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by Liilgenius
Bio For Fb: Do you plan on creating a catchy Facebook account? Then, it’s important that you rack your brain for good bio for Fb. But, if you’re finding it difficult to come up with either Bio For Fb profile, Bio For Fb timeline, stylish Bio For Fb, stylish text Bio For Fb, best Bio For Fb for boys, best Bio For Fb for girls, bio status for Fb or good bio for fb — you’re in the right place, because we have handpicked Bios, selected to meet your needs.

There’s no price tag, so feel free. Go through the over a hundred bios and pick the ones you love, or you could also get ideas from them to compose something catchy, hence making you a great Facebook account.

Do you want to explain yourself better and show your attitude?

These Bio for Fb are capable of helping you to achieve such. A bio is a few words that portray a person. So, getting a good Bio for Fb is everything.

Without further words, let’s move into disclosing those Bio for Fb to you.


Let’s go!

Bio For FB

Here are Bio For Fb for your “sending” pleasure.

1. I’m blessed with a funny gene that makes me live and enjoy life to the fullest.

2. I do not like myself at all; please, don’t get me confused. I’m so crazy about myself right now. #selflove

3. I am not awkward or shy, I am holding back my uniqueness and awesomeness so you won’t be in any way intimidated.

4. I don’t have more than one different personalities. I am exactly what I am.

5. You’re not automatically liked by me because I added you. I did it to increase my friend list.

6. I am all the things you ever want to be but can’t be or have.

7. Where exactly am I, and how did I reach here?

8. Hi, there. I just joined Facebook. You’re happy now, right?

9. Decreaser of world sucking, proudest of geek and nerd, and absolutely awkward.

10. I am born to express, and never to impress.

11. Welcome to my beautiful Facebook feed, a place where people come to enjoy themselves.

12. I’m ruggedly handsome, aren’t I? If no, then what brings you here.

13. Being as fabulous as I am is indeed a full-time job which I’m so good at.

14. I am afflicted with awesomeness. Sadly, I have come to discover that there’s no cure for you.

15. You can’t tell me who I am; I am the one who’s going to tell you about me.

16. I’m a rare species, not a stereotype.

17. Everyone has weaknesses, but guess what! I’m not everybody.

18. I am not, and will never be ashamed of being me. Is there anything bad about being amazingly unique?

19. Right now, I am writing down my autobiography on my Facebook account.

20. Mark Zuckerberg, this very account is my original Facebook account. Please, don’t spy on me.

Bio For Fb Profile

Here are Bio For Fb profile. Bio For Fb!

21. I am unique and I’m also one of a kind. Make sure you don’t forget that.

22. I feel so sorry for the people who do not know me. They lost diamonds.

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23. I really do not need to explain myself. I know I am always right.

24. My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business. Move on with your life.

25. In just three words, I can sum up the things I have learned about life: it goes on.

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26. I’m a kind indeed because I know just how to rule myself every time. #King #Crown

27. I won’t change for you. I won’t change for anyone else. You can call me stubborn, but I am what I am.

28. I am busy being myself, why don’t you try it, too? #Love #Peace

29. I don’t exist to impress any being in the world. I exist to live myself always ensuring that I am happy.

30. My big motivators are my haters. Gang up more. Invite others. Motivate me the more.

Bio For Fb Timeline

Here are the Bio For Fb Timeline. Bio For Fb!

31. If I’m nobody and nobody is perfect, that means I’m perfect, too.

32. Make sure you don’t die with dreams but memories.

33. When I am good I am best, when I am bad I am worse.

34. Life is too short. Try not to waste it reading my Facebook profile.

Bio For Fb

Bio For Fb

35. This is just who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.

36. This is just who I am. Nobody said you must like it.

37. If you want to be the prisoner of other people, go ahead and care about what people think about you.

38. I am not weird, I am just way cooler than you.

39. Say whatever you feel. It’s an act of being real, not being rude.

40. Live Life. Laugh Loud. Love Forever.

Stylish Bio For Fb

Here are Stylish Bio For Fb. Bio For Fb!

41. Don’t stop spreading rumors about me, because it only makes me more famous.

42. Whenever life gets you down, there’s one thing you can do: keep swimming.

43. I choose to be happy; I mean always happy.

44. I am not afraid of dying, what I’m afraid of is not trying.

45. It’s only God that can judge me. So, either love me or do well to leave me alone.

46. I just Facebook can send a notification when someone deletes me, I’ll surely like it.

47. All I got right now is dreams. Nobody else believes. Nobody else can see. Nobody else but me.

48. Do not judge me until you know me. Do not underestimate me until you have challenged me.

49. The moment I stop having fun with it, I will be done with it.

50. I’m so open-minded, my brains will get to fall out someday.

Stylish Text Bio For Fb

Here are Stylish Text Bio For Fb. Bio For Fb!

51. If you hate me, pick up your phone and log on to kiss-my-ass.com.

52. I am so busy being myself.

53. Love me or hate me, I don’t care. God loves me, and that’s all that matters.

54. They talk and I live my life, who gives a damn about what they say?

55. WARNING: I also have an attitude and I very well know how to use it.

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56. I am not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I am going to back down.

57. A wise man once said to me, “don’t argue with fools.” Cause people who are watching from afar can’t really tell who is who.

58. Everybody is known for an addiction, mine is success.

59. Don’t tell me what they said to you about me; tell me why they were comfortable saying it to you.

60. I give respect to those who respect me, and I completely forget those who forget me. Simple as that.

Best Bio For Fb For Boys

Here are Best Bio For Fb For Boys. Bio For FB!

61. I’m a hot dude who has a cool attitude.

62. It’s really not my attitude, it’s my style.

63. When I got into the world, the devil said, “Oh Shit! Competition.”

64. I need someone who can clearly see the fire in my eyes and still wants to play with it.

65. Boys lie more, but girls do it better.

66. I forget but then I don’t forget.

67. A naughty thought a day keeps the stress away.

68. Boys are really great, every girl should get herself one.

69. I will win not immediately but definitely.

Bio For Fb

Bio For Fb

70. My life. My rules.

Best Bio For Fb For Girls

Here are Best Bio For Fb For Girls. Bio For Fb.

71. Analogue at birth, digital by design.

72. I’m my own experiment, I’m my own work of art.

73. Every woman deserves someone who’ll always ruin her lipstick and not a mascara.

74. I am successful every day, because I look in the mirror, and I am so happy with who I am.

75. I’m a sample size of one, not statistically significant, nor representative.

76. Behind the smile and beneath the makeup, I’m just that girl who wishes for the world.

77. I cannot live without nail polish, lip gloss, gum, Eucerin cream, and sparkly things.

78. Sometimes you really have to put on lip gloss and pretend like you’re psyched.

79. Nobody can make me cry in public. I will punch them first even before they make my mascara smear.

80. Power is when you’re told that you’re not loved and not being destroyed by it.

Bio Status For Fb

Here are Bio Status For Fb. Bio For FB.

81. Do not play with me, because I know I can play better.

82. You love me? Great. You hate me? Even better. Don’t know me? Then, don’t judge me.

83. I do not care what you think of me unless you think I’m amazing.

84. Do not let the world change your smile, rather let your smile transform the world.

85. I have a brand new theory in life. What other people think of me is never my business.

86. Bitch, look at me very well, I’m not Rihanna, I don’t love the way you lie.

87. Don’t hate me just yet, just get to know me first.

88. I am what I am, your approval is never needed.

89. I’m the best and that’s all that counts.

90. Look around my profile and go if you wouldn’t send me a message.

Good Bio For Fb

Here are Good Bio For Fb. Bio For Fb!

91. Failure is never a defeat, it’s just a delay; I just wanna let you know.

92. I know I am bad as the worst, I am glad I am good than the best.

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93. The mind is unique. It’s the key to whether you lose or win.

94. While everyone was busy arguing, it was done.

95. There’s no one out there who can save you; only you can save yourself.

96. Say sorry, it’ll free you on many occasions.

97. Never ever measure your happiness with money.

98. Sad or happy, you’re what you make out of your life.

Bio For Fb

Bio For Fb

99. Forget the rules, enjoy life while you still can.

100. I’m me, that is the most important part.

Fb Bio Ideas

Here are Fb Bio Ideas. Bio For Fb!

101. I do not believe in beliefs, I only accept what I call values.

102. Complicated or not, it is yours to find out.

103. First, you have to admit the fact that you really don’t know me. After that, everything will make sense.

104. Obeying rules is too boring. Having fun is key.

105. You do not have to like me; just enjoy the space.

106. If you think and read that there’s global warming, my hotness contributed immensely to it.

107. Breathe, that is the only way to appreciate life.

108. Does your pizza taste sweet? I am the sweetness in it.

109. I only make jokes, do not see me as one.

110. I am what I am and that’s enough.

111. I am neither a post nor a status, you really do not have to like or love me.

112. My mind is a separate world on its own, dramas and pictures are conjured.

113. For the money, happiness is expensive; for the mind, happiness is free.

114. I am far from being perfect, but I am a complete human.

115. You cannot help but like me, you will see.

116. Don’t look at the cool face, I’m hot upstairs.

117. Everybody needs a dosage of laughter and fun. Enjoy.

118. We all love fun, but I’m sure I do more than you.

119. I’m definitely the best of my kind.

120. Enjoy the space, it’s free; no paid rent.

121. I just wish I could donate my body fat to those in need.

122. My daily routine: get up, be brilliant, go back to bed, repeat.

123. I so much love the confidence that makeup gives me.

124. I never slept and dreamt about success, I worked my ass off for it.

125. I’m not perfect.

126. Just be yourself. No one is better.

127. I am not perfect and neither are you.

1328. I’m me. I’m unique. I’m special.

129. Do not judge me. You don’t have even a slightest idea about my story.

130. I want to restart my life.

131. I was born an intelligent person, but education ruined me.

132. I have no attitude, I’m just so good.

133. Google just can’t search me because I am on Facebook.

134. Smile is nothing close to “I am just happy.”

145. I am never afraid. This is what my mum brought me into this world to do.

136. Fall seven times and stand up 8 times.

137. My life. My rules. Love me or reject me, I do not care.

138. WARNING: I also have an attitude and I very much know how to use it.

139. Live life. Laugh loud. Love forever.

140. Smile always.

141. Am I not beautiful? Shii! Don’t answer; I know I am.

142. I love myself the same way I love me.

143. You’d love me but I don’t care if you don’t.

Enjoy the Bio For Fb, Bio For Fb profile, Bio For Fb timeline, stylish Bio For Fb, stylish text Bio For Fb, best Bio For Fb for boys, best Bio For Fb for girls, bio status for Fb, good bio for Fb, Fb Bio Ideas. Bio For Fb!

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