33 Mean Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Cry

by Liilgenius
Mean Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Cry

Mean Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Cry: Are you well and truly sick to death with a specific girl?

Has it got to the point that you’re searching the internet for mean things to say to her?

Are you looking for a way to really get under her skin so that she regrets ever messing with you?

That’s a dangerous path to tread, but we’ve got your back. There’s a sickening list of mean things to say to a girl to make her cry below. Use with caution.

Mean Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Cry

1. I don’t have the time for this.
Okay, there’s no subtle way to put this one; it’s overly blunt and insensitive. You might have said it because it’s genuinely not a good time to discuss the issue. But what it sounds like is, “I don’t care about whatever you have to say.”

2. You are making a big deal out of nothing.
This statement might seem harmless if you are addressing a constantly nagging girlfriend. But it’s also a way of throwing someone’s opinion or complaint in the trash like they don’t have a say.

3. Shut up.
Unless your woman is trying to conjure some ridiculous explanation as to why she had sex with your best friend, shut up is a mean and straightforward way of saying, “your feeling and opinions don’t matter.” We all deserve some respect from our partners.

4. Grow up.
Your girlfriend is not your child, so there’s no point trying to make her feel like she’s a toddler just because you want her to do something your way when you say that in a conversation, that’s a message that she’s far from what you expect from a woman.

5. You are useless.
Perhaps, this one came out of your mouth because you expect more from your girlfriend. Trust me; it’s a punch at your woman’s ego, unsupportive and insensitive. If she’s doing her best, this type of comment will pull her down and push her away.

6. You are a loser.
Even if you’ve made the decision to call the relationship a quit, this is no phrase you want to throw at a girl you are dating. High and low periods are common to all humans, so there’s no point pulling someone down with mean words, especially when they’re trying their best.

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7. Your ideas never work.
This comment is another punch at the ego. Research shows that women like to be appreciated and loved in their relationships. Reminding her of her past failed efforts is a slap at her mental capabilities, which will make her feel incapacitated around you.

8. It’s always your fault.
Perhaps you’ve got a clumsy girlfriend, and still blaming her all the time for every happening in your relationship is not the best way to go.

9. Your goals are unattainable.
Support is what everyone needs, not insults. You don’t want to pull your friends down, let alone someone you are romantically involved with.

10. I hate you.
This short sentence can come up once or twice because you are highly upset. If it’s frequent, you are sending a wrong message into the receiver’s heart.

11. I managed to date you.
Some couples joke with this line a lot, but for the most part, it’s not a nice thing to say. Making your partner feel they are not good enough for you or that you could do better than them. Girls don’t like to feel like they are beneath their guys.

12. I’m sorry, but…
This one is how condescending people manage to say they are sorry. Apologizing helps to bring both parties on the same page. There’s no point adding a fault to it just to make your woman look bad or feel guilty.

13. I don’t see the importance of this conversation.
It’s not a good idea to invalidate the feelings of others. Because it’s not a big deal to you doesn’t mean it’s no big deal to your woman.

14. You look like a hippo.
There are tons of ways to tell a girl she might need to hit the gym. Body shaming isn’t one of them. You might think you’re being honest, but it’s mean coming from you that’s the closest person to her.

15. I made you.
While this comment may come in like a joke, it also has a manipulative tune in it. Your woman has a working mind. You didn’t make her like software. Even if your presence somehow contributed to her current great status. It’s not a nice thing to say.

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16. Your mom is just crazy.
The relationship between your girlfriend and her mom may not be the best. She may even complain and say some weird things to you. But don’t you dare throw insults at her mom, thinking she’ll be cool with it.

17. Why are your siblings always begging for money?
This is one territory you might want to tread softly, especially when you don’t have a joint account, or she earns way more than you do. They are her family. It’s meant to make them look like they are disturbing nobodies.

18. Your family drives me bonkers.
Again, relationships are complex, and it’s possible your woman isn’t totally psyched about her mom, dad, or entire folks. But that doesn’t give you the freedom to bad-mouth her family. She might play it cool with you at first but may open a can of worms about it later.

19. Is that all?
Okay, so you were expecting more, but the whole bedroom parade ended after two minutes. You can always tell her you want more instead of asking if that’s all she’s got. Menh, that’s mean.

20. My ex is sexier, but you are okay.
Oh no! You don’t want to go there. Research shows that women feel insecure about their Body Shape. So, if she isn’t full-figured, there’s no point in making a comparison about her stature. You can let the comparison stay in your head.

21. You make me miss my ex sometimes.
What are you trying to do, start world war three? This one is mean on levels. Tell your woman how you need her to be. It’s best to do away with comparisons.

22. This is how my ex does it.
Now, I know some phrases might sound harmless to you, but when you are trying to make your woman do something for you in a way, don’t make it about your ex.

23. My ex would never do that.
There’s a reason or reasons why you are not with your ex anymore. Using almost every opportunity to make your partner feel like she has to compete to please you is terrible.

24. You are like my ex
Whether it’s in a good or bad way, your current partner doesn’t want to feel like she’s walking in the shadow of your past lover. It’s neither fair nor healthy for your relationship.

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25. You are short.
You might think this comment shouldn’t be harmless, but women don’t like to hear that they are short, even when they are short. It’s a bit similar to “Body shaming.”

26. You need a banging butt.
Yeah, the big butt gang thing is trending, and you want your girl to flow with the trend. But this comment might make her feel like you don’t like her look. Even worse, you find other women attractive.

27. I wish I had a richer girlfriend.
Now, it doesn’t sound like you wish your woman is rich. It sounds like you are telling her you to desire someone else. It’s not only mean and disrespectful. It’s got a good-digging ring to it.

28. Your friend is hot.
Maybe you should let this one stay in your imagination. While your woman might react badly, you may trigger a jealousy vibe.

29. I wish I never met you.
Both parties in a relationship may say mean things to each other when they fight. But, telling someone you regret meeting them is a whole new level of being a bitch.

30. You are not attractive anymore.
One of the negative things you could say to a person that may affect them even after you call it quits is telling them they are not attractive anymore. A low self-esteemed guy might always look at himself in the mirror and never feel unlovable for anyone.

31. You have bad dress sense.
This statement shouldn’t go out from you to someone you are dating. You can help them get better at looking good instead of rubbing it in their face that they don’t dress well.

32. You irritate me
The door is wide open if it has gotten to the stage where your woman irritates you. It’s mean to react to her action with such an insensitive and condescending comment.

33. You make me sick
When you do this to a girl, you’ll no doubt strike a nerve. If you are dating her, I bet it’ll take many apologies to get her on the same page with you. If she’s just a friend, she’ll probably start ghosting you.

Thanks for reading.

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