51 Convocation Congratulation Messages

by Liilgenius

Convocation Congratulation Messages: Picking the perfect or suitable convocation congratulation messages to send to your daughter, son, cousin, friend, or whoever — can be very challenging. That’s why we have gone through that pain to select the best ones just for you. Make him or her feel more than special on that day.

Being present on the convocation day would go a long way, too — but, don’t fail to send text messages, convocation congratulation messages precisely. Want them to know that you always have them at heart? Use the messages below.

It’s not easy going through university — spending four whole years in the four corners of the university. Some persons even spend more. And, after all the stress, tough times, lack and patience, the person reaches the day of convocation: it’s worth celebrating.

This is the reason why we have compiled several convocation congratulation messages for the pleasure of sending to that special person of yours who is among the next people celebrating on the day of convocation — it could be your lover, your friend, your son, your daughter, your cousin or the likes.

Without further words, let’s move into the real sauce. Ready? Well, we can see that you’re truly ready.

Convocation Congratulation Messages

1. Congratulations on reaching this height. I want you to know that this is just the beginning. You are a star that shines more than the stars in the sky. Happy Convocation.

2. You are someone who has a die-hard attitude of pursuing goals, and now you’ve given us the result of one of the goals. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations on your convocation.

3. I know it must be a really proud moment for you on this day. All the hard work, which you have been putting in, has finally paid off. I’m glad it did. Congratulations, my newest graduate. Happy Convocation.

4. As you cherish and believe the fruit of your effort, I wish that in everything you put your hands to do, success shall always follow you. Today, tomorrow and all the days of your life. Congratulations; Happy Convocation and Matriculation.

5. Now you are about leaving the four walls of the university, have you asked yourself this question, “What next?” If you haven’t, please do. I need you to succeed. Well, Happy Convocation. May your future be bright.

6. I believe you can soar to any height you want to reach. The sky isn’t your limit; instead, it’s the starting point. Spread out your wings and fly. You have no idea where you can reach. Congratulations and best wishes.

7. This day is a day that would be remembered until you leave this world, so please have the best of it — you are the best. You have made us proud, and we are happy to celebrate with you. Happy Convocation. We love you.

Convocation Congratulation Messages

Convocation Congratulation Messages

8. Congratulations, my beloved. You have put in lots of hard work to achieve every by of your goals. Now, you are looking forward to achieving new vistas, dreaming fresh dreams, and living the life which you’ve always wanted to live. Go for it; there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

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9. For one to chase a dream, that person needs to put in the required effort. And, that’s precisely what you have done, and still doing. You’ve achieved a massive one. Keep achieving. I love you. Happy Convocation.

10. There’s nothing, I mean nothing, that can stand in your way now. You have your ticket ready for your dreams come true. Congratulations! You have worked your ass off, and now it’s time to shake your booty. Have some fun. Happy Convocation.

11. Chase your dreams every day. Make sure that you never quit trying. Never stop trying to learn something new. Live life to the fullest. Now you are out of school; it’s the best time to explore freely. I wish you the best. Happy Convocation.

12. Whenever thing you want to achieve in life, you can without stress realize it. But, you need to put in work. All you have to do is believe in yourself — believe that you can. We believe in you, dear. Happy Graduate and Congratulations on your Convocation.

13. Congratulations on graduating on this day. I wish that all the bright opportunities shall locate you even before you locate them. And, you shall achieve profound success in all of them. Happy Convocation.

14. Now, you can tell all the people who didn’t believe in you that you can actually make it without them. Display those pictures on your social media timeline so that they can see them. Happy Convocation, my dear.

15. Congratulations to you, my dearest. I know very well that you’ll surely make your future a successful one. Happy Convocation.

Convocation Congratulation Messages

16. You are ambitious, brilliant, and able. Your legs shall always walk on the glory road. Happy Convocation. I bless you everything you need to garner more achievements in life. Congratulations, my dear.

17. I know what it was like for you to get to this point. All the hard times, days without food or money, nights straight reading, and more. It wasn’t an easy road for you, and I’m really proud that you’ve passed out. God bless you; Happy Convocation.

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18. A warm and hearty congratulations on your graduation. And, I’m wishing you all the best as you begin a new life. May you achieve all your goals. Happy Convocation.

19. Your future holds the brightest life — it’s golden. For all the times of studies at midnight, little sleep and sacrifice of enjoyment — here’s your reward. Congratulations to you. Happy Convocation.

20. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement of yours. Looking back, every bit of it was worth it. I wish you all the best in the career, which you have chosen for yourself. Happy Convocation.

Best Convocation Congratulation Messages

Here are the best of convocation congratulation messages.

21. Know this: graduation is not the end of the tough journey. It serves as the beginning of an awesome and beautiful one. Happy Convocation.

22. This brilliant achievement of yours is undoubtedly remarkable. May all the dreams you have come true. Good luck and Congratulations on your convocation.

23. Begin each day believing in all your dreams. Always know that you were brought into the world to be great — to do great things. Happy Convocation.

24. Graduation is no doubt an exciting time. It marks two things — an ending, and a beginning, too. It’s warm and refreshing memories of the past, and great dreams for the bright future. Happy Convocation.

Convocation Congratulation Messages

Convocation Congratulation Messages

25. It’s evident that you truly have a brain in your head. Your shoes are not empty, you have something inside them — feet. And, you can give yourself the acceleration you need in the direction you choose to go to. You should know that you are on your own. Only you can decide the path you take. Congratulations, my graduate. Congratulations on your convocation.

26. Isn’t it funny? Day by day, it just seems like nothing changes, but when you take your eyes back, everything looks different. Make the best of now. Congratulations, my new graduate.

27. We are so delighted that we can address you as a graduate now. Congratulations, dear. And, congratulations on your convocation.

28. Before you take the decision to act, make sure you listen. Before you take the step to react, make sure you think. And, before you bring out money to spend, hustle to earn. Before you criticize anyone, wait. Before you kneel to pray, go ahead and forgive. And, before you think of quitting, try. Happy Convocation; and a warm congratulations.

29. Your efforts are meritorious, they deserve praise. We send you best and heartfelt wishes, too. I wish you a future filled with happiness. Your fondest dreams shall come true. Happy Convocation.

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30. I have a special wish for you: I wish that this life becomes all you want it to be for you. I wish that every one of your dreams stay big, and each of your worries stays small. You have lots of goodies ahead of us. I love you. Happy Convocation.

31. Isn’t it yesterday you got admission? Now look at you, you are already celebrating your convocation. I am so happy for you. With all the challenges you always complain about, you still made it to this day. You are indeed a strong person. Happy Convocation.

32. We still remember the very first day you left for school. We couldn’t afford to let you, because we couldn’t bear to have you far away from us. But, we had no choice. We feel like we have come back to that very day, we have that nervous feeling again because you are getting set to face the world all by yourself. We know that in anything you do, you’ll always excel in it. Happy Convocation.

33. Look at you, you’re already a graduate. Congratulations to our little graduate. No matter how far you go — the countries you visit — or how successful you become, don’t lose sight of yourself. Always accept humility; be humble always. Your parents think about you every single day. They want you to know that they love you. Happy Convocation.

34. Now that we can boldly call you a graduate, make sure you use this freedom wisely. We are really proud of you. Congratulations on your convocation.

Convocation Congratulation Messages

Convocation Congratulation Messages

35. Son, I closed my eyelids for only a moment, and when I open them, I saw a man standing where a boy used to stand. I may not be able to carry you in my arms, but know that I will always have you in my heart. Happy Convocation.

36. You’ve given a lot of reasons to be proud of the man whom you have become. The proudest moment for me is letting others know that you are my son. I love you this second, and forever, too. Congratulations on this exceptional achievement of yours, grad.

37. You have worked with really hard, and everyone can see that. Now, it’s time to celebrate your convocation — your graduation. You have given us another reason to be proud. We are happy to have you as a son/daughter. I wish you the best of luck for the future ahead of you. Happy Convocation.

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38. To our little graduate, we wish you the best. We are so proud of all you’ve achieved. Remember to go after all your dreams, and stay humble as you go after them. Congratulations, sweetheart. Happy Convocation.

39. This is just the beginning of your life. You can do and achieve anything you put in your mind to achieve. I believe you for that. Happy Convocation.

40. At some point, I thought it would be impossible for you to graduate and convocate, but here you are, wearing a convocation gown. I am so proud of you. You have shown me that anybody can achieve anything he puts his effort and time to do. And, you have taught me about patience. I’m really happy for you. Happy Convocation.

41. Cheers to the door of new opportunities that have just been opened wide for you, our lovely daughter. Enjoy this day to the fullest, we are really proud of you, and your achievement, too. Happy Convocation.

42. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement. From this day henceforth, all the happiness and success this world has to offer — is yours. We love you so much. Happy Convocation.

43. We are proud of the person you have become, and your accomplishments, too. Congratulations, the newest graduate in town.

44. Today, it’s clear that you’re a step closer to your dreams. And, very soon, you’ll start reaping the fruits of all your hard work. Congratulations on your convocation.

45. Congratulations, my dear graduate. Shoot for the moon alone, because if you eventually miss it, you will land in the midst of the stars. Happy Convocation.

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46. I wish you the best. Congratulations on your convocation. Go and achieve the best.

Convocation Congratulation Messages

47. Yes, the school may be over, but I want you to know that real life lessons are yet to be learned. Keep an open mind and heart. Happy Convocation and graduation, we love you so much.

48. Always remember that you have lots of potentials in you. The sky is your starting point. Congratulations.

49. I heard that you are about doing your convocation ceremony. WOW! Isn’t it yesterday you got into school? This is awesome. I am so happy for you. Come back, I have a gift for you. Happy Convocation.

50. It is official: you are now so cool for school. Congratulations on your convocation.

51. We are filled with much Joy to know that you’ve achieved this outstanding milestone. I wish you great success with your career and dreams. Happy Convocation.

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