71+ Funny Status Messages For Friends

by Liilgenius

Funny Status Messages For Friends: One of the best feelings on earth is the feeling attached to having a real and trusted friend, or friends. Real friends are persons who would stick with you through whatever thing life throws at you. If you eventually spot fake friends, don’t hesitate to kick them out of your life; you deserve better.

Words can’t define true friendship; in true friendship, there are no boundaries. It’s all about caring and sharing without any form of conditions. Okay! We know you are here because you desire to make your friend(s) laugh. So, we have taken time to package Funny Status Messages For Friends — those special friends of yours.

Below are some awesome and cool Funny Status Messages For Friends, which you’d love to use. Friendship involves being silly, serious moments, and whatnot.

Without further words, let’s further proceed into the crux of this write-up.

Just scroll down and enjoy the Funny Status Messages For Friends.

Funny Status Messages For Friends

1. My dear, you attract me more than the attraction of gravity. I love you. Happy Friendversary to us.

2. I knew very well that it was a friendship at first sight when I say that we get crazy in similar ways.

3. You’re stupid. You’re annoying. You’re crazy. You’re weird. You’re clingy, too. And again, you’re just like me.

4. Some people visit priests. Others go for poetry. I go with my friends.

5. Friendship must be built on a foundation — a solid one precisely. A solid foundation of shenanigans, alcohol, inappropriateness, and sarcasm.

6. Finding friends who have the same kind of mental disorder is indeed priceless.

7. If we were on a page that was about to crash to the ground, and it’s only one parachute left, I promise to give the most organized speech on your funeral.

8. Real friends care like they are your mum; they scold like dad; they tease like a SISTER; they do all they can to irritate like a brother; and also, they love like a lover.

9. True friends are like farts, which are loud. They do not smile much; they ensure that you are always laughing. Life is so impossible without them.

10. A good friend is just like what a bra does for a woman: difficult to locate one which you are comfortable with, provides support all the time, holds you tight and is never far from your heart.

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11. I don’t mind, I will swim through an ocean just to locate a special friend like you. Okay, not really an ocean — to be precise, a POOL. But, a pool that isn’t deep at all. You know, I don’t want my hair to get wet.

12. Thank you for celebrating every one of the exciting moments of my life with me. I cannot imagine organizing my wedding without you. I can’t imagine not having you by my side when I hold the little human created by me.

13. There is no atom of doubt that you are really a lucky person because you have me in your life. You surely do not need any extra blessing in your life.

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Funny Status Messages For Friends

14. Friendship is just like wine: it gets better every single day it gets older. Just like us, you get older and I get better.

15. My friend’s friend is still my friend. The girlfriend of my friend is my friend. The boyfriend of my friend is nothing but a scum.

16. Friendship is just like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you feel its warmth.

17. You drink lots of bottles all the time. Your morals are questionable. But, guess what! You’re everything I need in a friend.

18. I love my socially challenged, weird, lame, stupid, goofy, crazy, and gorgeous friends. I wish you all — the losers I call best friends — a happy friendship day.

19. Friends come into your life, and go out, too. That happens just like the waves of the ocean. But, real friends stay just like having an octopus on your face.

20. The validity of being my friend will expire in some hours time, today. Please, do well to recharge your friendship this minute by delivering 4-5 cool, sweet and Funny Status Messages For Friends.

21. True friends are just like those Chinese takeouts: they are enjoyable, dependable and just a call, a phone call away.

22. I really don’t know the one that’s tighter between our jeans and our friendship.

23. A good friend will carry you up when you fall, but a best friend will take time to laugh at you, help you up, laugh at you again. Then, trip you AGAIN.

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24. Friendship is just like a sim — a sim that does not have any activation charges. Free outgoing and incoming with roaming all over the globe. And, its validity last until forever.

25. A best friend is someone around whom you can comfortably fart with being judged at all.

26. A stranger does this: he stabs you in the front; a fake friend does this: he stabs you in the back; a boyfriend does this: he stabs you in the heart; but as for best friends, they only poke each other using straws.

27. We are best friends because we have a similar sense of humor — a non-existent one.

28. I feel so bad about myself for not achieving any tangible thing, but then I feel a lot better when I see the height you’ve attained. Thanks for being my only best friend.

29. Let us swear using our pinkly that we’ll stick with each other as best friends until we are old and wrinkly.

30. If you are chocolate, you are the sweetest among other chocolates. If you are a teddy bear, you are the most huggable. If you are a star, you are the brightest. And since you are my “FRIEND,” you alone are the “BEST.”

Funny Status Messages For Friends

Funny Status Messages For Friends

31. We are really not perfect, and we laugh way too hard. We are just too loud, and we make a complete fool out of ourselves, but performing this act together makes us best friends.

32. I believe that angels exist, the type that heaven sends. I’m surrounded by people who are angels, but I call them nothing but my “best friends.”

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33. One of the best exercises out there is laughing — it’s just like jugging or running inside your mind. You can participate in this exercise anywhere in the world, but it is best practiced with a friend.

34. First said these words to water: you won’t be able to see my tears because I’m inside the water. And water replied: but, even know I can see your tears, I can feel them because you are always in my heart. That is the real definition of FRIENDSHIP.

35. I used to act normal. That changed when I met the set of losers I can my best friends.

36. Thanks a lot for being my real and best friend despite the fact that it takes me time to enter a pool.

37. If you have friends who are crazy around you, you have everything.

38. Friends don’t allow friends to indulge in silly things alone.

39. True friends don’t judge each other, they sit together and judge other people.

40. Someone asked me this question, “For how long will both of you be together?” I remained silent because I have no idea about which one of them is longer — ALWAYS or FOREVER.

41. A good friend will come to the prison to bail you out. But, a true friend will take a sitting position next to you saying, “that was awesome.”

42. Ironically: I thank you so much for being that one who is always by my side when you need something.

43. Best “age” is colle “age,” Best “stand” is under“stand,” best “day” is to“day,” best “work” is hard “work,” and never “end” is Fri“end.”

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44. You remember when we go out to the street to cause troubles, right? I can’t forget those moments. You are a crazy person.

45. It’s great to know that I have the company of friends with who I can spend my eternity in hell. I’m delighted that you’re just that bad influence. I love you more than any other person in the world.

46. I just can’t stand you. You’re annoying, crazy, and you laugh way too loud. Well, I guess you act just like I do. That’s the reason why I really can’t imagine my life without you.

47. I cannot believe how fortunate you are to have me as your best friend. I’m so so jealous of you, mate. I’m just kidding though, you’re okay, too.

Funny Status Messages For Friends

Funny Status Messages For Friends

48. Men who have their ear pierced are more prepared for the thing called marriage. Why? Because they have known the pain and purchased pieces of jewelry.

49. The shortest way with which you can get to the heart of a woman is to say these 3 words, “you lost weight!”

50. Yes, I know that my smile may be fake but trust me, my personality isn’t fake.

51. She will definitely address you like honey when she needs money.

52. Before you stand up to judge a man, walk at least a mile in his shoes.

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53. We have been friends for a really long time that I can’t remember which one of us is actually the bad influence.

54. I can’t walk alone on the street; I’m afraid that the breeze will take me away. But, when I’m with you, my best friend, I know that the breeze will take us both. You are a very crazy friend. I love you, my best friend.

55. Knowledge can never replace friendship; I will rather be an idiot than lose you.

56. Good friends don’t allow you to do stupid things, they do stupid things together with you.

57. I really don’t like to commit myself about these two things — heaven and hell. I have silly friends in both places.

58. If you can survive a whole 11 days when taken to cramped quarters with a friend, then your friendship is the real — the real deal.

59. The only reason we are friends is that you know all of my secrets.

60. OMG! You must be a loser to find a friend in a loser like me.

61. I’ll never attempt to give you a shoulder to cry on. No! I won’t do that; I don’t want you to dirty my T-Shirt, please.

62. Don’t worry, my friend. If you ever fall to the ground, I’ll be around to take a selfie with you and post on Instagram.

63. Good friends are not people who share similar kinds of interests, but they are people on the same level of stupidity.

64. I know it’s so difficult to find a friend who’s cute, loyal, caring, and honest. Luckily for you, I’m all of those and even more.

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65. Friendship is really overrated; I just need someone to pay for the food I bought.

66. You can do all the workout available on earth, but I want you to know that you cannot be as hot as I am. See you at the gym.

67. The only reason why I call you my friend is because you don’t meet me for any money, and I want us to leave it that way. Thanks.

68. You have to thank God that you have me, if not, who else do you think would understand you?

69. No other person understands my joke — they don’t even laugh to it. That makes you as weird as I am. Also, know that our friendship is wholly based on a mutual understanding. The moment you reveal my secrets, you’re like a dead man to me.

70. The best part about having losers as close friends is: you don’t feel bad about yourself when you lose.

71. You’re my friend, only for this single reason, and that reason is: your stupidity is just like a therapy to me.

72. You have the biggest head in the world, please tell me, how did it happen?

Funny Status Messages For Friends: Here are the outlined Funny Status Messages For Friends for your “sending” PLEASURE.

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