Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend

by Liilgenius

Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend: Some people say that writing letters have gone extinct — if you mean writing letters using pen and paper, I’ll agree with you to an extent. But, if it’s sent with the click of a button on your device(s), then you should know that it’s evergreen.

Your girl deserves your Love; shower her with Love, and really long love letters for your girlfriend can do the magic. You don’t have an idea of what it means for a girl to begin her day with a smile. Yes, gifts can create such a smile on their face, but really long love letters for your girlfriend works like magic.

Are you looking for an idea to help you compose?

Have you tried composing but don’t seem to be getting it right?

You are the reason why I have handpicked and outlined these love letters, just for you. Don’t miss out on any of them. It was made for you, and just you.

Without trying to disclose further words, let’s move on to the crux of this article.

Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend

1. Hello, sweetheart.
I’ve longed to send this write-up to you for a while now, letting you know what I feel inside. You gave me all I need to make my life glow. I know I’d cover a book if I start to write everything you did. I don’t think a short letter would contain all the words I really want to say — I won’t be able to cover how exactly I feel. You have proven to me that in every place and age, Love is very much guaranteed to exist and I’m delighted that I found you, my superwoman.

Having you by my side has brought satisfaction to my life. And, because of you, I’ve seen an increase in wealth. I really cannot thank you enough for touching me in an in-depth manner. Ever since you came into my life, I can see myself living the life of my dreams. I can see it clearly that you’re meant for me.

2. My sweetie,
Loving you disclosed lots of things to me — things I thought never existed. At a certain point in my life, I had to scan my life, and afterward, I noticed that you’re all I need to survive. You are the air my nostrils needs, the food which my soul needs. You are my heartbeat — this is the reason why I don’t want to lose you because I won’t be able to bear the pain. If Love was taken as the biggest challenge in the world, then I should be given the price because I’ve conquered it. What I feel for you is so strong, I haven’t felt that way for anyone else.

You have given me a perfect and extraordinary gift, only my heart can understand. You have trapped me in the web of Love because loving you is now like a sickness, and I can’t stop myself from having an enormous amount of Love for you. You are the best friend I never had, and you’re also a family to me — the family I never had. Meeting with you has shown me how beautiful and marvelous it is to have someone who can love you in return. I will do anything within my reach, just to spend my whole life with you. I love you, my queen.

Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend

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3. My sunshine,
There’s not even an ounce of doubt that my Love is for you and just you. You were there for me when I had nothing — when I had no one around. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like without your warm embrace and touch. Right now, I miss you so much, and I know I’ll be with you real soon — the most significant distance would be that distance between your lips and your nose. I know life has lots of struggles, obstacles, and tough times; but I’m delighted and happy to struggle with you.

Even if anything in this world changes, my Love for you will always be constant; it’ll never change. Instead, it’ll keep growing. Let’s face whatever life has for us, be the best which we can be, and be there for each other. Whenever you need me, just know that I’ll always be here for you. I’ll always want to be a significant part of your dreams and future. I want to love you until the end of time.

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4. My Love,
I wish I’m there with you, my damsel. Because being here without you is like celebrating loneliness. The distance is killing me so badly, and if I don’t have you around soon, it’ll give me severe acne — the ache of missing you for a long time. I know that you’re working and striving towards a bright future; that’s why I want you to know that I want the best for you, too. If I have my way, I’ll be right by your side like the pair of trousers you put on — your favorite pair.

I’ll show you the level of how much I really do admire you. I will give you all of me, my whole life and Love — because it was made, prepared for you alone. I can’t wait to hold you tightly in my arms and kiss you when words seem not to be coming forth. I am striving to be the best so we can have the brightest future with each other. With the way our Love is going, the world is likely to watch our Love in surprise and wonder. I love you with everything I was, every bit of what I am and all I’ll ever become.

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5. My Angel,
The way what I feel for you grows is something I really can’t comprehend. I’ve never shown anybody this kind of Love before I met you. Looking up and see you stare straight to me — that act takes my breath away. That also makes my heart to skip a single beat, and it makes my blood run faster through my veins. You love me, and I want you to know that anything or word in this world can’t explain my Love for you. The bond we share is really magical, and I will give up everything and anything to keep that bond strong forever.

Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend

I can’t wait to have your kiss, and your tender touches, too. I can’t hold back any piece of me from falling deeply in Love with you. I am surrendering myself to the Love you show me because it’s the purest and sweetest thing which I have ever received. You brighten up my day, and you make my face glow. You make me always wish that our lives will last forever. Ever since you came into my life, I have been under the charm of your Love.

Sweet Long Love Letter For Your Girlfriend

Here are long distance love letters for your girlfriend, and you can choose one as your long love letter for my girlfriend.

Sweet Long Love Letter For Your Girlfriend:

6. My everything,
Since I crossed your path, my world has displayed light — brighter than it used to be. Holding each other’s hand, we will walk to the altar to proclaim the Love we have for each other. I can’t think of an attractive feature that you don’t possess. You are a complete fit for me, and I love you for that. You make me eager to face whatever, and you give me enough confidence to stand whatever task. I want you by my side, close to me — EVERY DAY. Because with you by my side, I can achieve anything — things that humans can’t do.

I will become a powerful superhero. Being with you is my biggest motivation. You are my inspiration; you make me want to be the best for you because you are the best for me. I am so delighted and glad, and I am filled with joy to be called your man — in other words, I’m satisfied. I love you, my baby. I will adore every bit of you because you deserve everything.

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7. My dearest,
I so much treasure the Love you shower on me every day, my princess. I really can’t survive without your Love. Before I met you, I have never had a love of this sort in my life. I have never believed that I’m worthy of the Love of someone. I felt that true Love was only existing in soap operas and fairy tales. But, I’ve come to know that it’s not true because you have changed my perception of Love. YES, our journey of life might not look or be so Rosy, but I know that we’ll eventually lie on the bed of roses because we are with each other.

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We will be with each other, for worst and for better, too. And, in health and in sickness, too. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so we can both have the best moments. Baby, you made my broken heart collide when you came into my world, my life. I love you so dearly.

Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend Sweet Long Love Letter For Your Girlfriend long love letter for my girlfriend long distance love letters for your girlfriend

8. My princess,
The day I laid my two eyes on you, I felt something from within. My world has its first breath of the most real Love. You’re the one that brings a smile to my face even when I don’t intend to. You have your unusual ways of making a frustrating and dull day become an interesting one. Your smile alone can do that. I cannot thank God enough for bringing you into my life and finally making you mine.

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Whenever I think about your soft and warm face, there is always this atom of hope that can turn a worse day into a very perfect. You brought comfort into my life, and now I’m comfortable. You gave the kind of friendship I haven’t had for a long time. Thanks for being my best friend. I always look at myself to know if I’m really worthy of your Love because it’s been long I had someone love me this much. I love you.

Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend Sweet Long Love Letter For Your Girlfriend long love letter for my girlfriend long distance love letters for your girlfriend

9. My Happiness,
Your Love is the light which my heart holds. I love you because you are the surest medicine to the pain I feel. I plan to exist until forever with you. Thank you so much for the beautiful Love which you have given to me. Your Love is the nutritious food for my soul; morning, afternoon, and evening — all I need is you, my perfect star. Today, tomorrow and until forever, I vow to give you the full package of happiness which you deserve. You love has always been the light that takes out any darkness in my life.

The thought of you alone brings comfort into my life. And, I will always appreciate the words you speak to me because they bring warmth to the inner part of my soul. I love you.

10. My Pretty Damsel,
I know very well that I can’t survive without a heart. I will never say the word “Goodbye” to you because the Love I have for you will exist until forever. I don’t mind facing whatever difficulty just to ensure that our Love lasts. The happiness which you bring to my life — my soul — can’t be compared to anything else in this world. You make me a happy man. The richest man in the world can’t buy me the kind of happiness which you have shown me. With just a simple hello from that sexy lips of yours, my heart flies away. Your beauty is really complete because it takes all of my breath away. You’re my heart, please don’t go away, because I can’t survive without my heart.

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You dig your way into the deepest part of my heart. Now, all I think about is you, my sweetheart. All I want to do — yes this is all I want to do — is: spend every second and minute with my baby — you — forever. Your face is so beautiful, and just so you know, your face has its print at a special spot in my heart. Your Love lives in my heart, because I smile every time, even when you are not close to me. With your Love, baby all the days of my life is worth living. I will never drop your Love, which my heart holds. It makes me comfortable. Your love is my greatest inspiration; it makes me strive to be the best I can be.

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Things To Write On A Love Letter

11. I love you, and I miss you so much! There’s nothing more that I want to do than to see your face and kiss you, my love. Every moment with you is magnificent, you are a wonderful person, and I feel so blessed that you’re mine.

12. I am so lucky to have found you. Thank you for such a wonderful relationship. I love you always, no matter what the future holds. Just remember that when times get tough and I seem distant and distracted. Because nothing can break our love for long. I love you.

13. Hey, love! What a nice day so far. I hope it can only get better from here on out. You know how much I love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. When you asked me out, my heart skipped a beat! Your eyes are like the stars & your smile lights up my world. I’m so glad we found each other. Love ya lots! My girl.

14. You are everything to me. I can’t stop thinking about you and how happy you make me. You give me butterflies and make the sun shine brighter. I don’t know what I did to deserve someone as wonderful as you, but I am truly blessed that you are in my life.

15. My sweetheart, my beautiful, I love you so much. My love for you has no end. It just keeps growing. I want to be with you forever because, for me, your happiness is a necessity, not a luxury, but unfortunately, it seems impossible. I love you so much.

Sweet Long Distance Love Letter For Her To Make Her Cry

16. We are so far from each other, and it’s hurting me more than anything else on this planet at the moment. I know we’re working hard to change our fates, and I believe we’ll be together one day. You’re the best thing that has happened to me. I love you.

17. You’re the love of my life. You bring me so much joy and happiness I feel like I could burst at any moment. I love you very much.

18. We have an amazing relationship, and I just can’t stop smiling because of you. Your arms are my favorite place to be. I love you like crazy.

19. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I don’t want anyone else but you. I love everything about you, and I would never want to change a thing. I love your cute smile and your adorable laugh; those are the things that make me fall in love with you every day.

20. I love you. You brought joy into my lonely heart. I like that smile, it makes me happy, happier than words can describe. Forever and always.

Short Love Letters For Girlfriend

21. Of course I know that you are the love of my life. We share everything together and I’m so grateful for every single moment we have together. You’re looking especially gorgeous today!

22. I love how we can just sit in silence, and I don’t feel awkward at all. I love how you’re silly and a goofball. I am so happy that we are together, and I hope you have no regrets about us. You make me happy in every single way, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

23. You are amazing and I love you for every bit of your being. I love your smile, how you always make me laugh, and how you spoil me with gifts. I can’t imagine a day without you. My life is better because of you. I am in love with you!

24. I love you. You brought joy into my lonely heart. I like that smile, it makes me happy, happier than words can describe. Forever and always.

25. I cherish every moment we have together, both good and bad. I love you and hope to be with you forever.

I took my time to compile these Sweet Long Love Letter For Your Girlfriend and Really Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend just for you. Have a lovely read.

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