60+ Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love

by Liilgenius
Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love

Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love: Enhance the charm of your relationships, and add more sweetness in life by presenting chocolate with amazing chocolate quotes.

If you can’t come up with something, we have a couple of quotes you could use as ideas to compose something incredible.

Here’s our handpicked Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love.

Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love

1. Your looks makes me go crazy on a whole new level every time. Thank you for making me happy, and completing my life! Happy Chocolate Day.

2. Dear love, my love for you cannot be expressed in words. I wish you happiness, and health in abundance. Happy Chocolate Day.

3. Happy Chocolate Day, to my love who is as sweet as chocolate! If I am a princess in a fairytale, you are the magical prince.

4. Happy Chocolate Day, my everyday sweetheart. Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

5. To the most chocolaty girl, happy chocolate day! I’m madly in love of your sweetness.

6. You are sweet, velvety, soft, nutty and flavorful just as chocolates. Having you is like eating chocolate all the time. Happy Chocolate Day.

7. Happy chocolate day, my chocolaty girlfriend. I am madly in love with your sweetness.

8. I know you love chocolates, but for me I love you more than anything. You are my favorite Chocolate. Happy Chocolate day.

9. Between any chocolate, cakes, cream, or whatever, you are the only option I will pick. Loving you is sweetest thing in life.

10. You are as sweet as the love you have for chocolate, but you are my favorite chocolate darling. Happy chocolate day.

Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love In English

11. You are my Chocó pie, and my all-time dairy milk. You give the best feeling when I am low or high, I love you baby. Happy chocolate day!

12. When every time we make love I surprise you with chocolate and today I will surprise you again with your favorite chocolate. Happy chocolate day!

13. With these smoothest chocolates, may our relationship be also smooth and happy. Happy Chocolate Day!

14. My love for you is similar to chocolate, filled with sweetness. Happy Chocolate Day.

15. Nothing can express happiness other than your sweetness let’s be together forever. Happy Chocolate Day!

16. Let’s be together forever and enjoy the sweetness of our love like we enjoy chocolate. I love you. Happy Chocolate Day!

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17. You are the only person that comes to my mind when I think of sweetness. Always be mine.

18. Your smile makes my heart melt, and your kiss like chocolate in my mouth. Happy Chocolate Day!

19. Whenever I gorge on that favourite chocolate of mine, I am always reminded about the taste of your lips.

20. Dear, I do not have the words to express my love for you, so I am sending you this chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day, sweetheart.

Best Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love

21. Chocolate tends to become much more sweeter when I am sharing it with you, and thank God it’s another Happy Chocolate Day!

22. Thanks for entering my life and filling it with so much sweetness. Happy chocolate day.

23. No one cares for me as much as you do. You have filled my life with so much sweetness.

24. What’s sweeter than the sweetest chocolate in the world, is your love. Love you always, sweetheart.

25. The most attracting word is your name and not the sweet chocolate, that’s why I enjoy calling your name. Happy Chocolate Day!

26. Chocolate becomes much more sweeter, when I share it with you my love. Happy Chocolate Day!

27. I am happy that chocolate has a special day to be celebrated, because you my darling deserve to be celebrated. The taste of chocolate is symbol of your sweetness.

28. Some are crunchy, some are nutty, some are delicious but none of the chocolate is like you. Happy Chocolate Day!

29. The taste of your lips babe, is the real taste of chocolate. So I am having you, for this chocolate day.

30. All I want in life is you, you, and only you! You are my box full of chocolates. I love you. Happy Chocolate Day!

Happy Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love

31. The sweetness of chocolate may remain on your tongue for a few minutes but the touch of my lips is going to be there forever. Happy Chocolate Day! I Love you!

32. Love is not about how long you have been with each other, it is about how wonderful the journey is, and you baby makes the journey so sweet. Happy Chocolate Day!

33. Happy Chocolate Day to my love who is sweeter than a bar of chocolate. I Love you!

34. No jewelery, no gifts, no money is going to impress my foodie babe as much as a chocolate. So here is a whole box of chocolate just for you. Happy Chocolate Day!

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35. It’s Chocolate Day today, and it’s a perfect day to tell you that I love sharing everything with you. Even CHOCOLATES. I Love you so much!

36. You baby are the inspiration behind the invention of chocolate, because it taste just like you. Happy chocolate day sweetheart.

37. The love of my life deserves more, more than this chocolate. So have this chocolate for dessert, while you have me for the night. Happy choco day.

38. My chocolaty man, you alone catch my fantasy, and give me the taste chocolate don’t. That’s why I can kiss you a whole day and not get enough. It’s choco day love and I want to have you alone.

39. Living with you all these years has been like living in sweetness, you make life sweet baby. Happy chocolate day.

40. If the world was all made of CHOCOLATE, you are the only chocolate I would want for the rest of my life.

Chocolate Day Wishes For My Love

41. You babe is the only one that comes to mind when I hear the word, “chocolate” your sweetness is second to none. Happy chocolate day my love.

42. I don’t need a box of chocolate boo, I need you. I need all of you in me, my chocolaty man. That’s what I need for the chocolate day.

43. The first time I saw you, I thought I saw a living chocolate. Your skin, its smoothness, and your curves. Happy chocolate day.

44. I am most privileged to have won your love, because I wouldn’t have known that chocolate is nothing compared to your sweetness.

45. The best thing I have tasted is your love, your lips, and your body. It is not comparable to chocolates, but accept this token of chocolate as a symbol of my love. Happy chocolate day.

46. You make love sweet, my favorite chocolate. I love you dearest. Happy chocolate day.

47. I am sending my love to you dipped in chocolate. I want you to taste the love I have for you babe. Happy chocolate day.

48. Since I couldn’t come, I am sending these chocolate to remind you of the taste of my love. I love you a lot baby girl. Happy chocolate day.

49. You make me always want to have chocolate, because that’s the only thing that is close to the taste of the love you give. Happy chocolate day.

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50. After these chocolate baby, you are having me for the night, a taste of sweetness that won’t melt away. Happy choco day.

Cute Chocolate Day Quotes For My Love

51. I told my friends that today is your day, because you are the definition of chocolate, I always keep coming for more. Happy chocolate day my sweetness.

52. The world is sweet because you are in it. Imagine you were not born, who would have been my favorite chocolate? I love you sweetheart. Happy chocolate day.

53. Let these chocolate remind you of the taste your love gives to me. Happy chocolate day my princess.

54. Happy chocolate day my sweetness, your sweetness comes in different ways that’s why I sent you chocolate of different shapes. I love you.

55. It’s never gonna be tiring to love you, because your sweetness is like the taste of chocolate. Happy chocolate day my cupcake.

56. If chocolate is the taste of love, then you are my favorite taste. I love you. Happy chocolate day.

57. I yearn only for the taste of your love, because like these chocolate I sent you, the taste of you make me crave for more.

58. Babe I love you, and I always want to have you like chocolate. Happy chocolate day.

59. You are sweetest taste of love, and your lips is like chocolate in my mouth.

60. My sweetness, these chocolate are for you. I love you so much. Happy chocolate day.

61. What taste is love if not the taste of you. Love now has meaning, because of your sweetness darling. I will always cherish you. Happy chocolate day.

62. I really love how you make me feel, and truly like chocolate you are irresistible. Happy choco day, my chocolaty lover.

63. Since you came into my life, I only get to taste chocolate on this special day, because the love you give tastes better than it. Happy chocolate day, my favorite.

64. Sweetheart, let every bite of this chocolate show you how sweet your love tastes like to me. Happy choco day.

65. I want our love to be like chocolate, never losing its taste, and always craving for more. Happy chocolate day my sweetness.

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