120 Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

by Liilgenius
Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys: Sometimes, we go to Facebook and stare at the text area, to input words to post, for a very long time, because nothing seems to be flowing in. It’s not easy to always post cool status for Facebook for boys, so we have taken our time to compile a good number of these cool status.

Have you typed the words you thought were cool, but end up clearing it up again?

Have you taken a couple of minutes thinking of a suitable status, but don’t get any afterward?

You are the reason we outlined these cool status for Facebook for boys. You know the nature of boys, right? They most times want to impress, so they don’t use anything which isn’t cool. We know very well that you have been in that position where you want to post one of your coolest pictures, but the right caption doesn’t seem to be coming forth.

Join us as we hand over those cool status for Facebook for boys. Ready?

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

1. Look at me, I am a hot and cool dude with a friendly attitude.

2. It isn’t my attitude, and it’s just my style.

3. When my mum gave birth to me, the devil said, “Oh, damn! Competition.”

4. I need someone who can see the fire that displays in my eyes, and still, want to play with the fire.

5. Boys lie more, no doubt. But, girls — they lie better.

6. My girlfriend says that I’m not affectionate enough, so I need to be more affectionate. Now, look at me, I have two girlfriends.

7. Whenever you see men hang out in a bar, they are there for two reasons: either they are married, or they don’t have a wife to meet at home.

8. Guys have no slight idea how long something said by them can stay in the mind of a girl.

9. Don’t think of the haters, forget them. Somebody loves you.

10. Don’t attempt to hate me, but before you do that, just know me first.

11. People with a status really don’t need status.

12. I’m always trying to make sure that I cool myself.

13. Yes, I can forgive; but, I really don’t forget.

14. Boys never come to the realization that a little thing can hurt a girl to a large extent.

15. Just one naughty thought a day keeps the stress at arm’s length.

16. Boys are awesome. Every girl should go get herself one.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

17. Hate girls, but don’t attempt to hate the girl reading this. A man who’s in love is incomplete — he stays incomplete until he takes the step into getting married. Afterward, he’s finished.

18. Silence is the best answer you give to a fool.

19. Excellence isn’t a skill — as people see it — instead, it’s an attitude.

20. I always get to work when it’s late, but I always make it by early whenever I’m leaving.

21. I always dream of this — I dream of being a millionaire, just the exact way my uncle does it. Well, he is dreaming as well.

22. Right now, in the house I stay in, I’m the boss. And, my wife? She’s the one who makes the decisions.

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23. Don’t judge me by what happened in my past, set your eyes at my present. I’m sure that my future is blazing and rocking, too.

24. I know I’m very much awesome, so I don’t give a crap about your opinion.

25. I may be looking fat, but you are completely ugly — I can lose weight anytime.

26. I’ll win, it might not be immediately, but definitely.

27. If you discover that a plan didn’t work, just know that alphabet has 25 other letters.

28. I’m so cool, but something made me hot — summer.

29. Please, do not become confused between my personality and attitude.

30. My Life; My Rules.

31. My attitude towards you depends on the way you treat me. YES!

32. You see smartness? It’s an incredible and perfect beauty.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

33. I’ll repeat this, I really don’t have an attitude. What I have is a personality — you one you can’t handle, no matter how you try.

34. It’s just my life, keep your nose to yourself. Keep your nose out of this.

35. I can’t say I’m special because I’m not. I’m just a Limited Edition.

36. Don’t make noise, be silent. Stay that way and allow your success make the noise.

37. I’m really not lazy at all, I activated my energy saving mode some minutes ago.

38. Never ever attempted to bend your head, always hold it high. Look at the world, right into its eyes.

39. In case you don’t know, know it that, “Attitude is everything.”

40. Follow what your heart tells you, but don’t welcome stupidity.

41. The best thing you should know about me is I’m the only edition of myself. You cannot find any other copy.

42. If you’re making mistakes, then you are trying.

43. I so much love my job when I’m out on vacation.

44. Fashion is specifically about something that comes from directly within you.

45. I never make a particular mistake twice. I make sure that it reaches five to six times so that I can be sure.

46. Time is valuable and precious, don’t spend it carelessly — spend it wisely.

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47. My parents should be proud of their son — me — because I’m addicted to Facebook, and not drugs.

48. 80% of boys on earth have a girlfriend, but the remaining 20% have brains.

49. I see it that phone are far better than a girlfriend. At least, for phones, we can switch off.

50. My words are just like China phones; they don’t have a guarantee.

51. Don’t dream small, dream BIG. And dare to fail.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

52. I love to move, like walk, in fog, because in there, no one would know that I’m smoking.

53. I always talk to myself, because I don’t like rolling or dealing with dull people — I love dealing with people of a better class.

54. Don’t tag all men as fools, not all are fools. Some decide to stay a bachelor.

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55. Consume beer, and save water.

56. One little thing that makes an evident and significant difference is an attitude.

57. Life taught me quite a lot of proper lessons, but I did something: I bunked those classes as well.

58. If you obey the rules to the very last one, you won’t have the full package of the fun.

59. I’ve not changed one bit, the thing is, I’ve grown up. If you don’t know what it’s like to grow up, I think you should try it, too.

60. I do not have bad handwriting, I just own a font.

61. I’m not regularly “available,” try your luck.

62. Know this: when I am good, I’m at my best; when I am bad, I’m worst. Take note.

63. Yes, you! I mean you — the person reading this status. GET LOST!

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64. I’ll be back with the same me, same attitude.

65. Love me or hate me, I don’t care one bit.

66. Don’t even attempt to play with me, because I am sure that I can play far better than you can.

67. You see my silence? That’s my attitude.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

68. Don’t think I’m heartless, I’m not. I only, the hard way, learned how to make use of my heart LESS.

69. If you dislike my attitude, just stop talking to me. It’s that simple.

70. I’m single. Having that status is part of my attitude.

71. Never attempt to underestimate me, because you have no idea about what I’m capable of.

72. The attitude of yours may hurt me, but you should know that mine can even kill you.

73. If people are fighting and trying so hard to bring you down, that only means that you are above THEM.

74. Yes, I know. I may not be that perfect human, but I’m always ME.

75. Stop peeping and checking my status. Go and get a life!

76. You may say I’m SHORT, but that’s wrong! My awesomeness is just concentrated.

77. I am born to be unique and awesome.

78. I am friendly; I am that nice person you will love to have around. It stays that way until you get me pissed off.

79. I have tried to lose weight, but whenever I attempt that I discover that it keeps searching for me.

80. I’m having a technical kind of difficulties with my attitude today. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. For your safety, it’s advisable that you avoid my attitude today.

81. People who are too organize tend to be too lazy to search for things.

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82. Look, I’m not an arrogant person! The thing is, I’m just far better than you.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

83. Ask me zero questions, and I won’t speak of any lie to you.

84. It’s only one person I can please on a daily basis. And, today? It isn’t your day. If you ask me, I don’t think tomorrow looks good either. I’m sorry.

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85. If you become too open minded, I assure you, your brain will end up falling out from your head.

86. Yes, it’s good to follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain along.

87. You see the road to success? It’s always under construction.

88. You see what personality is to me, that’s precisely what perfume is to flower.

89. I am born into this world to express; I was born to impress no one.

90. I’m about sending my picture, my selfies precisely, to NASA because I’m a shining star.

91. If you know you like me, raise your two hands; if you don’t, do well to raise your standard.

92. I don’t like to follow anyone, but I love it when I’m followed.

93. Style is a complete reflection of your personality and attitude.

94. Life is really short. There are many things you can do to enjoy it. Don’t waste it reading the words on my status.

95. No, I’m not drunk. I’m just off-balanced chemically.

96. I don’t have money. I’m so poor that I can’t pay the least attention in class.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

97. Behind every man who becomes successful is a woman who gets surprised.

98. I am ME. I am who I really am. I don’t need your approval, because it’s not needed at all.

99. My style is something I like, not what other people like.

100. If you want to cry, go for tissue and not your status.

101. I take pride in being me. I’m so comfortable with the person I am.

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102. Life tends to be better when you laugh regularly.

103. I know who exactly I am. And, I am damn proud of who I am.

104. You haven’t taken a look at my bad side, don’t pray to even see it.

105. Yes, I have a smile on my face, but it’s no longer because of you.

106. Attitude is just like a price tag, it displays how valuable you are.

107. I’m down to earth, but don’t mistake that. I’m still very much above you.

108. While you are busy chasing Pokemon, I am busy chasing my dreams.

109. I don’t give a flying crap about what you think about me. I’m going to make it.

110. Make use of success and kill them, then bury them with your killer smile.

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

Cool Status For Facebook For Boys

111. I will never quit until I begin to live the life of my dreams. And, even when I get to that point, I’ll start aiming for more.

112. I’m the man of the year.

113. It really isn’t an attitude, it’s just the way I am.

114. Don’t strive to be the same with them, be better.

115. Great minds don’t think with others, they think alone.

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116. Girls express their feelings by shedding tears while guys express their feelings in bar drinking bottles of beer.

117. You do not have to tell me, I know I’m always unique and special.

118. I’m just cool, cool like a hot coffee.

119. Don’t worry, the best is on its way.

120. I was reminded that the blood type of my body is Be Positive.

Enjoy these Cool Status For Facebook For Boys.

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