500+ Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook

by Liilgenius
Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook

Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook: Nobody would want their Facebook profile to look boring and uninteresting. Some people try putting words together as nice bio for 2020 on Facebook, but end up having their accounts look uninteresting.

The nice bio for 2020 on Facebook below gives you tons of ideas — messages you can use as your bio on Facebook, something to help you uphold your standard on Facebook. You could also copy and paste them to your Facebook Bio and be sure of having a nicely structured Facebook profile.


Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook

To portray a fascinating Facebook profile, one of the major things you need is a nice bio for 2020 on Facebook. Here they are:

1. I’m born to express and never to impress.

2. I am all the things you want but cannot have.

3. Where exactly am I? And how the hell did I get here?

4. Hi, dear. I just joined Facebook. Happy now?

5. Absolutely and completely awkward, proudest of geek and nerd. Decreaser of world sucking.

6. Welcome to my amazing Facebook feed, where people come just to enjoy me.

7. I’m madly handsome, aren’t I?

8. Being this awesome and fabulous is a full-time job.

9. I am afflicted with being awesome. There is no curing it.

10. You aren’t gonna tell me about me, I’ll tell you who I am instead.

11. I’m a rare species. I’m not a stereotype.

12. Everyone has weaknesses. Look at me, I’m not everyone.

13. I am never ashamed of being me. What is wrong with being cute and unique?

14. I am writing my full autobiography on my Facebook account.

15. Mark Zuckerberg, please this is my official personal account. Don’t spy on me.

16. I’m unique. I’m one of a kind. Never forget that.

17. I feel so sorry for those people who do not know me.

18. I really do not need to explain myself. I know very well that I’m right.

19. My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business.

20. In just three words, I can sum up everything I have learned about life: it goes on.

21. Analog by birth. Digital by design.

22. Why look at the stars in the sky when I’m the biggest star.

23. I am not sure of how many problems I have, but I know math is one of them.

24. Gifted napper. Talker. And ice cream eater.

25. A man of power and misery whose power is exceeded by his power alone.

26. I work as an unpaid internship. I do that as a professional nerd.

27. I would rather die my way than want to live yours.

28. Stand in line to worship me, minions.

29. I am not anti-you. I am anti-stupid.

30. I am single because that’s how I was born.

31. My life is never empty. That’s because my heart is always full.

32. I do not aspire to be just like others. I aspire to be just in my way.

33. My life can be compared to a speeding bullet that hasn’t hit its target yet.

34. I have had to learn to fight in life — I’ve got to learn to always smile. If you always smile, things will surely work out.

35. May the space between where I want to be and where I inspire me.

36. Yes, I’m weird! Weird is good. Normal is overrated.

37. I do not think of myself as being pretty. I’m what I am.

38. This is who I am. Nobody said you need to, or have to, like it.

39. My life motto: “do your best, so you don’t end up blaming anybody.”

40. I take lots of pride in being myself. I am so comfortable with who I am.

41. You all laughed at me just because I’m different, but I laugh at y’all because you all are the same.

42. I am my best friend. I always take care of my best friend.

43. I am a king. I rule.

44. My life is a sweet and interesting story. My life is happy and full of incidents.

45. No matter what I say or do, I am me. I am still me.

46. My success or failure is no man’s doing, it’s mine.

47. I am working on myself alone. For myself. And by myself.

48. There’s no single competition because no one on earth can be me.

49. I am just pretending to be me.

50. Take the risk and eat the biscuit.

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Bio For Facebook For Boy

Here is a list of several bio for Facebook for boy. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

51. I’m never scared of death, I am only scared of not trying.

52. It’s only God that can judge me. If you can’t love me, leave me alone.

53. I wish Facebook could just send me a notification when someone deletes me, so I could just like it.

54. All I got right here is dreams. Nobody believes. Nobody else can see but me.

55. Do not judge me until you know me. Don’t try to underestimate me until you challenge me.

56. I’ll not lose. Even in defeat, a lesson is learned.

57. I moment I can no more have fun with it, I’m done with it.

58. I’m really open-minded, I believe my brain will fall out soon.

59. If you send me a request on Facebook and I discover that your profile picture is a car, I’ll assume you are a transformer.

60. Long time ago, I used to have something I call a life until I joined Facebook.

61. Don’t attempt to play with me, because I’m sure I can play the game better than you can.

62. Poke me. Delete me. Like me. Limit me. The choice is all yours. Welcome to Facebook, where no one is your friend.

63. Don’t judge me before you get to know me. Just so you know, you won’t like me.

64. Love me? Great. Hate me? Even better. Do not know me? Never judge me.

65. I’m so blessed with a funny gene that makes me love and enjoy life.

66. My back isn’t a voicemail, you better say those words on my face.

67. I do not like myself, I’m so crazy about myself.

68. Facebook is just like a prison. You spend the day staring at walls and getting poke by lots of people you don’t even know.

69. I am not shy. I am just holding back my awesomeness so I don’t end up intimidating you.

70. I do not have up to two different personalities. I’ll just what I am.

71. I’m not smart, I just put on glasses.

72. I love it when people hate me, it motivates me.

73. We’re two different persons; that’s why I’m me and you’re you.

74. I have two parts: the bad part and the good part.

75. I’m gentle, but that doesn’t mean that I am stupid.

76. I do not expect everyone to love me, but I love and cherish the ones that love me.

77. I’m hoping you will realize how cool I’ve been to you someday.

78. Don’t betray my loyalty and friendship by stabbing me deeply at the back; you will not like yourself.

79. I aim so high; I don’t allow negative things to weigh me down.

80. Whenever I hear that you talked behind my back, I’m grateful because you’re behind me.

81. Your confession, always, will be your possession: always think positive.

82. Always remember karma: what goes around comes around.

83. If you’re my friend, know this: I value you so much.

84. My life, My everything. Exactly why I do not joke with it.

85. I work towards being successful; I don’t dream or hope about it.

86. I do not put my home in man. I always rely on God.

87. I’m me. I can’t adjust for anybody. Love me for me.

88. When I love, I do it with my whole being.

89. I’m a guy of good characters, I represent my entire being well.

90. I do not give a shit. I know how to play my games. And I do it so well.

91. I have got everything I need to be a cool guy.

92. I’ve come to realize that expression beats impression.

93. Sometimes it is okay not to be okay. I do not have enough middle fingers to show you how I feel.

94. I do not like myself. Please, do not get me confused. I am crazy about myself.

95. I am not awkward or shy. I am holding back my uniqueness so you won’t be intimidated.

96. I don’t have more than one personality. I am what I am.

97. Adding you does not mean I like you. I did it to increase my friends’ list.

98. Being this amazing is a full-time job that I’m perfectly good at.

99. I am afflicted with so much awesomeness. Sadly but happily, I discover that there is no cure out for it yet.

100. You can’t tell me who I am, rather I’ll be the one to tell you.

Bio For FB Timeline

Here are Bio For FB Timeline. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

101. Before you start saying those words, know that everyone isn’t the same.

102. I don’t judge. I don’t condemn. I just sit and enjoy every individual.

103. Open your eyes wide to sarcasm over here because nothing is serious. Take note.

104. No space is no space.

105. Are you confused about me? Questions are allowed, interrogation isn’t.

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106. Allow me to usher you into the world of laughter and fun.

107. I just attract attention. you might end up loving that.

108. You might not love or like me, but I do you. That’s the difference between you and me.

109. I’m not serious. Just take me as one out of your perils.

110, As you come here, please drop your seriousness outside.

111. Know it very well that nothing here is serious. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

112. Wanna know me? Well, I’m open-minded. Enjoy your tour.

113. No other thing makes sense more than being just you.

114. I’m that opening that enters your soul.

115. I’m the water to make your dry sense of humor wet.

116. I’m so determined to always make sure you smile.

117. I am determined to ensure that your glum has smiles, too.

118. Give peace a chance. You will see its worth.

119. I do not care what you think of me.

120. You might wanna peep into how I do things. You’re always welcome.

121. Love me or hate me, I’ll always remain who I am.

122. On a scale of 1-10. I am 11.

123. I so much love my computer because all my good friends live inside it.

124. I’ve never allowed my schooling to affect my education. NEVER!

125. Rehab is for quitters.

126. Out of my mind. I’ll be back in five minutes.

127. Where exactly am I and how the hell did I get here?

128. Always give your hundred (100) percent, except you are donating blood.

129. Last name “hungry.” First name “always.”

130. Life is just to short to think of updating the Facebook Bio.

131. I did not change. I just woke up.

132. I am so poor, I can’t pay single attention.

133. Every day, I say no to alcohol, it just does not listen.

134. I’m too busy to update my bio.

135. I’m just not funny. I’m just so mean and people end up thinking that I’m joking.

136. I’m going to update my bio; YES! But, go and focus on yours.

137. I made a really long to-do list for the weekend. I just cannot figure out who is going to do it.

138. Love may be blind. But, marriage will open your eyes.

139. Bio under construction. Check back soon.

140. The sky isn’t in any way the limit; the mind is.

141. I’m recommended by up to 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.

142. I do not need a hairstylist. When I wake up in the morning, I discover a new hairstyle given to me by my pillow.

143. Of course! I’m really not perfect. There is a crack in my a$$.

144. Remember half of all the people you know are below average.

145. The marriage of me and my wife is like workshops. I work and my wife shops.

146. Me fail English? That’s quite unpossible.

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Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook

147. I’m not a player. I’m the game.

148. I haven’t failed. My success is just postponed for some time.

149. …then they call me ugly and poor.

150. Hard work hasn’t killed anyone, but why not take the chance?

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Facebook Bio Examples

Here are Facebook Bio Examples. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

151. Keep the dream alive. Hit the snooze button.

152. Do you believe what they call “love at first sight?” Or should I walk again?

153. What is a free gift? Are gifts not free?

154. Stupidity isn’t a crime so you are free to go.

155. Infuriatingly humble reader.

156. Until this time, I still haven’t been able to figure out what the Facebook bio thing is about.

157. If there is no love in the world, join me let’s make some.

158. One person’s LOL is somebody else’s WTF.

159. Life is too short. Don’t waste it copying the words on my bio.

160. If I keep paying attention, I’ll surely be in debt.

161. I do not suffer from insanity. I love it. I enjoy every bit of it.

162. At last, I graduated. Now, the thermometer is the one thing that has a degree without brains.

163. I don’t understand Facebook that much, but I’m here.

164. People say you have changed. Will I stay a sperm? I definitely won’t.

165. That awesome moment I feel proud, when a girl asks, “are you on Facebook?”

166. I still do not understand Facebook, but look at me, here I am.

167. There are zero winners in life. Only survivors.

168. Always think about doing something instead of doing someone.

169. I do not make mistakes. I date them.

170. Professional procrastinator.

171. We’re all going to hell. And I’m the one driving the bus.

172. Do you remember the guy who gave up? Well, neither does anyone else.

173. I am not crazy, my reality is completely different than yours.

174. My job is just secure. No one else wants it.

175. I intend to live forever. So far, so good.

176. I used to own a handle of life. But, it broke.

177. Who said money won’t be able to buy happiness? I think he wasn’t using money the right way.

178. Heaven won’t have me. And he’ll is very much afraid I will take over.

179. We are born wet, naked and hungry. Then, things got worse.

180. At the end of every day, life shouldn’t fail to ask, “do you wish to save changes?”

181. Sometimes you really need some space — space to fart.

182. God gave you enough hair. But not lots of height.

183. Someday, there is going to be an updated version of me.

184. Do not drink and park. Accidents cause people.

185. CGPA is available for adoption. I really can’t raise it by myself.

186. It’s just not an attitude, it’s just the way I am.

187. Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.

188. What I need right now is 6 months of vacation about twice a year.

189. Bio changed. But, it’s changed only for the sake of changing it.

190. Losing everything except weight.

191. The future gets a shape when you dream. So, never hesitate to go to sleep always.

192. A nomad who’s in search of the perfect burger.

193. Don’t judge me before you get to know me. But, just for your information, you just won’t like me.

194. If I get to agree with you, we both will but completely wrong.

195. If you are not wasted, the day is.

196. Spreading smiles like they are herpes.

197. I am real and I hope to have real followers, too.

198. Die with memories and not dreams.

199. I’ll be back before you can pronounce “eqwtkarepoinkdwrafkhjfdhsa.”

200. The best of me isn’t here yet; it’s yet to come.

Bio For Facebook For Girl

Here are the Bio For Facebook For Girl. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

201. Please, do not say “she is weird and psycho.” I know about it already.

202. Stop following me. I myself don’t even know where I’m heading to.

203. I think you’re hot, too. And you’re permitted to come with me. Let’s start.

204. I am busy. You, too, can do something meaningful with your life.

205. The water of a duck’s back.

206. Intelligent. Motivated. Focused. Oh! And hella, I’m cute, too.

207. I am not single. I am just romantically challenged at the moment.

208. I know I’m so hot. But, I am not responsible for global warming. Just stop checking my bio.

209. People act and I don’t care. Well, in the real world, I really do not care. So, it’s not an act.

210. You have discovered a very hidden profile. But thanks for visiting.

211. 40% savage. 40% sarcastic. 10% heartless. 10% annoying. And overall, a cutie.

212. I am pretty and you are aware of it. But, I don’t possess a pretty girl attitude.

213. Do not judge a woman from up to 100 feet away.

214. Is there more to life than just shopping?

215. I summarized life in just 3: 1. shopping! 2. shopping. 3. More shopping.

216. If you’re so open-minded, your brains might just fall out one day.

217. I am a girl. If you really desire to be my friend, do not touch my phone, face, hair, and boyfriend.

218. My mum has the most beautiful, amazing and awesome daughter in the world.

219. Do not push the wrong button, you’ll surely get disconnected.

220. I may not be so perfect, but I know that every part of me is extra excellent. You should know that, too.

221. Anyone can be cool. But, when it comes to being awesome, one needs practice. Learn from the queen.

222. I like my money at the very spot where I can see it. Hanging in my closet.

223. We’re all a little broken. But, life won’t stop at all anyway.

224. I am a visionary — I have a vision that’s so scary, that’s why few people can’t stand it.

225. Do not call me queen, do not call me goddess; I know I am. But please, you can call me the cutest and prettiest princess you’ve ever set your eyes on.

226. The truth is, life is way too lonely without the fictional people who crowd my mind.

227. Yes, I am afraid of heights. But, I’m more afraid of not flying at all.

228. Cinderella is a big proof that just a pair of shoes can turn your life around.

229. I will forever be good because I don’t have “being bad” in my dictionary.

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230. I will win. It may not be immediately. But, I will definitely WIN.

231. Do not say she is too bossy. Thing is, I have something called “Leadership skills.”

232. Being as fabulous as I am right now has been a full-time job, and I love it.

233. I am brave. I am smart. I am independent. I am a girl.

234. The best part of life is being a girl. We choose to either make the world happy or scary.

235. I love it whenever it rains; I’m that girl who finds peace of mind and joy whenever it rains.

236. The best edge and protection any woman can have is COURAGE.

237. Whenever I fall, I don’t hesitate to pick myself up. Every existing WonderWoman indeed believes in herself.

238. My brain makes me a girl. My attitude makes me a woman. My class makes me a lady.

239. Who I am isn’t defined by your opinion of me. #BossGirl #BossAttitude

240. I am a girl, so I’m always permitted to be complicated without trying to explain myself.

241. You are just asking the wrong question. Stop asking “who’s going to let me?” The right question is, “who’s going to stop me?”

242. It’s always a smart and better choice to strong than pretty and useless, too.

243. I am strong. I am beautiful. I’m enough for myself and those who care.

244. Some girls have glitters in their veins right from birth.

245. Definition of beauty? Beautiful is trying to be the best version of yourself on the inside and out.

246. I love being a girl because I am the little girl of my Daddy protected by his burning love.

247. All girls are born with wings, you just have to create space for her so she can fly.

248. Anyways, I’m a geek, bookworm, and nerd. I’d love to pick up a book and read than a party with dumb.

249. Every tall guy needs for himself a shirt girl who drives him crazy.

250. I am not short. I am compact. And I am ridiculously adorable.

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Cool Bio For Facebook

Here are Cool Bio For Facebook. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

251. There are more than a million fishes in the sea, but I’m a mermaid.

252. Style is a complete reflection of your personality and attitude.

253. Be your kind of beautiful.

254. History is only made by those who break the rules.

255. Be original; be you.

256. I really do not need your approval to be me.

257. Stay classy.

258. Don’t judge me. You know my name and not my story.

259. No one is so perfect, that’s why pencils come with erasers.

260. Whenever life gets blurry, try to adjust your focus.

261. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

262. Live for the moment you just can’t put into words.

263. One day I will be at where I’ve always wanted to be.

264. Stay a mystery. It’s better.

265. I am the reason I smile every day.

266. The only fashion that lasts forever is smile.

267. It is a lovely life.

268. If you are confident, you’re beautiful.

269. A champion is that person who gets up when he can’t. I am a champion.

270. The world is full of many nice people. If you cannot find one, be ONE.

271. I’m the ruler of my own beautiful world.

272. Always move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

273. My hobby is my job. It’s a jobby.

274. Do not be the same, be BETTER.

275. Be a warrior, not a worrier.

276. Radiate positive vibes.

277. Being single does not mean always available.

278. Too lazy to think of a Bio.

279. I am the type of person I want to meet.

280. Say YES to new adventures.

281. I’m loving me.

282. The best is yet to come.

283. Always be happy.

284. Do only what makes you happy.

285. Find yourself and be that. Be yourself.

286. Life is better when you always laugh.

287. If you got eyes, look at me right now.

288. I wasn’t lucky, I deserved the best.

289. I am who I am. And that’s all I will ever be.

290. Being classy isn’t a choice at all, it’s a lifestyle.

291. My style is so unique, please do not copy it.

292. Dreams do not work unless you do. Start working.

293. I did not change. I just found myself.

294. I am unique. I am special. I am ME.

295. Living my life in my style.

296. Dream big and dare to fail.

297. I am so cute; I should put on a warning.

298. Everything looks so cute when it gets my touch.

299. The great pleasure in life is doing those things people said you can’t do.

300. I am nobody else.

Best Bio For Facebook For Boy

Here are Best Bio For Facebook For Boy. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

301. You just do not have to like me, I’m not a Facebook status.

302. Travel the whole world until you exhaust your Facebook check-ins.

303. My relationship status? Sweatpants, Oreos and Netflix.

304. Beware: I may be the only most amazing person you’ll ever meet.

305. Roses are red, and yes! Facebook is blue. No mutual friend. Who the hell are you?

306. If you don’t see me only on Facebook for 2 days straight, call the police. I’ve been kidnapped.

307. I do not have a girlfriend. But, I know someone who will be so mad at me for saying that.

308. I know the exact thing you’re doing now. You are checking out my wall.

309. A lot of people need to understand that Facebook is a social network and not a diary.

310. I hold the key to all the secrets of the universe. The problem is that I can’t find the lock.

311. On a scale of 1-10, I’m up to 15.

312. Who needs to watch television? When there are so many dramas happening on Facebook.

313. Spend a huge portion of my life eating. In the next world? I’ll do the same.

314. I tried tasting strawberry shampoo, it really does not taste as good as it smells.

315. I am not a complete idiot. A few parts are missing.

316. Yes, I also do bad things. But, I do them so well.

317. I’m only responsible for the words that I say, not for how you understand them.

Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook

Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook

318. I am sure all my prayers go to God’s spam folder.

319. I love myself far more than I love you.

320. When I can’t hold my pee any longer, I wake up.

321. I’m not lazy at all; I just rest before I get tired.

322. I do not have bad handwriting, I just have my personal font.

323. If there’s no single chocolate in heaven, I’m not going.

324. No genius will ever come out boldly to say “I’m a genius.” I know this myself.

325. I notice every single thing, I just decide to stay silent.

326. If it scares you, it might be a very great thing to try.

327. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

328. Just keep taking chances. Just keep having fun.

329. I want to go ahead and kill the hottest person on earth. But, suicide is a big crime.

330. If you’re too busy to laugh, you’re really too busy.

331. I so much love the person I am becoming.

332. Dear Facebook, I won’t stop skipping ads.

333. Tables turn. Bridges burn. You live and learn.

334. CAUTION: you just might get addicted to me.

335. Do not study me, you won’t graduate.

336. Busy making history.

337. The sky isn’t my limit. I am.

338. This is just the person I am. Nobody said you must like it.

339. Aim for the highest.

340. Maybe, the new version of me will be different.

341. Be curious and not judgemental.

342. Success cannot be forced.

343. Nature is my medicine.

344. Born at a young age.

345. I depend on me.

346. My motto is “Never Quit.”

347. If you are a player, I am the coach.

348. You say freak, I say unique.

349. Beginnings are always messy.

350. Sarcasm connoisseur.

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Short Bio For Facebook

Here are Short Bio For Facebook. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

351. Live and let live.

352. God does not make junk.

353. I can, therefore I am.

354. Care less, smile more.

355. I do not change, I just woke up.

356. No expectations. No disappointments.

357. It’d be “aweso” without ME.

358. Dream Big.

359. Don’t copy my style.

360. Who I am? That is a secret.

361. Life has f**ked me. It’s my turn now.

362. There’s no one better. Be yourself.

363. Never feel sorry for yourself. Only losers do that.

364. I’m not afraid. I was born to do this.

365. I’m trying to be far better than good enough.

366. I’m a mirror. If you are cool with me, I am cool with you.

367. Just too busy to update a bio.

368. I’m too rad to be sad.

369. Don’t be jealous; you can, too.

370. Anyone can.

371. Only you can save you.

372. Forget about the set rules, enjoy life while you still can.

373. Complicated or not, it is yours to find out.

374. I only make jokes, never see me as one.

375. I’m that sweetness inside your pizza.

376. Forget my cool face, I am hot upstairs.

377. You can have it all. But, only on here.

378. Do not try so hard to be serious, it’ll be unsuccessful right here.

379. We love fun. But, I love it more than you.

380. Ugly. Funny. Crazy. Serious. Normal. Cute. Well, I can be all.

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381. I’m the best of my kind definitely.

382. Enjoy the space. It’s free. No rent paid.

383. You can create or mar your happiness.

384. This is my organization. I do things exactly as I want.

385. Life is just about what you make of it. Enjoy it to the fullest.

386. Write your story yourself. Make sure the story is attractive.

387. I leveled up.

388. This bio will be up in a few years.

389. Check out what your flow consists of.

390. Activate your strength. Don’t stress it.

391. I do not move with negativity.


392. Every morning brings a new opportunity.

393. It does not work for you? Well, it doesn’t work for me, too.

394. I do not have to describe myself, do I?

395. I am not wrong. You are.

396. Your opinions don’t matter. This is my profile. It’s not yours.

397. You came? I am so glad to have you here. Let the unveiling begin.

398. I can be good and be bad. It depends on your choice.

399. Follow me. But do not get your hopes too high.

400. Be senseless a times; enjoy it, it’s fun.

Best Facebook About Me

Here are Best Facebook About Me. Nice Bio For 2020 On Facebook!

401. I’m best served with a side of sarcasm and coffee.

402. I haven’t lost my mind. It’s backed up somewhere.

403. Single and waiting is better than taken and faking.

404. I know my sanity was left around here somewhere.

405. I do not do bitter. I only get better.

406. I was born cool until something called global warming made me hot.

407. I refuse to have a battle of wits with someone who’s unarmed.

408. Remember this: you might be a player, but I’m a good coach.

409. People say I’m bad, but trust me, I can be your worst nightmare.

410. I am not heartless. I just learned how I can use my heart less.

411. Before you judge me, you should be perfect.

412. My motto: feel the fear then do it yourself.

413. It’s only batteries that have minuses and pluses. And I’m ideal.

414. I’m not in any way afraid. I was born to do this.

415. I am not crazy. My reality is far different than yours.

416. I have a very normal character. You just have weak nerves.

417. I do not know where I am going, but I am always in my way.

418. I only say the things I mean, that’s why I most times keep silent.

419. I’m a slow walker. But, I never walk back.

420. I’m the best of my kind. You can’t find anyone like me.

421. Winner of World’s best friend Award (Category: nagging).

422. I like my coffee exactly how I like myself: bitter, dark and too hot for you.

423. People laugh at me because I’m completely different, I laugh at them because they are all the same.

424. Of course, I am high maintenance. I pay for everything I own.

425. I got a very simple rule about everyone. If you do not treat me right, big shame on you.

426. I’d rather be much hated for who I am than be loved for someone I’m not.

427. Don’t your heart be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me.

428. I’m trying to find myself. Sometimes, that isn’t easy.

429. I am blessed.

430. I thank God for every day, and for everything that has happened in my life.

431. I love myself. I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle.

432. I’m not trying to portray an image of a perfect being or a fairytale. I’m just trying to be me.

433. My biggest motivators are my haters. They motivate me.

434. The sky above me. Earth below me. And fire within me.

435. Probably the best in eating meat in the world.

436. Artificially and naturally flavored.

437. I may not be as perfect as you want me to be, but at least I’m not fake.

438. Normal has never been in my DNA. I was destined to be freakish forever.

439. I am who I am for who I am. I really do not need your approval to remain who I am.

440. I’m somebody. I’m me. I like being me. I don’t need anybody to make me somebody.

441. It is how I have lived my life. You show up. Work hard. And be humble.

442. I’m a cutie with a mission. And I’m also a hottie with lots of ambition.

443. I’m just like a butterfly: pretty to see, but hard to catch.

444. To be a princess, you do not need a kind and castle.

445. Your attitude may go as far as hurting me, but mine? It can kill you.

446. I deserve the world as a whole, so I’m gonna give myself the world.

447. The best makeup any girl can wear is a smile.

448. I so much love the person I have become because I fought to become her.

449. The more you act like a lady, the more he’ll be able to act like a gentleman.

450. Good girls are just bad girls that are not caught.

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451. I like my bed way more than I like most people.

452. I know I’m awesome, so I really don’t care about your opinion.

453. I can guarantee that you won’t find anyone else who’s just like I am.

454. I am not lazy. Someone stole my motivation.

455. Do not play dumb with me. That is a game you just can’t win.

456. I am neither single nor taken. I am busy with creating my own story.

457. Thanks to Facebook. I now have an idea of how everybody’s bathroom looks like.

458. Follow your heart and listen to your inner voice. Stop caring about what they think.

459. To love oneself is the very beginning of a lifelong romance.

460. Not all men you see are fools; some stay single.

461. Ever since I was born, I haven’t been myself.

462. I want to live my life without worries and stress. I do not need to be famous or rich. I just want to be happy.

463. I’m the perfect version of me.

464. Single isn’t a status. It’s a word that best describes a person who is so strong to enjoy and live life without depending on anyone.

465. I’m the only one who can change my life. No one can do that for me.

466. I find happiness doing the simple things. Appreciating all the blessings God has given to me.

467. You have to sift through thousands of gold just to find my dirt.

468. I am a force to be reckoned with. I reckon.

469. I so much love the confidence I get without I put on makeup.

470. I was born to be true. Not to be perfect.

471. I am just human. I have weaknesses. I make mistakes. And I experience sadness. But, I learn so much from all of these to make me a better person.

472. I never dreamed of being successful. I worked so much for it.

473. I would not describe myself as a master of anything.

474. What other people think of me is not any of my business.

475. What! I’m not small at all. It is the world that’s just too big.

476. I never feel like I am sexy. If people get to call me cute, I’m happy.

477. I’m in you and you’re in me. Mutual in divine love.

478. I take lots and lots and lots of pride in being myself. I am so comfortable with being who I am.

479. I’m bad as the worst. But thank God, at the same time, I’m as good as the best.

480. I dislike studying for exams. Do they have any Facebook application for that?

481. I came to understand myself after I destroyed myself. I know who I was during the fixing process.

482. I’m just a little girl searching for my heart.

483. I have learned a really big lesson: you never see it coming, you just watch it go.

484. Live without pretending. Love without depending. Listen without depending. Speak without offending.

485. Laugh always. If they say you laugh too much, push them away.

486. Failure is a delay. Failure isn’t a defeat. I just thought I should let you know.

487. Failure is not a dead end. It’s just a temporary detour.

488. The mind is unique. It’s the key to whether you lose or win.

489. Say sorry, it’ll free you on many occasions.

490. Sad or happy, you’re what you make out of life.

491. Eating. Sleeping. Running. Dancing. Taking. Playing Games. Every life activity is what I love doing.

492. Obeying rules is just boring. Having fun is key.

493. Breathe — that is the only way to appreciate life.

494. I am what I am. And it’s just enough.

495. I am far from being perfect. But I’m a complete human.

496. Follow me first. Your mind can follow later.

497. Everyone needs a full dosage of laughter and fun. Enjoy.

498. A little madness once in a while is good for the body.

499. Extraordinaire. All and more here.

500. Try not to be too serious. It hurts the brain.

501. I’m unique. I’m special. I’m a limited edition. I’m the best of me. I’m me.

502. Hate me. Love me. Make me. Break me. I’ll still be me.

503. I’m not a stereotype but a rare species alone.

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