run? YES. Out of money, patience, and time.

25. Life is a really long process of getting tired.

26. Do you know that the common sense we always talk about is not common?

27. The universe consists of protons, electrons, neutrons, and morons.

28. I’m old enough to know so better, but I’m young enough to do it anyway.

29. Action is what you do not take when the other guy is quite more significant than you.

30. Do you want to come second? Follow me.

31. It’s a crime to aim small. Have a great aim.

32. I started out with nothing, and right now, I have most of it left.

33. Do you know that the thing called “common sense” isn’t common?

34. Learn the rules just like a pro so that you can break them like an artiste.

35. I am not into working out. My philosophy: No Pain. No pain.

36. If you don’t succeed after the first time of trying, dust yourself off, and try harder.

37. You really do not have to like me; I am not Facebook status.

38. I did not kill anyone. Jealousy did.

39. When I do or say something, I don’t hesitate to do it. I don’t give even a single damn what you think. I’m doing this just for me.

40. If you were patiently looking for a sign, here is that sign.

Caption For Facebook Profile Picture

Here’s a list of Caption For Facebook Profile Picture; I know you’d definitely enjoy them. Caption For Facebook!

41. It’s not in anyway an attitude; it’s just the way I am.

42. A small aim is a big crime; have high goals.

43. You do not have to like me. I am not a Facebook status.

44. If at the first trial, you do not succeed, then dust yourself up and try again.

45. I didn’t raise my hands and kill anyone, jealousy did.

46. Do not even try to judge me. You have no single idea about what I’ve been through.

47. When I do or say something, I do it. I give zero damn about what other people have to say. Whatever thing I’m doing, I’m doing it for me.

48. Don’t say it’s attitude, because it’s not. It’s simply the way I am.

49. Cry only for cuts and stitches, and not for bastards and b*tches.

50. It is my life, and it’s either now or never. Because I am not going to live forever; I just want to live while I’m still alive. It’s my life.

51. The noise of my success always disturbs my hatters.

52. The hero always has a dime. The side-kick, never.

53. Why chase you when you know I’m the catch.

54. Always classy. Never trashy. And a little bit sassy.

55. If you really do not like my attitude, stop talking to me already. Just stop!

56. I’m that person about whom your mother has always warned you.

57. pretending classy is easy. Being classy is something.

58. If you don’t like me, can I see your hands? If not, then raise your standards.

59. I don’t place value on what others think of me, because what matters so much is what I feel and think about myself.

60. My opinions may have taken a different direction but not the fact that I’m right.

Caption Fb

Here are fascinating Caption Fb. Caption For Facebook!

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61. I take a whole lot of pride in being myself. I’m comfortable being myself.

62. be proud of the person you have grown to be.

63. I don’t do bitter. I only get better.

64. I feel so sorry for people who don’t know me.

65. I’m so ruggedly handsome, aren’t I?

66. I don’t like myself. I’m crazy about myself.

67. If there’s no chocolate in heaven, I rather remain on earth.

68. Sarcasm connoisseur.

69. Where exactly am I? And how did I get to this point?

70. Born to express. Not to impress.

71. I really do not need your approval to be me.

72. Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eyes.

73. Your time is highly limited; don’t spend it living someone else’s life.

74. A big proof that I can do selfies way more than you can.

75. Beauty is power. Its sword is a smile.

76. It’s okay to be angry. It’s never okay to be or appear cruel.

77. I may be a bad girl, but trust me, I’m a really good woman.

78. Best. Selfie. Ever.

79. Do you know what is funny to me? It’s attitude.

80. Life is very much better when you’re laughing.

Best Caption For Fb

The below messages are Best Caption For Fb. Caption For Facebook!

81. WARNING: you just may fall in love with me.

82. I was born to stand out.

83. My attitude towards you will always be based on the way you treat me.

84. I don’t, and will NEVER, need your permission to be me.

85. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. But, whenever you hear me say, “I’m sorry,” I sincerely mean it.

86. If you have eyes, look at me now.

87. I wasn’t lucky. I deserved it.

88. Never love anyone who treats you in a way that’s lesser than how you should be treated.

89. Don’t judge me. You have no idea about my story.

90. I am who I am. Your approval is something I’ll never need.

91. Be silent and allow your success to do the talking.

92. I’m not perfect, but trust me whenever I say that I’m limited edition.

93. Keep smiling. And be beautiful.

94. I woke up like this.

95. It’s cool being me.

96. I’m not lazy, I’m just on energy-saving mode.

97. I love the much confidence that makeup itself gives me.

98. Yes, I’m a princess.

99. They told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did it.

100. The primary purpose of our life is to always be filled with happiness.

Creative Captions For Facebook Profile Picture

Here are Creative Captions For Facebook Profile Picture. Caption For Facebook!

101. Always be your own kind of beauty.

102. Be your own version of beautiful.

103. Life is made of little moments like this.

104. Don’t surround yourself with negativity, instead surround yourself with makeup.

106. I really wish I could just donate my body fat to all those who are in need.

107. You do not have to like me. I am no Facebook status.

108. There’s beauty in simplicity.

109. Capture the moment. It lives forever.

110. I just can’t be awesome in an empty stomach.

111. My life: Pizza and Movies.

112. Go wild for a while.

113. Beautiful minds inspire others.

114. I’m always trying hard to improve my selfie.

115. Oh my goodness! Can you just imagine if there were two of me?

116. Excuse me, I’ve got to be awesome.

117. Just admit it that life would be so dull without me.

118. Who cares. I’m awesome.

119. I’m simply a lady who is on a search for my heart.

120. There are so many fishes in the sea, but I am a mermaid.

Best Caption For Facebook

Here are the Best Caption For Facebook. Caption For Facebook!

121. I don’t desire the best life. What I want is

122. Be what you genuinely are.

123. Being elegant is not an option. It’s a lifestyle.

124. Care less. Smile more.

125. A smile is not one of the prettiest things — it’s the most beautiful thing you can use.

126. Smile, it confuses people.

127. Don’t forget to smile.

128. Be happy and smile.

129. Keep classy.

130. Be yourself. There’s no one better.

131. Style is a reflection of personality and attitude.

132. Be your special kind of beautiful.

133. Before you stand up and judge me, make sure you are 100% perfect.

134. Be original. Be you.

135. When life appears blurry, just adjust your focus.

136. My brand new profile picture after a very long.

137. The only thing you need to surround yourself with is makeup and not negativity.

138. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

139. Awarded as best picture of the year.

140. Stay a mystery. It’s better.

Facebook Photo Caption

Here are the mind-blowing Facebook Photo Caption. Caption For Facebook!

141. I am the reason I smile every single day.

142. I smile daily.

143. It’s a lovely life.

144. If you’re confident, you’re beautiful.

145. Life will not be easier; you have to be stronger.

146. Go with much confidence in the direction of your dreams.

147. My job is my hobby. It is my jobby.

148. I am the queen of my little world.

149. Because every picture I upload tells a story.

150. Radiate positive vibes.


151. Don’t be the same. Just be better.

152. If I have to explain my personality, I will say good looking.

153. Being single doesn’t mean I’m always available.

154. Too lazy to try to think of a caption.

155. No caption today.

156. Say YES to a new adventure.

157. I’m loving it.

158. Make life fun. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

159. Every mistake I’ve made has built me.

160. The best is yet to come.

Selfie Captions For Facebook

Here are Selfie Captions For Facebook. Caption For Facebook!

161. No pain. No gain.

162. Namastey in bed.

163. Chill.

164. Selfie Lord alert.

165. Me, my selfie and I.

166. OMG, look at me.

167. But first, let me take a quick selfie.

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168. Selfie on fleek.

169. It is funny because it is true.

170. Ah! A perfectly captured selfie.

171. You’re what you eat.

172. Why so serious?

173. Who said I was an angel?

174. This is how to become a heartbreaker.

175. Excuse me, I’m currently in a selfie mood.

176. I have no idea what I’m doing.

177. Life isn’t perfect. But, my outfit is.

178. 50% savage. 50% sweetheart.

179. Can’t touch this.

180. Nevermind.

Fb Caption For Girls

Here are Fb Caption For Girls. Caption For Facebook!

181. Life is short. Buy the makeup.

182. Happy girls are the prettiest.

183. I collect tons of smiles and then freely give them away.

184. No matter what happens in life or how you feel — get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.

185. You’re never fully dressed without a broad smile on your face.

186. Dressing well is one of the best revenge.

187. Dress exactly how you desire to be addressed.

188. Always, dress like it’s the best day of your LIFE.

189. Strong is beautiful.

190. Strong women rule in the world.

191. There’s great beauty in simplicity.

192. Hating me doesn’t in any way make you pretty.

193. If people call me cute, I’m happier.

194. Inner beauty requires no makeup.

195. Imperfection is beauty.

196. Dare to be different.

197. Beauty that comes without expression is boring.

198. The only beauty that never fades is elegance.

199. I am beautiful on the inside, just as I am on the outside.

200. Live just doesn’t exist.

Caption For Facebook Bangla

Here are Caption For Facebook Bangla. Caption For Facebook!

201. I’m hot and cold at the same time.

202. Life is full of happiness.

203. Let’s just be who we really are.

204. Whatever you are, make sure you’re a good one.

205. Be groovy or leave.

206. Forget about style. Worry about RESULTS.

207. Be a voice. Not an echo.

208. Eyes are never quiet.

209. Embracing the glorious mess which I am.

210. Take a ride on my energy.

211. I am smiling because I can.

212. You do not know me.

213. Accept the person you are and revel in it.

214. Escape the ordinary.

215. What do you think of the view?

216. The best is yet to come.

217. The time is now.

218. It’s so beautiful when humans smile.

219. I am a unicorn.

220. I can show you the world.

Attitude Caption For Facebook

Here are Attitude Caption For Facebook. Caption For Facebook!

221. I did not kill anyone, jealousy did.

222. I am good. I need no help. Cause I’m okay with myself than with someone else.

223. Were you looking for a sign? Here is it.

224. It’s not an attitude. It’s precisely the way I am.

225. The noise from my success always disturbs my haters.

226. Why do you have to chase you when I’m the catch.

227. I am the person your mother warned you about.

228. Pretending to be classy is easy. The work is in being classy.

229. Every little thing gonna be alright.

230. It is a beautiful day. Don’t allow it get away.

231. You are not the only one that is trying to be the only one.

232. Life is better when you are smiling.

233. Chilling like a gangster.

234. A bad chapter alone does not mean that your story has come to an end.

235. To live does not mean that you are alive.

236. Dream big. Dare to fail.

237. Where there is a will. I want to be right in it.

238. I am just a baby. What is your excuse?

239. I hope it’s just the heartbeat of the soul.

240. Money TALKS. All mine has ever said is goodbye.

Sunday Caption For Facebook

Here are Sunday Caption For Facebook. Caption For Facebook!

241. Smile because it’s Sunday.

242. It is Sunday again, and I am right here doing nothing.

243. As the sun fades, steal a kiss. That is what I love about Sundays.

244. Want to know about an endless Love affair? It’s a girl and her bed on a Sunday morning.

245. On Sunday, sleep until you are hungry. And, eat until you’re sleepy again.

246. I will be back again before it is time for Sunny-down. I will be lazing on a Sunday afternoon.

247. My definition of Sunday is, just do nothing and chill.

248. Sunday is a day of rest.

249. Saturdays are just for adventures. Sundays are for cuddling.

250. Go wild for a while.

251. I wish Sunday were a person because if it were a person I’d give it a big hug and a kiss, too.

252. A well-spent Sunday brings a week of content.

253. On Sundays, time flows strangely.

254. Sunday takes out the rust of the whole week.

255. Let this Sunday stand as the rainbow for the upcoming week. Shine and smile.

256. Each Sunday, there’s always something new to feel and learn.

257. We are refueling for yet another great week ahead.

258. Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.

259. Oh! Dear Sunday, I just want to sleep in your hand and, at the same time, have a fun day.

260. Give and accept happiness, pleasure, and laugher because today is Sunday.

Caption For Facebook Post

Here are Caption For Facebook Post. Caption For Facebook!

261. I’m not lazy. I’m just relaxed.

262. My style is unique. Please, do not copy it.

263. Dreams do not work unless you do.

264. Don’t be afraid. Just be yourself.

265. I am the captain of my destiny. And I’m the master of my fate.

266. Sometimes, life can get you surprised by happy coincidence.

267. Do not ever let anybody dull your sparkle.

268. Life is either nothing or a great adventure.

269. When nothing goes right, go left instead.

270. Living my life just in my style.

271. I cannot be out of money. I still have checks left.

272. I love my job. But, only when I’m on vacation.

273. Being yourself holds great beauty.

274. Do you want to come second? Follow me.

275. I am so not into working out. My philosophy: no pain, no pain.

276. Take my advice. I don’t use it anyways.

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277. I am free of prejudice. I hate everyone equally.

278. Born free. Now, I’m expensive.

279. If it does not burn a little, what’s the whole point of playing with fire?

280. Until the selfie is complete, no job is complete.

Smile Photo Caption For Facebook

Here are Smile Photo Caption For Facebook. Caption For Facebook!

281. Everything looks good when it gets my touch.

282. I am so cute. I should wear a warning.

283. Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

284. Heart and hustle will set you apart.

285. My life is my message.

286. Life is the place where love leads.

287. The time is now.

288. Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.

289. Happy days are here again.

290. Forever a nomad.

291. I will be alright. One day. Someday. Just not today.

292. Not everyone likes me, but at the same time, not everyone matters.

293. Smile! It’s the second on the list of best things to do with your lips.

294. I’m about sending my selfie to NASA because I am a STAR — a shining star.

295. Stop searching for happiness at the same place you lost it.

296. I love whatever thing that makes you smile.

297. Keep calm and change your picture.

298. Love is caring for each other, even at the times that you get angry.

299. I was quiet. But, I wasn’t blind.

300. Just live, love, and eat. REPEAT.

Motivational Caption For Facebook

Here are Motivational Caption For Facebook. Caption For Facebook!

301. There’s no time I dreamt about success. I worked for it.

302. I’m deliberate, and I’m afraid of nothing.

303. We’ve got a strategic plan. It is called doing nothing.

304. You can never use up creativity. As you use it, the more it increases.


305. Go to your desire. Do not hang around here.

306. Sometimes, you just need to work a little, so you can have the time to ball a lot.

307. Find who you are and go it on purpose.

308. The man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

309. Make it work.

310. Live every single week like it is Shark Week.

311. What would you do if you were not afraid?

312. Life is short. Don’t be lazy.

313. We are what we do consistently.

314. Excellence isn’t an act. It’s a habit.

315. Blame it or praise it.

316. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

317. The art of love is much the art of persistence.

318. Opportunities don’t just come into play; you create them.

319. It’s only when you desire succeeding that you succeed. You may only fail if you don’t think about failing at all.

320. Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going.

Profile Picture Captions For Boy

Here are Profile Picture Captions For Boy. Caption For Facebook!

321. I am here to bless. Not to impress.

322. You cannot hurt me. I have found peace within myself.

323. I am happy to be alive. I am happy to be who I am.

324. I am somehow in the middle of a goody-goody and a rebel. I am not bad. But, I am not good either. I’m a little crazy.

325. When life is seen as divine, everyone grows wings.

326. I am crazy. I am nuts. Exactly the way my brain works. I am not normal; I think quite differently.

327. In a room of warriors, be a warrior.

328. Girls, I’ve got to call you back.

329. Men aren’t against you. They’re merely for themselves.

330. Men were created for the single reason of keeping men sane.

331. I’ll never allow my loyalty to become slavery.

332. Your intelligence is my common sense.

333. Nothing can stop me. I’m all the way up.

334. Never mistake my kindness for weakness.

335. Love your haters because they’re your biggest fans.

336. If I have offended you with my common sense, I’m sorry.

337. I am the spot. I do not compete for the spot.

338. Even if I came with a manual, you still wouldn’t be able to handle me.

339. I go on and on. I cannot understand how I last this long.

340. If your life got harder! Congratulations, you just leveled up.

Caption For Facebook Profile

Here are Caption For Facebook Profile. Caption For Facebook!

341. Look in the mirror; that’s your only competition.

342. Silence speaks when words just can’t.

343. I can. I will. Look at me.

344. I am on a new level.

345. You do not feel like a rock; work like a clock.

346. If not us, who? If not now, when?

347. Why fit when you were born to stand out?

348. Life is a climb. But, the view is great.

349. Wake up and be great.

350. Being happy returns to crazy people.

351. Hakuna Matata.

352. Love me or hate me! I’ll still shine.

353. I am great. Even the ice cubes are jealous.

354. Dress as if you were famous already.

355. Until you wear a smile, you’re not fully dressed.

356. Shut up and let your success scream.

357. A champion is that man who gets up when he can’t.

358. Everything you desire is outside your comfort zone.

359. Once you learn to quit smoking, it turns into a habit.

360. To any place worth going, there are no shortcuts.

361. Life is an endless struggle.

362. If you are fighting, you are progressing.

With the aforementioned caption for Facebook, you won’t go out of ideas when it’s time to use a caption.

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